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Tech Holiday Gifts — Who should get what?

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With all of the new and cool gadgets available this year, how can you decide who will enjoy what?  See our recommendations below for everyone on your list.

For the …

  • Verocious reader. E-books.  You may be thinking – why would I buy someone an e-book when I could buy an iPad or a gadget that has more utility and color?  E-readers(non-color) utilize E-Ink technology that simulates the experience of reading a printed piece of paper, while rival color display screens are back-lit (i.e. computers and the iPad) and strain the eyes.  These readers also allow for the on-demand purchasing of books and their compact size provide ease for storage and travel.
  • Always-connected commuter and/or traveler. For those wanting to do more than check or send emails in-transit, an iPad or similar mobile internet device provides the versatility and screen size for easier internet browsing, video play-back and heavier computing than the smartphone.  Although laptops provide similar versatility, the battery life and cumbersome form factor does not bode well for the frequent traveler.
  • Music lover. Let’s face it, this person already has their music play-back device of choice, feverishly downloads their favorite tunes from the internet and sets their alarms/calendars to purchase the concert tickets of his or her favorite bands as soon as they can.  What this person may NOT have is a state-of-the-art set of headphones.  ‘Beats by Dr. Dre’ seem to be the hot item for music lovers this holiday season, although there are many great options available.
  • Grandma and Grandpa. Notorious for enjoying and sharing photos of their grandkids, a connected digital photo frame may be just the gift!  Although the elderly are quite capable of using new technology, often times they may find themselves fearful and frustrated by it.  Many photo frames connected to a wi-fi network come with their own email address, allowing you to send photos remotely without the hassle of memory cards or USB cords.