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Young Kids Headed Back To School? Avoid the Morning Meltdown!

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Back to school can be an exciting time, but can also trigger anxiety in some children. It’s important that in the days leading up to school, you really listen to your child and help ease any fears they may have. Avoid the morning meltdown(s) this year with the following tips:

1. Relax. Some children can absorb their parents’ feelings and emotions like a piece of tofu. If you are feeling rushed or anxious because you have left loose ends to the last minute, they can feel it too! Advance preparation can calm both you and your child. 2. Rekindle school-year friendships. Arrange play-dates with friends from school that they may have lost touch with over the summer. 3. Alleviate fears. Ask them to describe feared scenarios and role-play to help prepare and equip them for these situations. 4. Fuel excitements. Ask your child what they are most looking forward to and work these scenarios into the conversations leading up to the first day of school. 5. Practice a dry-run. Take them through their transportation route, classroom, locker, etc. Reducing unknown factors can help your child feel more in control.