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Facebook in the News

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Well, it looks like Facebook has done it again. I remember when Facebook was revolutionary. Everyone who was anyone was on Facebook, and anyone who wasn’t on it was…well, I didn’t know anyone who wasn’t on it. Now that social media has taken off, it’s kind of cool in some niches to be off of sites like Facebook. There is a group of people that are taking a stand against the constant barrage of information and slight invasion of personal privacy. I can’t entirely disagree with these folks, but the fact of the matter is: people love this stuff.

So, Facebook, what’s with all the negative press? You were my first social media site! Before I blogged, before I tweeted, I facebooked! Now people are afraid for their personal information, don’t understand their privacy settings, and what’s this I hear today about someone’s account getting shut down because her name sounded fake? With over 200 million users, uncommon names are par for the course.

Facebook, I’m just razzin’ ya. The fact of the matter is, Facebook is great for businesses, it is still the number one way in which I keep in touch with friends old and new, and even serves as a personal calendar (it is the only way I can remember anyone’s birthday). The reason I use Facebook more than many other sites is the credibility. I like knowing that there’s a real person behind the profile, and I appreciate that Facebook is still a relatively small organization. I think all we’re asking is that as a small organization – keep the little guy in mind. Before shutting down an account, ask the account holder for verification. When an actual account holder needs assistance getting her account back, give her turnaround time quicker than three weeks.

And what can we all do? We can relax…after all, it’s just Facebook.

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