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What People Are Saying

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I have tried many cleaning services before, but MaidPro is by far the best. My house never looked so good.


Thank you MaidPro! My house is sparkling. I'm considering locking my family out so they don't dirty it up again.


You guys are awesome. You are single-handedly winning the battle against the pet hair in my house!


MaidPro, I love you. You have given my family our weekends back. Thank you!


Our house hasn't been this clean since the day we moved in. You guys are the best.


Absolutely loved the quality of work. Wish I could have had them do my whole house! Thanks Maid Pro Team!

Lisa - Sandy, UT

Two maids. They were 30 minutes early. They worked for 55 minutes for an hour of service. In that time, they were extremely professional and efficient and finished all of the work I'd asked them to do (which I didn't expect them to finish). Because they were so efficient and diligent, I was happy to not mention the remaining 5 minutes.

Mark - Salt Lake City, UT

I love coming home to a clean house and knowing it is a company and person I can trust makes it possible. Thank you.

Ann - Salt Lake City, UT

I love Hortencia. She is friendly and patient and never once makes me feel awful about the disgusting pigsty my house can be. When she leaves my house looks loved and cared for and for the next few days I am able to enjoy and maintain a wonderful level of clean. Because of her, I can focus on being a mom and wife. If she asks for a raise, you should give it to her. She deserves it.

- Salt Lake City, UT

The woman that came today (I'm not sure how to spell her name) was by far my favorite! She was kind, polite, and a joy to talk to. I work nights so I sleep during the day and something about her made me feel incredibly comfortable to go to bed while she was still there. She did an amazing job. Such a hard worker and a wonderful human being. Thank you.

Amy Ribak - Salt Lake City, UT

This was such a positive experience. I had hoped to get to a deep cleaning before school started this summer, and failed and in four hours Maid Pro did what would have taken me weeks. The house looked and smelled so clean--I am very pleased with the service and performance. Our worker was fast and dedicated and thorough and did much more that I expected.

K Kern - Sandy, UT

This was one of the best if not the best job anyone has done at our house! Great attention to detail! My only concern is that our cleaner arrived very late in the day such that I had to take our kids out to dinner as she did not finish until 5:45pm. Can this cleaner be scheduled to get to our house earlier in the day?

P. Chu - Sandy, UT

Jesus did his usual thorough and professional job. He is trustworthy and gives me great value for my MaidPro dollar. Even our cat, Sirius Black, likes Jesus. Thanks!

- Sandy, UT

When I purchased my group on I have to admit I had limited expectations for my cleaning. I have to tell you that after my cleaners left, I was blown away at the wonderful job they did. They went above and beyond what I asked of them, even making beds and straightening shoes. I am pregnant and having lots of abdominal pain and I was so pleased with the job they did.... I feel like they took my needs into consideration without me even asking. Thank you so much!!

- Draper, UT

Irma is a delight. always pleasant. Gets here on time, goes right to work and completes her cleaning efficiently. Puts everything back in place. Makes every minute count then puts all her tools together and leaves with a cheery goodbye. And will go the extra mile for you if time permits. She uses her time wisely. She makes my bed which I can not do and I appreciate it very much.

C. Adams - Salt Lake City, UT

My cleaning was fantastic! It is such a nice feeling to come home to a clean home. I can always tell when they go a little above and beyond. It means the world to my husband and I. Thank you!

C. Gordon - South Jordan, UT

She did a fabulous job and worked hard the entire time. I don't think her work ethic can be topped. It was so nice to come home from a long day at work to a spotless house.

- Draper, UT