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Customers love MaidPro Hershey

  • Caleb always does a thorough job cleaning. On top of that, he is friendly and we enjoy seeing him when he shows up!

    J. H. Harrisburg, PA

  • Amber was very thorough and very responsive to my requests. Id love for her to come back again.

    L.S. Hummelstown, PA

  • Valerie was great today and a hard worker. she helped me out so much. Thank you!!

    A. D. Hummelstown, PA

  • Maggie and Melissa were very pleasant, efficient, great team communication and very professional conversations while servicing my home. I couldn't have had better treatment. I would love to have both of them for all my cleans.

    B. B. Grantville, PA

  • I am happiest with this 3rd clean, it was thorough and Melissa and Maria worked great together. This service has been such a relief to me going through a health issue and not having the energy to clean my house. Thank you!

    J. H. Hummelstown, PA

  • Always love having MaidPro clean our home

    M. G. Hummelstown, PA

  • Lindsey is a very hard worker and does a great job. Send her out any time!

    R.D. Elizabethtown, PA

  • The cleaning I received from Maddi and Aslan yesterday was really great. they did a very thorough job, and they were very courteous, they wore booties over their shoes when they came in the house, and were very professional. Loved it!

    L.K. Palmyra, PA

  • The pro's at our home were absolutely amazing! They worked well together and had a "divide and conquer" method that worked well. I appreciate the time they took to make the home shine for our guests!

    C.I. Palmyra, PA

  • Maria was very professional and very thorough. Would love to have her come again. Very nice young person.

    B.E. Hummelstown, PA

  • Wonderful job, very pleased with Maria, as always. Thank you!

    S.B Hummelstown, PA

  • Jordan and Jessica did a great job. They were efficient, careful, and nice to talk to as they asked questions and did the work. Good job ladies!

    C.W. Hummelstown, PA

  • Lexi did a great job, we always check the shower for full cleaning and she did very good job.

    J.O. Palmyra, PA

  • Our house looked so great! I came home from work and the bathrooms smelled wonderful and were sparkling clean. The floors were shining and and clean. The sofa in our family room was tidy and neat! Just those little extra touches are so greatly apprec...

    K.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • Maggie was wonderful. She was very thorough and would love to see her clean our home again.

    B.E. Hummelstown, PA

  • Our Pro did a fine job. The only negative remark I have is that she mopped the kitchen floor before she cleaned the kitchen. So she ended up walking on the wet floor and made a few footprints. Otherwise, the clean was done well.

    R.D. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Azzy and Maria exceeded my expectations

    S.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • Hooray, Caleb was back and I was sorry to have missed him. Caleb is marvelous. My husband was home when Caleb was here and he made a comment about how hard Caleb works and Caleb's attention to detail. This is HUGE! My husband rarely comments on the h...

    C.H. Hummelstown, PA

  • Gabrielle does a beautiful and thorough cleaning. I really appreciate her work.

    L.S. Hummelstown, PA

  • As always, Sierra did an excellent job taking care of our home!

    N.K. Hershey, PA

  • Erica did a great job would love to have her for another clean!

    A.M. Elizabethtown, PA

  • I had Valarie for the first time yesterday. She was very skilled and efficient. I was very impressed with her. After she was done cleaning, she encouraged me to check to make sure her cleaning was done to my satisfaction.

    S.W. Hummelstown, PA

  • Sierra did a great job taking care of our home!!

    N.K. Hershey, PA

  • The girls did a fabulous job. I will definitely be asking for Azzlyn & Nyesha again.

    M.F. Middletown, PA

  • You can send us Ivory and Kamryn all the time. They are the sweetest two women we have had in a long time and they did a wonderful job.

    J.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • Family room looked fantastic! Bathrooms were all spotless. So nice to come home to a clean and tidy home. Thank you!!

    K.L. Hummeltown, PA

  • Nyesha did a beautiful job. She got right to work and worked steadily. I would highly recommend her to friends and neighbors.

    B.A. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Jonine from Lancaster does a great job with our clean. She is very thorough and pays attention to detail. She also is a very pleasant person. Thanks for sending her!

    R.D. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Another fabulous, thorough and professional home cleaning. Than you!

    L.F. Hummelstown, PA

  • I am always happy to see Caleb arrive on my scheduled Friday's. Caleb is a good worker. He comes in the house and gets right to work. Our home always smells nice and looks clean when he's finished. I can't tell you how much I appreciate his services.

    C.H. Hummelstown, PA

  • The clean is REAL

    N.W. Hummelstown, PA

  • Caleb arrived right on time, unpacked his car, and got right to work. Our home looks lovely when he leaves. I can always tell where Caleb has been. Caleb is a conscientious worker and does a nice job. Thank you for our clean home.

    C.H. Hummelstown, PA

  • I love having Deborah in my home to clean for us. She is a pleasure to have, always quiet and diligently accomplishing all that needs to be done here, with a great attitude! Thank you!

    B.Q. Hershey, PA

  • Azzlynn was very fast and efficient, you can tell she knows how to clean! Her organizing skills are amazing, as if she knew where everything needs to go!

    J.K, Hummelstown, PA

  • Val & Hope were great. Very efficient. Would love for them to come again.

    B.E Hummelstown, PA

  • I was so impressed by the cleaning results! Everything was spotless and beyond my expectations. I can tell they were professional, dedicated, hard-workers that take pride in their work! Will definitely use them again and recommend to neighbors and fr...

    K.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • Elsie and Asia did a great job as always! Much appreciated- Thank you!

    A.G. Hershey, PA

  • Brian Hammersmith did a great job today. He was incredibly thorough and pleasant to talk to. Hope to see him again in the future.

    C.F. Hummelstown, PA

  • We love having Elsie in our home. She does a thorough and very professional job. MaidPro and Elsie made our day!

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • Thank you for doing a wonderful job!! And also for being patient and with the entire family in/out of the spaces as we had to come home from work unexpectedly. Thanks again!!!

    C.R. Harrisburg, PA

  • Great job, pleasantly surprised. Echo is lovely and very professional-- really hope to see her back again. Brian was very nice and accommodating. My home looks beautiful! Thanks!

    J.K. Hummelstown, PA

  • The ladies that came were friendly, efficient, and the house looked and smellled wonderful!

    K.A. Mount Gretna, PA

  • Another outstanding job by Beth!

