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What People Are Saying

People love us. But don’t take our word for it, read what our house cleaning customers have to say.

Amanda always does a FANTASTIC job! Very pleased!!!

Denise Pelham, AL

Shelby is amazing! I knew the minute I walked through the door that my house was clean!. She was very thorough and you can tell she takes pride in her work.

Sharon Montevallo, AL

Jessica did an especially great job yesterday. I truly appreciate the little details like placing the phone charger in a direction thats easy to access rather than allowing it to drop to the floor. We are in a very difficult stage in our home right n...

ERic Bham, AL

Deidre is always very friendly and does a great job! Thank you for everything you do!

Jennifer Chelsea, AL

Such a great job done by Janey. She always leaves my house sparkling clean.

Ann Pelham, AL

Ashley does an amazing job. Her attention to detail is top notch and Im always pleased when she completes the job.

Lindsay McCalla, AL


Bill Sterrett, AL

Im so thankful for Edith!

Ginger bham, AL

I was really happy with my clean and couldnt have asked for anything to be done differently. It was a very thorough job and I would love to have Mary come back for the next clean. She was so thoughtful to leave a sweet note and bag of candy for Chris...

Taylor Alabaster, AL

Super detailed clean, friendly people. Just such a great way to come home.

Brynn Bham, AL

After a busy, stressful few days it is great to have clean house. Thanks, Amanda!

Gisele Bham, AL

Edith did a great job. She was able to get all the Christmas explosion glitter off the floors! So thankful for her

Ginger Bham, AL

Holley is amazing! She goes the extra mile to do more than just the basic cleaning. Cleaning things that I didnt know needed it until I see the difference after shes cleaned. You can tell when someone loves their job and takes pride in what they do,...

Rene Bham, AL

Wonderful job! Thank you to all who have cleaned our house this year - Merry Christmas!

Helen Bham, AL

Ashley went the extra mile as always. I love the way the house shines when shes been here.

Bonnie Bham, AL

Jessica Lee didn't an excellent job! Her attention to detail really shined!

Michael Bham, AL

Bridget cleaned our place Monday and I was blown away! Your staff always does a good job, but this was above and beyond expectations. We are currently working on new carpets and painting and reorganizing which means that the chaos level here is off t...

Eric Bham, AL

Amanda is fabulous!

Jessica Chelsea, AL

Janey always does a great job and is so friendly and personable.

Janet Bham, AL

So happy with what Ashley does with my home! Thank you MaidPro and Ashley for delivering excellent service each time!

Stephanie Helena, AL

Shelley was EXCELLENT!!! She did a fantastic job. I would love for her to be my regular person. Its because of her that I will continue with your service.

Ann Maylene, AL

Ashley is amazing

Amanda BHam, AL

Amanda B did a great job as always. So nice to have someone you trust to clean when you are out of town. Thanks MaidPro.

Stephanie Pelham, AL

Great cleaning!!

Robert Helena, AK

Ofelia did such an incredible job! So much care and detail was put into cleaning our house! We would be so thrilled if Ofelia could be our bi-weekly cleaner!

Dave Chelsea, AL

We are preparing to move into a new home we have bought. It was dirty, and Ebony did a a great job cleaning it up. We are grateful

Gayle Bham, AL

Ashley did a spectacular job! I appreciated her attention to detail. My house truly sparkled. Thanks so much for sending her.

Bonnie Bham, AL

Holly always does a great job cleaning our home, and she also has a great personality!

Michael Bham, AL

We had been out of town. It was great to come home to a clean house. Thanks, Amanda!

Gisele Bham, AL

Janey has done an excellent job again! Everything is sparkling clean. I love when she comes to freshen up my home!

Ann Pelham, AL

So pleased with how clean my house was when I arrived home! They exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised to see they even cleaned the dishes I left in the sink.

Brittany Bham, AL

Appreciate Holly and how thorough she is in our home

Caleigh Bham, AL

Janey, my pro did a fabulous job!

Helen Helena, AL

Edith did a great job!

Ginger Bham, AL

Dont ever leave Amanda!! She does a great job!

Jessica Chelsea, AL

They left us with a great present. A Clean house. Thank you.

Don Hoover, AL

Amazing. We cant get over how clean it is and the attention to detail. Absolutely thrilled. They even left little notes in a sequin pillow for one kid and posed the other kids animals in a cute little scene. Incredible.

Brynn bham, AL

She was fabulous. Katie (our dog) loves when she visits. And so do I.

Tara Bham, AL

Ashley always does a superb job when cleaning my home!

Stephanie Helena, AL

Ashley always does an amazing job and Im so thrilled when she cleans.

Lindsay McCalla, AL

Arianna did an amazing job on my home today. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart. I was in awe of the way she cleaned and my house smelled so refreshing when walking in. I can not thank her enough!

Devin Montevallo, AL

Marilyn and Mary cleaned our house today and did an excellent job! We had company for a week and needed that extra touch.. When we got home we were thrilled to have everything in order and clean! Thank you so much it absolutely made our week!

Jane Bham, AK

Holly and Latoya did a great job--thorough and attentive to detail!

Caleigh Bham, AL

Holly did an incredible cleaning job today, I dont think the house has ever been this clean before! Super happy!

Michael Bham, AL

Arianna did an amazing job. It was such a pleasure to have her in my home!!

Kaye Alabaster, AL

I absolutely love Jennifer! Her energy is amazing, & she left my home spotless! Im very much in love! & will definitely recommend her, & the company! Im absolutely in love this was an amazing first experience!

Victoria Bham, AL

Janey did a superb job today! I am very pleased with her work. She is always so sweet and very upbeat. Cheers to her!

Helen Helena, AL

Edith is wonderful. I really know my house is clean when she leaves.

Valerie Sterrett, AL

House looked and smelled so clean. I love that our MaidPro specialist is not afraid of our dog lol. We are thrilled with our cleaning!

Lisa Sterrett, AL

Nikki was fantastic!!

Ladonna Bessemer, AL

Edith did a wonderful clean! I appreciate her attention to detail so much

Ginger Bham, AL

Paige was excellent!

Bryant Bham, AL

Im so happy to be able to have Ashley clean my home again. She always does amazing!

Stephanie Helena, AL

LaToria did awesome! Thanks!!

Christi Bham, AL

They did GREAT!!! Would love to have these two ladies every time!!

Cathy Bham, AL

Excellent as always. Would highly recommend Paige!

Myra Maylene, AL

Holly did a wonderful job cleaning our house. She has a great personality, a pleasure to be with her.

Michael Bham, AL

Paige did a great job! I want her every time!

Becky Bessemer, AL

Great cleaning today, Nothing better than a clean house!

Sylvia Alabaster, AL

You guys always di a great job, but today was especially good! Thank you!

Lauren Wilsonville, AL

Tabitha did an awesome job! Shes welcome back!

Kathy Bham, AL

Macy was awesome. Please assign her as my permanent cleaner if possible.

Melissa Chelsea, AL

Ive had three different people so far due to changing things around on the company. All three were great! I love that I can change days and times and still have someone come in who is consistently doing the same great work. I love that there is a che...

Cary Bham, AL

Janie does an amazing job!

Elizbeth Bham, AL

Ashley is the best!! Very detail oriented and cleans exactly as I would!! We love her!!

Kathy Alabaster, AL

Thanks for a great clean!!

Patricia Maylene, AL

Just wanted to tell you what a great job Macy did cleaning my house today! Thank you very much!

Melissa Chelsea, AL

Janey did a GREAT job! Came on time and worked through the house without stopping - thorough job!!

Denise Pelham, AL

Our cleaning on July 1 was the best yet. They did an amazing job.

Meagan Bham, AL

It feels so good to be living in a clean house!!

Sylvia Alabaster, AL

I love Janey and am always pleased with the job she does! I think it is beneficial to have the same person because they are familiar with my house, dogs and kids.

Michael Bham, AL

My MaidPro specialist was very thorough and professional. She put everything back in it's place and the house looked great! I was very pleased.

Lisa Sterrett, AL

I am very pleased when Paige cleans for me. I hope to see her back next month. She is pleasant & gets the job done in a timely manner.

Jene Alabaster, AL

first clean of new house. Amanda B and Macy did a super job. Thank you.

Stephanie Pelham, AL

As always, Amanda did a FANTASTIC job! She is GREAT at cleaning the house thoroughly!

Denise Pelham, AL

Janie is amazing! We love her so much.

Elizabeth Bham, AL

Britney was very thorough, informative, and professional. Cant wait for my next cleaning in June.

Susan Chelsea, AL

Tiffany always does an amazing job. Very detailed!!

Narad Bham, AL

Brittany did a superb job! Five stars and cheers to her !

Helen Helena, AL

Mary did a great job! Thank you!

Stephanie Helena, AL

This is our first time with Ashley. Id REALLY like to have her continue to clean our home every time.

Molly Bham, AL

Excellent clean

Janet Bham, AL

Sandra is always awesome! She is kind, thoughtful, exceptional in her work and a joy to have in our home.

Barbara Pelham, AL

Marilynn and Mary arrived and went straight to work. They were attentive to my requests and I am pleased with the results. Thank you!

Caleigh Bham, AL

I was much happier with my cleaning experience this month. The showers looked great! Brittany was very accommodating when I asked her to vacuum the kitchen chairs. She was also great for putting up with my yappy dog. We will put her up from the start...

Lisa Sterrett, AL

Amanda did a wonderful job! She is diligent and hard-working- leaving our house with a great clean!!

Denise Pelham, AL

Paige does an excellent job!

Trisha Helena, AL

Macy did a fantastic job!

Ginger Bham, AL

Paige and Sandra always do a fantastic job and very proud to have them cleaning our office.

Agency on Aging Alabaster, AL

Loved Jennifer who did our clean today. Excellent job and had no problem working from home while she was here!

Sarah Bham, AL

Ashley always does an amazing job and we are so excited to walk in and see a clean home! We LOVE when she cleans and she is the best!!

Lindsay McCalla, AL

Excellent. My house had not been thoroughly cleaned on a month. Paige did a great job especially cleaning the floors & making them shine. Thank you for sending her to me. She is a very hard worker & cares about her job & the people she cleans for!

Myra Maylene, AL

As always, Paige was WONDERFUL! Sandra (forgive me if I typed the wrong name) was wonderful as well. Both Pros are loved by our office for their work ethic and commitment to providing great service. Well done! Please keep sending them.

Agency on Aging Alabaster, AL

Janey always does an excellent job, often going above and beyond what is required. I highly recommend MaidPro to friends and family because of her.

Nan Chelsea, AL

Very happy with Sarah

Julie Bham, AL

Paige is awesome and my house looks awesome!!

Kira Chelsea, AL

Really good job by Sandra today!

Michael Birmingham, AL

Sara was working with some very tight time constraints and did a magnificent job on our home. She even got to an area that we thought we might have to forgo on this visit within the allotted time. Great job

Larry Pelham, AL

Sara was great. She did a good job, and shes very personable!

Elrica Calera, AL

I LOVED having Amanda clean my home!! She was very sweet and did a very thorough job of cleaning my home! I know my every 3 weeks schedule makes it tough to get a regular cleaner,

Beverly Montevallo, AL

Janey did a superb job yesterday! The house was sparkling clean!

Helen Helena, AL

Paige did an excellent job!

Trisha Helena, AL

Paige did an absolute beautiful job. Dust was gone on the fans, so much dust. She cleans some things, like the fans, that are sometimes missed. Also she mopped the entires wood steps without a word from me. Great service.

Pam Alabaster, AL

Paige did a FANTASTIC job and Im SO pleased and thankful!!

