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Greener Cleaning

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Is it really green? 

Is it really green if a process or tool just recirculates dirt, dust and allergens?

Is disinfectant green?

EPA answer: No | Practical answer: It depends

The EPA (which controls the labeling of all disinfectants) does not allow products containing disinfectants to be labeled by any third-party standards organization (green or otherwise) without the EPA's permission (which they seem to be reluctant to grant). So, some may consider a disinfectant to be green, but face challenges in labeling them as such. Disinfectant does exactly what it is designed to do (kill germs), and in many environments is necessary (hospitals, food service, elder care centers, etc.). The question being debated is whether or not the practice of using disinfectant can really be considered green (regardless of the labeling limitations). Stay tuned...

Other green resources

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Cleaning tools and process resources

Regulatory resources