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Customers love MaidPro New York, NY

  • Thanks for giving us our home back. For the last 3 months, my husband and I have been working extremely long hours, having weekend guests, and other off time obligations which left us little time for house keeping. Robin has outdone herself in helpi...

    Kymm S Manhattan, NY

  • Great cleaning service as always! Will be back soon!

    Margaret W. Manhattan, NY

  • friendly and professional maid service; perfect cleaning.

    Franz K. Long Island City, NY

  • She ( the Maid) did such a great job cleaning the floor and under all the sofas, beds, etc - thank you!

    Amy T. Manhattan, NY

  • When I rate MaidPro, I am really rating my Maid. She is excellent - I feel so happy when I come back to my home as she cleans and leaves it spotless. I also feel so comfortable with her in my home, can't say enough good things about her! Just brillia...

    Janet C. Manhattan, NY

  • the Maid is always friendly and cooperative. Incorporates any suggestions I may make into her cleaning routine.

    Louise b. Manhattan, NY

  • (The Maid) is Always super nice and does a great job (cleaning). Bonus that my dogs love her and she's nice to them. :)

    Franz A. Long Island City, NY

  • I have enjoyed the services of Maidpro for several years. After many years of other options, their staff and good work are the best. I am impressed with the quality, professionalism and reliability of their staff. This is true of my cleaner, and i...

    Mary Lee B. Manhattan, NY

  • ***** is a delightful young woman and a hard worker. I would be happy to have her Clean our Home again.

    Laura W. Manhattan, NY

  • As always, (Our Maid) delivers an amazing clean -- I feel as if everything is cared for and in the best hands. I also greatly appreciate Her absolute reliability.. Yours sincerely, Denise A*****

    Denise A. Manhattan, NY

  • I love coming back to a home cleaned by MaidPro!

    Karen D. Manhattan, NY

  • The Maid did a great job! She got out all of the cat hair in everything and left our kitchen and bathroom sparkling clean.

    Kim N Long Island City, NY

  • The Maid was top notch, as was (the Maid) I had before. Very hard workers and very thorough. Treasure them. All went very smoothly. Excellent job and great follow up with MaidPro. Already recommended you to a friend. :)

    Margaret W. Manhattan, NY

  • AMAZING (cleaning)- THANK YOU MAIDPRO!!!

    Karen M Manhattan, NY

  • The Maid was very thorough and she even emptied the vacuum cleaner dust bin - much appreciated!

    Paul B. Long Island City, NY

  • My cleaner is one of the best. She is pleasant, thorough, and timely.

    Ragy G. Manhattan, NY

  • As always, our Maid is excellent, thorough, pleasant, fast. Tell her to keep up the good work!

    Laura W. Manhattan, NY

  • The Cleaner was excellent. I was extremely pleased (With apartment cleaning) and will definitely call again.

    Barbara S. Upper West Side, NY

  • The Maid always provides a wonderful cleaning. Thanks so much, Denise

    Denise, A. Manhattan, NY

  • The Maid does an excellent (cleaning) job. She works quietly and efficiently and has a pleasant manner.

    Laura W. Manhattan, NY

  • The Maid was great -- very friendly and very efficient. So happy with how my home looked after she cleaned it!

    Elizabeth B. Manhattan, NY

  • another great clean ..... thanks!

    Chette L. Upper west Side, NY

  • Perfect cleaning, as always!

    Franz K. Long Island City, NY

  • Thank you…so much. You… went above and beyond with today's [cleaning]! I was in a meeting this afternoon and I did not have my cell with me... I can't thank you enough dealing with the ceiling leak.. You guys are amazing!

    Cindy D. Manhattan, NY

  • A very nice unexpected surprise to find the apartment re cleaned. Thank you very much for doing this, it was much appreciated and why we really value the service you offer.

    Rachael T. Long Island City, NY

  • The cleaning was perfect - as always!

