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Greener Cleaning

What is being green?

Being green is about more than cleaning products, spokespeople or taglines.

MaidPro makes life cleaner, healthier and happier. We are committed to the health of our customers, employees and environment.

Is it really green? 

Is it really green if a company DOESN’T optimize their routes to save gas, reduce miles driven and minimize carbon emissions?

Keeping the earth clean too

We proudly make sure that the products, tools and processes we use are in the best interest of our planet and every individual whose life we touch. We are an environmentally safe, green cleaning company.

We believe

People should live in clean and healthy homes, employees should have healthy, safe and rewarding careers, and we should be environmentally responsible.

Does your cleaning company...

  • Group clients geographically to reduce driving time and fuel use?
  • Use reusable bottles, buckets and bags?
  • Reduce paper waste by communicating via telephone and e-mail, and store records electronically?
  • Promote the use of efficient washing machines to reduce the waste and contamination of water?
  • Purchase supplies in concentrated form, and from sources with environmentally friendly supply chain and distribution systems?
  • Use washable, reusable micro-fiber rags that capture dirt, dust and allergens better than disposable paper towels?
  • Train employees to use the correct amount and type of cleaning product for each part of the home?
  • Protect indoor air quality through the use of CRI Green Label Certified Vacuums?
  • And of course, use safe, effective and responsible cleaning products?