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Customers love MaidPro Lancaster

  • December was a crazy month for me. I was so appreciative that you guys did my move-out clean at my old house. As soon as I get settled and into my new home, I'll be scheduling you to come clean my new place.

    P.B. Lancaster, PA

  • Tiffany did an excellent job. This was a first-time clean at my Daughter's house, which was badly needed.

    M.J.M. Lancaster, PA

  • Always a great job. Love coming home to a clean house.

    M.D. Lititz, PA

  • She was excellent, a keeper for your company.

    J.H. Lititz, PA

  • Alanna and Denise did a fine job! MaidPros are the best.

    L.D. Lancaster, PA

  • Jonine from Lancaster does a great job with our clean. She is very thorough and pays attention to detail. She also is a very pleasant person. Thanks for sending her!

    R.D. Elizabethtown, PA

  • Jonine Carvell is AWESOME each week!!! Much appreciated!

    G.B. Lancaster, PA

  • Tatiana was very professional, courteous and does a thorough cleaning of our home. It sparkled and smelled really nice when she was done!

    R.G. Lancaster, PA

  • Denise was wonderful. Good worker and pleasant personality. We were very happy !

    M.W. Lancaster, PA

  • December was a crazy month for me. I was so appreciative that you guys did my move-out clean at my old house. As soon as I get settled and into my new budget, I'll be scheduling you to come clean my new place.

    P.B. Lancaster, PA

  • We loved having Chelsea she gets it and just knows how to clean. Our floors look amazing and everything is dione right. She is welcome back any time!!

    J.R. Lancaster, PA

  • I just love how professionally your run your business. It's so important to the clients and gives the employees more of a sense of pride in their work. So thank you for that!

    J. S. Lancaster, PA

  • Very prompt and friendly. Quick to schedule and a very thorough job! Hard working and pleasant staff, Thank You Diana & Natacha!!

    M.C. Lititz, PA

  • Daniell does a great job! She is familiar with my home and welcomed our granddog Dexter.

    R.D. Landisville, PA

  • Breik is an outstanding worker! She does a very thorough job! She also brought to our attention that we had not included dusting of our office in the work order. We will consider adding this to the work order.

    R.G. Lancaster, PA

  • Ok. This was the best ever! Please tell the ladies Veronica & Katie that they did an awesome job. Thank you.

    K.K. Lancaster, PA

  • Katie did a very detailed and outstanding job!

    C.N. Lancaster, PA

  • Daniell and Aisha Did an excellent job!!!

    C.K. Lancaster, PA

  • Outstanding Job as always by Shameka and Tiffany

    D.M. Lancaster, PA

  • Shameka was excellent she was efficient, and courteous and would enjoy having her return any time.

    J.H. Lancaster, PA

  • Daniell and Sandra are wonderful. They know what they are doing and are polite and mindful in doing it.

    J.N. Lancaster, PA

  • Everything was great, everything was clean when I got home. Thank you Melanie!

    J.C. Lancaster, PA

  • Melanie does a consistently good job. She is detailed and very pleasant. I am grateful for her and her hard work.

    C.B. Lancaster, PA

  • Natasha did a very nice job cleaning our apartment.

    C.S. Lancaster, PA

  • Melanie does a consistently good job. She is detail oriented and very pleasant. I am grateful for her and her hard work.

    C.B. Lancaster, PA

  • Shameka did an Excellent job she was efficient,courteous,and would enjoy having her return anytime

    J.H. Lancaster, PA

  • We couldn't be happier at the amazing job the crew from Lancaster and Hershey did in our home today! Everyone was so professional and the job they did was extremely thorough and everything looked wonderful!

    J M Lancaster, PA

  • Leona does a wonderful job. I really appreciate her "clean".

    TT Manheim, PA

  • Grateful for your service and every team member.

    D.M. Lancaster, PA

  • The woman that has been cleaning for me is beyond just professional. She is also very considerate and makes and extra effort to do a great job.

    S.D. Lancaster, PA

  • I think Amber and Justina even cleaned corners of my house that I never knew existed. Very thorough job!!!

