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Giving your Home an Organizational Overhaul

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If there’s one thing I love, it is getting organized! I remember bonding with my boss over our love of The Container Store– we love the potential for extreme organization such a store provides. But, you don’t have to be obsessed with boxes and filing systems to get organized. Here are a couple of tips to help you declutter your home and your life.

1.) Ok, I know I said you don’t have to be obsessed with filing, but sometimes you just have to bite your tongue and do it. Instead of throwing all your important papers on the kitchen counter or into your purse (ladies, you know what I mean), buy a couple of file folders, a label maker, and get filing! Having one place to go for important documents will help the next time you have to locate receipts, pay stubs, etc. Plus, you can find stylish filing cabinets at places like Crate & Barrel and Ikea so your organization kick isn’t an eyesore on your décor.

2.) Speaking of label makers – buy one. They are handy for all areas of the house. Stray cords? Label them. Seasonal wardrobes? Label them. Toy bins? Label them. Teernagers sitting on a couch? Label them.

3.) Keep a to-do-list in an open place in your home. Buy a white board, and on it write everything that needs to be done with checkboxes next to each item. That way, everyone in your home knows what still needs to be done, and you avoid duplication of tasks.

4.) Utilize technology. These days, you have so many options – from blackberries, to online calendars, to a plain ol’ word document. Keep track of everything you need in one place so things don’t slip away from you. I use Outlook – it has my calendar, alerts for upcoming events, and all my bills are emailed to me so I don’t miss my payments! Plus, going paperless is good for the environment.

5.) Don’t be afraid to let go. I go by the One Year Rule. If you haven’t used it in a year, say goodbye. And you don’t have to throw it away! Toys, appliances and clothes can often be donated if they are in good condition, or you can make a little extra money with a garage sale.


The last thing you need holding you back is a bunch of stuff – especially stuff you don’t use, can’t find, or don’t even want anymore. Whether you take baby steps or do an organizational overhaul, decluttering your home will help you declutter your life so you can focus on the most important things. Now, go get organized!