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Why MaidPro Charges for Last-Minute Service Cancellations

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Imagine getting out of bed early in the morning, driving through heavy traffic into work by 7:30 am only to find a sign on the door saying, ‘Sorry, no work (and no pay) today.” If it happened only once or twice a year, you might say, ‘Hooray, I’ll take the free time!’ But if it started happening more frequently, without warning or heed to the expenses you had to meet that week or month, you would eventually be forced to find a different job.

Avoiding such scenarios with our highly trained and dedicated service providers is the primary reason we charge for last-minute service cancellations at MaidPro. We invest a great deal in finding only the best service providers and training them to become even better. We make that investment with the sole purpose of delivering high quality, consistent cleans to our customers. We hold on to our rock stars year after year by guaranteeing them certain levels of work and pay. Cancellation charges enable us to do that and stay in business at the same time.

The other important reason we charge for last-minute cancellations is to ensure we can always deliver service to our customers. If you have ever been bumped off a flight for which you held a valid paid-in-full ticket or been forced to endure the pleasures of a fully booked airplane for three to six hours, you know only too well that a common business strategy for coping with cancellations is to overbook — then fail to deliver when expected cancellations don’t materialize.