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Holiday Stain Removal Tips

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Don’t spend the holidays following your family around with paper towels and coasters. Post these clean-up tips on your fridge, and you’ll be able to handle any holiday stain, spill, and snafu!

Red Wine Blot the stain dry. Then mix 1 tsp. soap with 1 c. hydrogen  peroxide, and blot the stain with a sponge soaked with this mixture. Blot with warm water, then blot dry.Cranberry Sauce Rinse with cold water and pre-treat the stain with a stain removing solution. Put the fabric through a regular wash cycle, but before you dry, check to see that the stain is removed. If not, repeat the steps before drying.Lipstick on Napkins Use paper napkins. Just kidding. If you use cloth napkins, blot out the stain with nail polish remover, then wash with detergent and rinse.Oil Stains Time is a factor here. Immediately cover the stain with cornstarch for an hour. This will absorb the oil. Then soak the fabric in a mixture of hot water and dish soap. Rinse thoroughly and run through the regular wash cycle.Tabletop Ring Marks Dissolve the stain by wiping with a damp cloth, then apply a non-gel toothpaste to the ring. Wipe dry.MaidPro is a Boston-based franchisor of house cleaning services with more than 100 offices in 33 states, in addition to the District of Columbia and Canada. Receive a FREE estimate for house cleaning services or inquire about how to start a cleaning business with MaidPro by visiting www.maidpro.com.