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Customers love MaidPro Denver

  • April was thorough and did an outstanding job! She is to be complimented!

    C.L. Denver, CO

  • Great job! With my daughter in the hospital is was so nice to come home to a clean home!

    R.W. Denver, CO

  • Avalene always does a complete job cleaning our house! My wife and I are very happy with her. She always does very detailed work, especially in our kitchen and bathroom!

    D.H. Denver, CO

  • My home is very clean! She did a fantastic job. I was very impressed!

    D.M. Denver, CO

  • Its always great when MaidPro cleans my home. The floors are the main thing for me (since I hate to do them myself) and they are always wonderful!

    D.C. Denver, CO

  • All the rooms are clean at the same time! Loved the careful attention to detail and the friendly attitude. Changing out of street shoes really impressed me!

    D.R. Denver, CO

  • Very thorough cleaning of the baseboards and ceiling fans!

    D.H. Denver, CO

  • Great thorough cleaning. I like that the coffee table was moved for cleaning and moved back. The glass shower doors look great

    J.H. Denver, CO

  • Really loved having the 49 Point Checklist as a way of seeing what they do. I loved how the house smelled clean, not like cleaning supplies when we walked in!

    L.P. Denver, CO

  • Maria was amazing! She did a wonderful job of getting my house clean. My husband even remarked how well she did and he never notices anything. Thank you!!

    K.S. Denver, CO

  • Super clean place. Still so blown away at how clean the place gets!

    J.E. Denver, CO

  • Everything was spotless. The house has never been so clean!

    N.S. Denver, CO

  • As usual, Gloria gest every nook and cranny! She even took my recycling out!

    K.L. Denver, CO

  • After 4 weeks, our house was badly in need of a clean. When I returned home, I was again completely impressed with Marias work, especially the floors which positively gleam. Thank you!

    B.R. Denver, CO

  • We love Lupita and think she does a wonderful job!

    B.M. Littleton, CO

  • GREAT JOB ONCE AGAIN! We really value this service and thank you for the hard work!

    J.A. Lakewood, CO

  • I loved the surprise of seeing my bedspread free of the dog hair! Thank you Nermiua!!

    A.V. Denver, CO

  • Gloria is amazing, thorough and fast!

    K.L. Denver, CO

  • April is amazing!

    G.R. Denver, CO

  • Gloria is wonderful, she even did my toaster that I accidentally left out!

    K.L. Denver, CO

  • Ines is wonderful and always on time which we really appreciate and she does a great job cleaning our home!

    J.R. Denver, CO

  • Rosa took the time to vacuum the cobwebs in our unused fireplace! She did a wonderful job!

    C.C. Littleton, CO

  • So nice to come home to a clean house! And Alma is very sweet!

    D.M. Denver, CO

  • Rosa is awesome! She cleans so completely, I have no complaints. I really like having her be my consistent person!

    C.Z. Denver, CO

  • So nice to return to a clean home after a long work day. Great job Linda!

    N.R. Denver, CO

  • Very thorough cleaning throughout the house, especially with the bathroomsThank you!

    J.A. Lakewood, CO

  • Wendy does such a nice job of communicating with her notes!

    C.G. Denver, CO

  • Maria did an excellent job! She thoroughly cleaned everything, even things like the lights above the mirrors. She is very sweet and it was delightful to have her here!

    J.D. Lakewood, CO

  • Ines does a wonderful job every time. Ines is a lovely person and we appreciate having her in our home!

    J.R. Denver, CO

  • Lupe as per usual has done phenomenal job; its wonderful coming home to a beautiful, clean home!

    R.P. Englewood, CO

  • As always, Sylvia sparkles as does her work Thank you!

    B.A. Wheatridge, CO

  • Excellent, thorough job and a very professional house cleaning service!

    B.M. Denver, CO

  • The ladies did a fabulous job cleaning my home! They were both very efficient and Cindy was just amazing to work with! She was accommodating and helpful getting our appointment scheduled to meet the limitations of our movers arrival and departure. Ci...