Jennifer Pelham, AL

Love what Ashley does with my home when she cleans it! Always does an amazing job!

Stephanie Helena, AL

The staff always makes it so nice to come home. They do a great job of putting things back where they belong and it is obvious that they care about the job they are doing. Im so appreciate of the work they do for others.

Brandi Helena, AL

House looked wonderful, a visitor even commented on it. Thank you.

Celeste Bham, AL

Ashley does a man outstanding job cleaning my home. Thank you for providing such wonderful service!

Stephanie Helena, AL

Jennifer was fantastic! She did an awesome clean of our house - would gladly have her back any time!

Helen Bham, AL

I can't say enough good stuff about this lady. I have used y'all for almost 10 years, both home and office. I have always been happy and never had a complaint with a regular M.P. employee. But the last person who worked this hard, paid this much atte...

Bill Sterrett, AL

Brittany did an excellent job! My house sparkles!!!

Susan Bham, AL

We were so happy with Mallory. She is a definite self-starter, but was also willing to do thing our way. My husband even said that she is a cleaner like Nia, but is more willing to talk with us. We hope she enjoys her work and finds Maid Pro values h...

Charlsey Bham, AL

Shelby is a first rate professional and pleasant, a pleasure to have in my home.

Virginia Bham, AL

Sandra did a wonderful job as usual! So glad to have as our maid pro.

Michael Bham, AL

Just wanted to say that it was such a joy to come home to a clean home today. We've been out of town so much in the last month that I couldn't imagine where to begin in getting us back on track. Thank you Marilyn and Mary! Stellar clean as always

Brass Bham, AL

Always a pleasure to have Leiah cleaning my home!

Harry Bham, AL

So far, we have been thrilled with our service. Everyone has been friendly and great at what they do. The cleanings are thorough and efficient, always showing up on time.

Amy Pelham, AL

The cleaning crew showed up on time and were extremely friendly. They tackled everything we asked them to and did an amazing job. We'll be using MaidPro again in the future.

Cornerstone Accounting Chelsea, AL

Im always thrilled with the way Ashely cleans my home

Sadie Bham, AL

Leiah Davison did an AMAZING JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Narad Pelham, AL

Tabitha Hunt always does a fine job and she works with me on things like using a few of my cleaning products that I prefer and making my bed the way I like it!

Beverly Montevallo, AL

Ashley did an amazing job!! The house smelled clean when we walked in!! We had a maid service prior what wasnt cleaning to our expectations (not dusting in certain areas or cleaning areas I asked them to) which was the reason for us to move to MaidPr...

Lindsay McCalla, AL

We have had a good experience with the woman who has cleaned the last couple times. We would like her to keep coming, if possible. Thank you!

Jessica Bham, AL

Sandra is simply the best. We appreciate her week in and week out.

Jeff Bham, AL

I have been extremely happy with MaidPro. Used them for a year or so, then took a break during to save money, and have been using again for several months now. You all make my life easier and I cannot thank you enough. Thank you!

Angela Chelsea, AL

Priscilla was wonderful and very careful to work with me (since I work from home) to assure that she did her best without disturbing my 101 meetings.

Kelly Pelham, AL

Mom said 10 Stars...

Vickie Pelham, AL

Ashley is amazing. Always has been, always will be. Looking forward to years more of this quality. Never disappointed.

Horace Helena, AL

Leiah did a phenomenal job cleaning! I so appreciate everything she did. My husband even noticed!

Barbi Alabaster, AL

Destiney did a great job. She worked extra hard in our shower and we are very pleased with the service.

Danny Bham, AL

My cleaner Tabatha was awesome!! She left my home looking amazing. I am so impressed by how thorough she is and have decided to get routine cleanings by her from here on out.

Elrica Calera, AL

We are always happy with our Maid Pro cleaning experience. Brenda is top notch and does a wonderful job.

Lisa Sterrett, AL

Great job today!!

Colloni Helena, AL

Shelby did another fantastic cleaning. Thanks Shelby!!

Robert Helena, AL

As always, Ashley did a top notch job and my house really needed it after have six guests. She even helped me put up my heavy Christmas tree. I really appreciated that!

Bonnie Bham, AL

Amy J did a fabulous job overall. Just the right touch to make the hardwood floors look good without all the water, the kitchen stovetop really shines, but we are AMAZED at the master bath toilet. It has had mineral deposits for years that we tried V...

Keith Alabaster, AL

I was so happy today after Macy cleaned and I was able to relax and not stress about cleaning before our guest arrives tomorrow. Macy did an excellent clean, thank you!

Ginger Birmingham, AL

Shelby has cleaned our house for almost one year and we could not be more pleased. She is always pleasant, professional and an extremely hard worker. She's a great representative for maidpro.

Barbara Pelham, AL

Amazing Clean!

Narad Pelham, AL

Ashley did a great job cleaning my home.

Stephanie Helena, AL

I didn't feel judged, She did a phenomenal job!! NO qualms about paying for her each week!! WOW. my kids are astounded and elated. We are so happy.

Wendy Pelham, AL

I hope Amanda is our MaidPro expert forever!!

Amanda Chelsea, AL

Excellent, just Excellent!

Frank Sterrett, AL

Our cleaner was super awesome! She did a fabulous job!

Thomas Birmingham, AL

Ashley did a great job! Even with the little extras I asked of her!

Kathy Bham, AL

Ladies, thanks so much!! We have been in Nashville for a week for grand baby #2's birth and I did not remember how good or bad I left things!! It was so great to come home last night to a clean house!!!! Again, THANK YOU!!!

Cathey Bham, AL

Yolanda is really terrific. She is great with the dogs, too.

Julie Bham, AL

Crystal Neice did an awesome job cleaning my house. She is thorough and very friendly

Beverly Montevallo, AL

Sandra is always simply the best. We appreciate her hard work week in and week out.

Jeff Bham, AL

Yolanda did a great job!

Ginger Bham, AL

We love our maid pro service. Always thrilled with the results. We love Brenda!

Lisa Sterrett, AL

Thank you Bre for always doing the best job and paying close attention to detail. Youre one of the best!

Stephanie helena, AK

Tabitha was wonderful! Did a great job. My house was so clean and smelled so good! Would love to have her again.

Leslie Pelham, AL

Ashley is the bomb! Im so happy with her cleaning.

Sadie Birmingham, AL

Thank you, Janey! Fantastic job! We appreciate you!

Kerry Pelham, AL

Mary was excellent! She did a wonderful job and was so nice.

Candice Helena, AL

Leiah Davison cleaned for me today. Thorough. Efficient, Friendly, Likes my dog (very important)

Richard Pelham, AL

The lady that cleaned our house today did the best job any of the maid pro staff have done so far. She did an incredible job! We would love to have her as our regular cleaning lady if possible.

Robert Helena, AL

My family had my home cleaned for me by Leiah Davison because I have leukemia. I was in the hospital for 6 weeks doing treatment and came home to an amazing, clean home. Leiah did not miss a detail in my home. It is so important for me to stay away f...

Katie Pelham, AL

I have already talked with Lynn about having the maids come to my parents house. Beyond impressed. My maid Macy did an excellent job today.

Linsday Bham, AL

Janey did an excellent job. Left my home sparkling clean and sweet smelling! Such a joy to have her services here. Thanks!

Ann Pelham, AL

Crystal always does a great job! Shes very thorough with her cleans.

Mallory Bham, AL

As always, Ashley did a great job. She had a little extra work today because I had company recently, but she accomplished everything and the house was spotless.

Bonnie Bham, AL

She did a fantastic job! Also very friendly.

Lydia Bham, AL

Ashley is a rockstar!!! She cleaned this big old house all by herself and did it masterfully. Im so grateful for her!

Sadie bham, AL

Bre always does amazing work! Thank you for an outstanding job every time

Stephanie Helena, AL

We love Crystal. She is highly personable, very professional, respectful of our time and privacy since we both work from home. She does an amazing clean and we hope she can stay with us for many services to come.

Senya Pelham, AL

Mary did a wonderful job!

Debbie Pelham, AL

So Glad 2 have Kandi Back..Hard work,& Incredibly good worker

Amy Pelham, AL

The ladies did an awesome job and my wife was very happy!!!

Jason Bham, AL

Sheena did an excellent job and had lots of lovely touches!

Michael Bham, AL

Loved Sheena! Would definitely ask her back.

Debbie Pelham, AL

When they changed cleaning ladies I had a concern but I was wrong. Shelby has done a fantastic job,

Robert Helena, AL

Bre always does an excellent job!

Stephanie HElena, AL

Our Pro did an EXCELLENT job today. Everything was so wonderful!

Rachel Bham, AL

Loved my clean by Bre! She is amazing & pays attention to detail. Thank you for your hard work :)

Stephanie Helena, AL

Another great job! I am so thankful because I am having a party on Saturday and I dont have to clean my house before the party- its already done!

Barbi Alabaster, AL

They did an incredible job and made my ease of the new move so much easier!

Kathy Chelsea, AL

Sandra is just heads and tails above the rest. We appreciate her and just how hard she works every single week. We are so thankful for her.

Jeff Bham, AL

OMG - I cannot say enough about Lynn and this service! This was my birthday treat to myself to have cleaners (for the 1st time ever!) Lynn was super sweet and easy to work with - excellent communication! They are so reasonably priced as well. Mary H...

Michaela Helena, AL

Wonderful job today! The house looked great and smelled wonderful.

Leslie Pelham, AL

My mom was thrilled with the service provided today! Thank you so much!

Jamie Maylene, AL

Bre is AMAZING!! This girl deserves a raise for all of her hard work that she does. She is definitely one that you want to keep :)

Stephanie Helena, AL

I greatly appreciate that Ashley is thorough in her cleaning and approachable in conversation. She is easy to talk to and open to listening if I want something different. Great qualities!

Bonnie Bham, AL

Thank you, Tabatha! It looks great!!

Renee Alabaster, AL

I mean just wow. I cannot say enough great things about the service Kristen provided. She was so nice and friendly and so thorough. I am so pleased and looking forward to scheduling regular cleanings!

Mary Birmingham, AL

My home smelled clean the second I walked in. It was some of the best self-care ever to have hired someone to take this task on.

Jennifer Bham, AL

Kim did her usual detailed job! Everything was perfect when she left! She takes longer than the other girls but you sure get your moneys worth! Bless her!

Beverly montevallo, AL

John said the two ladies who were here today did an outstanding job.

Janell Bham, AL

Excellent as always, Really appreciate Yasmine working us in, despite her vacation!

Bill Sterrett, AL

Marilyn and Marquita, (and Mary) are such wonderful people and hard workers too. Love Maid Pro!!

Pat Bham, AL

Kim is hands down the best! She is so detailed and takes her time and really puts her all into each and every cleaning. We look forward to her visit every month!

Katie Helena, AL

We just love Jana coming to clean our house! She is so thorough in her work, and so friendly to us, shes becoming like family!

Michael Bham, AL

Breyone always does a great job at my home. I am so thankful for the work she puts in b/c I know it can be tiresome!

Stephanie Helena, AL

Christina did an outstanding job. Thank you!!

Philip Bham, AL

Crystal has really improved my home! I love how clean and fresh it is after every cleaning.

Melissa Calera, AL

Ms Kandy Did a Extremely Awesome job Cleaning our house today!!

Amy Pelham, AL

Great experience. Easy to book and quick availability. I had a rough week at work and wasnt able to straighten up as much as I wanted before the clean but was very impressed with everything. It was such a burden lifted to come home to a clean home an...