    C.K. Lititz, PA

  • All of the girls have been so sweet and did an amazing job! I'm so glad I chose maidpro.

    K.W. Lancaster, PA

  • I love coming home to my clean home! Thank You, wonderful job everytime

    D.M. Lancaster, PA

  • Again a wonderful cleaning by Barbara and her training crew.

    A.B. Lititz, PA

  • As long always, such a terrific job!

    S.S. Lititz, PA

  • Barbara is part of the family. She has never disappointed; never came home from work to wish anything had been taken care of differently. I think she is unique that she takes time to understand her clients' \method to their madness\" as well as what...

    R.H. Lancaster, PA

  • Andrea is the absolute best! Love her smile, confidence, joy and she takes pride in the work she does. She is so kind and is such a blessing in helping us.

    L.F. Manheim, PA

  • Andrea is the best- truly an asset for MaidPro.

    J.M. Lititz, PA

  • It was nice to come home to a clean house! I felt comfortable with the ladies who came. Thank you.

    L.K. Lancaster, PA

  • Wonderful clean with things straightened as I like. Best clean in awhile.

    H.P. Landisville, PA

  • I always love my cleaning! It's refreshing every time I walk through the door and so relaxing to simply walk in and sit down, not having to worry about messy beds, dirty dishes, or toys scattered on the floor! Andrea always does an excellent clean, a...

    K.J. Ephrata, PA

  • Very friendly, thorough and dependable.

    J.C. Strasburg, PA

  • Delightful experience today. Thank you.

    C.P. Lancaster, PA

  • Andrea is amazing! She is extremely detailed, accommodating, and positive!

    L.S. Lancaster, PA

  • Barbara is fantastic. I want to be careful how I say this because it could be taken as a "put down" to other cleaners. All cleaners are good; however, Barbara is a cut above when it comes to pure cleaning. She's quick too.

    B.B. Lancaster, PA

  • Love Andrea's work. She is so dedicated to her work. I am always pleased by her cleaning. Please send her every time. Thanks.

    D.W. Lancaster, PA

  • It is wonderful to come home after a very long day and find the house put back together again. Not sure if your cleaning services are better than the people skills ..... it is certainly a toss up. Extremely thoughtful comes to mind. You are fortunate...

    R.H. Lancaster, PA

  • Barbara does an excellent job and goes up and beyond what is expected. She took towels out of the dryer and put them back in the bathroom. Kudos to her!

    A.B. Lititz, PA

  • We were more than pleased. The house is sparkling. The "maids" were professional, friendly, and they did an excellent job. We can highly recommend them.

    C.R. Ephrata, PA

  • Beth you did an amazing job thank you so much .. thank you again

    L.B. Lititz, PA

  • Came home from a long day at work and the cleaning fairy had granted my wish. We are so fortunate to have Barbara at our home. She is excellent at what she does and very considerate of our needs. Wonderful to work with!!!!!

    R.H. Lancaster, PA

  • My feedback from the guys ....,bathrooms are spotless It's awesome, just great! . Unbelievable Thank you a million times over .?

    J.A. Millersville, PA

  • Andrea is really terrific. She does a great job, is just so nice and conscientious, and she loves our cats!!

    J.W. Mount Joy, PA

  • Jackie did a great job , thank you for having great cleaners . She really clean this house

    L.B. Lititz, PA

  • Amber is just so wonderful. She cleaned so well and left the house simply amazing. She is the only one I want from now on :)

    D.L. Conestoga, PA

  • They do such an amazing job, I didn't know my house could look that good!

    S.S. Lititz, PA

  • Andrea was awesome!! Thank you.

    M.D. Lancaster, PA

  • The work that is done by the time I get home on Monday evenings is wonderful. She always mentions my garden ...... little known secret is I can work on them since I'm not cleaning! Another super job!

    R.H. Lancaster, PA

  • She did an excellent job and i was super thrilled when i got home!!

    C.C. Lititz, PA

  • As always, MaidPro did a great job! It was such a nice relief to come home to a clean home after work. And they always leave a friendly note behind too. Thanks!