    W.S. Palmyra, PA

  • Beyond perfection! Thank You!

    L.G. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Thanks, Caleb! So impressed with the attention to detail!

    C.R. Harrisburg, PA

  • Caleb and Alex did an excellent job at our home yesterday. In addition to the normal checklist, we were impressed with the removal of hard water stains on a glass shower door, the cleaning and organization of the top of the fridge, and some heavy scr...

    B.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • Thank You Aleisha and Christen, we went out of town on Friday, came home to a clean house. What a great feeling

    D.H. Annville, PA

  • This was the best job yet. Really went out of their way. House was spotless!

    E.S. Hummelstown, PA

  • I was extremely happy with the service i received today. Very detailed with there jobs and very pleasant. They were thorough and seemed to be in a great mood which is always great to see. I would love if they could become my normal by-weekly pros. Es...

    D.D. Palmyra, PA

  • Great service!!! My apt looks awesome now.

    J.R. Hershey, PA

  • I really appreciated Anna's concern regarding my gas fireplace and Maidpro calling me about the issue. It's nice to know your pros are diligent and concerned about your clients.

    L.W. Hummelstown, PA

  • Betsy did an amazing job today! Thank you!

    J.G. Hummelstown, PA

  • Cynthia, was awesome. Sweet and Kind

    C.Y. Harrisburg, PA

  • Betsy did an amazing job! Thanks.

    J.G. Hummelstown, PA

  • This is the third or fourth time we've had them out. They do a wonderful job!

    D.O. Hummelstown, PA

  • I was especially impressed with Kathryn H. She was very friendly and professional. Brie H. was also very nice and professional.

    C.K. Hummelstown, PA

  • Enjoyed meeting Beth..she did a great job cleaning our townhouse.

    S.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • They did a nice job. It is very relaxing to come home to a clean house.

    B.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • Elsie and Ericka were cleaning machines today! They left our home looking terrific.

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • Excellent job

    W.S. Palmyra, PA

  • Today's cleaning team was amazing and went above and beyond!! So thankful for them!

    S.S. Hershey, PA

  • Brittany did a fantastic job! She even cleaned the glass top of my washing machine. Everything looked great. I loved all the extra touches too. I was so happy to just enjoy my clean house and spend quality time with my daughter. Thank you!

    K.S. Palmyra, PA

  • Elsie did a FANTASTIC job! she went above and beyond. for example, she grabbed some glasses from our night stands and brought them down to the kitchen and washed them. That was a wonderful surprise and the rest of the clean was marvelous. Thank you!

    A.G. Hershey, PA

  • Kayleen did a wonderful job cleaning my bathroom and dusting the livingroom. She helped with my trash too. She was a very hard worker and a nice personality too!

    M.M. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Fantastic

    S.G. Hummelstown, PA

  • The ladies were very efficient and kind. I was very happy with the clean my bathrooms and kitchen got. Hopefully you have an office near where I'm moving in Ohio!

    A.D. Palmyra, PA

  • Betsy Paulino did an excellent job for us today. Is there anyway she can be assigned our home every week if her schedule allows? Thanks.

    J.G. Hummelstown, PA

  • Brandy is a very concenstious women, is very pleasant.

    J.M. Annville, PA

  • Elsie gave our home a great MaidPro cleaning today. We would be pleased to welcome her back anytime. Thanks, Maid Pro!

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • The team of cleaners provided conscientious, friendly, and thorough service. Well done!!

    J.D. Hummelstown, PA

  • Brian and Nicole did a fantastic job! My house was DIRTY and now it sparkles. I couldn't be happier. They both worked VERY HARD to make everything look wonderful.

    M.W. Palmyra, PA

  • Scarlet is the best. Incredible cleaning. Thanks!

    J.C. Hummelstown, PA

  • Many thanks to Brandy and Beth for a great job.

    L.K. Palmyra, PA

  • The ladies today went above and beyond! My baseboards were scrubbed with Magic Eraser, and they vacuumed my bedroom even though it's not part of my standard clean. Awesome and so appreciated!!

    L.W. Hummelstown, PA

  • Beth was really nice and she was putting in extra effort to do a very nice job.

    C.M. Hershey, PA

  • Brandy and Beth were very professional and did their jobs very well. If I was to need any other cleaning I would ask for them personally. Thanks

    J.C. Lebanon, PA

  • Scarlett did a very nice job. Thanks!

    A.B. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Great clean as always. But to make my day she found my sunglasses. They have been missing for almost a week. Thank you so much.

    A.F. Hershey, PA

  • Seannay did an wonderful job! You can tell that she worked very hard - thank you

    K.M. Hummelstown, PA

  • Kristin is the best! Thank you for sending her each time. She does a great job and I am very satisfied.

    C.R. Lebanon, PA

  • Scarlett does a wonderful job and always leaves thoughtful notes.

    S.H. Hummelstown, PA

  • Amber did an excellent cleaning job today! Very polite, organized and finished everything we expected. Please thank her for us.

    S.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • Ashley was extremely thorough! I so appreciated her attention to detail. Special thanks for such wonderful professionalism!!!

    L.G. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Scarlett was pleasant and professional, worked quickly but didn't rush, and asked for my input and approval. Did an absolutely perfect job! Maidpro cleaned this house regularly before we bought it, and the two times we saw the house before we bought...

    S.M. Hummelstown, PA

  • Crew was excellent, friendly, professional, and very nice. Did a thorough and great job.

    S.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • Beth always does a great job with my house. I always am so happy to come home to my house after Beth was there.

    C.M. Palmyra, PA

  • Kelsey left our home spic and span today. We were so pleased to have her and happy to get the house cleaned before the snowstorm. Thanks, MaidPro!

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • Scarlett did a great job, and I would definitely have her come back next time I would need something done if she was available. She was very professional, friendly and nice.

    I.S. Palmyra, PA

  • I love the great job that Karen always does and all the personal touches .

    M.C. Jonestown, PA

  • Beth is adorable. Did extra things like vacuumed my bedroom floor, straightened up a couple rooms and always makes the house smell wonderful!! She is always very pleasant, works very hard and is very proud of the work she does. Thank you so much!!!!

    K.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • Beth is the best! When Mrs. Devlin walked in the door today, she just knew Beth did the clean. Everyone does a very thorough job of course and we're always pleased. Send Beth when you can.

