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It’s not Easy Being Green

Category: News

Today is Earth Day, during which we should all sit back and think about the importance of the earth’s environment. But I have been thinking about being green at MaidPro for a while now. And you know what I’ve found? Green is hard. I was reading this article about the people of Spokane County in Washingston. The county is the first to ban dishwasher detergent made with phosphates, and many of the residents have started going across the state border to Idaho for their detergent needs. It’s not as if these aren’t environmentally conscious people – they just haven’t found a low phosphate dish detergent on the market that cleans their dishes well enough. There was at least one person using the new detergent…on the cycle that uses an additional five gallons of water to get the dishes clean! Which reminds me of a question we raise on MaidPro.com/green: Is it really green is you have to use five times as much of a “Green” product than a “regular” product just to get a satisfactory clean?

I applaud Spokane County for setting an example with their environmental legislation. I also sympathize with the residents who are having trouble finding an equivalent, “green” detergent. But mostly, I recognize this is part of the growing pains of turning this country green. People, legislation, families, and businesses are all going to have to be poised for change, and ready to make the small tweaks that make new ideas successful!