    K.O. Lancaster, PA

  • Came home and house was clean ..... all I could say is YESSSS! I work in a business that increases workload at tax time; and in saying so, no one is happy at this time of year. Felt my day finally turned. Thanks again.

    R.H. Lancaster, PA

  • Amber did an amazing job. I really appreciate her hard work. Thank you.

    M.N. Lancaster, PA

  • they did excellent work today, very pleased with the thoroughness

    O.O. Lititz, PA

  • Hannah and Destinie were great at both the job and client relations and I would like them to be regulars at my home.

    R.S. East Petersburg, PA

  • As always, Barbara did an excellent job. Even folded a load of laundry I didn't get to on Sunday night. Not sure I could do without her - she has made such a difference in the small amount of time I am home and not working; list is still long but I a...

    R.H. Lancaster, PA

  • I used Maid Pro when I lived in Lancaster, PA. They were the best!!! The girls always arrived on time. They did an excellent job and were thorough. Too bad you do not have a franchise in Bluffton, SC. I have tried three different services. Not one of...

    T.C. Lancaster, PA

  • The MaidPro professional who cleaned my apartment did an excellent job. She was very meticulous and conscientious.

    C.S. Lititz, PA

  • Once again, excellent work by Hannah.

    M.M. Lancaster, PA

  • Best clean I have had in a long time. Great job - Laura and Kim! Even my family commented on how nice the house looked and how clean it smelled! I would like to request either one of these ladies on a regular basis. Thanks, Terri

    T.T. Manheim, PA

  • I'm very pleased with my first cleaning!! The attention to detail was the best I've seen from a cleaning service in a very long time. The crew was very friendly and professional. Every where I looked the surfaces just shined. Even my 8 year old son r...

    M.I. Ephrata, PA

  • Although there were a few small things missed, HONESTLY, this was AMAZING!! The customer service was EXCELLENT and i honestly would never even think about switching companies! Im so happy with our experience so far!

    C.C. Lititz, PA

  • Kim did a fantastic job today -- thanks!

    J.A. Lancaster, PA

  • Andrea is awesome. Really like having her come out to our place.

    J.M. Lititz, PA

  • Very friendly but down to business folks. I really like that. We just bought this house and the previous owners claimed they had professional cleaners in one week prior to move in. Obviously they did not use Maid Pro. The noticeable clean appearance...

    R.S. Pequea, PA

  • After working 10 hours and then an hour of physical therapy, I believe her name should be fairy godmother. Especially after babysitting a 2 year old and 5 year old on Saturday who moved at rocket speed through the entire house (even playing in the do...

    R.H. Lancaster, PA

  • Andrea and Angela did a wonderful job today. They were kind and attentive to my requests. I would like to have them come back to clean again.

    T.H. Lancaster, PA

  • Andrea did a phenomenal job!

    M.D. Lancaster, PA

  • The bathrooms were super clean , they were stains that I was never able to remove , completely cleaned and spotless. Really impressed.. thank you

    C.B. Lititz, PA

  • Andrea and Amber were excellent!!

    D.W. Lancaster, PA

  • I was very excited for the detail spent on some of the difficult tedious areas I dislike cleaning. That in itself made it worth it to me!

    J.C. Lancaster, PA

  • Excellent and thoughtful service.

    R.H. Lancaster, PA

  • Laura does an awesome job.. so nice to come home to a clean house!!!

    E.S. Manheim, PA

  • Amber did great. Everything I expect from the Pros.

    M.D. Lancaster, PA

  • Barbara did a very nice job.

    A.B. Lititz, PA

  • Excellent clean and I loved how they straightened up.

    H.P. Landisville, PA

  • Wonderful job; appreciate all the efforts.

    R.H. Lancaster, PA

  • Barbara does a great job! My home really feels and looks clean when I come home! She is very nice and conversational, and a hard worker!

    R.W. Columbia, PA

  • While cleaning, Barbara found a pair of my earrings. She went way above and beyond by folding wash left in the dryer.