    Franz K. Long Island City, NY

  • (The Maid) Did Such a great (cleaning) job.. Everything looks and smells perfect. Thank You!

    Kelly H. Manhattan, NY

  • The Maid does a fantastic [cleaning] job!

    Tia P. Manhattan, NY

  • The house was super clean and the smell when I walked in was amazing. Thanks for taking such care to detail and all you do.

    Holly R. Manhattan, NY

  • The cleanng was perfect.

    Franz K. Long Island City, NY

  • Excellent, comprehensive home cleaning

    Meghan P. Manhattan, NY

  • We are extremely happy with the (apartment) cleaning job, again I recommended MaidPro to my sSster as well

    Gene I. Long Island City, NY

  • Our Maid continues to do an excellent (cleaning )job.

    Phillip S. Manhattan, NY

  • (Thrilled with may cleaning) As always thank you!!!

    Sara W. Manhattan, NY

  • Impeccable!

    Mary Lee B. Manhattan, NY

  • Really good [cleaning]job.

    Moya H. Manhattan, NY

  • As last time, perfect cleaning. Thank you!

    Fran K. Long Island City, NY

  • (My Maid) is the best!

    Karen M. Manhattan, NY

  • The apartment looks terrific. Please extend my appreciation to *** (The Maid) for doing such a very fine job {cleaning my home}

    Diane E. Long Island City, NY

  • Great [cleaning] job! Thank you for everything, the apartment looks great.

    Jessica S. Manhattan, NY

  • Thank you [MaidPro]! Always so nice to come home to my clean apartment. :) Happy Holidays

    Stephanie H Long Island City, NY

  • It is lovely to walk into a MaidPro clean home!

    Karen D. Long Island City, NY

  • The Maid is a very good and reliable worker. She is thorough in her cleaning and takes her time. I love her sweet personality and demeanor. I would definitely continue using her services and I would recommend her to friends and family. MaidPro in gen...

    Nina D. Long Island City, NY

  • The Maid did a fantastic[cleaning] job

    Andrew B Manhattan, NY

  • The Maids were very efficient. All areas (of the apartment) were cleaned well.

    Jennifer F Long Island City, NY

  • [The Maid ]was terrific. And the house looks great.

    Bill S. Manhattan, NY

  • I was very happy with the professional (cleamnng) job that was done. An excellent and thorough job

    Eugene I. Manhattan, NY

  • The Maid did a very good (cleaning) job! Thank you!

    Franz K. Long Island City, NY

  • She (the Maid) did a great job on the refrigerator cleaning today

    Robert B Manhattan, NY

  • We are so excited to have Maid pro as our new (cleaning) service!!!!! The Maid has been great. Love the onsies!!!!

    Sara W Upper West Side, NY

  • As I say every time--terrific (apartment cleaning).

    Mary Lee B. Manhattan, NY

  • [The Maid] did and always does an excellent job. Thank you. Geraldine.

    Geraldine T. Manhattan, NY

  • The Maid does an excellent (cleaning) job!

    Philip S. Manhattan, NY

  • [The Maid] is a very thorough worker. The [apartment] sparkled when she left.

    Norman R Manhattan, NY

  • Floors looked fantastic and extra sparkling clean overall. Thank you [Maidpro]!

    Stephanie H. Long Island City, NY

  • Excellent [cleaning] service! I am very pleased!

    Amy E. Long Island City, NY

  • [ The Maid] was on time and very polite and professional. She patiently listened as we told her what we would like done and got to [cleaning]. the apartment looks great

    Ilyas K. Long Island City, NY

  • [The Maid} did a fantastic job.

    Andrew B. Upper Eest Side, NY

  • Another excellent cleaning. Thank you!

    Joseph N. Manhattan, NY

  • Fantastic! Even my husband has said it's the cleanest he has ever seen a house! Thank you to {Maidpro}.

