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Your home, cleaned just the way you like it.

At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to ensure your home is cleaned correctly, every time, guaranteed. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional maid service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to instill the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.

Howard County’s premier home cleaners

At MaidPro Columbia, creating clean houses are our priority. We’re located in Columbia, and deliver personalized, precise services to Columbia, Elkridge, Jessup and Laurel. Whether you want shiny floors in Elkridge or sparkling bathrooms in Laurel, just call us for all your residential cleaning needs.

In business since 2011, MaidPro of Columbia is owned by David Herbig, a self-proclaimed clean freak who opened his own Maidpro to share his passion with others. He’s a fan of MaidPro’s 49-Point Checklist™ and especially values making the beds because his PROs are always trained to achieve a wow factor. David loves the Columbia area and its plethora of undeveloped land, parks and lakes. He hopes to develop a better sense of clean throughout the community, one house at a time.

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The best recipe for a delicious meal is a spotless kitchen.


We go where you don’t want to.


Spend more time sleeping in your bedroom, not cleaning it.

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We clean the living areas while you spend more time, well, living.

49-Point Checklist

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  • With surprise visitors , the house was in total disarray! A house full of toddlers, babies and older kids is no joke... Thank goodness for Royette!!

    W.W. - Columbia, MD

  • Rayna and Alexis did an awesome job!! We were super pleased! Thank you both!

    M.W. - Columbia, MD

  • They called to confirm the appointment and let me know she would be a little late due to traffic. Very courteous.

    F.B. - Columbia, MD

  • Thanks Rayna!

    K.H. - Columbia,

  • Phylicia was very professional, on time, and impressed me greatly

    F.B. - Columbia, MD

  • Wow. Now that's a cleaning! Phylicia was at my house from 9:30am until just about 5:00pm. We've never had a team here that long. But, poor thing was on her own and had never been here before. She did an awesome job! I feel bad that it took her an entire day, but I've never seen my house so clean after Maid Pro has finished. This was better than the first-time cleaning! My floors, tables, couches, toilets...everything looked awesome. Phylicia can come back any time!

    S.L. - Jessup, MD

  • Fabulous clean. Thank you.

    R.B.T. - Laurel, MD

  • Victoria and Andrew did a great cleaning, and they were super friendly and fun to talk to, as well. Not that your staff need to talk to me or have glowing personalities, but it sure doesn't hurt! Thanks for another great cleaning - this team can come back anytime!

    S.L. - Jessup, MD

  • Maid Pro helps me maintain my apartment in a neat, presentable and inviting manner, I could not do so without their excellent and expert cleaning aptitudes.

    J.B. - Columbia, MD

  • Royette did a beautiful job! Thank you!!!!

    L.G. - Columbia, MD

  • With summer ending, new toys from our son's party and school starting, our house has been a disaster! Royette once again swooped in to save the day and started our week off on the right foot!

    W.W. - Columbia, MD

  • I am being spoiled, expecting perfection and never disappointed.

    J.B. - Columbia, MD

  • Rayna did a very nice job. She was polite and willing to listen to my preferred way of dusting.

    P.H. - Columbia, MD

  • We are always so happy with the cleaning! Tamara and Rayna are awesome, and do a wonderful job. It truly is a pleasure having them here - they are fun to talk with and provide an excellent service for our family.

    S.L. - Jessup, MD

  • Our specialist did an INCREDIBLE job! We arranged for a one-time clean, but whenever we have important guests visiting or I fall behind in housework, I will be scheduling more appointments. The apartment looks even better than it did when we moved in (after the management had renovated it and put in new carpeting). MaidPro went above and beyond for us.

    M.O. - Columbia, MD

  • Tamara and Rayna are the best! This is the third (consecutive) time they've cleaned our house and we really, truly appreciate the incredible job they do! On top of the wonderful cleaning, they always go the extra mile for us. They are sweet as can be and I love chatting with them. Today they offered to carry in my grocery bags for me - after they brought me balloons for my birthday! They are awesome and we are SO pleased with the work they do.

    S.L. - Jessup, MD

  • I occasionally look at the bathroom ceiling and think, I really need to clean all the dust on the ventilator fan and ceiling. I've been thinking this for month. Imagine how thrilled I was when I looked at it earlier this week and discovered it was clean!!! Bonus points for Bridget!!! I'm looking forward to coming home to a clean house later today.

    R.B.T. - Laurel, MD

  • I am very pleased with the follow-up work, and so were the tenants. I am EXTREMELY pleased with your professionalism, courtesy, and interest in resolving my problem. Especially in this area, it is rare to be met with such prompt, responsive service. I will absolutely refer your company to anyone that asks about this type of work in the future. Thank you for ensuring this was a pleasurable experience.

    M.M. - Columbia, MD

  • Our cleaning this week was outstanding! Royette did a great job on the master bath shower, soaking tub, and vanity. She removed all the dust from our dressers, picking up the photo frames and thoroughly cleaning each. When we walked in the house, it smelled amazing - lemony fresh! Please make her our regular cleaning expert. We are very happy with how she personally cared for our home.

    Lee Ann - Columbia, MD

  • Hello! Thank YOU so much! I'm sorry we didn't get around to providing feedback after the first cleaning in September. (New baby was consuming every second of our time!) We wanted to make sure you know how much we appreciate the cleaning job that was done. You have a very professional and capable team. Please let them know how happy we are with Maid Pro!

