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Your home, cleaned just the way you like it.

At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to ensure your home is cleaned correctly, every time, guaranteed. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional maid service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to instill the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.

Pinellas County’s premier home cleaners.

When you're looking for Largo maid service, look at MaidPro. We're making Florida shine, one house at a time, serving, the entire Largo area.

MaidPro is Largo's premier cleaning service. Whether you want weekly, bi-weekly or just a one-time house cleaning, we'll design your maid service around your needs. We understand that hiring a maid service can be a big decision, and we will work with you to ensure your 'hot spots' are cleaned the way you want them done, on time, every time.

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The best recipe for a delicious meal is a spotless kitchen.


We go where you don’t want to.


Spend more time sleeping in your bedroom, not cleaning it.

Living Areas

We clean the living areas while you spend more time, well, living.

49-Point Checklist

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  • Everything was perfect!

    Lisa - Dunedin, FL

  • A great job,as always! We are so pleased with Darlene's work and that there is no turnover that you see so often with other companies.

    Ann Marie - St Petersburg, FL

  • Thank you Laura, for doing such a good job on your first day with me!

    Helen - Madeira Beach, FL

  • Kaylee does a wonderful job. We so appreciate her!

    Marlene - Clearwater, FL

  • Once again Tonya did a great job! :) Thanks!

    Virginia - Treasure Island, FL

  • We're so pleased with the work that Jessica does...hope we can have her forever!

    Lynn - Historic Uptown, St. Pete, FL

  • Great job for the last clean of the condo! Thanks for keeping it sparkly while we lived there.

    Mercedes - Clearwater Beach, FL


    Joseph - St Petersburg, FL

  • House looked great! Thank you for making it an easy and convenient process.

    Jason - seminole, FL

  • Great job!

    Dennis - Tierra Verde, FL

  • Love Shannon! She is awesome!

    Shelly - Largo, FL

  • I love coming home after Kelly has been here! She's fabulous! Tell her thank you for the information about our steamer. I will be buying a new one.

    Dianne - Largo, FL

  • Grisel is a sweet heart and really knows how to clean!

    Pat - Largo, FL

  • It is so nice to come home to such a clean home. Thank you for doing such a great job!

    Jennifer - Carillion, St. Petersburg, FL

  • 10!

    Helen - Tierra Verde, FL

  • Sierra is amazing; I love how she organizes the kid's bedrooms and the playroom so sweetly and I am always suprised by how nice it all looks!

    Britt - Seminole, FL

  • Todd was truly amazing through out this whole experience. I am a very happy customer and Kim did a great job on my clean today! I will be coming back for more :)

    Crystal - seminole, FL

  • Excellent, Excellent, Excellent, Excellent as usual!

    Robert - Gulfport, Saint Petersburg, FL

  • 10!

    Terri - Dunedin, FL

  • Awesome!

    Jean - Tierra Verde, FL

  • I love the quality of work that Grisel does. As well she not only does an amazing job but she treats my cats who are my "kids" like her own while she is here. I wouldn't know what to do without her!

    Jennifer - Seminole, FL

  • 10!

    Lisa - Safety Harbor, FL

  • Cecile is top notch! Thanks Cecile!

    Monika - Downtown St.Pete, FL

  • Great job ladies. Very pleased!

    April - South Saint Pete, FL

  • I love Shannon! She is thorough and so pleasant! Thanks Shannon :)

    Reina - Madeira Beach, FL

  • Very sweet; hard working; great job!

    Jane - N. Redington Beach, FL

  • Excellent first visit!

    Jay - Madeira Beach, FL

  • Shannon is terrific!

    Barbara - Old Northeast St. Pete, FL

  • Excellent!!!

    Jacqueline - N. Redington Beach, FL

  • Excellent! Was very pleased!