    R.D. Elizabethtown, PA

  • We were VERY happy with our clean thursday! The cleaners took extra care with our Son's room and the bathroom that he uses. There were lizard bath toys placed in the hanging towel and a great turtle sticker on the paper towel roll that my son loved s...

    A.G. Hershey, PA

  • Scarlett and her partner did a great job, as usual! Thank you!

    M.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • A great clean. I appreciate the consistency of your work. It is so wonderful to come home to a clean house. Thank you!

    S.C. Hummelstown, PA

  • Val was awesome as usual! She's fabulous.

    N.D. Palmyra, PA

  • We love Cesarina! She always does a fantastic job and adds special touches.

    O.K. Hummelstown, PA

  • Elsie did a wonderful job, as usual. Really appreciate her friendly, positive attitude.

    E.T. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Valerie and Kelly performed a fantastic clean. We enjoyed having them clean our home. Thank you ........

    M.G. Hummelstown, PA

  • Brandy did a great job.

    A.Z. Hershey, PA

  • Stephanie is the BEST ! She takes care in cleaning even the smallest items. She is a fantastic representative for Maid-Pro in that she is both friendly, professional, and a tireless worker.

    D.S. Hummelstown, PA

  • Love Arianna she does an amazing job!!!

    A.A. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Samantha ALWAYS does a great job! It's such a pleasure to come home to a spotless house when she's been here.

    L.E. Hummelstown, PA

  • Things have been so hectic these last few weeks, to come home to the excellent job and attention that Scarlett gives us each cleaning was AWESOME!!!

    N.K. Hershey, PA

  • Beth did a wonderful job and took extra care in some areas above and beyond the usual. I am very appreciative of her time and effort!

    L.W. Hummelstown, PA

  • The house was beautiful when I came home. I was so impressed by how clean the house was and it really highlighted how much our old service did NOT do. Everything was cleaned beautifully and I want to personally thank the team for doing such great wor...

    J.G. Hummelstown, PA

  • Another wonderful clean today! I'm so glad that I made the switch back to MaidPro. Had I not left and experienced cleaning from the competitors, I never would have known what I was missing. I'm not sure how MaidPro does it but there is just no compar...

    M.K. Palmyra, PA

  • Stephanie always does a lovely job

    M.T. Palmyra, PA

  • Outstanding

    D.R. Jonestown, PA

  • Arianna is fantastic! Great customer service and top notch cleaning. THANK YOU Arianna. See you in a few weeks.

    D.Y. Hummelstown, PA

  • Another great clean from Scarlett Smith

    K.M. Hummelstown, PA

  • Can you say A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Thank you Brandy for your outstanding service!! My home sparkled and shined; just the way I LOVE it!!! :) My home gets extremely dusty during the winter months due to the heating system so I know it's a difficult job tryin...

    R.H. Hershey, PA

  • Great job today by your cleaning staff! Really appreciated Cesavina's understanding that our house with a bit messier than usual since we're getting our basement redone. We had to move a few things upstairs so it made getting around a bit more challe...

    W.K. Palmyra, PA

  • Christian gave us an excellent MaidPro cleaning. We are very pleased to have her in our home.

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • Justin and Jess were fantastic! Our home sparkled thanks to them

    M.R. Hummelstown, PA

  • Samantha was great. The bathrooms looked great.

    M.H. Elizabethtown, PA

  • It is so nice to come home to a clean house, thank you Beth

    C.M. Palmyra, PA

  • Really like Christian. She is very thorough and is always asking if I'm happy with her work. My fur babies love her too!! LOL Thank you!!

    K.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • Brandy did a great job cleaning our house on Friday, not only did it smell cleaned it was cleaned. Thank You Brandy

    D.H. Annville, PA

  • We love Samantha! She does a really great job!

    A.C. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Elsie continues to do a great job! We are very lucky to have her.

    E.T. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Scarlet was very amicable personally and thorough professionally. We really appreciate the job she does.

    W.H. Hummelstown, PA

  • Echo is the best!! I love when I'm lucky enough to have her clean for me!!

    L.W. Hummelstown, PA

  • They did an exceptional job and were very courteous!

    D.H. Palmyra, PA

  • Stephanie is an. unbelievable cleaning machine! Besides being charming and industrious, she is a great representative for Maid Pro!

    D.S. Hummelstown, PA

  • Beth makes sure everything is satisfactory before taking off. Thank you for getting the home in fine shape for family visitors!

    R.D. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Arianna and Echo are fabulous. Thank you.

    D.Y. Hummelstown, PA

  • All I can say is WOW!!!!! What an amazing service I just had!! When I walked into my home I thought I was walking into a suite at a 5 Star Hotel!! Everything was SUPER clean and shiny and there were little flowers made in my tissue boxes and my potty...

    R.H. Hershey, PA

  • Bethany & Matt did a great job.

    A.Z. Hershey, PA

  • I don't feel I have to question the work that Scarlet does for us each visit!! I appreciate the effort she puts into taking care of my home and family!!

    N.K. Hershey, PA

  • Megan was great as usual!

    M.T. Palmyra, PA

  • Christian did a wonderful job. Very kind to my dog.

    S.B. Harrisburg, PA

  • Beth, Shelia and Val were very professional and did an awesome job. They all have exceptional customer service and respect for others property. I will definitely use this service again.

    C.B. Middletown, PA

  • Sheila did an excellent job for us today. We would welcome her back anytime. Happy Thanksgiving, MaidPro.

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • Brandy was a new cleaning Pro to me but she can clean for me ANY time. She did a spectacular job. 10 stars!!!! ?

    L.H. Hummelstown, PA

  • Elizabeth is an exceptional worker. She's the best!

    S.H. Palmyra, PA

  • Always on time, very efficient

    M.W. Hershey, PA

  • Scarlett does an excellent job of taking care of our family home!!

    N.K. Hershey, PA

  • Samantha was professional, efficient, and hard-working! She did an outstanding job! Thank you so much, samantha!

    C.M. Palmyra, PA

  • Elsie did a wonderful job! Very happy with the service.

    V.H. Hummelstown, PA

  • You guys rock! Thank you so much for a great cleaning!!

    N.K. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Another awesome clean by Scarlett - thank you

    K.M. Hummelstown, PA

  • The maids were very thorough and efficient. They were also very friendly. It's so nice to have such a clean house and I didn't lift a finger. Thanks!!

