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Should I Tip My Housekeeper?

Category: Cleaning Tips

While tipping is left to your discretion, we feel everyone should tip their professional house cleaner if they provide excellent service. It’s customary to tip servers at a restaurant, hair stylists, bellboys…the list goes on. A professional home cleaner is also providing a highly personalized service deserving of a gratuity.

Professional house cleaners work extremely hard. Their job is physically demanding. There’s no better way to say thank you for hard work than a tip.

While it’s customary to tip a food server 15%-20% of the total bill, the average tip for a professional house cleaner is 10%-15%. If you have a regular house cleaner, it’s usually customary to provide a larger tip around the year end holidays.

We recommend leaving the gratuity in the middle of your kitchen counter along with a note. For most house cleaners, there’s nothing more rewarding than getting a thank you in the form of some extra cash. Not only do they appreciate it, it’s an important part of their income and truly improves their lives.