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With a Grain of Salt

Category: News

It has fostered trade and started wars. Once a currency, it’s now a commodity. Salt is more than a flavoring for food: the tiny white granules also have hundreds of other uses around the house and yard. Try using salt to:

  • Remove the acid taste from coffee by adding salt, like sugar, until your Java is just right.
  • Repel ants with a sprinkle of salt on the nearest anthill. Ants, like slugs, hate the taste of the stuff and will head the other way.
  • Prevent wilting lettuce in green salads with a quick shake.
  • Remove scales from fish by soaking them in saltwater – go figure.
  • Polish teeth with a pinch of dry salt in a pinch. (Baking soda works, too.)
  • Clean your oven with a mixture of salt and vinegar to get out some of the most formidable stains. Eliminate oven odors with a mix of salt and cinnamon.
  • Whiten your bathtub or toilet bowl by mixing salt with turpentine and scrubbing.