    D.T. Denver, CO

  • I love Sylvia! She does a wonderful job every time she cleans my house! Shes also extremely polite to me when I have to get in her way while she is cleaning!

    K.H. Denver, CO

  • Linda did a superb job cleaning my home!

    N.R. Denver, CO

  • The cleaning was great, as always! Thank you for replacing the candle holder, I was very surprised that you found one for me!

    R.C. Denver, CO

  • Great job cleaning the bathrooms, really went above and beyond on the rust stains!

    J.T. Denver, CO

  • Your staff was very professional, friendly and detailed in their cleaning of my house!

    J.J. Denver, CO

  • Alma and Rosa were excellent. If I ever need your house cleaning service again I hope they will be assigned to me. They know what they are doing!

    N.S. Denver, CO

  • Lupe did an amazing job cleaning our home! Her thoroughness and thoughtfulness reflects well on your company. Thank you for sending her our way!

    R.P. Englewood, CO

  • Dalia and Alice were very pleasant and efficient! Great job!

    A.G. Littleton, CO

  • Donisha does fantastic work cleaning our home!

    A.V. Denver, CO

  • I loved that they cleaned the recycle bin and all the coasters! Keep up the GREAT work!

    A.B. Denver, CO

  • Beautiful job on the bathroom floor, it has never looked better! Thank you Maria, everything sparkled, even the glass table on the porch! We so appreciate the care that Maria takes with our home!

    B.R. Denver, CO

  • Margarita did a phenomenal job! I especially noticed how nice the floors looked!

    C.C. Littleton, CO

  • As per usual, Maria did an amazing, thorough, impeccable job! Its wonderful coming home to a clean (and great smelling) house every other Friday!

    R.P. Englewood, CO

  • Maria is top notch! She did a great job on the walls in my guest bathroom!

    N.R. Denver, CO

  • Our house cleaning service was very good today! Thanks for the extra attention on the master bathroom floor!

    L.R. Denver, CO

  • I wanted to leave feedback now that MaidPro has cleaned our home 5 times now. The first clean was by far the most thorough and superior clean that I have ever had in our home. What has been equally rewarding though is that each successive clean after...

    M.D. Denver, CO

  • Excellent thorough job and very professional service!

    B.M. Denver, CO

  • Everything they did was great! I love the work they do cleaning my house!

    C.S. Littleton, CO

  • Awesome as usual!

    K.K. Denver, CO

  • She did a great job cleaning our house! Great focus on the details!

    E.S. Denver, CO

  • Gloria was wonderful, everything in my home was spotless!

    K.L. Denver, CO

  • Very thorough house cleaning! Very sweet women and very nice! They worked great together as a team!

    W.W. Denver, CO

  • Everything was done excellently! Always love coming home to the sparkling clean kitchen and coffee pot!

    K.L. Denver, CO

  • I loved that Hilda moved some pillows around and put them where she thought they looked nice. The whole house looked spectacular and we love coming home after a cleaning

    L.J. Denver, CO

  • Maria did a top notch job as always! My shower ceilings were sparkling

    N.R. Denver, CO

  • Thank you Lupe! You did a great job cleaning yesterday and so sorry you had to work around a bunch of stuff!! Thanks again!

    M.G. Denver, CO

  • I had a death in the family last week and as a consequence things were in much more disorder than I usually like to leave them. Hilda did an incredible job even with the extra level of messiness, and it was so very comforting to return to a home that...

    S.M. Denver, CO

  • Maria left our house sparkling clean. When I returned home I found a note from Maria in Spanish (my request) consoling us on the loss of our little dog Abbey. I had shared with Maria that we had had to put Abbey to sleep just an hour earlier. The not...

    B.R. Denver, CO

  • Awesome! Hilda did an amazing job. Very thorough in spite of having to run past 5:00 PM

    B.G. Denver, CO

  • I liked the fact that Maria walked me around showing me everything that had been done!

    I.C. Denver, CO

  • Exceptional! Im hoping Hilda is the one to clean my apartment every month!

