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Parkville, MD 21234

Customers love MaidPro Dundalk, MD

  • MaidPro did a fantastic job!

    Meghan B Essex, MD

  • MaidPro is just a godsend!

    Kelly C Parkville, MD

  • Our Pro did an excellent job, was responsive and a pleasure to have in the house.

    Bess K Baltimore, MD

  • Always polite, professional, and efficient!

    Patrick D Towson, MD

  • The house was spotless!

    Louise K Baltimore, MD

  • Very nice job! Thorough clean and organizations. Thank you!

    Susan S Baltimore, MD

  • Was so good to get the house cleaned after Thanksgiving and house guests. Awesome job Ashley!

    Barbara O Baltimore, MD

  • Thank you so much MaidPro for the clean home!!!

    Soud Z Baltimore, MD

  • they did great work

    George G Towson, MD

  • MaidPro was fantastic. Our PRO was friendly, thorough and fast.

    Autumn H Parkville, MD

  • MaidPro did another great job, it was so nice to have the house clean for hosting Thanksgiving dinner!

    Shaina Z Parkville, MD

  • MaidPro did an excellent job cleaning our home. Everything looked and smelled so great. Thank you for the excellent job.

    Debbie K Middle River, MD

  • MaidPro rocks the clean!

    Mary Ellen K Towson, MD

  • House looked really clean and smelled wonderful

    Chris H Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro really know what needs to get done

    Basil M Baltimore, MD

  • The house looked great as always - thanks!

    Emily S Baltimore, MD

  • My PRO is always amazing! My dog adores her!

    Bernadette J Baltimore, MD

  • My PRO is great! She does a fantastic job!

    Amanda L Towson, MD

  • Again, just wonderful work. I'm a happy customer :)

    JP K Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro has outstanding cleaners. House and contents squeaky clean

    Joy K Baltimore, MD

  • Arrived home to an amazingly clean home! A great feeling after a long weekend and start to the work week!

    Jenny L Baltimore, MD

  • My cleaning was absolutely spectacular! Everything was cleaned beyond my expected standards!

    Maegan L White Marsh, MD

  • Thanks so much; the house looked great!

    Emily S Baltimore, MD

  • As usual, MaidPro did an outstanding job!!!! Thank you for all your hard work(;

    Alba A Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • MaidPro did an exceptionally job! Cammie, our Swiss pup, does agree! Thank you for the great work!

    Robert M Towson, MD

  • Your crew was very nice. Even though they had the list of things I requested they suggested a couple more I hadn't thought about. They did a great job!

    Sandy A Parkville, MD

  • Each time I think I can't be any more thrilled with a clean, you all surprise me. Time, detail and effort went into today's clean and it shows. Thanks so much!! A++

    Tamara P Baltimore, MD

  • Great job!

    Arun D Baltimore, MD

  • The attention to details is incredible!

    Tobi W Baltimore, MD

  • Thank you for your wonderful customer service!

    Emma B Baltimore, MD

  • My PRO is wonderful. She cares, she is thorough, and my dogs love her.

    Doug M Baltimore, MD

  • Fabulous job, thanks MaidPro!

    Nichole K Baltimore, MD

  • I am very happy with the work of MaidPro. I always know that the house will be sparkling clean, and all the little details will be attended to. Plus, how friendly and pleasant they are!

    Kathleen M Towson, MD

  • Our Pro loved our new puppy, and made a friend for life. He loves her as much as we do, and that's why we so appreciate her kind and loving care of our home.

    Felicity N Baltimore, MD

  • Very nicely done

    Matt D Baltimore, MD

  • What a great job! I was so impressed with the attention to detail and overall care that they took to go the extra mile to make my house look amazing!

    Julie L Baltimore, MD

  • Thanks for a great job! Again. :-)

    Deborah O Nottingham, MD

  • My Pro did a wonderful job, her service is excellent.

    Dorisha Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro is great - really knows how we want our house cleaned!

    Barbara O Baltimore, MD

  • As always I am extremely pleased with the cleaning. The girls were on time, worked very quickly, and did an outstanding job.

    Lori L Parkville, MD

  • My Pro is very nice and did a great job at our home last week.

