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You May Be Cleaning These 9 Things Wrong

Category: Cleaning Tips

Your home and everything inside it represents a big personal investment. You might be surprised at how much damage you can do simply by using the wrong cleaning solution, tool, or technique. Here in our final post of the summer of 2018, we direct your attention to a few fan favorites on how to clean the PRO way.

  1. Countertops. Be they marble, granite, ceramic, laminate, copper, or stainless steel, you need to understand your countertops’ unique vulnerabilities to both moisture and acidity so you can choose the right cleaners and guard effectively against staining and other long-term damage.
  2. Hard Flooring. Sealed/unsealed, glazed/unglazed, porous/not porous? These are the things matter a great deal when cleaning hard ceramic, stone and wood floors.
  3. Microfiber Cloths. How tough can it be to clean a microfiber cloth? Just chuck it in the washer and dryer with a regular load, right? Nope, not if you want your cloths to last a good long time and keep cleaning clean effectively. Read all about how to best treat the miracle cleaning cloths right here.
  4. Pillows. The keys to perfect pillow maintenance are: make sure they’re washable in the first place, clean frequently, before they become too soiled; and definitely skip the fabric softener! More pillow cleaning insights here.
  5. Fine Wood Furniture and Antiques. Both water and harsh chemicals are ill advised for cleaning fine or antique wood furniture. But did you know wood polish can be equally troublesome when used too often or in the wrong ways?
  6. Mold and Mildew. What you don’t know about cleaning mold and mildew might leave your family vulnerable to illness or your home are risk of expensive and hard-to-fix damage. Learn all the basics right here.
  7. Carpets. Leaving shoes at the door plus regular, thorough cleaning with the right tools, such as a HEPA filtration type of vacuum cleaner, are some of the best defenses for keeping carpets free of mites, germs, and other general grossness.
  8. Walls. As with countertops and hard flooring, safely and effectively cleaning interior walls usually depends on knowing a thing or two about the type of wall paint in play. Learn more here.
  9. LCD/Flat Screens. Put that bottle of window or glass cleaner right back where you found it! LCD TV and computer screens need special treatment, even more so if you’re dealing with cleaning a touch screen.