    C.Y. Denver, CO

  • I like that the cleaners like my cats and I dont have to worry about them getting out!

    C.B. Denver, CO

  • The cleaning is thorough and meticulous! I couldnt be more satisfied

    M.D. Denver, CO

  • I have a white kitchen sink which I literally thought would not be clean again. Your crew made it look like new. Literally unbelievable!

    M.E. Denver, CO

  • I really appreciate the flexibility of MaidPro! Either with tweaking my cleanings by adding on an oven clean, or being able to overcome the mess that was left today (sorry, I got engaged last night and didn't get a chance to pick up!), MaidPro is sin...

    A.B. Denver, CO

  • April and Maria were thorough and efficient. My house looks and feels wonderful!

    M.L. Denver, CO

  • Hilda always leaves the house looking awesome! I couldn't do it without her!

    K.K. Denver, CO

  • The little triangles on the toilet paper are always something my guests comment on when I entertain. The level of detail always gets noticed!

    P.F. Denver, CO

  • I loved coming into my house and seeing the wood floors noticeably cleaner; much cleaner than I could have ever gotten them!

    E.C. Englewood, CO

  • Bathrooms were spotless, Maria did a very nice job cleaning our house!

    N.R. Denver, CO

  • The cleaning job was excellent! I thought the toilet paper flowers were a nice touch!

    C.L. Denver, CO

  • Awesome! She always pays a lot of attention to my floors!

    L.B. Denver, CO

  • It was wonderful to come home after you have worked your magic on my house!

    J.N. Denver, CO

  • Mayra was so thorough and the house was cleaned beautifully!

    E.T. Denver, CO

  • Love the house cleaning job! Your service is consistent and I love that!

    J.R. Denver, CO

  • She did an amazing job right before the holidays. She cleaned the inside of the medicine cabinets! lovely surprise!

    A.Q. Denver, CO

  • It was the most thorough professional house cleaning I've ever had! Please send her back!

    D.M. Denver, CO

  • That Mayra does a knock-out job cleaning my home!

    M.W. Denver, CO

  • Maria did a great job working around our construction project, thanks!

    M.S. Denver, CO

  • I could not have asked for a more professional service with an outstanding personal touch. Thank you so much!!!!!

    T.D. Denver, CO

  • Every surface of my house shines after Maria cleans. I especially love the notes she leaves us!

    B.R. Denver, CO

  • Loved the clean bathrooms and kitchen awesome job!

    O.C. Denver, CO

  • We were both underfoot, but Rosa was very sweet and able to do an amazing job even with us being in her way!! She was even great with our dogs! Thanks Rosa E. !

    N.K. Denver, CO

  • Lupe always does a fantastic job! I don't fill out these feedback forms often enough! She cleans our house better than anyone has before (including me!)

    B.C. Englewood, CO

  • I love that Margarita always leaves a friendly note on the counter! She does great work!

    M.M. Denver, CO

  • The house cleaning was very thorough and came in around the estimate I was given, I was very satisfied

    B.L. Denver, CO

  • I am very detail oriented when I clean every week and to have someone that takes the same pride in my home as if it were their own was such a nice surprise! I love clean baseboards and appliances - it was a very good detailed job!

    C.O. Denver, CO

  • Our house cleaning yesterday was fantastic! Rosa and Wendy did a great job!

    L.H. Denver, CO

  • I knew I would like how my home looked but I never truly understood how I would absolutely love how it looked. Now it makes me realize how bad it had gotten. I cannot say enough wonderful things about my whole experience. (this is the first) Your off...

    D.Y. Denver, CO

  • Ines was very efficient and very, very pleasant! We hope to see her here again to clean our home!

    M.W. Denver, CO

  • Nothing makes me happier than to come home after Iris has cleaned my place! I will refer this company again and again, you always come through!

    H.S. Denver, CO

  • WOW! Margarita and Tamara were awesome. All I can smell is clean. I went behind them and checked everything they did and I have to say I made the right choice by choosing MaidPro for my house cleaning. I have a dinner party for 10 friends tonight and...