    K.O. Lititz, PA

  • Wanted to take a moment to thank Kaitlin on the amazing job she did in our home yesterday. Everything looked terrific. Thank you so much!

    K.K. Lancaster, PA

  • I was really impressed with Amber. She did an A+ clean. She was so nice and polite. I was really impressed that she waited to double check that the door would lock. Very pleased. Keep her.

    M.D. Lancaster, PA

  • The girls did a fantastic job..we couldn't be happier! !!!!!

    E.K. Landisville, PA

  • After working 10 hours and foot therapy for another hour after work, coming home to a clean house was wonderful. Plus knowing my husband didn't have to "get the look" when he said "I cleaned today; I ran the cleaner in the living room". Thank you aga...

    R.H. Lancaster, PA

  • My house sparkled after Barbara cleaned

    K.O. Lititz, PA

  • Juanita is fabulous and does a wonderful clean job. Thanks.

    T.T. Manheim, PA

  • Another great cleaning job by Katlyn.

    A.B. Lititz, PA

  • Exceptionally thorough! Beth was terrific.

    H.P. Landisville, PA

  • Laura is GREAT!! She does a wonderful job!! I love coming home to a clean house!!!

    E.S. Manheim, PA

  • I was out of the country and wasn't able to rave about my home after Angela cleaned. She was thoughtful about putting bananas in the freezer that we're starting to turn. She made some decor changes that I liked. And the house was immaculate. It's obv...

    K.L. Leola, PA

  • We are very excited to have Juanita and Alicia clean our home .. it looks so nice . Thank you

    L.B. Lititz, PA

  • Excellent clean today by team effort, very positive energy with training and they all did a great job!

    M.B. Lancaster, PA

  • Love the little extra things that got done with the clean - towel's folded "fancy", bathroom stuff neatly organized in the basket, kitchen counters stove and microwave area organized. It is soooo nice to come home after a long week at work to a clean...

    P.E. Mount Joy, PA

  • i was very happy with denise today!!! thank you maid pro!!

    C.P. Lancaster, PA

  • Kaitlyn is very competent and friendly. I appreciate that she comes first thing in morning and I feel comfortable leaving the house if need be. Cleaning is good.

    E.R. Lititz, PA

  • Loved having Denise & Kaitlyn complete my cleaning! They did an incredibly thorough job and my entire family was very impressed when they came over that evening - they even commented how spectacular everything looked with such a fresh smell! I always...

    K.J. Ephrata, PA

  • Best cleaning we've had from Kaitlin. Everything was excellent.

    G.M. Lancaster, PA

  • once again, excellent service

    O.O. Lititz, PA

  • She did a wonderful job!!!! Very happy with everything she did....

    E.S. Manheim, PA

  • Marjorie did an excellent job on our townhome today. She paid attention to detail and everything sparkled and shined when i got home. Thank you.

    S.S. Lititz, PA

  • Great job one of the best yet. Really appreciate the excellent workmanship.

    J.F. Ephrata, PA

  • Danelle did a wonderful job. She had her own little touches. I would request either her or Magdalena in the future. My daughter commented on how shiny the floors were as soon as she walked in the house and hours later, it still smells nice.

    A.S. Lititz, PA

  • The lady was very thorough and worked methodically. Great worker

    A.D. Lancaster, PA

  • Danielle is one of the most pleasant people I have met. She was very focused in making sure that I was satisfied and I appreciated that. My home looks great and smells great!!!

    A.M. Lancaster, PA

  • I love your service and your girls are wonderful!

    C.W. Lancaster, PA

  • Prompt, courteous, and accommodating. A good pick.

    E.N. Lancaster, PA

  • Excellent... Excellent... Excellent!! Super easy process. Received a quote on the 1st call and cleaning was done 3 days later! Great cleaning! Great customer service!

    K.B. Hershey, PA

  • Keisha did a wonderful job! Thank you!

    S.N. Lititz, PA

  • She was excellent

    O.O. Lititz, PA

  • Zulie is the best!! She's very nice and she does a fantastic job. She is a real asset to your company. We Love MaidPro!!