Amber Helena, AL

Bre always does a great job cleaning my home! Im so happy I found someone that goes above and beyond when cleaning a clients home.

Stephanie Pelham, AL

Always happy with the thorough cleaning job that Brenda does. We are very happy with Maid Pro

Lisa Sterrett, AL

I came home from work to a fabulous clean house. Every room I walked into made me happier than the last. I cant explain how thrilled I am with the job done and how excited I am to get my weekends back to relaxing instead of cleaning!

Barbi Alabaster, AL

Amanda did a great job for us. She always does. Her attention to detail makes for a job well done. When friends come over, someone always comments about how our house always seems so clean. So, thank you Amanda ..... and, thank you Maid Pro.

Dana Chelsea, AL

Great, as always! Thanks!!

Jessica Chelsea, AL

Today's cleaning was really great!

Amanda Bham, AL

Kim is absolutely amazing! I love it when I come home after she has cleaned!!

Kira Chelsea, AL

We love the way Jana always makes our house so neat and clean.

Michael Bham, AL

Stacie was wonderful. She did a great job.. I would like to request that Stacie does my clean next time. Thanks

Susan Helena, AL

Continously happy with the service!

Brian Chelsea, AL

Amanda's usual great job!

Gisele Bham, AL

As usual, Yasmine and Juanita were diligent in cleaning the house. It's nice to have it so clean when they leave!

Denise Pelham, AL

Brenda is AWESOME!!!! I look forward to coming home every time she cleans. She always goes over and beyond what is expected to make our home look amazing and smell so good. The little touches and extra mile mean so much and make such a difference. It...

Ryan Chelsea, AL

Tabitha did WONDERFUL today!

Linda Bham, AL

Brenda is wonderful. So thorough and so professional. Our house looks great. We are very happy with Maid Pro

Lisa Sterrett, AL

Bre always does a exceptional job. Thanks

Colloni Helena, AL

Shelby and Allaisa were great! They arrived on time and did a great job!

Marilyn Helena, AL

Bri does an outstanding job every time she comes to clean my home! Shes definitely a keeper!

Stephanie Helena, AL

I always enjoy the day Ashley comes! Besides being very thorough at her job, she helps me resolve other little problems in the house.

Bonnie Bham, AL

Thank you, Ella!!! Always superb!!!

Kerry Pelham, AL

Sheena did a FABULOUS job! Thank you!

Helen Bham, AL

Ashley did a great job cleaning our house and we hope to have her again!

Jill Bham, AL

My pro worked so hard and did a fabulous job!! Im so pleased, my house is shining like the top of the Chrysler building. Couldnt be more pleased,

Rhonda Helena, AL

Ellas attention to details is so appreciated. And we trust her.

Casey Bham, AL

Kim was amazing. I love it when she comes to clean!!

Kira Chelsea, AL

My cleaning was excellent!

Linda Pelham, AL

Brie did a great job cleaning our house. It was the first time she worked here and she did a very thorough job.

Danny Bham, AL

Jana is amazing and always goes the extra mile.

Elaina Hoover, AL

3018 Forest Meadows Cir Birmingham, AL 35242

Stephanie Helena, AL

Kim always does a great job plus just the little things that she does. It is great to walked into your house and see it so clean and smell so good. Thanks Kim

Robert Helena, AL

Our cleaners took their time and did a wonderful job!! We are excited to have them come back monthly.

Rebecca Chelsea, AL

Very thorough and she is a pleasant person

Jeffery Hoover, AL

MaidPro always does a great job! From the customer service in the office to the attention to detail in the home!

Amanda Helena, AL

It was so nice coming home to a clean and amazing smelling house!

Brooke Alabaster, AL

It is always a please to have Amanda in our home!

Gisele Bham, AL

Nia did a great cleaning at my house, and was very courteous and professional.

Jeffery Pelham, AL

Love Traci! Professional, dependable, & always does a great job.

Rita Columbiana, AL

I do recommend Maid Pro to friends. One reason is that you seem to treat your employees well.

Christine Bham, AL

Christina is fantastic!! Never disappoints!

Jen Helena, AL

Very happy with my entire clean, with the dusting of my piano, and the organizing and vacuuming of my sons room upstairs

Sadie Bham, AL

Great clean after we made a dirty Christmas house!

Melissa Chelsea, AL

So happy to start the new year with a clean house. Thank you Sandra!

Jill Birmingham, AL

We are thrilled with our clean!!! Bre is a keeper!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Can we have her from now on?

Nathan Bham, AL

She did an awesome job! You hire the sweetest girls! She was very attentive to my cleaning desires and cleaned in a timely manner. Thank you MaidPro for my sparkling clean home for the holidays!

Beverly Montevallo, AL

Ellas attention to detail and thoughtful care is much appreciated!

Casey Birmingham, AL

he did an awesome job! You hire the sweetest girls! She was very attentive to my cleaning desires and cleaned in a timely manner. Thank you MaidPro for my sparkling clean home for the holidays!

Beverly Montevallo, AL

outstanding, love the clean smell

Larry Pelham, AL

I recommend y'all all the time! Maid Pro has been great to us from the start and continues to provide a clean, comfortable home for us to enjoy!

Beth Chelsea, AL

Samantha did an amazing job!

Shay Chelsea, AL

Kim is truly awesome and I love it when she comes to clean!! :)

Kira Chelsea, AL

Sandra, who signed our card and left us out precious mug and hot chocolate gave us an extremely good clean. I was very pleased!!

Lori Alabaster, AL

Mrs. Kim is the best cleaning lady around. Her attention to detail has been top notch this whole year. We have been thrilled every month and are going to continue to use her for the foreseeable future. Thank you Mrs. Kim for being AWESOME!!

Kyle Bham, AL

Sandra did a great job cleaning our home!

Jill Bham, AL

Always so pleased with Ashley. Class act, professional and respectful, thorough job.

Horace Helana, AL

Nia did a phenomenal job - truly the best. Thank you!

Robert Birmingham, AL

Christina is fantastic! She always does such a wonderful job and always leave a sweet note letting me know what she did and if she wasn't able to get to something, that she plans on getting to it next time. My husband and I cannot recommend you guys...

Jen Helena, AL

We appreciate the time & effort put into the cleaning of our home by Sandra. We also are grateful for the flexibility of the administrative office when we need to make changes to our schedule. Outstanding customer service! Thank you!

Patti Bham, AL

Jessica did an awesome job in a timely manner. I would enjoy having her again!

Beverly Montevallo, AL

3601 N Woodridge Rd Mountain Brk, AL 35223

Stephanie Helena, AL

Crystal and Shelby were amazing!! Very professional, attentive, and hard working! I will be setting up monthly services, it is the BEST feeling to have your home so clean! Thank you, ladies!

Ashley Pelham, AL

Ashley is the best always with a smile, helping hand and positive attitude and my dog loves seeing her.

Kathy Pelham, AL

Marilyn did a great job today. Would love to have her clean again.

Liz Bham, AL

I love the professional experience we have when MaidPro cleans our home. What a great experience coming home to a sparkling clean home

Michael Birmingham, AL

These ladies are so dependable...I feel like a Queen when I come in ... great job!

Sharon Birmingham, AL

Even folded the blankets in the dog bed! Thank you

Myra Maylene, AL

Christina did a WONDERFUL job! We were blown away. Really don't know what else to say!!!

Jen Helena, AL

Shannon did a great job!!! Really liked the detail! Thanks

Nathan Bham, AL

Kandi did a great job! Thank you for sending top notch people out each time! I am very satisfied with my cleaning from MaidPro!

Beverly Montevallo, AL

Ashley is great. A lovely young woman whom I trust.

Bonnie Bham, AL

Ashley Hartley has been cleaning my house for a while now, and I think she is wonderful! She is personable, but not overly talkative. She does an outstanding job of cleaning, is efficient, and she is willing to go the extra mile. This week I schedule...

Cathy Hoover, AL

Jana is just the best! Her skills are matched only by her sweet personality!

Micahel bham, AL

My wife had a stroke 4 weeks ago and is in the hospital. When I got home this evening I found out that Misty had not only folded the clothes in the dryer but had also washed and dried the sheets she had just changed out! This young lady is wonderful!...

Dennis Chelsea, AL

Great cleaning service! Love Traci and the amazing job she does for me!

Rita Chelsea, AL

Ashley was FABULOUS!!! Can I please have her always clean my house!!! My whole experience from initial call about scheduling service, through meeting the Quality Control Mgr Tonja to Ashley was great!

Karen Birmingham, AL

Christina was very personable and did a wonderful job. I would love to have her clean again sometime

Pat Calera, AL

Melissa Lyons did a great job. I would like to request her for my next scheduled visit. Thank you

Sara Helena, AL

Chelsea is so wonderful! The house smells and looks wonderful. I was so happy she got it all done!

Rhea Chelsea, AL

Candy and Ashley did an amazing job, everything looked great!

Aileen Birmingham, AL

Christina and Brenda were amazing. They got the hard stuff done and my house is cleaner than its ever been! I really like these two. Thank you for all the hard work. I have a house full coming this weekend and couldn't get it done myself. Thank you T...

Rhea Chelsea, AL

Excellent service and I was so impressed that this company sent a Quality Assurance Rep to check on the customer satisfaction! Christina offered a detail clean to my mothers home!

Virginia Bham, AL

Dana is so sweet! And she is very thorough and careful with our clean. We always appreciate her and her hard work!

Beth Chelsea, AL

Jana got our home all clean and germ free!

Michael Birmingham, AL

Its like magic when I come home. Everything is fresh and clean.

Elaine Pelham, AL

The ladies were kind and helpful. They worked hard for my first clean and I am looking forward to continued service with MaidPro. Thank you!

John Helena, AL

Katrina is on vacation this week and Amanda filled in to clean the AFT office. She did a fantastic job. It's nice to know we always receive consistent service from Maidpro! Keep up the great work!

Shannon Birmingham, AL

Amanda did a great job, she always does, thank you for her.

Judy Bham, AL

Amanda B did a SUPER job. Thanks

Stephanie Chelsea, AL

Already recommended you and had my sister book you. GREAT JOB!!

Rachel Hoover, AL

Sheena is great!

Kristen bham, AL

My first deep clean was done by Chelsea. She did an amazing job! Listened to my desires for the cleaning and proceeded to complete the tasks efficiently and in a timely manner! From previous experience I know MaidPro has high standards for pleasing t...

Beverly Montevallo, AL

Kandi did an outstanding job. We are very happy that she is our regular lady.

Larry Pelham, AL

I appreciate Sandra so much! She always does a good job! and has a professional and friendly personality. Thanks for keeping her on my schedule.

Debbie Pelham, AL

Melody always does a great job. She even told me she would change sheets if needed.

Emily Helena, AL

Amanda B did a super job. Amanda was trusted to enter and lock up home while on vacation.

Stephanie Pelham, AL

Dana was very professional and detailed! Highly recommended!

Narad Pelham, AL

Jessica has done the best job cleaning today!

Jamie Alabaster, AL

Ashley ALWAYS does a great job cleaning my house. After she leaves, I love walking through to savor how clean and nice it is - before the grands come and destroy it

Cathy Birmingham, AL

Melody always does a great job! Happy Customer here.

Elizabeth Hoover, AL

Ashley does such a good job week after week shes my wifes emergency contact.

Horace Helena, AL

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Crystal did a great job! And she was quick too! She was very friendly and thorough. Thank you!

Amanda Helena, AL

We love Dana! She's doing a fantastic job at out home.