    E.L. - Jessup, MD

  • Your staff are prompt and professional, and they do an outstanding job! I know when they are finished, the house will not only look clean, but it will BE clean as they've really done the work. Thank you!!

    S.L - Jessup,

  • The ladies did a fabulous job getting my house back into shape after having family & grandsons in town for a visit! I was embarrassed when they found a bottle with curdled milk buried in the cushions of my couch!

    S.K - Columbia, MD

  • The ladies did a fabulous job getting my house back into shape after having family & grandsons in town for a visit!

    S.K. - Columbiia, MD

  • Brittany and Kierra did a wonderful job thoroughly cleaning our large town home. They Brittany and Kierra were very nice upon arrival and assured me that it was fine to leave them, as I had errands to run. When I returned, the house was sparkling! Every detail had been attended to, the bathrooms were spotless, the wood floors look better than they have in years, and they did a very nice job on the oven and refrigerator. (The oven looks brand new!) I am appreciative of their attention to detail.

    Y.S. - Laurel, MD

  • I think Tamara did a great job. The master bath looks even better than before the first deep clean.

    Youle - Laurel, MD

  • The cleaning lady did a fabulous job. I was a little surprised when I answered the door and there was only one person because Diamond stated that there would be 2 and they would be done in a couple of hours. But, as usual I am extremely satisfied with Maid Pro. Thank you.

    A.S. - Laurel, MD

  • I just got home (early for a change!) and want to tell you how thrilled I am with Merly and the cleaning from today. I am particularly "over the top" thrilled with the refrigerator - it is awesomely clean! I need to ask for that every few months. She did a tremendous job. I'm so glad I chose Maid Pro. Thanks for making my life so much easier.

    L.G. - Columbia, MD

  • Another great clean. It is a really nice start to the weekend.

    R.B.T. - Laurel, MD

  • Our clean was so great yesterday! Laura did an excellent job! Everything looks wonderful. I love the way she did the main bathroom. I can't remember if she was at the previous clean or not but there are definitely similarities in the cleaning style and we couldn't be happier! Thanks for reaching out to me yesterday. We really appreciate it.

    K.J. - Hanover, MD

  • I LOVE the fresh smell after Maid Pro has cleaned. I am very happy with how pristine my kitchen cabinets & stainless appliances are maintained. I have dust allergies, so keeping the furniture, carpet and particularly the baseboards clean are paramount. I am very pleased with our decision to use your cleaning service. Thank you.

    L.G. - Columbia, MD

  • I have recommended your services to several friends - if they sign on, I'll be hitting you up for a finder's fee/one-time discount! ;)

    S. K. - Columbia, MD

  • I thought they did a fabulous job!! I was a little surprised though that they did not clean marks off the walls since it was a move out clean. Overall though they made the place sparkle!

    L.C. - Columbia, MD

  • My house looks amazing. Thanks, Isabela. I really appreciate your thorough and efficient work! I can't wait to have guests tomorrow!

    E.P. - Laurel, MD

  • This is the first time that I used Maid Pro for my home. The ladies did a wonderful job and made my house sparkle. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!!!

    A.S. - Laurel, MD

  • Merly is a gem. I hadn't been well enough to straighten anything up. Every room was a mess. In comes Merly and she cleans as well as straightens up as much as she could. After a hard day at work made harder after being sick, the condo is straightened and clean. A blessing!

    F.M. - Columbia, MD

  • Really happy with the service! Great job!

    C. G. - Laurel, MD

  • I am always thrilled with the job that Maid Pro does on my house. They always seem to go above and beyond, with extra "touches" like arranging my kids stuffed animal on their beds. They are pricier than I would like, but do a better job than less expensive options I have tried so it is worth it!

    D.P. - Elkridge, MD

  • Tamara and Marquita were meticulous - my entire home was efficiently cleaned and I don't think they missed a spot! Well done!

    E.P. - Laurel, MD

  • I've never been less than thrilled with the service I've received from MaidPro, but this was quite possibly the best clean ever! Thanks so much!

    D.P. - Elkridge, MD

  • I appreciate the fact that you were able to rearrange my entire cleaning schedule to accommodate my needs! My house is now sparkling clean for company!

    S.K. - Columbia, MD

  • Marquita was very courteous and thorough. A true professional. What an asset to your company! I'll be requesting her specifically for future cleanings. Thank you!

    D K - Columbia, MD

  • We were pleased with Merly (even though we were expecting Jackie) and would like to see her continue to clean our home. After asking me for a short tour she immediately went to work. Our first impression of her, the cleaning, and Maid Pro was excellent. We look forward to seeing her fabulous results again & again. Also, Dave has been terrific - from arranging to checking to ensure we were satisfied. Thanks very much.

    L A G - Columbia, MD

  • Everything was great - from the deal, to scheduling and coming home to a fresh and clean house!

    Beth - Columbia, MD

  • Rosa and Cindy were amazing. They eradicated dirt and pet hair in places I didn't even know harbored them. Thank you, ladies!

    Erica - Laurel, MD

  • Meryl was great! She not only cleaned my kitchen and bath but also my living room and bedroom. She was efficient, thorough and very pleasant. Thanks for a good experience.

    Charlotte - Columbia, MD

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