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We all need more Good Cheer!

Category: News

That’s what MaidPro’s co-founder Mark Kushinsky said to himself on the flight back to Boston from our convention in Arizona. So, when he told us his plan we looked at him, tilted our heads, laughed a bit, and then agreed…we could all use some good cheer, and this is our way of doing it!

We launched Good Cheer today – a cheerleading and dance contest that asks local teams to choreograph their interpretation of the cheer, tape it, and put it on YouTube. We set the tone by taping our own video (if you must see, click here, just please don’t use it as blackmail). I doubt anyone will end up modeling the Home Office’s collective interpretation, but it’s a source of entertainment nonetheless.

If you would like to participate in the contest, visit http://www.maidpro.com/goodcheer/ to learn how to get started and to submit your team’s cheer!

There will be three winners of the Good Cheer contest. The Grand Prize winner will receive a prize of $2500, the First Prize winner will receive a prize of $1000 and the First Runner-up will receive a prize of $500.