    J.C. Hummelstown, PA

  • Valerie is awesome. I love having her clean my home. She does a fabulous job. Thx

    N.D. Palmyra, PA

  • Mahzee did a great clean for us today. Another happy MaidPro experience.

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • Another outstanding job!!

    W.S. Palmyra, PA

  • What an amazing job Mahzee did for me yesterday!! My home looked so fresh and clean!! What a truly beautiful job!! And my kitchen and bathroom smelled so nice!! Thank you so much Mahzee for all your hard work; please know how much I truly appreciate...

    R.H. Hershey, PA

  • Beth does an excellent job . My house always looks clean and smells great.

    C.M. Palmyra, PA

  • I had the pleasure of having Tracy again today she is really a pleasure she does perfect clean I'm going to request her for every week thank you Tracy & maid pro for finding such great people enjoy your day everyone thank you again Tracy another job...

    B.V. Hershey, PA

  • Once again Elsie did a very nice job. =)

    J.A. Elizabethtown, PA

  • I love Valerie! She's always so professional and is consistently attentive to details. I wish she were always the specialist sent to clean for us!

    S.B. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Katie was very personable and accommodating. She gave me the opportunity for lots of feedback about her work which I appreciated as well as doing a thorough job.

    T.R. Annville, PA

  • Love the job they do and the little touches....checklist, note, fold towels, etc..... Thank you!

    T.R. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Katie is a very nice and efficient Pro. We really enjoy her attitude toward the completion of her tasks. We hope she could be our "Pro" constantly.

    J.M. Annville, PA

  • Stephanie is an amazing cleaning powerhouse! Her meticulous attention to detail is what sets her above and beyond all competition.

    D.S. Hummelstown, PA

  • The ladies did a wonderful job. The house is spic n' span!

    D.B. Palmyra, PA

  • It was so nice to come home to a spotless sparkling home ;-) Thanks so much !!

    R.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • Christine is awesome! She is so personable and does an amazing job!

    K.S. Hershey, PA

  • Stephanie is terrific Thank you

    W.L. Palmyra, PA

  • Andrea and Anthony blew in like a tornado and when they blew out we had a sparkling kitchen and a house ready for our visitors. Thanks for the special service.

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • Arianna was absolutely wonderful! Not only was she extremely personable, but she worked so hard and left my rooms spotless. I was so impressed and she was a great help to prepare for guests arriving in 2 days. Please send her my thanks! I will defini...

    K.O. Lebanon, PA

  • Thank you Allison!!! You truly are a Maid PRO!! Once again, I was truly happy with my service!!! I just LOVE coming home from work to a shiny, sparkling clean home after a long tiring day at work!! Instantly, it puts a smile on my face and I just sit...

    R.H. Hershey, PA

  • Brittany did a terrific job for us today. Everything looks great! She is welcome back in our house anytime. Thanks again, MaidPro!

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • Hi,,,I really enjoy having my house cleaned,,Heather is wonderful..she always goes above and beyond what needs to be done...she is awesome!!!!...thank you

    B.M. Palmyra, PA

  • Once again, Andrea did a fabulous job taking care of our house and things!!!

    N.K. Hershey, PA

  • I am thrilled. They come in they are pleasant and professional and they do an excellent job!!!!

    R.R. Lebanon, PA

  • Arianna and Stephanie exceeded my expectations. I am very picky and I was extremely happy with my clean. Thank you!

    L.B. Palmyra, PA

  • Customer service at MaidPro is outstanding! A++

    K.B. Hershey, PA

  • I was remodeling and your stellar staff was perfection!!

    K.B. Hershey, PA

  • Val, Heather, and Anthony from Hershey Maidpro did an excellent job. Thank you.

    A.C. Middletown, PA

  • I am so happy with the first clean. I am not feeling too well so I was in bed during most of their clean and was not able to hold my daughter back. She wanted to chip in and clean too. Your team let her "help" and I am thankful for that. I am truly h...

    E.T. Hummelstown, PA

  • Such a fantastic clean this week! I love the detail she took in everything. Was so nice coming home to my clean and organized home!

    N.H. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Stephanie is outstanding. Thank you

    W.L. Palmyra, PA

  • Thanks for another fantastic clean. We appreciated seeing Bethany again and enjoyed having her to tidy up our place.

    M.G. Hummelstown, PA

  • wonderful job! And what always makes it extra special is the nice notes your staff leaves on our cleaning sheet. Thank you so much!

    M.S. Hershey, PA

  • Nice to come home to a clean goid looking house that smells good thank you

    C.M. Palmyra, PA

  • Brandy and Samantha did an excellent job! They were detailed oriented, pleasant and flexible.

    M.R. Hummelstown, PA

  • Courteous, professional, thorough service. . . Thank you!

    E.M. Elizabethtown, PA

  • House looks lovely, thank you!

    M.W. Hummelstown, PA

  • Brandy does an AWESOME job!! And is always so friendly! She is amazing!!

    K.S. Hershey, PA

  • Phylesha did an excellent job as usual.

    C.S. Palmyra, PA

  • Echo is awesome! Top notch cleaning and customer service every time with her! Thank you for making our home so fresh smelling too!! :)

    D.Y. Hummelstown, PA

  • Mechelle did a great job today and left a really thoughtful note! Keep hiring such great people!

    L.W. Hummelstown, PA

  • Working with company to fine tune our needs!, They are wonderful with follow up and Insuring our satisfaction.

    M.M. Hershey, PA

  • We have been very pleased. Your Associates do a very thorough job.

    W.S. Palmyra, PA

  • Arianna and Stephanie did a great job!

    L.B. Palmyra, PA

  • The cleaning yesterday was excellent, both Keisha and Danelle were very friendly and professional.

    D.R. Lancaster, PA

  • You should clone Stephanie. She is that wonderful.

    D.S. Hummelstown, PA

  • This cleaning was amazing thanks so much

    A.C. Harrisburg, PA

  • Stephanie is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

    D.S. Hummelstown, PA

  • Valerie is exceptional when she does my cleaning. She is definitely an asset to your business.

    C.H. Hummelstown, PA

  • Debbie and Michelle were prompt, professional and thorough!

    C.A. Elizabethtown, PA

  • All I can say is "WOW" and "THANK YOU" Jennifer!!! What an amazing job you did on my home! It was so sparkling clean! I love coming home from a hard days work to find that an "OUTSTANDING" cleaning job was completed on my home. You are truly a "PRO"...

