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Spring Cleaning Mental Prep

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Spring is just around the corner! Sadly, it’s also time to start thinking about how you will fit all those big, time-consumingspring cleaning jobs into your life. Consider trying out MaidPro’s 49-Point weekly cleaning service while you work your way (in order) through this handy checklist:

Purge and organize small storage areas (closetsjunk drawers, cabinets, vanities, toy boxespaper and digital files). These are great places to start before the weather gets too nice. Discard clothes that are worn or don’t fit, food, cosmetics and medicines that are past date and be ruthless about shredding old bills and statements and deleting or archiving defunct files, emails and terrible photos from your computer.

Purge big storage areas (attic, basement, garage). Spring is a time for church and school fairs. For you, it’s an opportunity to donate unwanted stuff AND get a tax deduction.

Wash walls, clean ceilings and lighting fixtures. This works wonders to brighten your home especially if you burn lots of candles or fires in the winter. It’s also yucky, backbreaking work, requiring proper technique and an assortment of specialized tools (so, definitely worth outsourcing to a professional crew if you plan and budget carefully).

Clean windows, screens and treatments. This is another excellent candidate for outsourcing if you budget for it now. Otherwise, plan on dedicating at least an entire weekend and check out MaidPro’s Spring Cleaning Survival Guidebefore turning your attention to the next several items on the list.

Heavy linens, upholstery, behind and underneath furniture. The guideline here is to take down and clean anything that lives higher up and is likely to shed dust, dander and other micro debris onto your floors in the process.

Large appliances (refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer). Appliances ought to be cleaned and, where appropriate, sanitized at least two to four times a year, so chances are at least some of these appliances are going to require your attention within the coming few months.

Deep clean carpets/treat hardwood floors. Being physically lowest, floors are the last thing you want to clean and treat before summer arrives. Be sure to wait until after spring’s mud season to get the greatest long-term benefit.