Beth Chelsea, AL

Crystal is pleasant to work with and always thorough

Linda Pelham, AL

Kristen did a wonderful job! Everything was cleaned thoroughly and looked great.

Lauren Hoover, AL

I think this was the first time Kim came to clean, and she did a great job! Thanks Kim

Adrienne Chelsea, AL

I can definitely get used to this! I think Ill choose weekly instead of biweekly.

Katie Birmingham, AL

Kandi and Yasmine were the workers this time and they did a wonderful job. Arrived punctually and worked diligently the whole time they were here. I have been very pleased with all off the Maidpro workers!

Denise Pelham, AL

Great as usual. Appreciate all that Chelsea does.

Myra Pelham, AL

Tabitha did great, as usual!

Linda Bham, AL

I thought my sweet Maid Pro did great, especially this was my first cleaning by MaidPro in 2 months. I have worked hard to keep up with my home while being busy as a realtor. I am not use to being home bound or having my husband working out of our ho...

Bonnie Helena, AL

Pamela Gonzalez was wonderful - the house looks fabulous! I would definitely recommend her to others. Would love to have her clean for us again!

Helen Birmingham, AL

Ella has done a tremendous job! Lynn Scott & her crew have done a great job of transitioning us from our previous service to their services we are very pleased & thankful.

Casey Birmingham, AL

She did an excellent job on the master shower! The previous cleaner hasnt been cleaning the grout and it had gotten mildewed... she got in there with a toothbrush and some elbow grease and it looked tons better!

Ronnie Sterrett, AL

Kristin & Melody have made my home beautiful , warm, inviting & peaceful in addition to super clean! I love these two ladies for their friendliness, kindness & professionalism. My children are sad when they realize they didnt get to see theses two la...

Je Anne Birmingham, AL

Melody & Kim did a perfect job. I was especially impressed by the cleanliness of the windows, floors, and the shower. THANK YOU! Its so nice to come home to a clean house and a wonderful smell. P.s. Thanks for never letting my cats out :)

Brandi Helena, AL

Dana is so great! She is just the nicest person... and she always does a very thorough and wonderful job at our home.

Beth Chelsea, AL

Sandra is excellent! House was so clean when we got home after her being there!

Lori Pelham, AL

Crystal is thorough and takes pride in her work.

Linda Pelham, AL

Thank you for a wonderful clean, Sheena!!

Amanda Birmingham, AK

Once again I was satisfied with my cleaning service. Tracy was on time and very efficient in her cleaning chore. Thanks again for your great service.

Joann Bham, AL

Sandra, as always, is fantastic. She is kind, hardworking, and detail-oriented. We are in unprecedented times right now and I have asthma and other pulmonary issues. Having Sandra come into our home taking the proper precautions and work diligently w...

Jeff Pelham, AL

I hope everyone who uses your services appreciates your employees for staying on the job during this difficult and somewhat terrifying time... Thank you!!!

Sharon Birmingham, AL

It was her first time in our home and she took extra care to make sure we were satisfied. She asked us to walk thru with her and let her know if there was anything she missed (there wasnt!). You could tell she cared about doing a good job.

Lindsay Chelsea, AL

Ashley never fails to disappoint. She knows our house and our needs so well. She cleaned it like she was washing her hands during a pandemic!

Horace Bham, AL

Ella is a true professional!! Works tirelessly while here cleaning and disinfecting

David Helena, AL

Chelsea is so thorough and very friendly! Im grateful to have her in my home doing great work!

Amanda Chelsea, AL

Kristina's team did a great job! I love the added touches they provide (cute towel folding accents,, etc.). Everything looked good when they were finished!!

Denise Pelham, AL

Tabitha did a GREAT job, paying attention to extra details! I hope I can continue to have her for my cleaning.

Linda Birmingham, AL

We love MaidPro .... everyone has been really great! And we are thoroughly appreciating all of Dana's hard word in our home. She is so sweet and polite and does an outstanding job every time! Thank you for sending her our way!

Beth Helena, AL

Ashley did a great job again. We hope you will keep her coming to our home.

Marilyn Hoover, AL

Thank you, Ashley! We love that we can always rely on you to make a busy week easier. I dont know what we would do without you!

Quilla Birmingham, AL

Dana once again did a phenomenal job!!! She even emptied our 2 kitties' litter boxes!!! I was NOT expecting that, but was so pleasantly surprised!!! I am so thankful for her attention to detail and above and beyond work ethic!

Whitney Alabaster, AL

Great job! Best clean yet!!!!!

Elaina Hoover, AL

I told my husband that I dont think our house has ever been this clean!

Tracy Helena, AL

I was so ready for my cleaning. My house is so clean and smells so good. Thank you!

Rhea Pelham, AL

Melody always goes the extra mile to do cute things like arrange the kids stuffed animals in cute ways and little things that show she takes time and care. We arent an easy house, and she always does great!

Lindsay Helena, AL

Mrs Juanita does a great job!! Our house is spotless when she comes. We have no complaints.

Ally Bham, AL

Is there anything you want done differently? Amanda did a fantastic job!!! Extremely thorough and very sweet. A+

Lee Calera, AL

I love to come home from work to my clean house! Sandra always does such a great job.

Jill Pelham, AL

Brenda did such an awesome job! We are so thrilled with her effort and work. She went above and beyond, and even did a little extra for us. Thank you Brenda! We are so thankful.

Ryan Pelham, AL

We noticed an issue with a regular cleaning, and MaidPro addressed it extremely quickly. Lynn was very nice and professional. She had another employee go out to the property and ensure the job got done in a very timely manner. I am pleasantly impress...

Chace Lake Bham, AL

My home always gets a great uplift after Crystal has been here.

Linda Alabaster, AL

Juanita pitched in to help out when my washing machine quit in the middle of a load. She helped me empty the laundry closet before the repairman arrived, cleaned up after he left, and helped me get things back again. Above and beyond the call of duty...

Christine Birmingham, AL

Brenda consistently provides a great cleaning experience to my family. We appreciate her and her attention to detail!

Margaret Sterrett, AL

I do not know what I would do without these ladies! Thank you!

Rhea Bham, AL

So, so thankful for Sandra week in and week out. We are just so appreciative of how hard she works and how kind she is.

Jeff Pelham, AL

Ashley always does a great job but she also does some extras. For instance, I was out of the house most of the time she was cleaning. I asked her to thoroughly vacuum the area where I had had my Christmas tree. Not only did she do that, she moved the...

Bonnie Birmingham, AL

So thankful! Ella, without being told, folded towels and put sheets on my sons bed. My son had an accident that evening, which was why towels and sheets were not in usual order. I had a rough day and coming home to an extra blessing touched me deeply...

Ella Pelham, AL

Thankful for another WONDERFUL clean!!

Amanda Birmingham, AL

As usual, my house was clean and smelled great. Julie and Madelyn always do a great job and are a pleasure to have in our home.

Tammy Birmingham, AL

Crystal does very good work and is great to have in my home!

Vicki Calera, AL

A 10++++ so amazing!!

katherine Pelham, AL

Mrs. Kim was outstanding. She did a great job and went beyond what I expected. My wife actually cried when she left b/c of how grateful she is that Mrs. Kim did such a fantastic job!!

Kyle Bham, AL

As always, Ella did a fantastic job! Thank you, Ella!!!

Kerry Alabaster, AL

Ashley does a great job consistently. She is courteous and professional.

Bob Birmingham, AL

Kristin and Callie did an amazing job again!! Thank you so much!

Amanda Bham, AL

Thank you Ashley you are the best!

Kathy Helena, AL

Ashley is amazing as always! We appreciate her so much

Emily Hoover, AL

An amazing clean!!

Narad Pelham, AL

Great! Thank you Ella! She even lets me toddler have a clean rag to help because he loves all her cleaning stuff! Haha so sweet! Happy New Year :)

Laura Pelham, AL

The house looks perfect and smelled great right when I walked in. She always puts everything back just as we had them and made my bed perfectly

Brandi Helena, AL

I love them! House feels so much better! I don't know what I would do without Julie!! THANK YOU! Merry Christmas!

Rhea Chelsea, AL

Thank you Ella!! You never disappoint!! Thank you!! Merry Christmas everyone!!

Don Bham, AL

Everything was great. My bathrooms felt extra clean this time! Thank you!

Tracy Bham, AL

MaidPro performed as promised. The checklist is a nice feature. unlike other cleaning services that clean differently every time, I knew what to expect.

Ashlee Birmingham, AL

Jana is professional, efficient, dependable and prompt. Always happier and less stressed after she cleans our home!

Jill Birmingham, AL

Melody must be a magician. I work two jobs (one from home), and my husband works nights and weekends, so its just me and the kids and its hectic for us. When we do get to clean, its nowhere good as when she does it!

Lindsay Helena, AL

Kristen did an outstanding job - everything looks and smells SO clean! We are very happy. What a wonderful relief to depend on y'all for an amazingly clean home.

Beth Helena, AL

I was very impressed with every area of the house. I look forward to continuing services with your company. The girls did a great job.

Brandi Helena, AL

I am always so glad to see them come. My house is always in great shape when they leave.

Rhea Chelsea, AL

Christy was the best !!! She cleaned my house better than anyone with maidpro has sent before. I requested, on numerous occasions, to pay special attention when cleaning my bathrooms. Until Christy today, no one listened. My bathrooms are sparkling c...

kathy Pelham, AL

She did a great job - house looked and smelled very clean!

Beth Alabaster, AL

I have to give Kristen a shout out! She went above and beyond for me yesterday. We have been out of town for 10 days and I threw a set of unfolded sheets on the bed before hurrying out the door, expecting the girls to change my bed. Unbeknownst to me...

Julie Helena, AL

Chelsea always does a great job! Goes the extra mile. Thank you

Myra Maylene, AL

As many times as I'm offered a survey I will complete one every time for Kristin. She's so good at what she does! Her great cleans makes this whole house come alive again and she ALWAYS pays special attention to the small details. This time she poure...

Jami Bessemer, AL

Love that Ella!! She's a cleaning machine. Thank you!!

Don Bham, AL

Ella is the best, she really understands how I want the cleaning done and has no problem with me being really picky

Leticia hoover, AL

Ashley always does an outstanding job of getting my house spotless.

Cathy Bham, AL

Ashley went out of her way today to help me get ready for guests. I really appreciated her help.

Bonnie Birmingham, AL

Shelby did an excellent job with my house cleaning today. I just noticed that she made an extra effort to clean my cloth desk chair that was covered in kitty hair. Many thanks, Shelby.

Lettie Pelham, AL

Juanita is a jewel! Don't let her get away.

Christine Bham, AL

521 Baron Circle Chelsea, AL 35043

Beth Chelsea, AL

Kristen and Kim did a great job,

Trish Chelsea, AL

We trusted Chelsea enough to leave her to complete her cleaning of the house yesterday. Very good jjob. We enjoy having her clean our house.

Myra Maylene, AL

Kristin is AMAZING. Always does a thorough job and I never have any negative feedback or critiques. Goes above and beyond to make sure she does everything the way I like and never cuts corners. Love her and her cleanings and I just upped my appointme...

Jami Bessemer, AL

I was pleased with Kim. She was thorough, pleasant and comfortable to be around. Ill take her every time.

Carolyn Birmingham, AL

Juanita is AWESOME!!!

Cathy hoover, AL

So thankful for Kristin! She always goes above and beyond!

Amanda Helena, AL

Julie and Madelyn are the best. They leave my house clean and smelling great. These amazing ladies are efficient, trustworthy, and professional. They have become like family.

