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Next Year will be the Year

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It has been a little over a week since runners from all over the world sped (or jogged) through the Bay State to complete the Boston Marathon. As promised, I spent the day enthusiastically cheering on the runners from the sidelines, promising myself for the fifth year in a row that ‘I am definitely going to do this next year’.

It really is an inspirational thing to watch tens of thousands of runners of all ages and skill levels complete a marathon, and this year I knew two of the runners, one of them a MaidPro owner! John Antolini, president-elect of our Franchise Advisory Board and owner of MaidPro offices in Newington and Meriden, CT, ran the race for Dana Farber Cancer Institute and raised over $3000. While he is being modest and withholding photos of the race from me, he certainly deserves congratulations for completing a difficult race for a great cause.

Well done, John!

UPDATE 5/14/2009:

John finally sent me some pictures of the marathon! Take a look at John crossing the finish line and give a him an e-cheer for his accomplishment!

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