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How To Preserve a Pumpkin

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For centuries people have been carving pumpkins every October. And for centuries people have watched them shrivel up just days after they put them on their front porch. Why let all that hard work go to waste? Here are three simple things you can do to slow down the pumpkin rotting process:

  • Soak your pumpkin in cold water for 24 hours. The pumpkin will absorb the water and the flesh will become firm, making carving easier. To help prevent the onset of mold, mix a little bleach into the water. It helps kill off some of the germs that accelerate pumpkin decomposition.
  • Coat your pumpkin in petroleum jelly to insulate the surfaces immediately after carving. If you don’t have petroleum jelly, vegetable oil works just as well. This is a great activity for kids that like to get  a little messy!
  • Refrigerate your artwork. If you have spare room, store your pumpkin in the refrigerator until it is front porch ready. The cold environment will help delay decomposition.

Coat your pumpkin with a mist of water every day to keep it hydrated. And don’t forget to utilize those delicious pumpkin seeds! Just salt and bake them at 300º for 30 minutes for a healthy, delicious snack!