Tammy Bham, AL

We have been in a crazy season of life. We appreciate Sandra week in and week out and Friday evenings are my most favorite day to come home because I know Sandra has been there and I know the house is going to feel calm and look and smell great. We a...

Jeff Birmingham, AL

Shelby always does an excellent job. She is very willing to perform every task i request. She even cleans out the kitty litter boxes (WOW). I am very pleased with her work.

Lettie Pelham, AL

Wonderful job!!

Colloni Helena, AL

Sandra is a hard worker and very thorough. I hope she will be able to clean for me again.

Lynda Bham, AL

Chelsea does a very good job each time she comes. I appreciate her hard work.

Cathy Chelsea, AL

Crystal was great. Best clean I have had since starting with MaidPro. We were very satisfied.

Joseph Pelham, AL

Amanda B did an awesome job! Thank you.

Stephanie Chelsea, AL

We always appreciate Sandra and her time and hard work that is so evident week in and week out. Thank you!!!

Jeff Birmingham, AL

Kim was wonderful! She was full of smiles and kindness and gave a wonderfully thorough clean. She went well above and beyond my expectations. Thank you!!

Rebecca Birmingham, AL

Rachel did a great job cleaning my home. Please schedule her for my next cleaning.

Deborah Birmingham, AL

As always Marquita does a fantastic job!! She is always friendly and on time. We love her!!

Kirby Birmingham, AL

I am always so thrilled to come home when Crystal comes to clean the house looks great, smells great and is very pleasant

Elaine Pelham, AL

Julie is the best!! No one cleans like her

Cindy Birmingham, AL

Above and beyond--I tell all my friends to use MaidPro!!

Teri Bham, AL

Crystal was amazing! She went above and beyond. I can't say enough positive things about her!!!

Lee Mayleen, AL

Melody did a great job and had a good attitude!

Tiffany Alabaster, AL

Rachel did an amazing job!!! Thank you so much.

Emily Hoover, AL

Crystal is terrific at her job. She always gets our house 100% clean. She is excellent at her job!

Elaine Alabaster, AL

Having Bre in the house, working like a busy bee is always special. She is the type of person I would enjoy having every day. She always leaves us more clean and organized than I would ever have been able to do. I appreciate all she does.

Charlsey Homewood, AL

AMAZING as always!!!

Justin Helena, AL

Melody did a fantastic job! We are so appreciative of her working around our Servpro folks. Thanks so much! She is welcome with us anytime.

Emily Bham, AL

MarQuita did a great job! My house was so clean and smelled great. I would love to have her clean again!

Kathryn Bham, AL

Best cleaning I have had in a long time! Ceiling Fans and window sills were cleaned and laundry room was super clean!! Not a single thing was missed! Thank you! Love these two!

Melissa Chelsea, AL

******Refilled my soap dispensers! Now that is service!

Teresa Bham, AL

This is my favorite team. They are hard working and a great fit with my family. They are like family and do a fantastic job.

Tammy Bham, AL

Janna does an excellent job for us. We really like her. She works very hard, is courteous and we are very happy with our clean house after she leaves!!

Karen Bham, AL

Thank you Sandra for always doing such a great job. I always look forward to MaidPro coming because I know you guys are going to do such an amazing job every time. You have made our lives less stressful and I thank you so much!

Allison Bham, AL

Maid Pro is fortunate to have Crystal, in my opinion. She is thorough, fast and knows how to clean. She wants to please and has a very sweet disposition.

Linda Pelham, AL

Ashley H. always does an outstanding job cleaning my house - and is quick and quiet. I barely know that she is around, and when she leaves I walk around my nice, clean house and think how lucky I am to have found her.

Cahty Bham, AL

Bre was amazing! I hope she is my MaidPro associate for a looong time. And she was so sweet to my pup! We are so grateful.

Emily Bham, AL

I have the best person ever. She's so amazing!! I'm truly blessed!!

Cindy Bham, AL

Moving is awful but MaidPro made the first cleaning a total breeze!!

Teri Bham, AL

Always provides excellent communication and works with my flexible scheduling and requests.

Heidi Bham, AL

My cleaner, Breyone Halliday does a wonderful job every time she comes. We just love having her come in the door. She never complains about the changes we may make. I hope that she is in line for any incentive pay raises you are to offer. We would ha...

Charlsey Homewood, AL

Jennifer did a fantastic job, as always! Im not sure how she does it because it would take me weeks to get my house looking as amazing as she does in one morning! We love her so much and really enjoy her being at our house every other week. It means...

Katie Bham, AL

Ella always goes above and beyond! Beautiful job again:)

Don Bham, AL

Breyone should be recognized for her high degree of professionalism. She consistently provides great service while being very humble in her personal demeanor. We think she is a role model for even us old clients to follow in kindness and helpfulness.

Charlsey Bham, AL

Crystal did an excellent job today. Could I please have her back my next cleaning day???

Linda Pelham, AL

Tabitha is a hard worker and a good cleaner. I would love to have her continue doing my cleaning.

Linda Bham, AL

Jennifer did a great job! She was very personable and did everything that was asked of her. I definitely would recommend her to friends/family.. She is welcome to come back to my house any time you need her to.

Sherry Bimingham, AL

These ladies are the best. They are eager to please and make my life so much easier. I enjoy having them in my home and trust them completely. Quality ladies with integrity.

Tammy Birmingham, AL

I love having Courtney clean my home! Shes friendly and always does a great job cleaning.

Kristin Chelsea, AL

Today Crystal cleaned our house. She did an excellent job. Very cheerful, and a hard worker. She cleans our house more thoroughly than anyone so far has. We will keep requesting her for the job. thank you Crystal.

Gladys Alabaster, AL

Crystal and Tynarka were wonderful. They both worked really hard and we're very pleasant. It was nice to get off work to a clean house. Thank you!

Rhea Pelham, AL

Thrilled!!!! As usual Every week I feel a breath of fresh air walking into my clean home on cleaning day!!!! Thank you Katrina!!!!

Sonya Bham, AL

Love Juanita! She arrives with a smile on her face each & every time, and always is looking for ways to please. We look forward to her monthly visits, as we know our home will be shining when she leaves!

Jan Bham, AL

MaidPro is awesome! Amanda B did a great job as always. Also, she was very observant and checked on our dogs and found our hose pipe was left on while we were on vacation and immediately reported it. Great teamwork to contact us and turn off the wate...

Stephanie Chelsea, AL

Very, very happy (and thankful) to have Sandra back!!!

Jeff Bham, AL

MarquitA was amazing!!!! We are soooo excited to have her. The way she remade master bedroom bed was incredible!

Kirby Bham, AL

Breyone is a very hard worker and is kind and helpful. We enjoy having her in the house where she is always willing to help but stays focused on her tasks. She is an asset to your organization.

Charlsey Bham, AL

Kristin and Callie did an amazing job once again! They are so thorough, helpful, and thoughtful!!

Amanda Bham, AL

As usual, Amanda is my Angel sent by GOD! Please give her a big raise!

Ronnie Hoover, AL

Ya'll, I'm still super impressed. You guys keep sending me folks who are absolutely amazing. Callie and Kristen did a great job! My daughter went crazy over her room which she called "beautiful!" and that's a big word for a two year old! I'm very ple...

Katherine Bham, AL

Amazing job. Thank you for taking the extra time today

Wayne Pelham, AL

Thanks so much, Jordyn did a great job on my home today!

Kay Alabaster, AL

This pro kicked #%##, she was awesome

David Calera, AL

Jennifer was amazing, as always! Shes always so dependable, which is just one of the reasons we love her so much!

Katie Homewood, AL

Jordyn made it happen for us!!! She was personable, professional, precise, and practical from the moment she walked in totally at ease and smiling!!! She is a pleasure and the house had a good cleaning!!! We look forward to her twice a month!!! Thank...

Joy Bham, AL

Tammy left my home spotless!

Rebecca Birmingham, AL

Ya'll, I love Michelle. Today my daughter walks into her bedroom, (she's two) and starts looking around. She says, "It looks WONDERFUL!" It was so cute, she'd not only cleaned it like crazy but she'd arranged all of my daughter's kitties around her r...

Katherine Birmingham, AL

Very pleased with my experience today!

Carolyn Birmingham, AL

Im always happy to see Ashleigh come! And after she leaves, the house is so clean and smells wonderful! She does a great job cleaning my house

Bonnie Bham, AL

Ashley H always done an outstanding job cleaning my house and this week was no exception. I had ceilings scrapped, one ceiling removed and replaced and carpet replaced. The final product of ceiling and carpet was wonderful, but they left my house a m...

Cathy Birmimgham, AL

Ella is CONSISTENTLY great with our home! Any time we need something specific, the company is easy to get in touch with and very accommodating!

Corrie Pelham, AL

Adreanna Q. did a great job with our cleaning yesterday. I was so happy to come home from work and have a sparkling clean home! Thanks, Adreanna!!

Lori Alabaster, AL

Jana was wonderful, house was a mess with dust from inside work, now its spotless!

Michael Hoover, AL

great job. very pleasant to have in my home too.

Kay Pelham, AL

Second time with Marquita and it was wonderful !! Great attention to detail even as she did our second floor extra. I would love to keep her

Kirby Bham, AL

Tammy did great again. Thank you!!

Don Bham, AL

I can not tell you how much I look forward to coming home after yall are here ! Its always fabulous and I love my house the most after yall leave.

Margaret Bham, AL

Thank you for Kristen. Every time she comes she does a wonderful job. Thank you for making her our scheduled girl. We will appreciate having her each time.

Marilyn Bham, AL

Adreanna Q. and Ty S. did an AWESOME job! We were so thrilled with the job that they did. They were very professional and courteous. I would be thrilled if they were always the cleaning professionals who came to our house. Please pass along this posi...

Ryan Helena, AL

I love you guys! Ty was awesome! She did an amazing job with my house. Please send her back but also send back Michelle some time!

Katherine Birmingham, AL

Julie is the best!!! I'm so grateful for her!!

Cindy Bham, AL

Sandra's the best! Always gets under the bed! :)

Lori Pelham, AL

Thank you SO MUCH Jana and LaVonia for taking such great care of our home! My husband and I are going through a very busy season in our life right now, and you all have no idea how much you have helped us! :) We will be using MaidPro again in the fut...

Amanda Hoover, AL

Juanita is fantastic!!! She always walks in with a big smile on her face and a positive can-do attitude, and does a super job cleaning our home. Thanks for providing us with such a terrific person!

Jan Birmingham, AL

Christina did another great job on our house last Friday. She always pays careful attention to the instructions, yet takes initiative to take care of things she sees need to be done. So happy that she is our regular.

Stacey Helena, AL

Juanita is always a breath of fresh air when she comes to our house. She always asks if there is anything she needs to focus on and asks how everything was from the previous time. A delightful person and she does a great job!

Edward Birmingham, AL

Amanda deserves a medal. She managed to create an oasis of calm from chaos. Thanks, amazing lady

Carrington Helena, AL

Brenda did a terrific job yesterday. I was very pleased with her. , She has a delightful personality and paid attention to my instructions in a very professional manner.. I would recommend her highly..

Sherry Bham, AL

---------- My husband and I loved Jordyne. We hope she will be our regular pro to clean. What a great job!

Elizabeth Helena, AL

Jordan did an awesome job today for me. She's sweet and kind and thorough. Thank you!!

Don Pelham, AL

We love Kristin!, Great Job as always!

Colloni Helena, AL

Love our special housekeeper...Juanita is tops!

Jan Birmingham, AL

Excellent job! Very thorough with careful attention to detail

Sonya Birmingham, AL

Julie & Madelyn are very thorough and efficient. They are a joy to have in my home. I appreciate their hard work. They leave my house clean and smelling fresh. I look forward to future cleans this summer that will free me up to do other things.

