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Prep kids for more time on Schoolbooks and less time on Facebook

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Let’s face it, denying your child access to Facebook is like telling them that they can’t go outside.  Although you may be taking this approach, enforcing this rule is rather difficult.  Facebook may not be here for good, but it is here for now — and it’s everywhere.  Although it’s a great way for your child to connect with others, it can also be a large depletion of their time.  Below are a few tips to help minimize your child’s Facebook time, while maximizing their productivity:

  • Fight tech with tech. Limit their facebook time with software programs from companies like123educateme.  This software allows access to personal websites in moderation (i.e. games, social networks, etc) without limiting your teen’s internet time for homework or school-related activity.
  • Be smart about smartphones. Social networking and web use is no longer PC-centric.  Your child may be telling you that they want the latest and greatest phone, but smartphones are capable of social networking and may be a distraction both inside and outside of school.
  • Ensure they aren’t giving up one addiction for another. Don’t be too upset with new-age social networking.  Teens have been wasting time for YEARS.  You will still need to be a parent and monitor what they are doing with their time.
  • Supply budget sheets. Time charts or budget sheets can help give your teen insight to their time expenditure on various activities and allow them to make more conscious decisions regarding allocation.
  • Allocate the BEST time for schoolwork. Does your teen work better at night or in the afternoon?  Make sure they are working at their most efficient hour.  Sometimes it’s not the amount of time they spend on work, but how they’re actually spending that time which will make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful student.