    Barbara - Pinellas Park, FL

  • I am so impressed with Maidpro of St. Petersburg. (By the way, I understand that it's under new management and they are doing an impressive job. Very well run)

    Linda - North Redington Beach, FL

  • Always does a good job!

    Pat - Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Tonya always does a great job for me...I am very happy with her work and would highly recommend her to any one who needed her service!

    Don - S. St. Pete, FL

  • Thanks for clearing the drains. You rock Sierra!

    Britt - Seminole, FL

  • Excellent!

    Mark - Kenneth City, FL

  • Alyssa did an outstanding job! I came home to a spotless home!

    Gayle - Clearwater, FL

  • It was such a gift to come home to a clean house after working such a long and tiresome day. Thank you.

    Jennifer - St. Pete (Carillion), FL

  • Marjorie and Taylor were very good!!

    Cecilia - Feather Sound, FL

  • Kelly did a great job and a thorough clean which was no easy task with all of the pollen that finds my furniture!

    Jack - Seminole, FL

  • Cecile is the best!

    Kristin - Gulfport, FL

  • Thank you!!! We love Taylor!!! Great job!!!

    Sherrie - Largo, FL

  • 10!

    Sharon - Seminole, FL

  • Great job as usual!

    Kali - Largo, FL

  • Excellent! Wow! Thank you!

    Allison - Largo, FL

  • Jessica did a beautiful job today. It was obvious she took time to make sure each room was cleaned.

    Traci - Saint Petersburg, FL

  • I believe you have done a great job! Thank you for the fine professionals you have. What is important is that I have trust and confidence with your company and especially your employees.

    Micheal - Downtown St.Petersburg, FL

  • Fantastic job as always- goes above and beyond to take care of things she notices. We really appreciate her!

    Ann Marie - N.E. St. Pete, FL

  • Kaylee was GREAT and very prompt. She did an excellent job. I would highly recommend her to our friends. Thanks!

    Ronald - Clearwater Beach, FL

  • Tonya was her great self....the last couple of times I was out of the house while she cleaned for me and it is such a good feeling to come home to a perfectly clean house. She is a delight to me. I have so many doctors appointments and have to be out of the house many times and it's nice coming home to a very clean house. What a pleasant suprise every time. She is great for me. Thanks Tonya! I appreciate all that you do to make my life pleasant.

    Don - S. St. Pete, FL

  • Darlene continues to do a great job at our house!

    Herb - St Petersburg, FL

  • Thank you! You did a great job!

    Marlene - Clearwater, FL

  • Kelly was terrific and worked hard to get our home back into shape. Thank you!

    Jay - Belleair, FL

  • Kelly was very good and thorough. I enjoyed having her and will be calling for her in the future.

    Marie - N. Clearwater, FL

  • Laura is the best! She's so friendly and detailed. I love coming home after she cleans!

    Kali - Largo, FL

  • Margie was great! She was friendly, great to talk to and she liked my dog.....but most of all, she was a fast and hard worker.

    Tom - Largo, FL

  • Kaylee did an awesome job! She always does!

    Mercedes - Clearwater Beach, FL

  • Grisel I want to thank you for doing a great job. It is giving me time to get to other stuff around the house.

    Robert - St. Petersburg, FL

  • Maidpro never disappoints. A+ operation that hires only the best. AND they aim to please! The customer service equals their great cleaning!

    Susan - St. Pete Beach, FL

  • Darlene did another fine job today. We are very pleased with our decision to use your company!

    Herb - St Petersburg, FL

  • Kelly did a fabulous job we are very pleased! I know we will be using your company again. She got the master bedroom tile cleaned and it had some mold on the grout.

    Shelly - Largo, FL

  • Thank you for providing great customer service! It was appreciated very much!

    Amelia - seminole, FL

  • Kaylee wasn't able to make it but Kelly stepped in and did a wonderful job. Nice to know that the service is consistent.

    Jack - Seminole, FL

  • I just recommended you again today!