    C.W. Lancaster, PA

  • Zuly was GREAT ! She clean areas I didn't realized were dirty! Thank you so much for your service!

    M.C. Lititz, PA

  • They are doing a spectacular job! Thank you

    G.H. Lancasster, PA

  • The girls were thorough and very friendly and polite. I've appreciated this service more than you can imagine. Thanks so much and bless you for providing this special service.

    L.K. Lititz, PA

  • Cortni is just wonderful!!! Punctual, efficient, reliable and thorough!!!

    D.L. Conestoga, PA

  • Alexalix did a great job and has a sweet personality. She wanted to do the cleaning right. I really appreciate her.

    T.H. Lancaster, PA

  • I am very satisfied with the level of service I receive. My previous cleaning service cannot match the level of detail MaidPro associates produce.

    G.S. Mount Joy, PA

  • I have already recommended you to a friend. The girls you send are lovely and extremely good at their jobs and do a wonderful job. I love your service!!! ????

    C.W. Lancaster, PA

  • Keisha did an amazing job as always! She remembers to clean the little of details. Thanks!!

    M.D. Lancaster, PA

  • Zulema did an excellent job! Every room was thoroughly cleaned.

    M.M Lancaster, PA

  • I am thrilled to have MaidPro care for my home!

    M.B. Lancaster, PA

  • Denise is WONDERFUL. She does such a great job! Give that woman a raise. :)

    M.B. Lancaster, PA

  • Kirsten did another fantastic job!

    E.F. Lititz, PA

  • Keisha is great! Always on time, efficient and pleasant.

    A.M. Landisville, PA

  • Zulie was amazing. She's very thorough and she's a sweet girl. We loved having her here and we are truly thrilled with all that she did.

    C.W. Lancaster, PA

  • Thank you Zuly for an awesome job.

    C.G. Mount Joy, PA

  • Danelle & Ema were fantastic, polite, and did a fantastic job. This is our first time using a cleaning service and I had no idea what to expect, thrilled with the experience. Thank you!

    M.S. Lancaster, PA

  • Keisha always does such an amazing job for us! Thank you!!

    M.D. Lancaster, PA

  • The ladies worked hard and efficiently the whole time, the house looked and smelled great! Very happy with a job well done, keep up the good work!!

    S.P. Lancaster, PA

  • Cortni and Zuly did a great job. Our house is beautifully clean and our kids loved that they wrote a cute message on the chalk board for them. We are so happy to have Maid Pro.

    R.S. Lancaster, PA

  • Kirsten did another outstanding job. She is very thorough and takes the time to do the little details that I asked for. She's a great girl. We are very pleased with how she makes our house sparkle.

    M.A. Lancaster, PA

  • Cortni did a terrific job today. We are so pleased she was able to help us.

    G.M. Lancaster, PA

  • Keisha is awesome! She's always on time, efficient, and friendly! I love seeing her friendly, smiling face.

    M.G. Landisville, PA

  • Cortni spent so much time on the sofa which is always the dirtiest due to Molly's hair in the entire house. It looks wonderful; as does everything else. Marjorie and Cortni seem to be a very good pair. As I have said before, they are both so sweet.

    J.C. lititz, PA

  • Kirsten did a wonderful job. I left a note asking for special attention to a specific area and she made sure my request was handled. Having MaidPro has been such a blessing with my busy schedule!

    E.F. Lancaster, PA

  • Kirsten did a great job with a wonderful attitude. Thanks for sending her over.

    C.H. East Petersburg, PA

  • We are very pleased with your service. Everyone we have encountered has been professional, thorough and nice!

    M.G. Landisville, PA

  • Denise was as good as ever.

    A.B. Lititz, PA

  • The girls were wonderful and did a great job all around. Love the little maid pro stickers on the toilet paper. Feels like we upgraded to a resort lol

    G.M. Lancaster, PA

  • Denise does a very good job and you can count on it getting done, and having a clean house.

    F.K. Lititz, PA

  • Zuly was extremely pleasant and worked very very hard. The outcome was a great cleaning!!! She definitely is my choice for future cleaning dates.

