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What’s it like Owning a Cleaning Business?

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Those who have successful cleaning businesses have to be clear communicators when asked to describe what they do for a living. It’s often assumed that those who own a cleaning business are cleaning houses all day, or their little cleaning company generates a couple thousand dollars a month in revenue.

It’s fun to see people’s faces when they hear that true leaders in the cleaning industry rarely touch a mop or vacuum. It’s even more fun to see their faces when you tell them that the business can generate millions of dollars in revenue a year.

It’s fascinating how many aspiring entrepreneurs choose an industry based on the image with which that industry is identified. The successful business owners will tell you that this identification is shallow – they know that what matters most for long term success is that a business format is scalable, and the industry is viable.

Those that enter our industry need to successfully shed stigmas and egos…and that’s okay, because it reveals those entrepreneurs who will be in the business for the long haul.

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