    Monica T Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • Amy continues to be great. Thanks so much for keeping Amy as our regular person cleaning our house. She is very thorough and we like her a lot.

    Kathy G Baltimore, MD

  • They were very quick and efficient.

    Aiza S Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • The house looked vary clean when I came home :)

    Monica T Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • It was wonderful to come home to a clean home after a long week of work! I should have signed up for this a year ago when I moved out of my mom's house.

    Marina H Dundalk, MD

  • Pleasant, professional, thorough...and my dogs love my Pro!

    Doug M Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro was GREAT and very professional and friendly. Thanks for making my life a little bit easier.

    Janis S Baltimore, MD

  • We love Maidpro! It is so nice to have a clean, bright, shinny house. The girls are wonderful -- we are usually home so they have to work around us and the dog but they do with grace and style. Can't say enough good about the service we've had this w...

    George G Towson, MD

  • MaidPro did an awesome job!!!!

    Lucia P Essex, MD

  • MaidPro is our favorite!

    Lauren S Edgewood, MD

  • Incredible job!

    Jennifer A Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro is a life saver. They goe over and above with cleaning. With the holiday's coming I can focus on my family and enjoy more time with them since I travel so much, I look forward to it. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Kathy M Rosedale, MD

  • MaidPro is the best we have had

    Stephanie G Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro did a great job! Both Pros were professional, courteous, and thorough.

    Stephanie H Dundalk, MD

  • Everything was great - awesome job! Happy New Year!

    Jessica M Perry Hall, MD

  • Another excellent job!

    Amanda G Monkton, MD

  • My Pro does a great job!

    Lisa D Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro always does a fantastic job! :)

    Melissa W Essex, MD

  • Easy to schedule, even just a couple of days before. She did a great job

    Bobbie B Baltimore, MD

  • My Pro does a magnificent thorough cleaning -- cannot say enough good things about her superior approach to her work. She is the BEST.

    Jeannie O. Essex, MD

  • Our Pro is the best!

    Shammara C Baltimore, MD

  • Our animals love when MaidPro visits. They look forward to Mondays. So do we!

    Patrik F Baltimore, MD

  • The cleaning was very professional and thorough!!

    David H Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro always does a great job. Thanks.

    David S Baltimore, MD

  • Such a great job and a nice person! We love his work and look forward to having him clean for us again!!!

    Paul V Baltimore, MD

  • Fantastic job MaidPro!!

    Dave B Baltimore, MD

  • Amazing Clean, house looks great, smells great. Thank you MaidPro, You are the BEST!

    Jean S Parkville, MD

  • Amazing! We absolutely love the how great or home looks.... It's like walking into our home for the very first time!

    Bill N Nottingham, MD

  • You have a wonderful team of employees. Thank you.

    Kathy M Rosedale, MD

  • Awesome job!

    Lucia P Essex, MD

  • MaidPro is always great

    Jenny O Baltimore, MD

  • Amazing Job

    Mary Ellen K Towson, MD

  • Our Pro does a great job. I know I say this every time, but it is true!

    Grace C Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • It's such a relief to come home to a clean house. We have already recommended you to our friends.

    Amy C Nottingham, MD

  • MaidPro always does a wonderful job. I appreciate your attention to the little details.

    Tyra W Baltimore, MD

  • I was very happy with my cleaning service today. They did a great job and waited for me to get there. I was very happy with my customer service representative who answered all my questions and was very patient with me. I will definitely recommend!

    Natasha L Essex, MD

  • Great job!! Always so pleasant!!

    Vanessa D Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro did an EXCELLENT job - the house hasn't looked this spotless in a long time! Thank you for another great clean. Even my perfume bottles were dusted in the bathroom... Sparkling :) Thanks.

    Denise L Baltimore, MD

  • Very thorough and meticulous I was extremely impressed with their attention to detail. I would definitely recommend MaidPro

    Tawana R Baltimore, MD

  • My husband accidentally left a sink full of dishes today. We would never expect MaidPro to do our dishes but we came home to a load of hand washed dishes drying. This is above and beyond.

    Katye J Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • Amazing job as always!

    Mary Ellen K Towson, MD

  • Great as usual!

