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Home Security Tips

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You’ve worked hard to have a beautiful home, but how do you keep it safe? Of course, the first step is to install an alarm system that offers protection in the event of a break-in, but there are certain things that make your home look very attractive to a burglar. Here are some low or no cost things you can do to supplement your alarm system for heightened home security.

  • Ditch the social media. You may want to tell everyone you’re at the store buying Cheerios, but to a burglar that means your home is open for business. Keep details about where you are off of your social media profiles.
  • Make your home look lived in. Inside and out. If you have newspapers and flyers at your front door, that’s a sign to burglars that you’re probably on vacation. Ask a neighbor to drop by and get mail, newspapers, and flyers. If you live in a snowy place, ask someone to drive a car up and down your driveway and walk up and down the sidewalk to create the appearance of regular foot traffic. You can even purchase a fake TV that is timed to flash, making it look like someone is home watching sitcoms when you’re really on a vacation 5,000 miles away!
  • Don’t advertise your expensive toys. Do your best to keep things like flat screen TVs, gaming systems, and laptops out of view from windows. And if you don’t already have a peephole and chain lock, it is wise to install one or both. Often burglars will try to scope out a home by posing as a door to door solicitor. If you don’t know the person knocking, only open with a chain, because it is possible that person is just window shopping with the intention of coming back later for a shopping spree.
  • Fix your alarm. An alarm is only useful is someone responds to it. If your alarm goes off every other day, get it fixed, because neighbors will assume the alert means nothing. Keep a good rapport with your neighbors, and agree to always investigate peculiar sounds for one another.
  • Always double check. If you invite anyone you don’t know into your home for any reason, do a security sweep after they leave. Check to make sure all windows are locked, especially in the bathroom and over the sink, two common break-in locations. Remember, it never hurts to double check!

This doesn’t mean you should start living like a hermit, and you certainly shouldn’t become wracked with paranoia. Simply keep these precautions in mind to protect those things you’ve worked so hard for, and make your home less vulnerable to burglaries!