    Julie - North Redington Beach, FL

  • 5 star rating. Always professional and perfect. I love walking into my condo after Jessica has been there.

    Susan - St. Pete Beach, FL

  • Laura is amazing! She always leaves my house spectacularly clean AND a personal note. I really appreciate her!

    Kali - Largo, FL

  • Great job she got all the details!

    scott - Madeira Beach, FL

  • Always awesome!

    lisa - North Clearwater, FL

  • Very pleased! I really like how she cleans up after my kids- toys get put away not just lined up where my children left them. Thanks!

    Sarah - Gulfport, St. Pete, FL

  • You are awesome- We are so happy that you are working for our family!

    Britt - Seminole, FL

  • Excellent service, you looked for alternatives even when it was a last minute call for the service. Thank you!!!

    Vanessa - John's Pass (Madeira Beach), FL

  • Darlene did an awesome job, as always! My husband mostly works from home and she thoughtfully goes out of her way to close doors & keep noise to a minimum, which adds to the complexity of her work. She really cares about our customer experience. She keeps the guests rooms spotless which is such a help as we often have visitors. And she always checks in before and after to see if anything different needs to be done or if there is anything she found during cleaning that we as customers should know

    Ann Marie - Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Grisel is always meticulous and thorough!

    Faith - Feather Sound, FL

  • Super cleaning job. Always a pleasure to see Jessica- I know I will have a real clean house.

    Shirley - N.E. Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Amazing as always!

    Jennifer - Seminole, FL

  • Felt so good to come home to clean floors and a made bed. I don't feel so overwhelmed by this house. 10!

    Karen - Indian Rocks Beach, FL

  • Great clean today! Very satisfied!

    Dale - Seminole, FL

  • really appreciate Darlene and her professionalism, consistency, and hope she remains our Pro!

    Leslie - Gulfport, St. Pete, FL

  • I haven't done this in a while but want you to know that we are always pleased with Tonya. She does a wonderful job and is very sweet on top of it.

    Lynn Dee - Seminole, FL

  • Kim did an excellent job. She exceeded my expectations!

    April - Largo, FL

  • Home is looking the cleanest in months. A superb job!

    Adam - N.E. St. Pete, FL

  • Thanks Shannon! Great work! It was so refreshing to walk into a clean place.

    Peter - Downtown St.Petersburg, FL

  • A true pleasure to have Lathesia in our home!

    Christine - Gulfport, FL

  • Grisel has been our girl for some time now. She is a real jewel. She does her work quickly and efficiently. If we need a special thing done which requires just a few minutes it is done! We could not be happier with our service!

    George - Bay Pines, St. Pete, FL

  • Not only clean but many extra touches that I greatly appreciate!

    Mary - Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Darlene and her trainee did a very nice job in our house. Your company continues to amaze my wife and me. Thanks for the great service!

    Herb - Saint Pete, FL

  • Thorough and professional while also being personable.

    Janet - St. Petersburg Beach, FL

  • We always look forward once a month knowing that Tonya will clean our home and leave it smelling wonderful!

    Dolores - Largo, FL

  • Jessica always does an excellent job. Apartment always looks awesome after she finishes and it smells really nice.

    Susan - Blind Pass, St. Pete Beach, FL

  • Kaylee is the detail queen!

    Paul - seminole, FL

  • Sierra did an outstanding job!

    Keith - Reddington Shores, FL

  • Kaylee is a lovely upbeat person and she does an awesome job of making my home shine!

    Mercedes - Clearwater Beach, FL

  • My condo looks great after Jennifer has been here. She is the best.

    Barry - St. Pete, FL

  • Heidi did a fabulous job! Thank you, we will be calling again

    Joseph - Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Love Darlene! She treats my home as though it were her own. We are always so pleased with how everything looks. It means a lot to us that she also lets us know of any trouble areas she comes across (she was the one who discovered we had termites!). Plus, she always has such a bright and sunny personality. It is always a pleasure to see her.