    Wanda P Baltimore, MD

  • Great job, thank you!

    Erin P Perry Hall, MD

  • Both of my pros were personable and open! They listened to my needs and provided an exceptionally clean experience! Many Many thanks!

    Maria K Rosedale, MD

  • MaidPro was great!! Thanks.

    Kathy G Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro always does the best job! :)

    Melissa W Essex, MD

  • MaidPro did an excellent job as usual.

    John M Baltimore, MD

  • The ladies did a wonderful job.

    Gary G Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro did another wonderful job!

    Matt D Baltimore, MD

  • Thank you MaidPro!

    Elizabeth M Nottingham, MD

  • Always amazing!

    Patrik F Baltimore, MD

  • Thank you all for a wonderful year--a sparkling home and the gift of time! My life is better for having all of your help.

    Kathleen M Towson, MD

  • Merry Christmas all, my house looks great, now on to decorating. Thanks, MaidPro

    Pat B Middle River, MD

  • I want to thank MaidPro for coming to our rescue today. Hope you have a Happy Holiday and look forward to seeing you in the New Year

    Joy K Baltimore, MD

  • My Pro is a really good cleaner

    Nancy M Baltimore, MD

  • I think we're in a groove now. House looks great.

    Justin S Baltimore, MD

  • Exceptionally clean as always! Looking forward having you back in two weeks... Hope you enjoyed having my pup Cammie around the house! Happy Holidays!

    Robert M Towson, MD

  • Excellent job!

    Grace C Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • Thank you!

    Katie G Baltimore, MD

  • Thank you MaidPro! Really nice job!

    Margarita H Baltimore, MD

  • My Pro really knocked it out of the park today! She did an awesome job.

    Zachary B Baltimore, MD

  • Our first cleaning today was great! Our Pros did a great job! Thorough and friendly! Thanks!

    Shaina Z Parkville, MD

  • Our Pro is just wonderful! She left a note with a frame that fell and broke. It was not secure. We are so happy with her we wouldn't think of asking for a replacement! Her honesty wins us over! Thank you also for the immediate call from the office an...

    Jenny L Baltimore, MD

  • Our clean was great! She really paid attention to details and took care of the little things, that we didn't know even mattered!

    Tamara P Baltimore, MD

  • Our Pros' cleaning was impeccable per usual even though we had extra dust because of some basement work being done at the moment. These ladies ROCK!!!

    Shelly P Essex, MD

  • As always a fantastic job by MaidPro

    Lauren E Baltimore, MD

  • Our Pro is very friendly, & attentive to details.

    Cindy M Parkville, MD

  • MaidPro always does a great job on cleaning my house!

    Lee J Parkville, MD

  • Great job! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kate N Nottingham, MD

  • Many thanks to MaidPro for doing a wonderful job!

    Emily S Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro did an excellent job as usual

    John M Baltimore, MD

  • Very happy with MaidPro great service

    Gail W Baltimore, MD

  • House always looks awesome when MaidPro is finished!!

    Kim G Nottingham, MD

  • MaidPro did a great job!

    Tobi W Baltimore, MD

  • Great job! Thanks so much!

    Karen K Baltimore, MD

  • Thanks so much for accommodating our timing requests. Our Pro did a fabulous job cleaning.

    Nichole K Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro did a great job, the apartment looks fantastic!

    Arun D Baltimore, MD

  • Our Pro was great! She got things done quickly but never sacrificed on quality!

    Victoria H Parkville, MD

  • Our Pro did an amazing job. We just had a party and the floors look immaculate. Great job!

    Matt D Baltimore, MD

  • My Pro did a terrific job. First time in my home and treated it with such care and attention to detail.

    Kathy M Rosedale, MD

  • My Pro cleaned the sink and it looks amazing.

    Chaim L Baltimore, MD

  • Fantastic job. Thank you, MaidPro!

    Lila B Parkville, MD

  • This was the BEST clean I have had!

    Matthew E Baltimore, MD

  • We love our Pro!!!!! She does an amazing job each time. I don't know how we would get by without her help(:

    Alba A Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • MaidPro did a great job, as usual.

    Lindsay B Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro did a wonderful job!