    R.H. Hershey, PA

  • Wonderfully clean house to come home to. Thank you so much!!!!

    L.H. Hummelstown, PA

  • It was great to have a "supervisor role" accompany the other professionals yesterday and spot check things and point out anything that was not up to par. It took the clean to a whole other level. Plus, I unexpectedly arrived when all 3 professionals...

    K.B. Hershey, PA

  • I posted on Facebook ... I've been with Maidpro since July 2015 and last week, VALARIE and JOMARI cleaned my home. They were both so personable and efficient with their time. They worked well as a team and it was great to see them taking so much prid...

    J.C. Hershey, PA

  • Bethany did an AMAZING job!! I was hit in the face with cleanliness when I got home. She did an awesome job!!

    K.S. Hershey, PA

  • Michelle did an awesome job with the kitchen and bathrooms. She also cleaned the inside of my refrigerator and wiped out my stove (free for signing up for rotation cleaning).

    C.S. Palmyra, PA

  • Phylesia was professional and efficient! She came up with ideas on how to make our kitchen look nicer, better organized# she made our home look beautifil! Phylesia was pleasant and we hope she returns soon! Thank you!

    K.M. Palmyra, PA

  • Stephanie is excellent! I trust her explicitly. She works tirelessly from the moment of her arrival and doesn't leave until she has the house looking great!

    D.S. Hummelstown, PA

  • My 2 cleaners--Debbie and Alicia-- did a fantastic job! If I can schedule them every time, I would like to sign up for a bi-weekly schedule.

    C.S. Palmyra, PA

  • It was so great having both Andrew & Katie here together. They are super hard workers, efficient and friendly. They work wonderfully together and I hope their schedule will allow them both to return here regularly.

    N.D. Palmyra, PA

  • Jamari did such an awesome job!! The way she even organizes my hot mess of a house is so great and helpful - she really is great!!!

    K.D. Middletown, PA

  • Katie and Andrea did a great job and arrived right on the time expected, despite the miserable winter weather. Thanks to them both...and to MaidPro.

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • It is nice to come home to a clean house . Thank you Stephanie ?

    C.M. Palmyra, PA

  • We had a delightful young lady here with us today and I cant say enough about her. We really want her to be back again and you guys have yourself a winner, thanks for sending her.

    J.B. Hershey, PA

  • Thank you , Kirstin, for a great clean! I appreciate the extra work on the stinky garbage disposal, too! I so appreciate all Maidpro does!!

    L.W. Hummelstown, PA

  • Allison is a joy! I love seeing her smiling face! She starts to work right away and does a terrific job! She even likes my cats and they like her!

    S.C. Palmyra, PA

  • Andrea made our floors shine! I think she does a really great job. Thank you.

    K.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • We are pleased every time your staff cleans our house!

    L.H. Hummelstown, PA

  • Stephanie did a fine job. I was/am very pleased. The floors look great-- Other areas as well. Many thanks.

    L.S. Hershey, PA

  • Best cleaning we have ever had! Kids love the tissue flowers and towel fans. Best decision ever.

    K.C. Annville, PA

  • I loved my team yesterday. Andrea is always excellent and Jomari did a terrific job and even made sure I was happy with it.

    N.R. Hummelstown, PA

  • wonderful job!!! and friendly staff. Thank you!

    M.S. Hershey, PA

  • I already have recommended you all to my friends and family. We'll see if any of them sign up! But my wife and I rave about your service all the time!

    A.G. Hershey, PA

  • Every girl has been delightful and done an excellent job. Thank you

    W.L. Palmyra, PA

  • Bethany did a fantastic job today! My house looked great. Thank her for me.

    L.H. Harrisburg, PA

  • Echo and Andrea were wonderful - they did a great job cleaning and caring for our home, as well as great with our dog. Thank you so much!

    M.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • Debbie did a super job! She was nice and worked efficiently! Hope to see debbie again! Thank you! We can always count on maid pro making our home sparkle!

    C.M. Palmyra, PA

  • Once again, Miss Stephanie comes through with flying colors!!! My home looked beautiful and it was so sparling clean. I love how everything just shines after her cleaning!! Thank you so much and, by the way, the tissue flowers are so darn cute I hate...

    R.H. Hershey, PA

  • Linda gave our house a wonderful holiday sparkle. Thanks to her and MaidPro. Happy holidays?

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • My house was actually sparkling!! Great job?

    M.R. Hummelstown, PA

  • Stephanie R. cleaned my home and, once again, she did an AMAZING job!!! WOW! I requested an additional cleaning task (living room blinds) this time and she did a FANTASTIC job!! They look brand new! Stephanie should definitely be commended for her OU...

    R.H. Hershey, PA

  • excellent job as always. Spic and Span!

    R.D. Elizabethtown, PA

  • They were awesome, thanks ladies! Love the "Cascading tower of toilet paper rolls topped with tissue flowers" are missing your calling as an artist!!

    N.K. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Linda does a great job cleaning our house! She always shows up on time and with a smile. She is great with our kids and our dog too. We always look forward to the days when Linda cleans!

    E.D. Hershey, PA

  • Thanks echo and Lynda for a great clean. Everything looks great

    L.M. Hummelstown, PA

  • Allison arrived promptly and was left to clean the clubhouse. Subsequent inspection found it to meet our expectations.

    D.G. Hershey, PA

  • My home sparkled! Stephanie does an amazing job! There is nothing better than coming home to a beautiful, spotless home after a hard day at work. Thank you so much!!! :)

    R.H. Hershey, PA

  • Thank you - another wonderful job of cleaning our home.

    B.S. Harrisburg, PA

  • Reine did a fantastic job and we so very much enjoyed our towels

    K.M. Hummelstown, PA

  • Bethany did a great job and is detailed with her clean. She always takes the time to get as much done as possible and do a thorough clean at the same time. She is a hard worker!

    K.B. Hershey, PA

  • Allison is wonderful to have around. She is a hard working young lady!

    S.C. Palmyra, PA

  • Nicole and Stephanie did a terrific job.

    N.K. Hershey, PA

  • Excellent clean. I mentioned the dog hair on a foot stool and she took the time to vacuum it off!!