Tammy Birmingham, AL

Chelsea did a great job. The things that stood out was how great my stainless steel looked and the shower stall was spotless! She also did a fantastic job of vacuuming. Thanks you, Maidpro keeping my house clean!

Marilyn Chelsea, AL

Wonderful to have sweet Jana as my housekeeper. Always does a great job.

Darcey Bham, AL

Thanks so much for doing such a great job!!

Cathy Hoover, AL


Sharon Birmingham, AL

Thank you, Sandra. Week in and week out - seriously, thank you for your time and hard work. Please know how much we truly appreciate you.

Sweatt Pelham, AL

Lou Ann did a wonderful job today and two weeks ago. Today was the first opportunity I had to meet Lou Ann, because my daughter had a baby the last time she was here. I appreciate her hard work and thoroughly enjoyed meeting her. I look forward to ge...

Janese hoover, AL

Adreanna did a wonderful job as always even though she wasn't feeling 100%! We love our new cleaning lady!

Tom Barrow Company hoover, AL

Lou Ann once again provided terrific service. We are so happy with her!

Kirby Bham, AL

Mia continues to be such a blessing for me. I know she thinks I'm a terrible housekeeper. Unfortunately, I have issues with arthritis and am not always able to push a vacuum cleaner or do a lot of scrubbing. So when Mia comes and all that gets done,...

Susan Bham, AL

Brenda is so sweet. She came back,walked through,listened and went to work. She did alot more than expected and I was really impressed. Thank you [email protected]

Rhea Chelsea, AL

Ella is Awesome! In fact if she is available I'd love her next time! She's so thorough and fast too and a very kind girl! Many thanks!!

Don Bham, AL

Today was my first cleaning and I was happy with my service.

Stephen Bham, AL

Mom was very pleased with "Grace".... said it was the best service she had received.

Vickie Pelham, AL

Ms. Marilyn and Ms. Marquita once again did a marvelous job. So grateful for them!

Valerie Bham, AL

Sylvia does a great job of cleaning and is a very nice person.

Connie Bham, AL

Brenda is such a nice person and I'm very happy with her cleaning. I appreciate her thoroughness.

Lynda Alabaster, AL

Everything looks great. The typical attention to detail was certainly evident in this clean. Can definitely tell when the normal crew/person is there. Looks good, smells good, feels good.

Mike Bham, AL

Thank you for sending Grace today. She did an excellent cleaning job on our home.

Kay Alabaster, AL

The ladies went above and beyond!!!

Jennifer Bham, AL

I am very pleased with Maidpro. She is a hard worker and does a great job!

Levin Bham, AL

I had forgotten what clean was. My Lord. Ya'll went through and cleaned things that I've never seen my previous company clean, even after two years. Stuff I couldn't reach. Everyone was so professional and just darn pleasant. I'm super impressed. I c...

Katherine Bham, AL

We so appreciate Sandra. She is very professional and always works diligently. I always know I can trust her to lock up if we arent home. Sandra should definitely be considered a valued employee.

Patti Bham, AL

We so appreciate Sandra. She is very professional and always works diligently. I always know I can trust her to lock up if we arent home. Sandra should definitely be considered a valued employee

Patti Birmingham, AL

Absolutely love running errands on Thursday....then coming in to my clean, fresh smelling home!

Sharon Bham, AL

Toni and Lou Anne cleaned my home today and they did a superb job. Please assign them to me from now on. Thanks !!

Deobrah Bham, AL

Dont know what Id do without Christina. Shes keeps our house looking amazing!!!

Lynn Pelham, AL

Amanda has been consistently good... reliable and conciencious and I thank her for that. I hope she remains my helper. Maidpro is a great organization

Carrington Sterrett, AL

I was 100% satisfied with the job the ladies did. The house smelled so wonderful and I could tell they took their time and really put a lot of love and effort into my home. I would love to have them out again for my next cleaning!!

Katie Bham, AL

We love Jennifer- shes amazing! So thorough and detailed and so pleasant to be around!

Katie Bham, AL

Best cleaning we have ever had!!!

Justin Helena, AL

Tonie always does a great job cleaning, I have been very pleased so far.

kathryn Bham, AL

Enjoyed meeting Adriana and Kayla. They did a fantastic job. I have already talked to three people about signing with your company. Thank you for having a reliable business and friendly staff.

Lee Pelham, AL

Ashley always does an amazing job.

Delane Bham, AL

I was very pleased with Ellas clean. She did a thorough job. I hope to see her back next month!

michelle Bham, AL

Even with only one girl there today, she cleans better than everyone else. Best clean I ever had. Such a sweet person to have helping us out in the home. Bravo.

Melissa Chelsea, AL

Outstanding job week after week

Stacey Helena, AL

Kayla did an fabulous job, as always. Such attention to detail, she even uses lemon essential oils, which make the house smell so good!

Katherine Pelham, AL

Great job by Kristin.

Colloni Bham, AL

Love my clean house when LouAnne has been here!

Lesa Bham, AL

Ella was fantastic!! Our house was so clean and what a wonderful feeling to come home to. If at all possible we would love to request Ella for future cleanings.

Judi Bham, AL

Ive been out of town all week with a sick relative...drove 5 hours in rain to get home. I was so pleased to come into my house & smell CLEAN! Marilyn even changed my comforter to my Christmas quilt... it was a great day after all!

Sharon Bham, AL

Thanks Jennifer!!! Awesome job as always. Merry Christmas!!

Nathan Pelham, AL

The ladies always do a fantastic job cleaning. They get done quickly and efficiently. The cost is certainly higher than hiring an individual, however no cleaning days are missed due to illnesses,etc. Very happy with MAIDPRO!

Jane Bham, AL

Jasmine is a very good house cleaner. I appreciate her attention to detail.

Judy Pelham, AL

Love coming home after LouAnne has been here!

Lesa Bham, AL

in my experience, Maidpro is the only cleaning service that consistently delivers the same expert cleaning every.single.time. Can't even list all of the other companies I've used that start out great, and then over time the level of quality diminishe...

Jennifer Chelsea, AL


Susan Birmingham, AL

infant life jackets 0-30 lbs

Elisabeth Bham, AL

Very clean and shiny today. The only bad thing was the kitchen looked so nice that I didnt want use it !!

Kay Alabaster, AL

Love my house after its cleaned by Kristin!! Smells wonderful!

Colloni Bham, AL

Louanne always does such a great job for us. We are very appreciative of her thoroughness.

Phillip Bham, AL

Adrienna did a fabulous job this time and was very efficient in her communication as well as the Manager when she called me beforehand. Very appreciative and I trust their judgement on floor cleaners! :)

Heidi Bham, AL

Marilyn and Marquita were excellent, friendly, and the clean was top notch. LOVE THEM

Rebecca Birmingham, AL

Jennifer is amazing. She always does a fantastic job. I wish she could come every clean

Ashleigh Pelham, AL

Love Lou Ann... doing great job!

Kirby Bimingham, AL


Courtney Bham, AL

Kayla continues to work out well for the time she is aloted. I am amazed at the speed she works.

Jim Alabaster, AL

Awesome Job Jennifer!! Hard to mess with perfection!!

Nathan Pelham, AL

Superb clean! Thank you, Maid Pro is the best cleaning service Ive ever used.

Patricia Maylene, AL

Sandra is a blessing. To come home at the end of one of the more insane weeks we have had in a while and the house is so clean, and it smells is a blessing. Sandra's presence is a blessing and we truly appreciate her time and energy and wo...

Jeff Birmingham, AL

Not sure who came to clean today but my wife was thoroughly impressed. Much more so than previous times so who ever came out, please send again if possible and tell them thank you!

Wayne Helena, AL

Thrilled at how my house looks after LouAnne has been here!!

Lesa Birmingham, AL

Jennifer was amazing! My house looked spotless and she went above beyond by helping my senior dog get off the bed. She was so thoughtful and it means so much!

Katie Homewood, AL

We just love Christina. She is just full of energy and works really hard, it is obvious she is all about providing excellent service to her customers. We are just glad to be one of them!

Stacey Helena, AL

I can't say enough about Christina. Have been satisfied with other cleans, but she goes beyond what would be considered satisfactory. I am home during cleanings and saw her take books off bookshelf in high traffic area that accumulated a lot of crud....

Linda Pelham, AL

Yana is terrific and always does a fast and thorough job. Shes excellent!

Michael Bham, AL

Today was a VERY good clean! Kayla B. did a really great job!! Thanks for taking the time to make sure it was done properly by sending quality control also, Tracy was a pleasure to meet.

Sarah Bham, AL

Coming home to an exceptionally clean house was the best feeling after a week long trip. LouAnne did a great job!

Peyton Bham, AL

As always, Sandra did an amazing job! We are so thankful for her time and the work she puts in week in and week out. It is truly appreciated.

Jeff Bham, AL

Julie did an excellent job on my home today. Thank you and I will be glad to have her anytime.

Kay Alabaster, AL

I love Casey! She does a great job!!!

Kersti Bham, AL

Courtney ALWAYS does an excellent job! I thoroughly enjoy having her clean my house. I can always count on coming home to a nice, tidy, and clean house. She is detailed oriented and always straightens up the house!

Blair Alabaster, AL

Tonie does such a GREAT job. She pays attention to details and is so pleasant. I look forward to her coming back!! I have had several cleaning services in the past, but my search is over. MaidPro is the BEST!!

Karen Bham, AL

Lou Ann had the shower and vanity shinning. If she and I keep working together I think we will manage for a long time to come!

nicki Bham, AL

Ashley did another amazing job. We love so much that we can always rely on her to do a wonderful job. Thank you so much!

Quilla Bham, AL

Lou Ann does a very thorough job!

Karen Bham, AL

I love when Kristen does my house. She always does an excellent job. Thanks so much!

Colloni Bham, AL

Kristin always leaves my home feeling and smelling great!!!

Shanese Bessemer, AL

Thank you for offering such a professionally done service! It was so nice to come in after a 14 hr. day to clean house! I know first hand what a big job it is to clean my whole house so I truly appreciate the effort that was put in to make sure every...

Amy Chelsea, AL

Please let Casey know that we think she did an amazing job and we appreciate her!

Kerry Pelham, AL

I will have my lake house cleaned more often. Brenda was so nice. Can she be my Cleaner each time. She knows the area and is perfect for this lake house! Brenda makes me know the lake can be cleaned more often. She is my permanent lake cleaner!!!

Ann Vandiver, AL

Keri & Kristin did an amazing job! Tonja stopped by for Quality Control & was very helpful as well. Thank you MaidPro!

Molly Bham, AL

Mon/daughter team Marilyn and Marquita were great. They needed almost no directions from me on what to focus on and did a great thorough job in not much time. Keepers!

Mary hoover, AL

Erin did a wonderful job. Would like her to come again.

Lynda Bham, AL

I had a "cleaning emergency" and was desperate for some help! Unexpected company was evacuating Hurricane Florence and was expected to arrive at my house late Tuesday night. It was Tuesday morning and I was in a state of panic. I found a list of clea...

Marla Alabaster, AL

Tonie and Casey were great. Did a super job and so does Jennifer! Hope her mother is better and she can come back soon!!!

Paula Birmingham, AL

Kayla Gardner was excellent she did a great job cleaning our house. She was polite and a good worker and very efficient. We look forward to her next cleaning.

Bob Chelsea, AL

Haley does such a great job cleaning my house She always leaves everything sparkling!