    Deborah O Nottingham, MD

  • As usual MaidPro did a fantastic job!

    Dave B Baltimore, MD

  • Great job! These ladies have done the best job ever on the kitchen floor. It is black, shiny porcelain tiles and very difficult to clean but they make it look easy! Wonderful!

    George G Towson, MD

  • Just amazing!!!!!!

    Bill N Nottingham, MD

  • My Pro is AWESOME. He is professional, courteous, and always leaves the house immaculate.

    Mary Claire M Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro makes everything shine bright!

    Mary Ellen K Towson, MD

  • The staff at Maidpro is professional and courteous. I love when MaidPro shows up because I know my house will be clean and ready to shine! Makes my football sundays so less stressful when I know my house is clean and I am entertaining a football crow...

    Tracey B Dundalk, MD

  • I am very pleased with my house. Everything was very clean. Thank-you

    Cari G Baltimore, MD

  • As always, MaidPro did a great job!

    Barbara C Parkville, MD

  • I got to meet our Pro -what a sweet and professional representation of MaidPro. The house looks amazing and she worked so fast and so hard. Great Job.

    Patrik F Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro is awesome!

    Lucia P Essex, MD

  • Thank you MaidPro, for cleaning up the house very well! Looking forward having you in two weeks!

    Robert M Towson, MD

  • MaidPro did a wonderful job today. We love to have the house look like this!

    Barbara O Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro is the best! Everything was spotless

    Antonia R Baltimore, MD

  • Our Pro is like a part of our family. She does a great job and we love her. Our neighbors are going to start using her as well. Thanks!

    Karl T Essex, MD

  • Our Pro did a fabulous job yesterday!! The house has never been cleaner! MaidPro is hands down the best cleaning service we have had! Thank you so much!

    Lauren E Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro did a fantastic clean! Thank you!

    Louise K Baltimore, MD

  • Always a pleasure coming home to a clean home, our Pro does a Fantastic job!!!

    Soud Z Baltimore, MD

  • Excellent!

    Cindy S Perry Hall, MD

  • I would like to thank my Pros for a great service. You guys are fantastic.

    Mitika M Rosedale, MD

  • I am very satisfied. The cleaning was done well and in a timely manner. Thanks!

    Livia G Baltimore, MD

  • Our Pro did an amazing job yesterday. I am really happy with all the dedication she put cleaning our house. Thank you!

    Monica T Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • Another awesome clean by MaidPro!

    Matt D Baltimore, MD

  • My Pro was great! She's so kind and personable. Doesn't mind my kitties, and left my home sparkling!

    Victoria H Parkville, MD

  • House looked great once again.

    Jack S Parkville, MD

  • Nice job!

    David S Baltimore, MD

  • My Pro does a thorough and excellent job on my house.

    Cari G Baltimore, MD

  • My Pro did a fantastic job! Her attention to detail is superlative, and I was thrilled with my clean.

    Apryl D Baltimore, MD

  • Our Pro did such a good job and was super friendly and professional.

    Angela W Nottingham, MD

  • As always, our Pro did a great job!

    Christine S Baltimore, MD

  • I was happy with my cleaning, and will recommend Maidpro to others. The staff was superb!

    Della H Perry Hall, MD

  • My husband commented that the person who came was particularly pleasant and professional

    Kathy S Baltimore, MD

  • The house looked great - thank you!

    Emily S Baltimore, MD

  • Our Pro was very pleasant and worked very hard. She was easy to communicate with.

    Jay H Parkville, MD

  • Always love when MaidPro cleans our house!

    Karen K Towson, MD

  • Excellent..... Great job....

    Gary G Baltimore, MD

  • Our Pro does an excellent job. We are very happy. She puts a lot of care into what she does. Even our little dog is a fan!

    Bernadette J Baltimore, MD

  • Loved it all. They were wonderful. Feeling very grateful! Thank you all!

    Jennifer P. Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • My Pros did a super job AGAIN! Thanks so much. I always look forward to cleaning day.

    Deborah O. Nottingham, MD

  • Great job, everytime!

    Mary Ellen K Towson, MD

  • Thanks again MaidPro. We thank you again for being a blessing in our family. We take it a privilege having you in our home. Great job.