    A.F. Hershey, PA

  • As always, flawless finish by Echo (and her helper today) ...thank you!

    D.Y. Hummelstown, PA

  • My house looks and smells great. Thank you maid pro ?????

    C.M. Palmyra, PA

  • The ladies did a great job! The results were far better than those of past cleaning services that I had.

    L.H. Harrisburg, PA

  • We love maid pro! I look forward to the days they come and having a perfectly clean home! They care for it (and my puppy) as if it were their own. We love Valarie! She always does such a fantastic job! Thank you!

    M.E. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Once again your stellar service has made me and my son so thankful! Super job!

    T.M. Harrisburg, PA

  • The women who have worked in my home have always been hard working lovely people. I am always pleased with the job done and especially with their flexibility and attention to detail

    E.S. Annville, PA

  • The young ladies were very nice and thorough! I would use your service again!

    S.C. Palmyra, PA

  • My cleaning today was excellent - the house smelled so good following the cleaning today and there was an organized touch to how our house looked.

    M.K. Palmyra, PA

  • Andrew & Arianna did an excellent job! They were very Profestional & Personal.

    C.F. Palmyra, PA

  • Just when I think they can't do a better job they do!!

    M.R. Hummelstown, PA

  • The ladies did a fantastic job!!! Loved the special touches, like the cute toilet paper flowers!! Thanks for a great experience!

    D.P. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Good job. My home was cleaned very well, thank you so much. I appreciate it.

    M.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • Linda and her band of elves in training did a very nice job.

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • Reina did a wonderful job-we would be thrilled to have her back any time

    A.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • Maid Pro goes the extra step and introduces a new standard of cleanliness, friendliness and effort into each job. I'll definitely be a long term, happy customer!

    D.S. Hummelstown, PA

  • Valerie is very attentive to everything she does. I listened to her train a new person today and was very impressed. Very detailed in all her explanations and I am pleased with how well my house looks once she is done.

    C.H. Hummelstown, PA

  • I absolutely love Arianna and Maria --- they are the best!!!!

    L.M. Palmyra, PA

  • Valerie is awesome and pays attention to the details. I really appreciate that!

    S.B. Elizabethtown, PA

  • The team showed up on time, worked hard, acted professionally the entire period they were at the house and did a great job cleaning. They were also responsive to the few minor requests I had. Very nice work!

    M.C. Palmyra, PA

  • Reina was very professional and very personable. My family and I thank you so much for helping us during this difficult time. "Thank you" just doesn't seem to be enough. Bless you!

    T.M. Harrisburg, PA

  • Katie has now cleaned my apartment twice and I must say she did an outstanding job on both occasions!! I am very pleased with her work and she should be commended for a job well done! :) Thank you!!

    R.H. Hershey, PA

  • Andrew was wonderful!! We would love to have him back each month, his passion and commitment to your company shines!!

    T.L. Hershey, PA

  • I just now came in to my master bedroom. The bed was perfectly made and all my trinkets arranged just so, really nice to come home to. Special thanks for all the attention to detail.

    M. W, Hummelstown, PA

  • The service is excellent, positive, and on time. Thank you Maid Pro!

    J. Middletown, PA

  • Excellent clean She went above and beyond and helped clean some dog hair off for couch and footstool Very much appreciated

    A.F. Hershey, PA

  • Bethany and Megan did a perfect job! Thank you so much, as this is a big help to us.

    L.H. Hummelstown, PA

  • Andrew was friendly, conscientious, and very thorough! I could not have been happier with the service!

    S.B. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Valerie was very pleasant and did a great job! I'm always so relieved after my home is cleaned by a MaidPro professional. Thank you!

    S.B. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Linda, and her trainee Andrew, did a wonderful job. The house looks great. Thanks, MaidPro!

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • Echo is one of the hardest working persons I've known. She goes full speed for 4 hours straight without taking any shortcuts.

    B.S. Harrisburg, PA

  • as always a wonderful job!! thank you for caring about your services, and sending professionals!!

    T.L. Hershey, PA

  • The two girls were outstanding -- everything was perfect!! Thank you!

    K.S. Hershey, PA

  • wonderful as always thank you

    S.W. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Muranda is always so friendly and she does a fantastic job. I will be happy if she continues working here.

    N.D. Palmyra, PA

  • This is my second feedback submitted,the vacuuming was terrific, and the bathtub sparkled! Overall great experience & my 15 yr.old daughter was super impressed!

    M.H. Palmyra, PA

  • After a very long 2 weeks it was great as always to come home to a spotless house!! the bathrooms and Kitchen were sparkling!! thanks to the girls ....

    L.B. Hershey, PA

  • My house has never sparkled so much. I came home from work, and could not believe my eyes. Mandy did an awesome job, and I just love it!!!!!!!!

    R.T. Middletown, PA

  • excellent service by Linda- as usual

    A.Z. Hershey, PA

  • Linda did her quality work as usual. We enjoy having her in our home. And Megan was an excellent assistant to her. We very much appreciate our Maid Pros!

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • The girls did an excellent (beyond excellent) with my house. I know they worked really hard and I could not be happier or more appreciative!!!!

    K.D. Middletown, PA

  • Megan did a fantastic job, very thorough! After a very long day it was so great to come home and relax in my very clean house. Thank you

    L.B. Hershey, PA

  • Megan did a great job - she was very expeditious yet thorough in making sure all our floors and bathrooms were clean and shining. She even finished early! Our dogs like her too and she was very kind to them. Thanks!

    L.M. Hershey, PA

  • The bathrooms sparkle and Valerie did a thorough job today. She said that all the soap scum should be gone in about 2 more visits. So far I am very pleased.

    F.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • The ladies did an excellent job. Everything was perfect and professionally done. I can't believe it took me this long to do this. How wonderful it was to walk in the door, from a long day at the office, to find my house in order and clean. Thank you.

    C.A. Mount Gretna, PA

  • The house looks immaculate!!! So thank them for me!

    M.W. Hummelstown, PA

  • As always, Allison is the best. Always prompt, efficient and respectful.

    J.F. Lebanon, PA

  • The girls were so nice that came to the house and they did a terrific job. I can't tell you how much I appreciated the job they did.

    D.R. Middletown, PA

  • My daughter said you were very thorough and efficient. Thanks so much.