    Kate T. Long Island City, NY

  • She [the Maid]was wonderful - overall - she was thorough and did a great job, certain things in the apt hadn't been cleaned in several years. She did a remarkable [cleaning] job!!!

    Marcia G. Manhattan, NY

  • Wow! I had no idea what clean was until Maidpro! I mean, I told you over the phone that our apartment was pretty clean... I obviously had absolutely no idea what I was talking about! We need regular cleanings from you guys. This is unbelievable. A to...

    Katherine U. Manhattan, NY

  • ***The(cleaning) service was great, the cleaner did her work decently and thoroughly and was right on time! She(the maid) knew what to do from the start.

    Franz K. Long Island City, NY

  • Great job! Thank you!

    Kelly H. Manhattan, NY

  • Excellent[cleaning] job of a tough situation to clean up

    Ben N. Manhattan, NY

  • ***[The Maid] did a good job [cleaning], as always! I'm happy, but more importantly, my wife is happy! Thanks :-)

    Ken, Y Manhattan, NY

  • **[The Maid]did a great job. She knows how to clean thoroughly. Thanks

    Julie B Manhattan, NY

  • The woman who cleans our apartment each month is wonderful!! She does a fantastic job. Thank you!!

    Laura T. Long Island City, NY

  • ***[The Maid] is friendly and courteous. And most importantly, she does a great job!

    Maria A. Upper West Side, NY

  • She[the Maid] does a great job cleaning our apartment. We are very happy with the service [Maidpro] provides

    Jennifer M. Manhattan, NY

  • She{teh Maid} had been great

    Pan w, Manhattan, NY

  • [The Maid] does a great job cleaning our place. She is also very nice and professional. Thank you.

    Lise C Long Island City, NY

  • Excellent (cleaning). All the feedback from the last two weeks were incorporated. She is the best. Please keep sending her.

    Jenifer L. Long Island City, NY

  • Everything was cleaned very well *and* items that were moved were put back in place. It was very good. Thx.

    Joanne B. Upper East Side, NY

  • I have never seen my bathtub and shower cleaner than it was after you were here yesterday. The mat was spotless, and I don't even want to take a shower today lest I ruin it - it is that clean. What a terrific surprise.

    Ellen A Manhattan, NY

  • Excellent job! Thank you so much ***[teh Pro}

    Kelly H Manhattan, NY

  • great job on (cleaning) the bathroom tiles!!

    Meaghan C. Astoria, NY

  • The Maid did a great job - very happy with the cleaning.

    Andrew B Manhattan, NY

  • wonderful [cleaning] job!! will continue to refer maidpro!

    Cassandra Manhattan, NY

  • Great cleaning job. Very thorough. She changed my shower curtain and even got the cat hair off my velvet settee. Thank you for that.

    Julie B Manhattan, NY

  • Fantastic cleaning! We are so happy with everything!

    Nicolas B. Manhattan, NY

  • We are always thrilled to have **** as our MaidPro cleaner! Thanks again!

    Karen B. New York, New York, NY

  • Last cleaning was great. [My home] really looked good.

    Ellen A Manhattan, NY

  • One of the best cleans ever.

    Warner J. Manhattan, NY

  • Once again, {the Maid} did an incredible [cleaning]job. I live a very stressful work life and personal life, and coming home to a spotless apartment is truly a blessing.

    Julie H. Manhattan, NY

  • Everything was great, as usual. Thanks again.

    Brian B Manhattan, NY

  • [My Pro] is wonderful and does a great [cleaning] job.

    David B Long Island City, NY

  • She [the maid] is doing a great job[cleaning]. Thank you.

    Linda, C Long Island City, NY

  • [the Maid] was very thorough and the apartment has never been so clean!

    Linda R. Upper East Side, NY

  • [The Cleaning was] Thorough and professional, as always! :-)

    Ken, Y Manhattan, NY

  • Please give [the Pr]o a $30 tip. I was very happy with my cleaning.