    P.F. Denver, CO

  • Nate is going a great job! He is very punctual, efficient and does a great job cleaning my house. Please keep him on my schedule!! Thanks!

    A.Q. Denver, CO

  • Adriana did a fantastic job cleaning my home! I am so glad I found you guys...Thanks!

    A.V. Denver, CO

  • Wonderful as always. We couldn't be more thrilled with the maid service!

    P.R. Denver, CO

  • We were very pleased with the cleaning and the attention to details/instructions/requests.

    K.T. Denver, CO

  • They did a great job cleaning my house, not one thing was missed!

    C.K. Denver, CO

  • Maria and Brittany were very nice and very efficient cleaning my house! I will use MaidPro Denver again!

    H.H. Littleton, CO

  • The floors haven't been this clean since I moved in! Thank you!

    L.W. Denver, CO

  • Your maid service is excellent , thank you very much!

    L.C. Denver, CO

  • The maid service was excellent - I love coming home after your crew has been there! Please thank them for their great work on my behalf! Thanks!

    M.T. Denver, CO

  • They did a great job cleaning our house! I love my house being so clean!!!

    L.S. Littleton, CO

  • This was the first time that Nate was here for our cleaning service and I am very pleased with the work that he did. Thank you!

    B.S. Denver, CO

  • Monica did a great job cleaning the house! The kitchen floors looked particularly nice!

    C.I. Denver, CO

  • Wendy and Maria were delightful, and did such a wonderful job cleaning our house! Bravo!

    S.I. Denver, CO

  • Silvia did a great job cleaning our house! Our wood floors looked beautiful!

    J.S. Denver, CO

  • The house is spotless, THANK YOU!!!

    R.A. Denver, CO

  • The girls did a great job cleaning our house. Gave them a cash tip while they were here!

    L.L. Littleton, CO

  • Our Maids did a great job. They didn't miss a spot!

    C.K. Englewood, CO

  • This was my first service. Jairo and Jessica did a great job cleaning my house. I'm very pleased!

    R.D. Denver, CO

  • We really appreciate Maria, both her fine work and the wonderful notes (en Espaola) she writes. Muchas gracias.

    B.R. Denver, CO

  • Maria did a great job cleaning our home. It is always great coming home to a clean house. I truly appreciate your service!

    N.E. Denver, CO

  • Lupe did a Fabulous job cleaning our house!

    A.Q. Denver, CO

  • Maria always does an amazing job cleaning our house! She is detail oriented and leaves everything looking beautiful!

    M.O. Centennial, CO

  • You always do a great job cleaning my house, Maidpro. The last cleaning was excellent as well. Please tell the two ladies I appreciate their work. It was great to see Maria!

    B.R. Denver, CO

  • Maria is very friendly and she did a very good job. I liked her very much!

    B.R. Littleton, CO

  • Maria did a wonderful job cleaning our house, as usual! She put away the clean dishes in the kitchen, makes the beds beautifully & makes the whole house look great. Thank you!

    M.O. Littleton, CO

  • Ursula and Monica are my two favorite people today. They did an amazing job cleaning my house. I didn't even think they'd open my laundry closet but it was organized, dusted and amazing. Everywhere I look is another thing I can't believe they cleaned...

    P.R. Denver, CO

  • As always, our house was beautifully cleaned!

    B.K. Denver, CO

  • As always, I love coming home to a sparkling clean house! Thanks for a wonderful job today.

    D.A. Denver, CO

  • While I was not there personally, the realtor who was supervising the house cleaning on our behalf said MaidPro did a great job and the house looks terrific! Thanks so much- you really made a difference in helping get a house ready for sale!

    P.H. Denver, CO

  • MaidPro, you have changed my life and saved our marriage! Thanks for the great house cleaning

    E.C. Denver, CO

  • Please send extra brochures when your crew comes next time. I have finally found my cleaning service and I will spread the news!

    K.M. Cherry Creek, CO

  • This is wonderful house cleaning!

    B.S. Capitol Hill, CO

  • Ruby was very professional and just great with the dogs!