Ginger Bham, AL

Christina did an excellent job today and I was pleased when I got home today. She always leaves a thoughtful note and she is so sweet to our animals! We appreciate Christinas efforts to keep our home clean and our animals happy. THANK YOU!

Adrienne Alabaster, AL

Wonderful!! I love the small touches that make them so unique. It feels like a hotel

Elisabeth Birmimgham, AL

Love my clean, sign me up for monthly services.

Rhonda Birmingham, AL

Mia is phenomenal. I absolutely love my clean. She always has a smile on her face and makes sure that I am completely happy before leaving.

Marindi Pelham, AL

I was very pleased with Ambers cleaning job on my home today. She not only cleaned like I want but took special care with my fragile items.

Kay Calera, AL

Amber had her work cut out this time! We had done a major house remodel and finally got it all done and needed her help getting the dust from the ceiling fan blades and the toothpaste crud I can't seem to get my kids to rinse all the way down the sin...

Cathey Birmingham, AL

Thanks for working the schedule so that Marquita and Marilyn could clean today.

Linda Bham, AL

We don't know the name of the maid who cleaned for us yesterday, but she did a wonderful job! Her attention to detail was obvious! Thank you!

Kerry Pelham, AL

Another great clean by LouAnne!! So pleased with the attention to detail and doing that little bit extra. Love my clean house!!

Lesa Bham, AL

I loved Amber, she did a great job, I want to now sign up for monthly services!!

Marla Alabaster, AL

Haley is professional and is super is through with her cleaning expertise. She always asks what the needs are within my home and meets them consistently. Thank you!

Robyn Birmingham, AL

Ms. Marilyn and Miss Marquita never disappoint. I am so grateful for their help!

Valerie Birmingham, AL

Even my husband commented that Maid Pro is a very well-run company! - And of course, we love Juanita!

Christine Birmimgham, AL

Loved, loved, loved the clean! Would happily have these ladies back again!

Helen Birmingham,, AL

Chelsea left my home very clean. I appreciate the wonderful job that she does every other week

Pam Pelham, AL

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I was with my "deep clean" today. Sheena did an excellent job, as awesome, she is beyond wonderful! Thank you!!

Kathrerine Pelham, AL

The best part of my week is coming home to my MaidPro clean house!

Terri Birmingham, AL

CJ and Kayla are awesome! They went above and beyond my expectations. They were so kind and personable and worked around me while I had things to do in the house as well. They were very patient with my questions and concerns. I will definitely be in...

Brooke Calera, AL

I was very hesitant to have someone I didnt know running around my house cleaning! I wasnt sure my clean standard could be met. But I now know what a blessing it is to know my home is getting cleaned to my satisfact while I relax! I really didnt want...

Kathryn Pelham, AL

Loved all the details that were done! My husband kept talking about the details

April Pelham, AL

Paul cleaned our house today and did an excellent job as he always does. He went above and beyond today in dealing with a bird that got in our house!!

Terri Birmingham, AL

Sheena is wonderful! As always, could not be happier. We love her and maidpro, one of the best things I ever did!

Katherine Pelham, AL

Always a wonderful experience. I love walking into a beautifully clean home. So excited I made the jump and hired a cleaning service. You all have made life so much easier. Thank you isnt enough.

Brittany Birmingham, AL

Ashley handled an issue with an unknown contractor coming to the door by not letting him in and called her supervisor. Correct response! Thanks, Laurie

Laurie Birmingham, AL

Thank you Yana for doing such a good job. Darcey

Darcy Birmingham, AL

Always thankful and appreciative for the hard work Sandra does in our home week in and week out. Had the opportunity to speak with her for a period of time on Friday evening for the first time in a while and as always, just as professional, friendly,...

Jeff Pelham, AL

Chasity Lee was amazing!! Very detailed cleaner and friendly. Even though she was wearing a boot from an injury, she never stopped once or complained. I was very pleased with the way my home looked when she was finished.

Laura Calera, AL

Sheena is the best!! I love her!! Her attention to detail in amazing!

Katherine Pelham, AL

This is feedback from an adventure this day! With our two daughters making the arrangements for a total house cleaning today as a birthday present to their mom and dad, the two of us just out of surgery, we enjoyed a day of seeing our entire house tr...

Robert Hoover, AL

Kristy and C J did a very good cleaning my house. Went about their job very professionally. I would certainly recommend them to my friends.

Sue pelham, AL

Adecia did a fantastic job. Thanks so much!

Amanda Birmingham, AL

I tell anyone who asks that your crews are great. We talk about being tired at work & I tell everyone they can afford help!

Sharon Birmingham, AL

Thanks Amanda, she is careful as well as a hard worker. See you next time

Carrington Birmingham, AL

Very pleased with Lou Ann... shows up on time, very friendly, shows a genuine desire to do a good job!

Lesa Birmingham, AL

Love, love, love Haley!! She is always so thorough and is by far one of the sweetest people Ive ever met!

Katie Birmingham, AL

Lou Ann has been doing a marvelous job! She is thorough and so pleasant to be around. She devotes every minute she is here to cleaning and it is obvious she is well trained and has been doing this for years.

Linda Pelham, AL

Christina did a great job again today. We love how sweet she is to our little dogs and they are so happy to see her. Its very comforting to know who is in your house while you are away; and we want Christina to keep coming to clean. Thank you!

Adrienne Pelham, AL

Thank you Yana for cleaning my home , Its wonderful to come home to a nice clean home.

Darcy Birmingham, AL

Christina is AWESOME!!! I never have to worry about something being done the best it can be. She is thorough, friendly, quick and is the absolute best!!

Carey Chelsea, AL

Thank you to Sylvia! Great job!

Jess Birmingham, AL

I'm out of town but my husband tells me Amanda did a very good job. One less thing to worry about

Carrington Sterrett, AL

Lou Anne is very nice. She did a good job for her first clean at my home. Look forward to her next visit.

Lynda Birmingham, AL

As always Amber does a fine job! She took extra time on baseboards for us. Much appreciated and much needed. I can see my reflection in our cooktop! I can never get it that clean! When we pull in our garage after she cleaned the house we got out of t...

Cathy birmimgham, AL

My pros are awesome! They do a great job and also pay attention to my kids.

Jennifer Birmingham, AL

I absolutely love Ashely!!! She always goes over and beyond and I dont even like it if shes out and they send someone else. But whomever they send always does a good job, just not ashley good.

Clay bham, AL

Got my regular maid back today and was pleasantly surprised with her work. Gave her a mess of green beans and new potatoes out of my garden, as a personal thanks..

Jim Alabaster, AL

I asked Jennifer to use a different product on the floors this time. They look great! The house smelled really good also. Not just clean, but as if Jennifer used some deodorizer. If she did use something, it was just right. Not too much that it bothe...

Annie Birmingham, AL


Sara Alabaster, AL

Kristin did an amazing job! House looks beautiful and smells fabulous!

Heather Bessemer, AL

It was wonderful! We would love to have her back again - really appreciated how detail-oriented she was!

Helen Birmingham, AL

I adore Haley B! She is so kind and is genuinely engaged with me and my home and after four cleans knows us like she has been cleaning our home for years.

Katie Homewood, AL

Great job by Amanda B and so comforting to have someone and a company you trust in your home while away. Thanks MaidPro!

Stephanie Chelsea, AL

Haley did an amazing clean I hope she will be my regular from now on I look forward to having her clean for me in the future! Give her an A+

Ginger birmingham, AL

I do not know what fragrance Sandra used in our home this past Friday but it was fantastic! I am incredibly sensitive to certain fragrances, but this one was so light and was lovely. Thank you again for your time and heard work!

Jeff Alabaster, AL

Cleaned thoroughly. Courtney was very pleasant and I was pleased with her performance.

Carolyn Alabaster, AL

Happy, happy, happy!

Christine Birmingham, AL

Juanita is a jewel and we are truly blessed to have her in our home. She is very thorough and professional in her actions.

Margaret Birmingham, AL

Ashley, another amazing job! Thank you so much!

Andy Alabaster, AL

Katrina always does such an excellent cleaning job; I am always impressed by her work!

Sonya Birmingham, AL

I very much appreciate Kristy's extra effort. She did a GREAT job. Please make sure you let her know I was very pleased with the job she did. Thanks

Kaye Alabaster, AL

I love coming home to a house that sparkles!

Ashleigh Birmingham, AL

Thursdays are my slump days at work...some of the busiest & longest days! So nice to come home to a clean ( not perfumed) house & just sit & unwind. Marilyn is so willing to add a few extra attentions to details & we certainly appreciate it!

Sharon Birmingham, AL

Mia did an amazing job! It felt wonderful to come home to such a clean house. I couldnt believe she had even cleaned the coffee pot!

Tracy Birmingham, AL

So glad to have Adrianna back! Shes a jewel; thorough, conscientious, and friendly. She always goes above and beyond! When she leaves, instead missed or unfinished spots, I always find unexpected little extra touches she leaves behind. She is delight...

Nan Chelsea, AL

Great job Chelsea!!!!!!

Harry Bham, AL

Thank you so much Amanda. Really appreciated the work, did a great job

Carrington Sterrett, AL

Jana does a great job and is so friendly! We think she is the best!!!

Dianna Bham, AL

We are relocating and are sad we can't take your services with us. Thanks for taking care of us while we lived in Birmingham. Marquita and Marylyn were very professional and they consistently did a great job with our cleanings. Cleaning day was alway...

Jackie Bham, AL

Love to come here me to a clean house we are having a party tonight and I do not have to worry about cleaning just put out the food and go

Pam Birmingham, AL

Chelsea did a wonderful job! One of the things I like best is that unlike other cleaning services I have had in the past, I don't have to put everything back in its place after the cleaning. My house is clean and in order.Thanks!

Sylvia Alabaster, AL

Couldn't have done better picking out the girl myself. Thanks. Jim K.

Jim Alabaster, AL

Mia is awesome!!!

Angela Bham, AL

Kristin went the extra mile!! Great worker!!

LaDonna Bham, AL

This was our first cleaning and we were very happy with the results! The ladies did a fantastic job

Lame' pelham, AL

As always Katrina is the best!!!!!!!!

Yuonne Maylene, AL

Week in and week out Sandra does such a wonderful job. We appreciate her attention to detail and her time and hard work every week in our home. I know with the animal fur it is a lot, but we appreciate all she does and it just helps set the tone for...

Jeff Birmingham, AL

Love Sheena, she's so good!

Jess Alabaster, AL

Amber did a fantastic job! She was very personable and worked very hard. We hope she will clean our home regularly.

Julie Bham, AL

I was "wowed" by the level of detail and attention that was used to clean my home today. Please pass along my thanks. Thank you David

David Birmingham, AL

Thank you Yana. I love coming home to a nice clean home.

Darcey Birmingham, AL

Misty, did a great job! Best we have had!! We would love to have as a regular.

Cherrie hoover, AL

The employee you sent on May 2 was outstanding!

Linda Pelham, AL

They are dependable, They've arrived as scheduled, worked efficiently, and got the job done and then got out. Good job.

Jeff Bham, AL

Courtney has done an awesome job. She knows the house and does an excellent job without supervision. It is awesome to have a person such as Courtney.

Carol Birmingham, AL

I love Melody! She is both professional and friendly, and did a wonderful job getting my house looking great. With a brand new baby and pets in the house, Melody was able to get the house cleaner than I could! :)

Katherine Birmingham, AL

Christina is great. She has made us Maid Pro fans.

David Birmingham, AL

Sandra does such a wonderful job in our home week in and week out. She has truly been a blessing to us and we truly appreciate her and how hard she works every week.