    Stella U. Essex, MD

  • Our Pro did a fantastic job. I really appreciate it.

    Peter C. Baltimore, MD

  • The ladies arrived on time and did a great job!

    Jerry W Monkton, MD

  • Our Pro is the best!!

    Johanna B Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • Our Pro always does a great job!!!

    Grace C Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • My Pros were up to their usual excellent work. I returned from work to find a lovely, tidy, sparkling home. No April Fool's Day jokes! You guys are the best.

    Kathleen M Towson, MD

  • Wonderful job by substitute Pros. They can come and clean anytime.

    George G Towson, MD

  • Our Pro did a fantastic job! Almost every day over the last week we have surprisingly found something else that she took care of.

    Andrew K Baltimore, MD

  • Awesome job every time, and very trustworthy. Reliable and diligent.

    Kara R Nottingham, MD

  • My Pros were hardworking, polite and friendly. Thank you.

    Karen C Baltimore, MD

  • My Pro has yet to disappoint me! She does a wonderful job!!!

    Soud Z Baltimore, MD

  • MaidPro did an absolutely fantastic job! The house was so clean and we really appreciate their attention to detail. Everything was perfect!

    Jonathan K Baltimore, MD

  • So great to have the same person come each week. She also does a great job!

    Mary Ellen K Towson, MD

  • MaidPro always does a tremendous job!

    David B Dundalk, MD

  • We are very pleased with our Pro. She was very professional and cleaned the house to perfection. Thank you for sending her our way.

    Anthony A Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • MaidPro did a great job. My husband and I are very happy. The house looked and smelled fantastic!

    Lindsay B Baltimore, MD

  • The work the ladies do are outstanding.

    Della H Middle River, MD

  • My Pro does a great job always, but especially with all of my St Bernard's shedding during this heat! Many thanks to her!

    Louise K Baltimore, MD

  • My Pro is truly wonderful. She's pleasant, personable, and she left my apartment looking very clean!

    JP K Baltimroe, MD

  • Thanks usual..perfect clean!!!

    Tracy B Dundalk, MD

  • Super Clean, everything sparkles and smells awesome, thank you MaidPro. Kitchen was beautiful and my husband says to keep coming to clean :)

    Jean S Parkville, MD

  • My MaidPro team was great! They worked very hard and were extremely pleasant to work with. I would love to have them back again!

    Julie Ha Sparks Glencoe, MD

  • Absolutely wonderful! It is such a joy to have a nice clean house!

    George G Towson, MD

  • Amazing as always! What a great job by a wonderful team. Thanks again Maid Pro.

    Patrik F Baltimore, MD

  • My Pros were excellent on Monday! Polite, fast, and thorough -- I really appreciate the work they did.

    Barbara R Baltimore, MD

  • Awesome as always!

    Monica H Baltimore, MD

  • We have loved our cleans!

    Annie M Baltimore, MD

  • Great job! house was awesome!

    Jean S Parkville, MD

  • Very good job. Good worker.

    Charles S Kingsville, MD

  • Great clean! Among other things, floors looked great, which we tend to be picky about.

    Ryan S Baltimore, MD

  • They were very thorough. They did things I didn't expect and were professional and courteous.

    Jessica H Baldwin, MD

  • Our Pro does a great happy to have her!

    Kristen G Towson, MD

  • They did a great job! The best part is that the tubs, sinks, and appliances were sparkling. They haven't been this clean in ages! Thanks!

    Elizabeth D Baltimore, MD

  • As always, our Pro did a phenomenal job. She is wonderful!

    Katye J Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • The girls did a wonderful job!!

    Linda T Perry Hall, MD

  • The cleaning and service was great! We have already scheduled another day.

    Mark H Phoenix, MD

  • Our Pro was lovely and personable. She arrived promptly, and began working immediately. She worked diligently and quickly, but cleaned everything I wanted done. The rust stains in the toilet, which have plagued me for over 2 years, are gone! The bath...

    Rosemary P Towson, MD

  • Our Pro was excellent as usual. Thank you for sending her

    John M Baltimore, MD

  • I loved the hearts on the t-paper!

