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Improper Bostonia

Aug. 08, 00

Boston's Best

Boston's Best 2000

Improper Bostonian • July 26-August 8, 2000

North End food. Financial giants. Fenway heroes. Lansdowne glitz. A long, sometimes bumpy ride through Boston, stopping only for the best.

Services: Who says service isn't what it used to be? We found people who can walk the dog, buy your groceries, find you a secretary and send her flowers -- all with first-class flair.



180 Canal St., Boston; 617-742-8080

Usually it's crusading environmentalists that want to clean up America. In this case, it's a bunch of neat freaks. MaidPro's search-and-destroy policy targets 49 areas in your home. If you find even one corner of your sty left unclean, they will come back and sanitize it for no extra charge. They've recently expanded their assault on grime to cover a half-dozen states. Business appears to be booming: a testament to MaidPro's spic-and-span service.

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