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Black Friday….Are You Ready?

Category: News

How do you prepare yourself for the biggest shopping day of the year?  One option is not to attend.  If the items you are interested in are inexpensive and similarly, the discounts are not deep, it may serve beneficial to do the math to determine if fighting the crowds is worth the trouble.  However, if you do decide to head out under these circumstances, use the following tips to make your trip both manageable and efficient:
  • Formulate your list. Make sure you keep a prioritized list of items that you are interested in purchasing.  Keep your list with you, so that you can stay on track.
  • Research products online. Research retail prices and sales to ensure that you are, in fact, getting a discount on the desired items.
  • Create a roadmap. Some sales only offer discounts (or the largest discounts) at certain hours (typically early in the morning.)  Route your trip accordingly.
  • Equip yourself. Although the temperatures may be cooler than normal, stores can become quite warm with all of those shoppers.  Wear layers so you can easily adjust for the varying temperatures.  Pack snacks to avoid unhealthy food court options or long lines and water to keep you hydrated.  Bring the flyers to avoid any in-store disputes over price.
  • Choose your shopping partner wisely. Navigating crowds can be taxing and it is important to make sure you are with someone that can remain calm and help you to stay focused.
  • Keep receipts. Research store policies before heading out and make sure that you obtain gift receipts for all of your purchases.