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How to Enjoy Having Your Home Professionally Cleaned

Category: Cleaning Tips

Your house is a mess. You have no free time. You hate to clean. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Over 100 million people in the US and Canada feel the same way. As you plan to hire house cleaning services, here are some tips that will make your experience even better.

Remember that you’re hiring human beings

If you plan on every speck of dust being gone after your clean, you’re most likely setting yourself up for disappointment. You’ll enjoy your service more if you are realistic about what you’re getting. While professional house cleaners are exceptional at what they do, they are not super human. They can’t clean your master bathroom in 5 minutes. Humans also make mistakes. If something isn’t done well, relax, call the house cleaning service at the office, and let them know. Depending on the type of issue, most professional house cleaning companies will send someone out to re-clean the area and make sure to correct the situation.

Leave your home while it’s being cleaned

Do you like when someone looks over your shoulder while you work? Neither do housecleaners. Relax. Professional house cleaning services screen their employees, conduct background checks, and are bonded and insured. Get the most out of your cleaning service by getting out of your house during the cleaning process. Not only will you enjoy the great feeling of walking into a clean home, but the cleaning staff will be better able to focus on their job. While leaving isn’t a requirement, you just might find out how great it feels to abandon all thoughts of cleaning!

Leave a tip

Tipping service professionals is nothing new. Everyone tips their server at a restaurant, the bellboy, the valet. Tipping your cleaning professional is a good thing. Think about this; a professional cleaner is in your home, touching virtually all of your possessions. Cleaning is a physically demanding job. House cleaners are constantly bending down, scrubbing, walking up and down stairs, reaching up high, and moving heavy things around. And if hard work isn’t enough, remember that they’re dealing with all your dirty stuff! It’s well worth a few extra dollars to say thank you. And who doesn’t love a tip? Remember, a happy cleaner is a great cleaner.

To clean or not to clean

It’s a question most people grapple with. Should I clean my house before the cleaning person comes? This is really up to you and there is no right answer. If you have hired a cleaning person for a set amount of time, the cleaner will be able to provide a deeper clean if your home is very tidy before their arrival. But, some people don’t like even tidying up. If that’s you, then letting the house cleaner do that might be well worth it. In the end, you have to decide how you want the house cleaner spending their time.

I clean my home in 1 hour…they should too

People always think a professional house cleaner should be able to clean their home faster than they clean it themselves. This is a misconception. When most homeowners clean their homes, they clean very differently than someone they hire. Homeowners know what areas they can skip and usually don’t clean all the areas that professionals do. For example, many homeowners may skip the toilet when cleaning the bathrooms, only wiping down the counter and mirror. And even if they do tackle the toilet, they usually don’t get the floor behind it. Professional home cleaners must clean everything, which, in the end, usually takes longer.

If you’re realistic about your house cleaning service, you’ll be much happier. And if there is something you’re not happy with, simply call the office. You’ll be much better off working through a few small issues than constantly jumping from one cleaning service to the next. Once you and the professional company get it right, having your home professionally cleaned is one of the best feelings around!