    M.S. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Laura did an excellent job today. And she made friends with my two dogs immediately - they of course wanted to help her! Good thing she has a lot of patience with them and did fine without their assistance. Nice to have such a nice clean house!

    L.M. Hershey, PA

  • She made my house sparkle. Didn't want to use the kitchen it looked so nice. Thanks again

    C.H. Hummelstown, PA

  • Linda did an incredible job! I have nothing but praise, for her thoroughness...due to the late departure of the xmas tree, needles were everywhere! It was nice to get home late and have it so spotless! thank you all again for all you do....

    L.B. Hershey, PA

  • Thanks so much for always going above and beyond!!!

    T.L. Hershey, PA

  • My first time having Laura at the house. She did an amazing job!! Went above and beyond what the other girls usually do. Even cleaned some crayon drawings on windows and walls left by my 2 year old! I definitely hope to have her on a routine basis.

    M.S. Palmyra, PA

  • We were very pleased with our service. Everyone involved demonstrated excellence in their customer service. Clearly, Maid Pro is a focused, service organization. The emails and videos were helpful in understanding the services offered. The team relie...

    S.R. Palmyra, PA

  • Maid Pro did an amazing job on an investment property of mine. The home was treated so thoughtlessly by the tenant, they never ran a vacuum in 2 1/2 years. The kitchen and the bathroom were both filthy. Maid Pro came in and now it looks like new! I a...

    S.C. Palmyra, PA

  • I was able to schedule a last minute service. Not only did they find a way to make it work, the service was one of the best I ever had. Thanks Ladies!! A wonderful relief for the help and a wonderful job.

    S.O. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Awesome again!! Very professional !

    J.R. Middletown, PA

  • Mandy did a lovely job and my dogs really like her, so her visit was very "uneventful" as life with dogs can go. I appreciate how hard she worked to produce such a nice result.

    LM Hershey, PA

  • Thank you Linda. Thank you Maid Pro. We have learned how to stay clean and organized. Linda did an amazing job with our house. She was a joy to have as our mentor. Good luck. Thank you.

    SB Palmyra, PA

  • Brandy did a very nice job today. Professional and thorough. Another good Maid Pro experience!

    P.H. Hershey, PA

  • Jen & Megan were very professional, polite, respectful and worked diligently in the time they were here. We're definitely interested in having them back.

    R.R. Hummelstown, PA

  • My cleaner is a sweetheart! I love having her clean my home

    L.B. Palmyra, PA

  • "Linda is the best! Thank you."

    R.D. Elizabethtown, PA

  • "Linda & Ashley did a great job!"

    D.Z. Hershey, PA

  • "The girls did a great job. We are interested in continuing the cleaning weekly with a team of girls."

    A.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Happy as always - we love Linda!"

    F.G. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Always pleased with Ashley and Ericka! Love having your service and am never disappointed!"

    C.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Megan is sooo good! Most pleased with her cleaning expertise."

    P.B. Hershey, PA

  • "The house looks great!"

    M.G. Palmyra, PA

  • "Megan did an amazing job today. I just wanted to thank her for going above and beyond!"

    S.M. Palmyra, PA

  • "The two young ladies were providing move-out services for my mother's independent living unit at seniors community. My mom hadn't been keeping her home very clean and they had quite a challenge. They did a miraculous job. I would definitely recommen...

    K.S. Palmyra, PA

  • "I was home for the first time during this last clean and got to meet Kimmy - she was fantastic!!!"

    L.T. Hershey, PA

  • "Running a business is very rewarding but having MaidPro clean let's me focus on other items on my to do list! It's also given me more time with my family :)"

    D.S.F. Mt. Joy, PA

  • "The ladies did an OUTSTANDING job in cleaning my home!! I was pleasantly surprised by how much they did clean. WONDERFUL JOB!!!"

    M.D. Hershey, PA

  • "Echo did a fabulous job! I am very pleased and MaidPro/Echo surely exceeded my expectations based on other (awful) house cleaning services I have used in the past. Just wonderful work and I would surely recommend you to others. Looking forward to th...

    P.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • "The ladies who cleaned did an excellent job. I am very pleased with them!"

    E.E. Hershey, PA

  • "Echo did a fabulous job cleaning my house and making it so pretty. I am one very happy new MaidPro client."

    P.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Kari and Echo are a great duo!! Very pleased with service, a job well done!"

    C.S. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Another great clean by MaidPro cleaner Linda. Nice job. Always nice to come home to a clean house. Thank you"

    S.B. Palmyra, PA

  • "We absolutely love having Kari in our home. She keeps me very organized, which is no easy feat.Thank you so much!"

    E.L. Palmyra, PA

  • "Great job! Very thorough. Thanks!"

    G.H. Annville, PA

  • "Megan is Awesome! She does a great job!"

    A.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • "We are over the moon happy with our service, fantastic job ladies!!"

    R.D. Elizabethtown, PA

  • "When I walked into the house I could tell the house was clean just by the smell!! You did an amazing job cleaning some pretty dirty stuff in our kitchen. Even the wheels of the kitchen cart were cleaned! I feel much better about moving into our new...

    V.W. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Another excellent cleaning experience courtesy of Kimmy. She is, always most respectful/careful around treasured items, always cheerful, quite efficient/professional, and dedicated to her craft. Kimmy is a fine representative of MaidPro. Looking for...

    W.S. Palmyra, PA

  • "This team is excellent"

    N.R. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Our cleaner goes above and beyond. We love having her!"

    N.R. Elizabethtown, PA

  • "Great as always"

    C.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Ashley did a great job as always!"

    T.D. Hummelstown, PA

  • "I love how Laura takes her job personally. You can tell she truly enjoys what she does. She strives for excellence and that shows through her work. It's also nice to know that she cares so much about our animals. I have two VERY nosy cats and they a...

    N.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Linda and Sam did an excellent job!!"

    T.C. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Once again, a wonderful job, I really liked Linda, she did an amazing job."

    S.B. Palmyra, PA

  • "Please thank Ashley for the great job she did today! I was so pleased when I walked in the door and saw all that she did to make my house sparkle. She does a lot of extra things that I noticed, like wiping the window above the kitchen sink free from...

    K.H. Palmyra, PA

  • "Ericka continues to do a wonderful job cleaning. Thank you!"

    K.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Once again Jamie did a terrific job. I would recommend her to anyone who asked."

