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History 101

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The MaidPro Home Office is closed on Monday in observance of Patriot’s Day, a civic holiday observed in Massachusetts and Maine (thanks for that tidbit about Maine, Wikipedia). Honestly, I don’t know what I’m supposed to celebrate on Monday, since Patriot’s Day is largely overshadowed in some parts of Massachusetts by the Boston Marathon, especially where I live on the Boston/Allston border. The past few years have been about cheering on the runners, tossing back some brewskies, and having the day off. Sure, I’ll probably do that again this year, but I should at least know the other part of the day I am missing, right? Right. Be right back, I need to consult Wikipedia.

Back! Thanks for waiting. OK, here’s what I found, and it is actually pretty cool! Patriot’s Day commemorates the Battles of Lexington and Concord during the American Revolution. Every year a reenactor mimics Paul Revere’s ride warning the people of Massachusetts…well, you know the story. Apparently Patriot’s Day falls on Tax Day some years, too, which has led to some filing extensions in the past. The Boston Red Sox also play a game (barring weather and player strikes) every year on Patriot’s Day. Okay, so it’s not Halloween, but I like a good historical show! All this being said, Mark and Rich, thanks for starting a company in Massachusetts, otherwise I might be at work on Monday.