    A.T. Country Club, CO

  • Your staff is a delight to have in my home and their work is excellent!

    S.C. Washington Park, CO

  • Thanks for going to the limit and beyond! You even cleaned my kitchen soap dish and spice rack!

    M.G. Hampden, CO

  • Tina and Matt are very professional and responsive! We are so happy we found you!

    H.A. Belcaro, CO

  • When I saw my house I knew I couldnt live without you!

    K.M. Denver, CO

  • I cant wait for my mother to come visit, shell look right into all the corners and behind the TV and find no dust. MaidPros cleaning service will be our little secret.

    M.T. Denver, CO

  • Very happy we changed from our other cleaning service!

    S.W. Denver, CO

  • They did a wonderful job! Especially since we have 4 dogs!

    T.N. Denver, CO

  • MaidPro is far and away the best cleaning service we have ever had! We are recommending you to all our friends!

    T.L. Denver, CO

  • My house cleaner has been great. MaidPro is on time, reliable and does a great job at a reasonable price. They seem to go over and above!

    D.H. Denver, CO

  • I recently hired MaidPro in Denver to clean my house. It has been a great experience! They are reasonably priced, they are timely, professional and my house has never looked cleaner! The woman who was assigned to clean my home is detailed in her work...

    J.B. Glendale, CO

  • MaidPro of Denver has been great to work with. Their professional staff do a fantastic job consistently and I am very pleased with my service. For each clean a detailed checklist is left behind to acknowledge that the cleaner has not forgotten or ove...

    L.J. Stapleton, CO

  • I thought I was picky! I do not normally like things moved around, but everything was put back in place...and the cleaning was superb. Silvia and Judy knew exactly what to do, and handled everything with care. It is also nice to know that I will not...

    R.F. Lodo, CO

  • MaidPro of Denver does an absolutely excellent job. Their customer service is great, and so are their employees. If there is anything that is unsatisfactory, they will send someone as soon as they can to come and re-clean that area, but most of the t...

    S.R. Highlands, CO

  • MaidPro of Denver goes above and beyond to ensure that the cleaning tasks were performed as promised, and that the customer is always unquestionably happy with the work and the people doing it. Their cleaning staff has always been top notch in terms...

    S.E. Cherry Creek, CO

  • My wife and I have enjoyed the excellent service we have received from MaidPro. The cleaning is always very thorough. Even the substitute cleaning ladies have done excellent work, paying attention to detail.

    J.L. Washington Park, CO

  • I have always been happy with the quality of service I have received from MaidPro. The same young woman has been cleaning my house for over a year now. She does a great job and never uses any harsh chemicals. That's important to me with two young chi...

    T.S. Englewood, CO

  • MaidPro has been cleaning our home for over a year and we have always been very pleased with the ladies they provide. They try to send the same person each time which gives us a more thorough cleaning as they get to 'know' our home. Our current lady...

    L.B. Park Hill, CO

  • My wife and I decided to look for a cleaning service (our first) and we hit the jackpot on the first try! After looking at several reviews and prices for cleaning services, we decided to try MaidPro. We have had three cleanings with MaidPro, and each...

    J.L. Lodo, CO

  • We've had MaidPro now for about 7 months. I like their service for two main reasons: they do a good job and they are bonded. I also like that they solicit feedback after every cleaning and are punctual. Of course, like any human being, spots are occa...

    W.H. Lakewood, CO

  • We continue to be impressed with the quality of cleaning service we receive from MaidPro

    J.K. Denver, CO

  • Maria is fabulous and always pays attention to the small details that really make a difference. Wonderful job!

    M.O. Denver, CO

  • Our home always looks wonderful when Maria is done. She pays attention to the small details, which really makes a difference.

    M.O. Littleton, CO

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MaidPro Denver prides itself on delivering top-quality cleaning to all homes across the city. We deliver personalized service to residential homes in the surrounding area. MaidPro has a deep tradition of excellence and is the premier cleaning service in Colorado. We offer a variety of cleaning schedules to fit your specific needs, because your standards aren’t standard.

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At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

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We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.