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A Follow-up with Akisha

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Being a business owner is no small responsibility – not only do you and your family depend on your success, but so do your employees. Working at MaidPro’s Home Office, I see this kind of commitment every day. So, whenever I hear about one of our owners doing something great outside of their business, I wonder…how on earth did they have time for that?

Some of you may remember my story about Akisha Greene, the owner of MaidPro in Capitol Hill. When she received her Master’s in Divinity, I thought to myself – how did she have time to do that? So, I went straignt to the source. Here’s what Akisha had to say:

Q: When you made the decision to get your Master’s in Divinity, were you concerned that other parts of your life would have to take a backseat to fit in time for this new responsibility?

A: Honestly, yes, I was very concerned entering my Master’s Program, because I knew it would require me to be away from my business. But, I had an amazing business partner, family and friends that helped me make sense of it all.

Q: Did you find that anything had to be sacrificed, or were you able to balance your priorities?

A: Other than my weekends, no. My weekends were spent in the library, studying and writing papers. However, I quickly learned how to manage my time, so it was not as bad as it could have been.

Q: What role did the support of your friends and family have in balancing school, work, and other parts of your life?

A: My family and friends were one of my greatst assets. Their never-ending love, support and encouragement gave me strength and necessary balance.

Q: Part of what makes MaidPro a great service for many of our customers is that it frees up time for them to pursue other activities that are important to them. What would you tell others who want to try something new to better themselves, but are also concerned they don’t have enough time or that other areas of their life might suffer?

A: I would say “Get our of your way”. Nothing worthwhile comes easy! However, every day that your feet hit the floor, you are blessed with the gift of time. Don’t waste another minute making excuses! Just do it.

Q: What’s next on the horizon for you?

A: You know, the more you learn the more you realize there is still so much more that you don’t know. During the next twleve months, I am going to breathe and continue recession proofing my business. In addition, I am writing a book and starting a dialogue with different publishers. Ultimately, I am going back to school to get my doctorate in Executive Leadership.


I hope this inspires everyone to get out there and do it!