    Ann Marie - N.E. St. Pete, FL

  • Always have excellent service, love my cleaner...she is AMAZING!

    Martina - St. Petersburg, FL

  • Cecile is the BEST house cleanerEVER! She pays attention to detail and everything is spotless! The house always smells good too!

    Mr. and Mrs. Jones - Madeira Beach, FL

  • Kaylee continues to do outstanding work. She is personable, enthusiastic about doing a good job, and is consistent

    Jack - Seminole, FL

  • Thank you for the good job!

    Gelasia - Tierra Verde, FL

  • Jessica is excellent as always!

    Susan - St. Pete Beach, FL

  • Thank you for your hard work!

    Jim and Margaret - Largo, FL

  • Kaylee and Kelly did a great job! I will continue using Maidpro!

    Jack - Seminole, FL

  • Truly a wonderful experience from start to finish. Todd and Joy are both professional and helpful. Grisel did a fabulous job cleaning. Thank you!

    Leslie - St. Petersburg (downtown), FL

  • Wow! Bing Bam Boom! Finally we found a cleaning company that can clean. Kaylee came to our home on time and from the start she knew how to clean. She moved items and cleaned them as well. Note: I had money put back for vacation and she found it and brought it to my attention. Wow again! Thank you!

    Joe and Kathy - Clearwater, FL

  • Laura is my favorite person on the planet! I wish I was rich so I could give her a raise!!! Thank you Laura!

    Kali - Largo, FL

  • Shannon always adds the nice touches, like pillow arrangements, she is so great!

    Scott - Madeira Beach, FL

  • Jen is great.....personable and thorough!

    Dennis - Tierra Verde, FL

  • Tonya always does a fine job with us. She is awesome in her cleaning. Quiet but always working!

    Don - S. Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Thanks to Tonya! She came in & handled things. Trustworthy and the house was lovely and smelled nice.

    Ann - North Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Always extremely pleased! Top notch every time!

    Jennifer - Seminole, FL

  • Susan did a wonderful job! She is welcome to return.

    Sue - Saint Pete, FL

  • Thank you for working with my schedule and squeezing me in. Everything looked great!

    Amanda - N. St. Petersburg, FL

  • I can't say enough about Tonya. She is the best cleaning person I have ever had. And she is an absolute joy to be around. She is professional, sweet, and very detailed in her work.

    LynnDee - Seminole, FL

  • My shower doors have never looked so good! Many thanks!!!

    Nancy - SE St. Pete, FL

  • Tonya is very easy to work with and knows how to clean! Thank you Tonya!

    Delores - Largo, FL

  • Really appreciated Susan coming this week instead of next to accomodate our travel plans. She always does a great job!

    Lynn - St. Petersburg, FL

  • Another great job!

    Virginia - Treasure Island, FL

  • This was the best service MaidPro has ever offered. I have never had a better experience, and would like to have this person do all m cleaning for the future.

    AnnMarie - Clearwater,

  • Sheena is the best! I don't know what I would do without her!!!

    Brandi - Largo, FL

  • Thank you for working with my schedule and squeezing me in. Everything looked great!

    Amanda - North Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Margie is wonderful. We are so thankful to have her.

    Amanda - Redington Shores, FL

  • Thank you so much! You make my life easier!

    Alex - Seminole, FL

  • Shannon has been doing a wonderful job and we would like to keep her on our schedule forever. She is really the best. We have been with MaidPro for a number of years now and we will continue on.

    Barbara - S. Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Always a great treat to come home to, thank you Shannon!

    Scott - Madeira Beach, FL

  • Wow! Tonya went above and beyond today! We forgot she was coming and did zero prep. VERY IMPRESSED!

    Ed - Semiole, FL

  • Really appreciate both your and Susan's willingness to work with our scheduling requests. Thanks again.