    Pat B Middle River, MD

  • My house was awesome. I love the smell of the house when I come home from work! Thanks again MaidPro...awesome job!!!

    Tracey B Dundalk, MD

  • A terrific job! Our Pro is always so thorough. It is so hard to work full time and keep up with my house. She turns my wreck of a house with 3 young, active boys into something beautiful. She lowers my stress every time she cleans. Thank you Effie!

    Meghan B Essex, MD

  • Am very satisfied with my Pro - she is very thorough, very personable to me, she is great

    Nadia S Parkville, MD

  • As alwasy, a great job!

    Keith C Parkville, MD

  • The house looked amazing! I haven't seen the bathtub sparkle in a while.

    Jackie L Nottingham, MD

  • Appreciate the great cleaning...keep it up!

    Michael W Rosedale, MD

  • loved my clean

    Antonia M Perry Hall, MD

  • Very well done! Bathrooms & kitchen look great. Thank you, MaidPro!

    Shannon G Cockey, MD

  • My ServicePro always does a great job in cleaning my house!! She is the best house cleaner I have ever had! She goes above and beyond the normal cleaning to clean whatever needs to be done...she sees it...and she cleans it!

    Lee Parkville, MD

  • Very hardworking, pleasant, good job. We are very happy!

    Karl Essex, MD

  • Wonderful to come home to clean house.

    Maya Nottingham, MD

  • Everything looked great! The house was clean - tell the crew I said thanks for paying attention to the trash can area!! I loved how the bathroom towels were hung. Great job!

    Betsy Glen Arm, MD

  • The ladies were delightful and we were impressed with the work they did. Our bathrooms were amazing! The towel animal was a nice touch.

    Towanda Essex, MD

  • Stephanie did a great job today at our home. I was very pleased with our kitchen and the way she did our dishes which made me really happy! She is also really nice which is always a good quality. My husband and I were definitely thrilled with our cle...

    Monica Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • Thank you so much.. Sincerely, The Mommy you are saving from insanity.

    Chasity Baltimore, MD

  • One of the things I like best about your service is that I can completely trust it. The job will be done whether I am there or not; my belongings are safe and I am secure. These attributes are not easily come by. Yes, the house is clean, and well don...

    Ethna Baltimore, MD

  • Everything was perfect!

    Elizabeth Baltimore, MD

  • Sara did an awesome job! It was her first time cleaning our house and we were thrilled with the attention to details and overall great job

    Beth Rosedale, MD

  • Again - as usual our MaidPro employee did a FANTASTIC job & after returning from a weekend away to a super clean house was quite amazing! Well Done and I'm VERY HAPPY!!!!

    Teresa Baltimore, MD

  • Effie is the rainbow in my life. I can't imagine being without her!

    Adrianne Baltimore, MD

  • Sarah did a wonderful job and had a great personality. Thank you!

    Elizabeth Baltimore, MD

  • It's just so wonderful to come home to a clean house! Holly and Fabienne have done it again--somehow they are able to work around all of our clutter and chaos and turn out a tidy and clean miracle!

    Kathleen Towson, MD

  • Jamie did an amazing job in cleaning my residence and she provided a great customer service experience which would result in me seeking the assistance of MaidPro again. Thanks so much for your service.

    Tameka Baltimore, MD

  • Everything was perfect! Thank you for moving my cleaning date to accommodate my weekend guests. I appreciate your friendly customer service and your great staff! House looked great. :)

    Elizabeth Baltimore, MD

  • I just love Dawn and Monica. Its the little things they do like folding the toilet paper and tissues a certain way. They also truly care about doing a great job.

    Melissa Kingsville, MD

  • Thank you customer service agents at Maidpro. The response is always prompt and have been helpful in every possible way to reschedule my clean.

    Garima Baltimore, MD

  • This was our first clean with MaidPro. We had Demi come to the house. We are very happy with everything that she did! We look forward to seeing her again in 2 weeks!!

    Heather Parkville, MD

  • Keisha did a wonderful job!!! Thank you!

    Gina Baltimore, MD

  • I love when Holly and Kim come early. It is great. They are friendly nice and do a great job.

