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It’s the little things that make us (and our clients) happy

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Back in 2005, my boss Richard went on vacation in Italy. When he returned, he handed me a square of toilet paper.

“Gee, thanks, Rich. You didn’t have to get me anything.”

Richard explained that his hotel folded the roll of toilet paper into a fancy point each day and decorated it with a little sticker. He wanted us to do the same for our clients.

Sourcing little stickers with the MaidPro logo was easy; explaining to vendors what we were going to do with those stickers was entertaining. Before much time had passed, I had 200 rolls of mini logo stickers on my desk. I tested them in water to make sure that the sticker would dissolve in septic systems (they do!) and an artistic colleague drew out instructions of how to make both a simple point fold and a fancier pocket of flowers out of one or two squares of toilet paper. MaidPro franchise owners embraced the idea, and to date, we’ve used more than 829,000 of those little stickers on rolls of toilet paper across the United States and Canada.

It may seem like a silly thing, but for our clients – most of whom are not home while we’re cleaning their homes – it’s another reminder that MaidPro was there, focusing on details big and small. As for me: sometimes, in between housecleanings, I fold my own toilet paper into the little point, too. It’s not as nice as getting my house cleaned, but it still makes me smile.