    Lynn - St. Pete, Old Northeast, FL

  • We had some issues with the door. The maid was patient as we eventually were able to resolve it. After an hour of waiting, she still came in and cleaned. Thank you for a positive experience after and unexpected setback.

    Audrey - St. Pete, FL

  • Darlene always does an outstanding job with a positive attitude and a smile. Thanks!

    Lisa - Tierra Verde, FL

  • Shannon is the best. We love her promptness. She always does an excellent job. She has been with us for a good long while now and we plan to keep her on indefinitely. Thank you for keeping her on our schedule

    Barbara - St. Petersburg, FL

  • Sheena was awesome. Listened to directions and carried them out thoroughly. The bathrooms and kitchen were beautiful. Got all the hard water stains and cooked-on gunk. Sheena tackled everything with a smile and a courteous response.

    Carole - Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Both ladies arrived prepared and ready to work. Both were very pleasant, work hard, and did a great job- Thank you!

    Scott - Seminole, FL

  • I really like that Courtney told me that if I wasn't happy with something or if I had any questions, to please tell her. Very open, and easy to talk to! Gave her a 10!

    Terri - Dunedin, FL

  • Sheena and Cyndi were just great! They arrived on time, did a great job cleaning, and finished just when they said they would. We were referred by an existing client, and were thrilled by the cleaning services we received!

    Scott - Seminole, FL

  • Laura did a great job cleaning our house! Being 8 months pregnant, it was so nice to not have to do it myself!

    Sue - Saint Petersburg, FL

  • We are very pleased with Tonya. What a joyful experience to come home to a clean home. I am very busy with the counseling ministry and am very relieved that I do not have to worry about when to find the time to clean our home. Thank you! Thank you!

    Delores - Largo,

  • As always, Jessica did an amazing job. She is welcome here any time!

    Jeff - St. Pete, FL

  • Darlene always does a fantastic job!

    Lisa - Tierra Verde, FL

  • Outstanding job! Single service person assigned was very professional and did excellent quick work. Whole house was cleaned thoroughly- very fair pricing! I wil definitely contact Maidpro next time!

    David - seminole, FL

  • Tonya did a gret job! So nice to come into a clean hyouse!

    Ed - Largo, FL

  • Courtney is exceptional! I could not be more pleased!

    Deborah - St. Petersburg, FL

  • Tanya did a fantastic job! My experience from the first phone call until the end was very professional, organized and thorough. Thank you!

    Tracy - Madeira Beach, FL

  • They did a very thorough cleaning job and are very professional!

    Karen - Treasure Island, FL

  • Jennifer does a great job. I recommended your cleaning service and her to a friend of mine.

    Kody - Belleair, FL

  • After all the construction mess the girls did great.

    Roger - St. Pete, FL

  • I was very satisfied from the Maidpro cleaning service and I will reccomend them. I will use the service again. Thank you!

    Angela - Clearwater, FL

  • I have already recommended Maidpro to some of my clients (I am a realtor). This was my first experience at my own home. Courtney did a beautiful job! She was very accomodating a pleasant as well. Thanks!

    Isabel - Tierra Verde, FL

  • Outstanding job! We will use again for sure, and pass on your company's info. Thank you!

    J. Hancock - St. Petersburg, FL

  • I have already recommended Maid Pro to some of my clients. This was my first experience at my own home. Courtney did a beautiful job. She was very accomodating and pleasant as well. Thanks!

    Isabel - Tierra Verde, FL

  • Fatima os excellent. She is meticulous and thorough. I love walking into the condo after she has been there!

    Susan - St. Pete Beach, FL

  • Shannon has been the best maid we have ever had clean for us! She is a great asset to your company.

    John - Madeira Beach, FL

  • Cynthia doeas an outstanding job! I feel comfortable that she always does her best and goes above and beyond!