    R. P. Manheim, PA

  • Marjorie is wonderful ..... Extremely thorough and a pleasure to deal with.

    K.G. Lititz, PA

  • Thanks for helping on such short notice!!! You all are the best!

    K.K. Lancaster, PA

  • I was very pleased, Zuly did a great job and was very pleasant and friendly.

    E.R. Lititz, PA

  • I am thrilled with the job Cortni did. She was professional, detailed, efficient and made my house almost unrecognizable!!!!! Couldn't be happier.

    D.L. Conestoga, PA

  • It was very good, we were 100% satisfied.

    A.F. Millersville, PA

  • I wanted to let you know that we were blown away by the house yesterday. They did such a nice job and the attention to detail was great. My kids were so excited about the care the ladies took with their stuffed animals - everything looked so cute. Th...

    J.V. Lancaster, PA

  • Keith is doing a wonderful job cleaning our office building, he is always thorough. We appreciate the time he puts into making it look squeaky clean!

    V.M. Lancaster, PA

  • Karen performs admirably and does an excellent Job in assisting me to have a clean home!!!

    R.P. Manheim, PA

  • Karen and Angela did a fantastic job! It was a pleasure meeting them. They were very efficient and friendly. Thanks for a job well done.

    G.H. Lancaster, PA

  • Thanks so much, Karen is always very thorough and detailed. So nice to come home to a clean house!

    W.T. Lancaster, PA

  • Excellent job by Marjorie, as usual!

    M.B. Lancaster, PA

  • The women that came to our home were very friendly and did a wonderful job!

    L.K. Lancaster, PA


    T.C. lancaster, PA

  • Cortni did an excellent job, as always! Thank you MaidPro.

    A.H. Lititz, PA

  • Excellent cleaning today. Wonderful job in straightening up. Pleasure to come home to.

    H.P. Landisville, PA

  • Cortni does a wonderful job! It's so nice to come home to a clean house! Thank you!! :-)

    J.S. Mount Joy, PA

  • Cortni did an excellent job. It's so wonderful to walk in the house and it smells good. All because of MaidPro! Thank you, thank you. thank you!

    A.H. Lititz, PA

  • This is my third time using the service. The girls listen to my request to focus on a certain room. They consistently have done an excellent job. The checklist helps them as they clean the house and assures me that they are doing a great job each tim...

    T.C. Lancaster, PA

  • Really impressed with my clean. I will be using your services again! Thank you!

    J.G. Mount Joy, PA

  • Denise did an excellent job as usual, she even made extra time to clean my balcony and clean my leather furniture

    K.S. Lancaster, PA

  • Marjorie and Mandy did a fantastic job! We are extremely satisfied with our first clean, thank you!

    M.B. Lancaster, PA

  • My whole family was extremely happy with the cleaning that was done. Thank you MaidPro!!

    D.C. Lancaster, PA

  • It was so nice to come home to a clean and fresh home!

    J.S. Mount Joy, PA

  • Just wanted you to know that Marjorie and Denise did such a fantastic job for us today! They went above and beyond, far surpassing our expectations. They were professional, friendly, and thorough in every way. They did a superior job! Because of thei...

    J.A. Lancaster, PA

  • I have tried 3 other services. Your organization seems to be the only one that actually cleans. You honor your commitment to show up on time and do the work for the agreed upon price.

    M.B. Lancaster, PA

  • Whoever cleans my stove top does the best job of anyone I have ever seen. I would like to know the secret

    R.B. Lancaster, PA

  • Our MaidPro gal did a great job! Very tidy and clean. Very happy with her efforts and am pleased with the quality of the job we receive :)

    R.W. Mount Joy, PA

  • Linda did an amazing job yesterday! Thank you MaidPro for making our home beautiful and clean for Christmas.

    A.H. Lititz, PA

  • I am absolutely thrilled with the cleaning the gals did. They really had their work cut out for them due to years of neglect. But they made this house as clean as a brand new house, more than I ever dreamed. And they were very professional too. Thank...