    Ingrid Baltimore, MD

  • Every time we come home after Fabienne has cared for our home we are delighted. It actually makes us live our home more after she has cleaned it. Fabulous and incredible job!!!

    Felicity Baltimore, MD

  • Thanks for the great clean, Kelly!

    Lerone Essex, MD

  • very dependable and good, thanks!

    Karl Essex, MD

  • I LOVE that Mileydi is focusing on specific area of the house at each visit, in addition to the routine checklist. It has absolutely made a difference in the house! She is fantastic!

    Heather Baltimore, MD

  • Really pleased with the quality of the service! Thank you.

    David Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • I just love Holly and Fabienne... it is such a wonderful feeling to know that they will be taking care of my home.... could not ask for a better team!!!

    Kristen Towson, MD

  • Thank you for your outstanding customer service. I chose to reschedule my cleaning service a few times because of bad weather. I was treated with respect and the cleanings were rescheduled according to my preferences. As always Fabienne is wonderful.

    Monica Baltimore, MD

  • I was impressed with the professionalism of everyone I spoke to at the company, including the person who helped book the service, and the two people who came over to clean. And, the actual cleaning was performed well and done under the original estim...

    Michael Baltimore, MD

  • Always very prompt, efficient, and friendly - and does many extra little touches.....much appreciated!!!

    Marjorie Lutherville Timonium, MD

  • Fabienne and Maria do an outstanding job of cleaning. Trustworthy, dependable and very professional ladies!

    Anna Nottingham, MD

  • Dawn and Monica know exactly what needs to be done and do it with such ease ... I really appreciate the attentiveness and great attitudes that they both have. My Thursdays are the best day ever!!!

    Tracey Dundalk, MD

  • This time we really noticed the attention to detail!! Everything looked great from the bigger areas to the finest small detail!! Thank you very much and please keep up the good work!!

    Jessica Baldwin, MD

  • I was very hesitant coming into the house after the cleaning, having had a bad experience with another company. I was pleasantly surprised! It was definitely up to my standards, which my husband says is hard to accomplish! Thanks!

    Crystal Abingdon, MD

  • Effie is wonderful! She cleans so thoroughly. As working parents of 3 little ones, we always look forward to our cleaning day and life seems a bit more in control. :) Thank you, Effie!

    Meghan Essex, MD

  • One more amazing clean! Such a pleasure to be in our home when it's this sparkling clean!!

    Susan Middle River, MD

  • Cherri, again, did a stellar cleaning of my house! It was especially challenging since I had all of my Christmas decorations up, but she worked around them and also took care of some major dust bunnies! I am always pleased with the thorough cleaning...

    Lee Parkville, MD

  • I really appreciate having a consistent person come to clean. It really makes a difference to have someone who is familiar with this very big house. She is so pleasant and seems to do very careful work.

    Michael Baltimore, MD

  • I am just delighted with Holly & Fabienne! They do such a wonderful job, and are so pleasant. We have had a houseful of guests this week, and they were very flexible in working around sleeping children and a frail 95 year old grandfather. Even with a...

    Kathleen Baltimore, MD

  • I love how clean and sparkly my floors and bathroom are!

    Elizabeth Baltimore, MD

  • I was so happy, my house was sparkling. This is what I always wanted and I finally got it. Thanks!

    Patricia Baltimore, MD

  • This is the cleanest my house has been. Every nook and cranny is clean, my house is spotless. She did an awesome job.

    Monica Baltimore, MD

  • Kelly does a great job! We really like her, she's friendly and professional. I love the way she fixes my towels and kleenex boxes. It's those little touches that make it nice. Our house looks always nice and clean and everyone is trying harder now to...

    Toni Perry Hall, MD

Charm City’s premier home cleaners.

When you're looking for Dundalk maid service, look at MaidPro. We're making Maryland shine, one house at a time, serving, the entire Dundalk area.

MaidPro is Dundalk's premier cleaning service. Whether you want weekly, bi-weekly or just a one-time house cleaning, we'll design your maid service around your needs. We understand that hiring a maid service can be a big decision, and we will work with you to ensure your 'hot spots' are cleaned the way you want them done, on time, every time.

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At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

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We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.