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How To Clean Your Carpets

Category: Cleaning Tips

Learn how clean your carpets back to their original beauty in this quick how-to video.

Don’t feel like watching the video? Here is the full article.

The carpets in your home suffer some of the most wear and tear of any flooring. Trapped dirt, grime and odors will eventually damage your carpet fibers. Of one the biggest mistakes you can make is not vacuuming your carpets often enough. Insufficient vacuuming allows unhealthy dust mites to live in your carpet.

Quick removal of dust and food particles is your first line of defense when it comes to keeping carpets clean and looking their best. One of the best ways to protect your carpets, and your health, is to place high quality mats at all entrances points in your home. The front door, access from the garage, sliding glass doors – all good places for mats. As good as doormats are, getting into the practice of removing shoes and boots upon entering the home is very helpful – especially kids!

Unfortunately, that’s not enough to keep your carpets as clean as possible. Frequent vacuuming is the best defense against dirt that does get into your carpets. Most people don’t know the best way to vacuum. Vacuuming should be done in different directions, back and forth, over the same areas to ensure best results. The recommended frequency to keep your carpets clean is two to three times per week in your highest foot traffic areas. Other rooms should be done once a week to keep carpets clean. Experts recommend sprinkling baking soda into your carpet fibers before vacuuming; this is helpful in terms of removing odors.

MaidPro’s third tip for keeping your carpets clean and “fresh” is to clean spills and stains immediately after they happen. Keep a variety of cleaning solutions in your home and know which works best for each spill or spot. It is best to follow the directions on the cleaning product exactly; overuse can make things worse! Too much moisture can lead to other problems such as mold and mildew. Carpets should be deep cleaned every year to eighteen months. When doing so, there are two deep cleaning options; steam and dry machine cleaning. If you choose the steam dry cleaning method, we recommend picking a warm, non-humid day. Opening windows is also highly suggested for fastest carpet drying times.