    C.G. Mount Joy, PA

  • Marjorie does a wonderful job, but I am not a person who recommends things to other people. If the subject ever comes up and someone asks me a direct question, yes, I would recommend MaidPro.

    EH Mount Joy, PA

  • I've never been so happy walking into my house at the end of a long day. My house has also never been so clean! I am thrilled with the results, and am so happy you left the advertisement on my door knob!! The top of my stove was a mess....especially...

    C.S. Lancaster, PA

  • I never knew my house could be this clean. Thanks for a great job!!

    P.T. Mount Joy, PA

  • The ladies who visited were professional, friendly, and did a thorough job of cleaning our home. We look forward to future visits!

    T.C. Manheim, PA

  • After my mom had back surgery I was unable to keep up with cleaning her house and mine. I've never hired a person to help with the cleaning before. I was thrilled with how nice and clean her house looked. If I ever need help with my mom's house again...

    J.O. Landisville, PA

  • Extremely pleased! I especially loved the fancy toilet paper design. Thank you!!

    L.G. Lititz, PA

  • Running a business is very rewarding but having Maidpro clean let's me focus on other items on my to do list! It's also giving me more time with my family :)

    D.F. Mount Joy, PA

  • The floors look great!! Wonderful job! Thanks so much for your hard work and attention to detail.

    L.A. Lancaster, PA

  • I really like the communication on the 49 point checklist.

    A.H. Lititz, PA

  • After yesterdays cleaning, the place just sparkled from the floors to the cupboards to the mirrors! Thank you!

    C.G. Manheim, PA

  • Service went from satisfactory to WOW.

    D.A. Lancaster, PA

  • Echo did a great job! She busted her butt and we appreciate all that she did. Thanks!

    S.K. Lancaster, PA

  • They did a great job!

    M.N. Lancaster, PA

  • Exceeded my expectations

    M.M. Lancaster, PA

  • Rachel does a very thorough clean of the kitchen and everything shines. The rest of the house looks great too, but the kitchen really shines!!

    J.K. Lancaster, PA

  • All I have to do on Friday is come home and have a glass of wine

    JC Lancaster, PA

  • Everything looked great. Hasn't been this clean since I moved in. Thanks!

    SB Manheim, PA

  • I love having a clean house! All surfaces had been addressed. The cleaners were very professional and respectful of my home and its contents. We all loved the fanciful folding on the toilet paper w/sticker and the mints and chocolate. It reminded us...

    EA Lititz, PA

  • My house was in the worst shape because we had a bad week. When I got home after the clean, I was pleased beyond belief! What a great job!

    CK Lancaster, PA

  • My kitchen has not been this clean since we moved into the house. I didn't realize how dusty my bathrooms were!

    TF Lancaster, PA

  • She did an excellent job on the bathroom. I liked the toilet paper accents.. the beds were well done.

    LM Lancaster, PA

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At MaidPro Lancaster, house cleaning and maid services are our priority. We are located in Lancaster, PA and deliver personalized, precise services to East Petersburg, Lancaster, Landisville, Lititz, Manheim and Mount Joy. Whether you want a house cleaning in Lancaster or maid service in Lititz, just call us for all your Lancaster area cleaning needs.

In business since 2011, MaidPro of Central PA is owned by Nichole Kambesis, who opened her house cleaning company because she wanted a job where she could enjoy family-friendly hours and have a positive impact on people’s lives. She's especially proud to stand behind MaidPro’s 49-Point Checklist™ because it covers every last detail including removing fingerprints from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates—and of course removing any whoopie pie stains they encounter.  A fan of the distinct flavor of each Lancaster area town, Nichole is excited to introduce area residents to MaidPro’s unique menu of services.


Add a refrigerator clean to any regular cleaning for just $25.00.

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Get $25.00 off your 1st, 3rd and 5th cleans.

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The best recipe for a delicious meal is a spotless kitchen.


We go where you don’t want to.


Spend more time sleeping in your bedroom, not cleaning it.

Living Areas

We clean the living areas while you spend more time, well, living.

Your home, cleaned just the way you like it.

At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional cleaning service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.