    Sharon - St. Pete, FL

  • Sheena is amazing! I have two sick children and only had a chance to throw sheets in the wash this morning. Not only did I come home to a beautifully clean house, but Sheena dried the sheets and made both beds. Such a life saver! I love Maid Pro :)

    Becky - Clearwater Beach, FL

  • Very good and helpful! Good job!

    Raymond - Saint Pete, FL

  • Tonya was nice and listened to my needs!

    Mike - St. Petersburg, FL

  • Jennifer was extremely professional. Very complete work. She is why I call Maidpro. Good service! Prepared! Professional! I would have her again without a doubt.

    Cheri - St. Petersburg, FL

  • I am extremely happy with my entire experience using Maidpro. I have never used a house cleaning company before and did a lot of research and received multiple quotes. Maidpro was not the lowest bid, but the scheduling was straight forward, and my quote was clear cut, and the email communication was responsive so I decided to hire Maidpro. Grisel did an amazing job cleaning my home, she was on time, polite, and professional and worked very hard to do a great job. I plan to recommend the company

    Mary - St. Petersburg, FL

  • Our pro is such a hard worker who doesn't stop until everything has been finished. Does a great job cleaning.

    Jean - Seminole, FL

  • Grisel was polite, profesional, and did a great job. Thank you!

    Miriam - St. Pete, FL

  • Tonya is a very dependable and responsible worker. Thank you!

    Dr. Marquez - Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Because of the excellent job that Susan does, you have several additional customers that have come to you through our recommendation.

    l.H. - Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Shannon does beautiful work and is always thorough. She is very pleasant women and we are always glad to see her come in. She always arrives on time and gets the job done in a timely fashion. We really appreciate her work and the coordination of MaidPro when we need to adjust our schedule. Thank you Jorge.

    C.M - St Pete, FL

  • Susan always does an excellent job!

    L.H. - St Petersburg, FL

  • I was extremely impressed with the cleaning. I am thrilled that I had two amazing staff members today. Brittany and Michelle went above and beyond, including my daughter in the cleaning fun. I am ecstatic with the service and professionalism of both young ladies. It would be a pleasure to have either one of them in my house next time. In fact, I would prefer it. They were AMAZING! Great job!

    M.R. - Seminole, FL

  • It is so nice to come home to a clean house, it makes me smile all day! Thank you, Shannon did a great job, the stuffed animals peering over the bunk bed was a thoughtful and funny touch, my 3 year old loved it.

    M.R. - Madeira Beach, FL

  • I am soooo happy with the promptness of arrival and the quality of service. WoWed once again! I almost cannot wait for next month. :)

    A.M. - Treasure Island, FL

  • WOW! Huma! You did a beautiful job. We were able to get all our errands done today and come home to cleanliness. Could not be happier. Excited for next month. :)

    A.M - Saint Petersburg, FL

  • Everything was Perfect! I don't want to touch anything b/c it looks so great! Thank you so much!

    A.R. - St Pete, FL

  • Michele our maid pro cleaner was fantastic and her attention to detail was amazing. What can my wife and I say but Michele was awesome. She is a detail person like us. Our upstairs home has never looked so clean without a single speck of dust or dirt remaining. She was professional and had a fantastic attitude.

    J.F - Belleair Beach, FL

  • "I'm IMPRESSED! Lindsay was phenomenal!!! My bathroom and kitchen were beyond spotless. She even washed my dishes! Thank you so much, Lindsay and MaidPro!!!"

    K.R - St Petersburg, FL

  • I really loved the maid! She was professional, courteous & worked the entire 3 hours without stopping. She cleans like I would clean & doesn't skip the small details! The tops & backs of things were dusted without me having to point it out & the place just sparkled!

    D.T. - St. Petersburg, FL

  • Carmen did a fabulous job! She was very thorough and I was so pleased with her work. My house sparkled and smelled so clean!

    J.V. - Tierre Verde, FL

  • She was exceptionally thorough and left the house spotless. It was a very hard job, but she never tired.

    R.R. - Clearwater, FL

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