    Shana A. Upper West Side, NY

  • Really great job. [the apartment is]So clean! Very impressed

    Catlin C. Upper East Side, NY

  • We just got home from travel and had our suitcases and clothes in many different spots - making it a challenge to clean. Thank you [Maidpro] for caring for our items and making our apartment look amazing. Truly appreciate your help!! ***

    Stephanie H. Long Island City, NY

  • This was great; thanks. *** They cleaned my computer desk and even keyboard. I had forgotten what this stuff looks like when it's clean, so thanks a lot for that.

    Brian B. Manhattan, NY

  • This was the best cleaning so far!

    Maria A. Upper West Side, NY

  • Thank you for all of your help! ...The mess is all gone :)

    Jessie H Long Island City, NY

  • Great[cleaning] service

    Nora T. Roosevelt Island, NY

  • [She] was FANTASTIC! She did such a great job [cleaning] that I would definitely ask for her to come back again. Extremely thorough - focused on everything I asked her to - and then went above and beyond and did all these extra things that were so ap...

    Dasy K. Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY

  • I was absolutely happy with my [cleaning]service.

    Shana, A Manhattan, NY

  • Refrigerator was sparkling clean. Thanks!

    Edward S. Manhattan, NY

  • Thank you Maidpro! Great work. Lovely to come home to such a clean apartment.

    Laura T. Long Island City, NY

  • *** is outstanding! She is an asset to the Maidpro team. I am extremely pleased with her[cleaning] service and I only want her forever. Thanks John..... You were right!!!!!

    Katawba D. Manhattan, NY

  • Such an amazing feeling to come home to a fresh and sparking[clean] apartment!

    Karen B. Manhattan, NY

  • [The cleaning] was great as usual. I always appreciate the attention to detail. *** even left me a note because she accidentally unplugged my alarm clock while cleaning. It wasn't necessary, but I appreciated it!

    Joanne B. Manhattan, NY

  • Hello, My cleaning was fantastic and we absolutely love [our Pro] Thank you, Kyle

    Kyle M. Manhattan, NY

  • She [the Cleaner] did a wonderful [cleaning] job and did not miss a thing. It was great to have her back. Again, having [her here] is a wonderful experience. Thank you.

    DAvid B. Long Island City, NY

  • [The Cleaning was] Great as always.

    Julie H. Manhattan, NY

  • Everything ... was perfect. [The maid] did a great job

    Erik H. Manhattan, NY

  • Kelly[my Daughter] was very pleased with the cleaning. She said it looked "amazing".

    Dave H. Manhattan, NY

  • First {house cleaning}, well done !! Thank you.

    Sascha K Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY

  • Very good job today. Thank you to [ the Maid]. Thanks so much for arranging the make up of the snow day!

    Robert B. Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY

  • She [the Maid] is fantastic!! My apartment looks great! So well organized.

    Joseph W. Manhattan, NY

  • But the service was superb!

    Drew K. Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY

  • [She] did a great job!

    Cynthia F. Long Island City, NY

  • [The Maid] is very thorough at [cleaning] my apt. I appreciate her professionalism and quality of work.

    Joseph N. Manhattan, NY

  • My apartment was a mess with people having tracked in grime from the snow outside. She{the Maid} made it shine, and a pleasure to come home to again. Thank you.

    Kathleen P Manhattan, NY

  • (The Cleaner) did a fantastic job. Thanks!

    Rebeca I. Manhattan, NY

  • Everything was great. Thank you very much

    Brian B. Manhattan, NY

  • [The Cleaners] did a great first cleaning! It was so nice to come home to [an Apartment] that was spotless! Their attention to detail is greatly appreciated. The place looked great! Keep up the excellent work!! Thank you!

    Jennifer M Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY

  • We love the[cleaning] job that Maidpro does for us.

