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Happy Anniversary!

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Ok, not a wedding anniversary…the anniversary of MaidPro of North Phoenix’s 5th year in business!

Many small business owners have trouble harnessing the energy and success that a new business generates after its first year. For Pete Turner, owner of MaidPro of North Phoenix, it’s “all about repetition and following the model, and after that, refinement. The first two years are relying on best practices and background knowledge, then evaluating what works best for you and finally, tailoring your business to your market.”

Pete’s business grew so much within the first year that he recruited his son, Matt, to help him run the business. Being a father-son team has its benefits, the Turners say. “We both bring a different set of skills to the table. Our strong suits complement each other while our weaknesses are compensated for by the other. It makes for a winning team,” Matt Turner says.

The boys at MaidPro of North Phoenix also operate an environmentally friendly business which is Green Seal, EPA and Green Routing certified. “Green cleaning is something that we feel is an extremely important aspect of our MaidPro. We are dedicated to providing quality service and committed to providing healthy living with our products and procedures,” says Matt Turner.

The Turners are very involved with the franchisor and their peers within the MaidPro community. Pete Turner was a member of the Franchise Advisory Board and Matt Turner is currently a member of the FAB’s Marketing Committee. Their business has won numerous franchisor awards for achieving exceptional business milestones.

And what’s the secret of keeping a small business afloat? According to Matt, it’s passion. “No matter what you do, make sure it’s something that you’re passionate about.”