    S.M. Elizabethtown, PA

  • "Jamie did a great job as usual"

    P.S. Hershey, PA

  • "Laura was wonderful, as always. It's the little touches that really stand out. She even refilled our keurig coffees!"

    N.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Very impressed that you stopped back to change bedding, great customer service!"

    E.E. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Echo did a great job. I would like her again, please."

    F.&A. M. Hershey, PA

  • "A quick note of thanks to you and your team for keeping our home neat and clean over the holidays. We really appreciate it and you certainly helped us concentrate on other things besides housekeeping! Linda is especially outgoing and conscientious."

    R.D. Elizabethtown, PA

  • "Laura is surprisingly thorough! I love walking in to such a clean house. Thank you!!"

    N.W. Hummelstown, PA

  • "So happy to have your service!!! Thanks for everything..."

    C.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Brooke did a wonderful job! She straightened so many areas and everything looked so neat and clean when I came home."

    J.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Ericka is great! We are very happy with her work!"

    P.S. Hummelstown, PA

  • "I can't thank you enough for the excellent job all three of you did on our home! It looked AWESOME and I really felt like it was important to both ladies (you and I never ran into each other that day) that a quality job be done. There isn't a doubt...

    A.N. Hershey, PA

  • "The ladies were very professional and did a great job. I am very satisfied with the way the house looks and appreciate how quickly you got in touch with me and set this up."

    S.K. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Linda was AMAZING!! I hope that I can always have her! Loved everything about her and learned a few things! She is great!

    F.G. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Linda was wonderful! What a great listener, very gracious and kind. Your company delivers everything they say they will with a smile!"

    A.K. Palmyra, PA

  • "Angie was our MaidPro, who we feel did an excellent job. She was very quiet and efficient moving from room to room. Was very friendly and courteous. Also the program, Cleaning for a Reason, is an excellent service your company offers to those in nee...

    B.C. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Big upgrade from our last provider. Very conscientious and thorough."

    R.D. Elizabethtown, PA

  • "I am very impressed with the work and the professionally perfect person Tatiana. If I ever need a house cleaning I would call for her again! I will definitely tell my friends about it :)"

    S.P. Harrisburg, PA

  • "Another awesome job. So glad I made the call for "help"."

    S.B. Palmyra, PA

  • "Ericka does an amazing job and my husband always notices how clean the house is!"

    T.G. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Laura is great! She exceeds my expectations every time!"

    N.L. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Very professional job. Just what I was looking for"

    R.S. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Angie did an awesome, fabulous, just wonderful job! My husband has his motorcycles and I have my Angie!"

    P.A. Palmyra, PA

  • " Please tell Ashley, Geri, & Echo job well done. Everything looks wonderful!! My house smells clean. I also liked the flowers made from tissue and toilet paper. Very nice touch!! I am not sure when I will contact you in the future. But it will be Ma...

    C.F. Palmyra, PA

  • "They do such a great job!"

    D.G. Hummelstown, PA

  • "Thank you for the flexibility in our cleaning around the hoiday. Love the baby onsie - adorable! :)"

    D.H. Hummelstown, PA

  • "The cleaning team of Echo and Brooke was very polite and professional. The team was efficient and diligent---looking forward to their continued return---"

    C.O. Hershey, PA

  • "Great Job. I love coming home after work and opening the door and being welcomed by such a nice clean smell!! It's those simple things in life that give me joy :-)"

    G.H. Annville, PA

  • "My wife and I were not planning on using your services long term but your ladies do such great work my wife had decided she must continue service"

    S.L. Hershey, PA

  • "Ashley went above & beyond with organizing things & she emptied the dishwasher which is not necessary but very sweet"

    Regina Hershey, PA

  • "Ericka is the best, she always goes the extra mile and our house looks great"

    V.V. Palmyra, PA

  • "Sarah is great! She is friendly and hard-working. She does a great job cleaning and we are glad to have her back!

    P.S. Hummelstown, PA

  • "They paid attention to little things that needed to be done"

    J.B. Hummelstown, PA

  • "The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was the clean fresh smell! I loved the clean floors, and when I saw the toaster, I thought I had died and went to heaven! Wonderful !!!!"

    N.W. Hummelstown, PA

  • "It was just perfectly just perfect. It was a long week so when I returned home, it was such a treat. She did an awesome job, and so nice to do my sons bathroom!! That was so great!!"

    L.B. Hershey, PA

  • I don't know how Ericka got my kitchen sink so sparkly clean... but, keep up the good work! Ericka was very detail oriented. We are so pleased!

    ET Elizabethtown, PA

  • I cannot believe the iron stains in my toilet are gone

    S.Y. Palmyra, PA

  • Welcome surprise - she is the only one that ever cleaned under my couch! Needless to say, she found all of my dog's treats and was very thoughtful about putting them out for me to see

    JB Hummelstown, PA

  • Ashley did a deep cleaning of the areas that I requested. She did a great job in the laundry room which is often overlooked

    PR Hummelstown, PA

  • It's always great to come home to a clean and organized apartment and a friendly note from Sarah. The cleaning is always great, but her notes are something extra to make me smile

    CW Hummelstown, PA

  • Nice detailed notes and personal! I also liked they gave a cleaning tip on how to get the stain out of our toilet bowls

    KB Hershey, PA

  • The rapore with the staff is very flexible

    LJ Elizabethtown, PA

  • It was so nice to leave a messy, disorganized, cluttered home and come back to find everything neatly put away. It made the whole house seem much larger and more welcoming

    CW Hershey, PA

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At MaidPro Hershey, house cleaning and maid services are our priority. We are located in Hershey on Cocoa Avenue and deliver personalized, precise services to Elizabethtown, Hershey, Hummelstown and Palmyra. Whether you want a house cleaning in Hummelstown or maid service in Elizabethtown, just call us for all your Hershey area cleaning needs. 

In business since 2011, MaidPro of Hershey is owned by Nichole Kambesis, who opened her house cleaning company because she wanted a job where she could enjoy family-friendly hours and have a positive impact on people’s lives. She's especially proud to stand behind MaidPro’s 49-Point Checklist™ because it covers every last detail including removing fingerprints from all woodwork, door frames and switch plates—and of course removing any chocolate stains they encounter. A fan of the distinct flavor of each Hershey area town, Nichole is excited to introduce area residents to MaidPro’s unique menu of services.


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At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional cleaning service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.