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MaidPro Northern Kentucky

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What People Are Saying

People love us. But don’t take our word for it, read what our house cleaning customers have to say.

The floors were spotless, the girls were absolutely professional and friendly. I felt very comfortable with them in our house. They also were lovely to our dog which is very important. Please thank them for me!!

Tracy Union, KY

MaidPro arrives on time and is ready to start within minutes. Staff is helpful and pleasant. Keep up the great work.

Sandy Hebron, KY

Did a fabulous job. In addition to cleaning my condo, she organized my kids toys, folded towels and organized paperwork. I was very happy to come home to such a clean and organized house. She even left me a note to have a great weekend!

Rebecca Ft. Mitchell, KY

MaidPro does a great job, and also goes above and beyond by letting my dog out before they leave!

Megan Union, KY

Very nice job! I appreciate it, and our house was very dirty after house guests!!

Erin Hebron, KY

The shower looked great and thanks for the notes.

Sarena Union, KY

Surprised by how much she got done in 3 hours!

Sherre Newport, KY

Did a fantastic job! I am so very happy!

Amber Alexandria, KY

Loved everything!!!

Karen Florence, KY

I liked that as soon as I entered my home after work I could "smell" that someone had been there cleaning up. I also loved that someone else put the clean sheets on my bed as that is one of the tasks that I hate most.

Barbara Covington, KY

Everything look beautiful!

Cathy Union, KY

I love the care taken with everything, including my sofa cover!

Kelly Covington, KY

Did a great job. Love coming home to a clean house!

Robyn Florence, KY

Friendly service, very thorough.

Stacy Union, KY

Looks great! She did a wonderful job.

Sally Ft. Mitchell, KY

Went the extra mile in cleaning the laundry room. Thanks!!!

Doryne Ft. Mitchell, KY

Very nice that the ladies cleaned the mold in the shower, and left a note regarding their efforts.

Lona Union, KY

Had a power surge and she found the fuse box and fixed the breaker...great initiative Took the papers our from under the furniture that the carpet cleaners left.

Kitty Union, KY

It really looked very nice when I got home from work. Great job!

Donna Florence, KY

I really appreciated them doing the dishes. That was a huge help!

Sarah Ft. Mitchell, KY

She paid attention to the details...very thorough.

Deborah Florence, KY

Did a great job on the floors.

Lori Latonia, KY

When I came home this weekend, the house looked amazing! Whoever came did an outstanding job and we really appreciate it. We tend to forget when cleaning day is and sometimes forget to pick up prior to them coming. They always do a good job even when...

Sheri Hebron, KY

Wood floors looked great!

Stacey Erlanger, KY

The shower in the master bathroom was cleaner than it has ever been!

Priya Latonia, KY

She did an absolutely wonderful job. I feel like my house is the cleanest it has been in a long time.

Catherine Florence, KY

Girls did an awesome job yesterday. Give them a STAR!

Lisa Union, KY

We especially liked that they cleaned our baseboards. They cleaned the bathrooms very well. The two women who came to clean worked very hard while they were at our house. I especially liked that they removed the cushions on our couch, cleaned the cou...

Charles Ft. Mitchell, KY

They did a wonderful job! Had I known that two people were cleaning this time I would have left a bigger tip!

Nicole Hebron, KY

I loved how everything in the kitchen sparkled! I also loved that all the dust bunnies were gone!!!

Karen Florence, KY

Love the careful attention to detail taken in our home.

Melissa Burlington, KY

I have always been pleased with my cleanings, but you've cleaned the last couple times throughout our renovation project and her work has been exceptional!

Vickie Ft. Thomas, KY

Liked that I washed bed linens & they made the beds--so nice.

Barbara Burlington, KY

Did a very nice job. She goes above and beyond!

Adam Burlington, KY

I love the women who come to my house. They love my dog and she loves them. I appreciate the care they have around my house.

Terri Ft. Mitchell, KY

Everything was very clean and straightened up.

Joe Ft. Mitchell, KY

I like the extra touches previous cleaners did not do - cleaning the microwave, dusting the lamps, etc.

Margaret Florence, KY

Thanks so much for adjusting your schedule to fit us in. Our visitors this weekend will appreciate a clean house. It look great.

Joyce Florence, KY

Great! She pays close attention to detail and did a great job!

Ashley Florence, KY

She even cleaned the cobwebs from out hard-to-reach windowsill.

Joseph Independence, KY

I'm always pleased with the 'clean.' I wish I had signed up long ago.

Jacqueline Florence, KY

We forgot to pick up the house and the girls did a nice job of picking up the kids stuff. We also appreciate doing the dishes that we forgot to put in the dishwasher. Appreciate the girls picking up the stuff in my daughters room so they could vacuum...

Andy Independence, KY

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciated the service extended today on my first housecleaning. It was really a pleasure coming home from work to a clean house!

Sherry Florence, KY

Very professional and polite. Her positive attitude was very much appreciated.

Robyn Cincinnati, OH

The fold on the toilet paper was cute! Lamps were dust free!

Annie Cincinnati, OH

Everything looked GREAT! I was VERY SURPRISED to see how WONDERFUL the master bathroom looked - especially the shower! WooHOO!

Dara Florence, KY

I loved having no "too-strong" chemical smell.....just clean!

Amy Ft. Mitchell, KY

Very nice job. I liked the team. They were careful and thorough and worked hard. I appreciate their good job.

Anne Union, KY