Jeff hoover, AL

Always excellent. Thanks for the friendly note about the ants, much appreciated!

Sherri Bham, AL

my house looks so clean and I appreciate so much Amber & Chelsea making it look beautiful! I highly recommend them!!

Linda Montevallo, AL

Sandra and Sylvia were great! They were extremely thorough and really made the house shine. Thanks ladies!

Justin Birmingham, AL

Amber is just the best. She is fast, efficient, and thorough. You can tell she pays attention to little details and always goes above and beyond in her service. Love her!

Rebecca Birmingham, AL

I just love Marilyn and Marquita. Not sure I spelled the names correct but they did an excellent job.

Lynda Birmingham, AL

Katrina NEVER disappoints!! She is incredible!!!!

Yuonne Birmingham, AL

Thanks to you guys at the office and Traci who is my regular! My house looked exceptional after my clean!

Patricia Bham, AL

I do not know how Jennifer does it! Our house looks and smells so amazing after she cleans. I gave her a list and she knocked it out in a flash !!! She is so efficient and a perfectionist. We love seeing her come and hate to see her leave . She shoul...

Rhonda Birmingham, AL

Great job always!! Thanks Chelsea!

Harry Birmingham, AL

Melody did a fantastic job yesterday!

Lauren Birmingham, AL

I am a stickler for floors, fluffing pillows and a clean smell in my home... Eboni hit a home run on a ALL counts and more! I absolutely LOVE the cleaning job that she completed in my home! She did an outstanding job! I love my CLEAN house MaidPro! M...

Maxine Birmingham, AL

Unfortunately, before the cleaners could finish what they planned, my wife became ill and I needed to take her to the hospital. She's fine, but we had to cut short the cleaning. After we got back, we looked around at what had been done, and we were v...

Larry Columbiana, AL

I was very pleased with Adreanna Quinn. I would like to request her to clean my house permanetley. I would even be willing to change days to accommodate her schedule. Please let me know her availability. I can switch to Monday if she is available tha...

Heidi Birmingham, AL

I walked in and new instantly by the gleaming surfaces and fresh smell that my house had been extraordinarily cleaned. Thanks, Marilyn and Marquita! You are a blessing!

Teri Birmingham, AL

This person did a great job.

Kaye Maylene, AL

Adreanna Quinn did an outstanding job cleaning my home today. Please thank her and if possible I would really like her every time. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!! Leah

Leah Chelsea, AL

Courtney and Chelsea cleaned my house and did more than what I expected. My house looks great. I am a very happy customer. Judy J Watkins

Judy Alabaster, AL

Courtney does an excellent job! Shes very dependable and trustworthy

Michael Birmingham, AL

What wonderful people how are there, and on time, when you need them. I love when my house is cleaned by your firm. Thank You..

Donna Helena, AL

I am blown away!! As I opened the door for Tonja when she arrived, my mouth was still wide open. My house was a disaster and your sweet cleaners worked miracles. I told Tonja over and over what a blessing y'all are!!! I also told her that I heard abo...

Allison Helena, AL

Kristen and Christina did a wonderful job: very thorough and conscientious workers. They did extra "small" tasks that were unexpected but greatly appreciated. I would very much like them to be our regular cleaners! Thanks, Denise

Denise Pelham, AL

Kristin is very nice and professional. She s cleaned my house twice. We have been very pleased

Kellye Helena, AL

Thank you for the wonderful service, we are only on our second appointment with our cleaning service, and I am definitely enjoying the appearance of our home. Now I have more time for other more enjoyable activities, thanks to MaidPro and Kristy. Kri...

Rebecca Helena, AL

Great job Jennifer!!!

Nathan Birmingham, AL

Katrina does a wonderful job!

Leslie Birmingham, AL

Christina has been just great. She's been coming to our home to clean since before Christmas, and we couldn't be happier with her. Her attitude is so professional and happy, and she just does a great job. So energetic! I always have confidence that t...

Stacey Helena, AL

One of the best cleanings we have ever had. Friendly and sweet too!

Melissa Chelsea, AL

Adrianna was thorough & easy to work with. Best we've had!

Joe Shelby, AL

I love Melody, she did a great job!!! I will change my schedule to get her full time for my cleans.

Ken Pelham, AL

Was happy to have Chelsea back today. As always, she did a Great job. Was pleased with Tonya and Katie 2 weeks ago who filled in for Chelsea.

Rosemary Chelsea, AL

Maid-pro is the best cleaning service we have ever had! Katrina comes and cleans our house weekly- and when I come home from work after her cleaning it is like a breath of fresh air! She is meticulous, detail oriented and very conscientious. In addit...

Sonya Birmingham, AL

Sandra is terrific! She did such a thorough cleaning, she even cleaned under the refrigerator while our repair man was working on it. She did the best cleaning we've had in our home and we would definitely like to request her again!

Justin Birmingham, AL

Adrianna even wiped the outside of my toothpaste clean!!! Awesome!

Susan Birmingham, AL

Love the way Yana makes our house like new and clean!

Michael Birmingham, AL

Ashley was amazing as always!

Quilla Birmingham, AL

Sandra was great as always, but I want to give a big heartfelt thank you as well to her for noticing something in one of our sweet pups wasn't right and calling it in to the office. He's at an older age now and has been having some problems with arth...

jeff Birmimgham, AL

Christina and Amanda did a very good job. Fast and good! Thanks

Carrington Sterrett, AL

We are always happy with our clean, even though we often have different staff working on our home. This points to great training and company-wide understanding of your mission. Thank you so much, because I never worry and we are always happy with the...

Hannah Pelham, AL

What a great job Elizabeth did today cleaning my house! Thanks, Elizabeth & Maid Pro!

Kay Alabaster, AL

Great job and super fast this week.

Allen Alabaster, AL

Loved the job Sandra did. Shes very sweet and really seems to care about the quality of work. Thank you!

Monica Helena, AL

Adrianna was great, I hope she comes again! I would appreciate a call before sending someone other than Adrianna.

Betty Sterrett, AL

Awesome job by Amanda B. Thanks MaidPro!

Stephanie Chelsea, AL

I forgot to tell you I love the way my house smells after Kristen leaves. Thanks

Colloni Helena, AL

Ashley always does an amazing job! I appreciate her hard work, especially since the mess has increased with the addition of another baby.

Kristen Birmingham, AL

I am always thrilled with my clean by Kristen. Please send her time every time. Thanks so much.

Colloni Helena, AL

Sandra always does such a wonderful job in our home. We truly appreciate her time and hard work. It makes coming home at the end of the week so much more pleasant knowing we are walking into a clean home that smells so nice.

Jeff Birmingham, AL

Juanita is a jewel !! Couldn't ask for anyone to clean my house any better than she does, plus, she is such a pleasant person to be around.......

Margaret Birmingham, AL


Ronnie Birmingham, AL

We love Courtney, she does an incredible job!! Love our clean and can't wait for the next one!

Katherine Pelham, AL

Thanks to MaidPro and Elizabeth I came home today to a welcoming very clean house. Thank You!

Kay Alabaster, AL

The house looks fantastic, Thank you!!

Taylor Alabaster, AL

Shelby did a great job and we are glad to have her at our home!

Doug Pelham, AL

Marquita and Marilyn are AWESOME! Not only do they consistently do an excellent job but they're really great people. If not for these two I would probably discontinue service but their effort and results continue to justify our decision to use a clea...

Ryan Birmimgham, AL

Amber always does an amazing job!

Rebecca Birmingham, AL

This new girl is doing a good job. She did everything on the list I asked her to do and my husband said she worked really hard while there. Appreciated it. Still haven't met her yet, but I plan to next time.

Heidi Birmimgham, AL

Amber was outgoing and friendly. She takes her job seriously and did an outstanding job! She shared some wonderful tips with me and was eager to do a good job! I was very pleased with the care that she gave to my home. She is very organized Maxine An...

Maixine Birmingham, AL

Maidpro is AWESOME!! They are extremely professional, timely, & thorough every single time!! We wouldn't want anyone else!!

Nicole Chelsea, AL

Amanda did a great job.

Howard Birmimgham, AL

Ashley did a great job as always.

Marinne Helena, AL

Angela always does a good job.

Linda Pelham, AL

Christina always does a great job!! Please send her back to our house.

Adrienne Chelsea, AL

We always appreciate Sandra, her time and her hard work in our home. We have 2 large dogs and a cat and I know the pet hair can multiply. We appreciate the kind and friendly heart she displays towards our pets and in how she greets us if we happen to...

Jeff Birmingham, AL

Awesome. Jennifer B always takes care of the details

Nathan Birmingham, AL

Life has take over for the last several months. At last minute, I felt like I could not deal with my dirty house and made a Thursday call for service on the next day. I was given the best customer service and they worked me in. Ashley and Amber did a...

Nan Helena, AL

This was the 4th visit for Angela and she is wonderful. She has made my elderly father feel completely at ease with having a cleaning service. The post-clean walk-through is a formality at this point - I never find a problem. This service has made a...

Joy Birmingham, AL

We Love our Pro. She has accommodated our daughters needs into her routine. Our daugter has Autism. She has a routine where she doesn't remove her wash cloths unless it's Sunday. So Our Pro cleans around them and puts them back in Abby s spot so she...

Stefanie in Pelham Pelham, AL

This is how Monday's go: "Honey I have to leave feedback!" "They know they're good you don't have to every time." *wife walks upstairs* "Ohhh. I hope you leave feedback because this is magic!"

Horace Helena, AL

Maidpro Service Provider did a really nice job in our home this week. We appreciate her time and look forward to her continued presence.

Jeff Birmingham, AL

Amber left our house immaculate! Thank you for assigning her to be our person. Great worker and a great lady!

Michael Birmingham, AL

Chris is great! She does a wonderful job and is super to have in my home!

Lynne Birmingham, AL

My Service Providers from Maidpro were fabulous. Their day had been interrupted here and there with lock outs, and old addresses, etc. but these girls rose to the occasion of cleaning my home with grace, kindness, and exceeded my expectations. We jus...

Rebecca Birmingham, AL

Maid Pro have far exceeded our expectations. There's not many people in the world that clean better than I, but Your Pro has! Please keep her assigned to our home if at all possible. We hired a cleaning service (Mobile, AL) and were extremely disappo...

Vickie Wilsonville, AL

Our Service Provider did her usual fantastic job, plus she got the grand daughter's chocolate milk stains out of the carpet in the recording studio! Awesome! Also impressed by the professional but friendly way she handled instructing the young traine...

Michael Birmingham, AL

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my clean. Laini C was the one who did our service and she just did an excellent job. She took the time to put things in their place (such as putting dirty clothes in the hamper and toys in the playr...

Allison of the Narrows Birmingham, AL

Laini did an excellent job. She was hereby herself and I was very pleased with the cleaning. Would welcome her back again.

Renee K. Chelsea, AL

Maidpro is very thorough and addresses areas like baseboards which often are overlooked. I really appreciate their attention to details and love coming home to a clean home.

Charlotte Hoover, AL

My house smelled so fresh and the hardwood floors are so clean.

Wilma Alabaster, AL

I love Maidpro!!! They do an amazing job!!!!

Andrea Birmingham, AL

Maidpro was wonderful and worked very hard and even worked through lunch. I look forward to having them back and I appreciate everything they did.

Laura Hoover, AL

Maidpro did an amazing job. Attention to detail was the best. I look forward to having them back again.

Traci Birmingham, AL

Maidpro takes much care in their cleaning and they take pride in their work.

Judy Indian Springs, AL