    Angela S Long Island City, NY

  • very happy with [the maids] - hope they can come back every Tuesday.

    Patrick T Chelsea, NY

  • They(the Maids) did a very good job cleaning, thank you! It's good to know I can call Maid-Pro if I need help

    Kristina S. Long Island City, NY

  • great cleaning! wonderful as always!

    Chette L. Upper West Side, NY

  • [the Maid] did a great[cleaning] job -- very thorough and hard working. House looks much better!

    Patricia, T Upper West Side, NY

  • She [the Maid] did a wonderful job [cleaning] and I'm excited to build a relationship [with MaidPro] throughout the year

    Jessica S Upper West Side, NY

  • The [Maid] today did an excellent [cleaning] job. Very pleased. Thank you.

    Reed M. Brooklyn, NY

  • [The Maid] was amazing! Our apartment has never been so clean. She was completely thorough and clearly took great pride in her work, cleaning our apartment as I would imagine she would clean her own home. [The Maid] is just great and a real asset to...

    Sirena H Stuyvesant Town, NY

  • Great [cleaning] job! Thanks again We are very pleased with our cleaning service!

    Michaela E Upper West Side, NY

  • My house has never been cleaner! Thanks for the{maids} hard work.

    Susie Y. Upper East Side, NY

  • Love coming back to my flat knowing [the maid] cleaned it!

    Karen D Long Island City, NY

  • The cleaner was excellent

    Rachel W. Long Island City, NY

  • She[the Maid] has really gone above and beyond the last several months and I greatly appreciate her [cleaning]services. I'm very happy with how the cleanings have been going. Thanks, Meggie

    Meggan S West Village, NY

  • When I entered it [the apartment] smelled clean, hasn't before. I appreciate this , it was truly clean!! this was a perfect cleaning!

    Patrice, D West Village, NY

  • [The Maid] did a great job. I was so impressed that she took the time to clean the inside of my medicine cabinet. Truly her [Cleaning] was done with a commitment to excellence. Thank you for that!

    Julie B Upper west side, NY

  • If you have cleaning needs, look no further then the MaidPro NYC. The team goes over and beyond. Here is why they are my supplier of choice: Our Executive was flying into NYC, providing less then 8 hours notice before arrival. Chuck and his team faci...

    George B Manhattan, NY

  • I would highly recommend MaidPro [house cleaning]. Love the checklist system they have in place. Very professional and great [maid] service.!

    Acantha L. Manhattan, NY

  • Everything was spotless. Like a new apartment. Smelled great.

    Rick, B Upper west side, NY

  • I have tried many cleaning services before, but MaidPro is by far the best. My house never looked so good.

    Adam Manhattan, NY

  • Thank you MaidPro! My house is sparkling. I'm considering locking my family out so they don't dirty it up again.


  • You guys are awesome. You are single-handedly winning the battle against the pet hair in my house!


  • MaidPro, I love you. You have given my family our weekends back. Thank you!


  • Our house hasn't been this clean since the day we moved in. You guys[MaidPro] are the best.

    Dan upper west side, NY

  • I really love you guys & gals. I am always so satisfied with my service.

    Rachel D Upper west side, NY

  • The apartment looked great.

    Erin D Long Island City, NY

  • She[the Maid] did a great job [cleaning] as always.

    Pan W Manhattan, NY

  • Maid Pro cleaned our apartment prior to listing it for sale - it was like walking into a four star hotel. Everything was sparkling, they did an amazing job!

    Jacob M Long Island City, NY

When you're looking for New York maid service, look at MaidPro. We're making New York shine, one house at a time, serving, the entire New York area.

MaidPro is New York's premier cleaning service. Whether you want weekly, bi-weekly or just a one-time house cleaning, we'll design your maid service around your needs. We understand that hiring a maid service can be a big decision, and we will work with you to ensure your 'hot spots' are cleaned the way you want them done, on time, every time.

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At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional cleaning service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.