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Storing your Outdoor Furniture

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but for many of us, winter is on its way (MaidPro’s Home Office is in Boston, so we know a thing or two about winter weather)! While most outdoor furniture is manufactured to withstand the harsh winter weather, dry, indoor storage will significantly prolong its life.

To ensure your patio furniture is ready to be enjoyed next summer, get ready to get washing! If your furniture has upholstery, remove the covers and take them for a spin in the washing machine. Store the internal padding in airtight bags, and keep the freshly cleaned covers neatly tucked away with the rest of your linens.

If your furniture is nylon, gently scrub it down with a medium size bristle brush and mixture of water and detergent. Rinse everything thoroughly, allow it to dry completely, and store everything indoors.

It is best to cover the furniture with plastic to protect against dust or any unforeseen leaks and drips. You may be sad to see it go, but with these easy steps your patio furniture will be ready and waiting for you next time summer rolls around!