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My Cleaning Confession

Category: News

I have a confession to make. I work for a house cleaning company, and I have a messy home. There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like dirt and clutter. Every morning I wake up and look around my apartment and sigh, wishing the dust bunnies would hop into the dust pan by themselves. But, it doesn’t bother me enough to get out the broom and chase them away, either. And frankly, there are a host of other things I would rather do than spend precious weekend hours cleaning my apartment. That could be part of what drew me to MaidPro. Maybe I thought I would adopt the virtue of good housekeeping through osmosis, or that I would be surrounded by clean freaks, thus putting pressure on me to follow suit. But more than anything, I thought…girls are supposed to be cleaner than boys…right?

Well, no, messy homes aren’t just the plight of bachelors and frat boys, something I realized after reading an article my boss handed me today. If you haven’t read “Married to Mr. Clean”, check it out. Long story short, it is about a woman whose husband doesn’t feel she cleans with enough oomph, while she feels her husband leaves things in a disorganized mess. As she puts it, “I firmly believe that if the area behind the toaster gets sanitized only every six months or so, we will all live another day”. It made me understand that my disinterest in taking a cotton swab to my computer’s keyboard doesn’t equate me with the bachelors and frat boys of the world. It also made me realize that is why I should work for a cleaning service…I can let the professionals take care of the dirty work!