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How to Wrap Odd Shaped Gifts

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If some of your gifts don’t fit the usual mold, that doesn’t mean you’re confined to throwing it in a gift bag with a mess of tissue paper. Here are tips for how to wrap odd shaped gifts – you know, the tiny gifts, the big gifts, and the just plain weird gifts. Plus, you probably have most of these supplies at home already!

Tiny Gifts

Place the gift in a paper towel or toilet paper roll. The cardboard will give the gift enough structure for easy wrapping. Roll several layers of colorful tissue paper around the roll until it is no longer transparent, and secure with tape. Choose a beautiful ribbon and secure both ends, letting the excess tissue paper burst out, resembling the ends of a tootsie roll.

Big Gifts

Wrap the gift loosely with tissue paper, and insert the gift into a clean and attractive pillowcase. Secure the top of the pillowcase with a beautiful ribbon, allowing the gathered potion of the pillowcase to flow organically over the ribbon. Secure an oversized bow to the ribbon, along with some other fun knick knacks, such as a large gift tag made of cardboard and wrapped in paper, or a bouquet of ornaments.

Just Plain Weird Gifts

Cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of a circle slightly bigger than the bottom of the gift you’re wrapping. Choose a thin, flexible wrapping paper to cover the surface area of the gift, and place the cardboard circle in the center of the sheet. Pull up the sides of the paper, gathering it all at the top. Secure the end with a ribbon and bow.

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