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Reduce Your Summer Utility Bills

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The importance of reducing your utility usage goes beyond keeping more greenbacks in your wallet. We all share the common goal and responsibility of preserving our environment. The below tips can help you conserve energy this summer, while putting some extra cash in your pocket:

  • · Purchasing a new A/C? Check www.energystar.gov. Your unit may be eligible for a tax credit.
  • · Make sure your house is leak-free. To test your home for areas where air conditioning might escape, search for a local auditor on the Energy Star Online Directory. Looking for a DIY fix? Feel around baseboards, windows, doors, light switches and electrical sockets for air leaks. Walk around your house with incense to see if smoke blows in when you pass windows.
  • · Clean your air conditioner filters once a month
  • · Have A/C checked once a year for minor fixes to avoid unit replacement
  • · Use a programmable thermostat to automatically allow temperatures to rise when no one is home during the day (can yield an annual savings of up to 30%!)
  • · Cook with an outdoor grill or toaster oven rather than the traditional oven or stovetop putting less strain on your A/C unit.
  • · Close blinds on the sunnier side of your home to keep your home cool or plant trees and shrubs on this side for additional shade.
  • · Replace bulbs with fluorescents to reduce heat generation and electricity usage
  • · Purchasing a new TV? Look for an Energy Star rating (uses 1/3 less energy than regular TV sets)
  • · Replace ‘energy vampire’ power strips with a ‘Smart Strip’. These strips will cut power from devices when not in use.
  • · Turn off your PC, nightly.
  • · Dry your clothes in the sun instead of the dryer (less shrinkage too!)
  • · Place a soda bottle filled with sand or water into the back of your toilet in order to use less water with every flush.
  • · Shut off water while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • · Install a water conserving showerhead.