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Customers love MaidPro North Tonawanda, NY

  • Beth does an outstanding job each time she cleans our home!

    The K's Buffalo, NY

  • Ariel exceeds in everything she does to keep my home beautiful with her expert and exceptional cleaning. Even on a dark, gloomy day outside she always brings the sunshine into the home, brightening up a bad weather day outside!

    Linda R Buffalo, NY

  • You knocked it out of the park! Thanks for a sparkling home

    L.L Buffalo, NY

  • Ariel makes my home feel and look like spring even though it remains so frigid outside! She never disappoints me! A super house cleaning ever time she comes!

    L.R Buffalo, NY

  • Thanks for the nice job under difficult circumstances of major construction!

    G.D Buffalo, NY

  • Tori goes the extra mile - continuously does a wonderful job. Thank you!

    J.D Buffalo, NY

  • This was the second service I have gotten and I love it. Tori has done such a great job. The first week it was Tori and Kristen, and it was great then as well. I have has at least 4 other services on my house over the past 10 years and I have never h...

    AS North Tonawanda, NY

  • Hello - I just wanted to write to thank Karry and Celis for doing an amazing job in cleaning my home. Karry is perfect in her work, and it is evident that she is deeply committed to her customers. Thank you!

    K.K Orchard Park, NY

  • Best cleaning EVER! Tania was courteous and professional. She cleaned from top to bottom. I am very happy!

    S.B Buffalo, NY

  • Karry continues to be amazing. It is so nice to come home after a long day to find my home perfectly clean. I am so grateful to have her in my life.

    Kim Hamburg, NY

  • We are so grateful for Karry!!! Sometimes my husband feels bad that he can't care for our home the way that he used to - Karry is always so kind to him and to me as well! In addition to this, Karry is a terrific professional. She pays so much attenti...

    KK Hamburg, NY

  • Tori was great as always! We are in the middle of a renovation so things are quite disorganized on our end. Tori has been great with adjusting to our needs/available space! Thank you :)

    Laureen Dunn Williamsville, NY

  • Thank you to Amy L. for another great cleaning! My son and daughter loved how their rooms looked when they got home.

    SK Lancaster, NY

  • Amanda is spectacular, and she provides outstanding timely, service. Her hard work is graciously appreciated. Thanks for your work!

    A.T East Aurora, NY

  • Chelsea did an awesome job under difficult conditions. She was professional, nice & very polite. I would like to request Chelsea for all of my cleans!

    D.S Lancaster, NY

  • Kari keeps track of tasks that need attention and works her way through them methodically. This week she cleaned all the baseboards! She's an especial genius at dusting. The house always looks great when she's been there.

    S.E Buffalo, NY

  • Ellen did a fantastic job, as usual.

    G.H Williamsville, NY

  • Kari cleaned our home earlier today. We are so very, very pleased with Kari and the hard work that she does in our home; she does a fabulous job. As well as being dedicated and committed to the task at hand, she is also friendly. Thank you, Kari! We...

    L.S North Tonawanda, NY

  • Kari is GREAT!! Each time she cleans, the house looks gorgeous. She's excellent at the things we most need - dusting and vacuuming. We have 2 dogs and a cat, and things can get very furry! But Kari gets it all and leaves the house spotless! Image rem...

    S.E Buffalo, NY

  • I really want to have Ellen every time for my service. She is excellent in every way. Please make sure that Ellen is always scheduled for my service, if there is a scheduling problem let me know, I'm Flexible.

    M.S Buffalo, NY

  • One of the best cleaning experiences I have had with Maidpro. Please send Amy every scheduled cleaning!!!

    S.B Williamsville, NY

  • Fantastic job by Trisha. Please send her again and again. Love the fact that the house smelled very clean and fresh.

    L.G Clarence, NY

  • I just want to thank Kari for going above and beyond this week. We have had family over and I did not have time to tidy anything in preparation for her visit, but she just ran with it and took care of those extras for me, including cleaning Jake's fo...

    CM Amherst, NY

  • Christel is friendly, fast and THOROUGH! I was so pleased to see her again at my door this morning. Thank you for sending her my way, and I hope to see her again

    T.T North Tonawanda, NY

  • Just writing to extend my thanks for excellent service, specifically the great work that my assigned MaidPro team member, Erin, has done throughout 2015! Great job hiring such professional dedicated staff!

    S.C Hamburg, NY

  • Our master bathroom shower has never looked so good. Awesome job!!! Thank you

    S.C Orchard Park, NY

  • MaidPro is the greatest- your girls always do their best and are pleasant.

    P.H Amherst, NY

  • Love all the girls you assign- Heidi was terrific.

    R.T Williamsville, NY

  • Emily did the best job I have ever had from MaidPro. Not that you don't always do a good job. But today was extra great. I would like to have Emily every time if possible.

    R.K Buffalo, NY

  • Amanda was very personable , very friendly & everything looks great! I would definitely use you again.

    M.P East Aurora, NY

  • This was Christina's first visit to my home and I was extremely pleased with her performance in all areas of the house. She was very thorough and handled things with care. I was happy to see her move the area rugs and wash the floors as well as vacuu...

    L.R Williamsvile, NY

  • I loved the service and my carpet in living room looks great. She worked 110% as she vacuumed behind my chair in living room and dusted behind my fridge which no one did before. Very pleasant

    L.P Hamburg, NY

  • Service was great. On time, very professional. It looked like a new home! Thanks again

    T.M Buffalo, NY

  • Wow! Sara did an excellent job cleaning our home!! Thank you Sara for your particular attention to detail!

    L.L East Amherst, NY

  • Michelle and Susan are a pleasure to have at my house! Their great attitudes and strong work ethic are a huge asset!

    KL Williamsville, NY

  • Heidi continues to do a wonderful job cleaning our home.

    A.S East Amherst, NY

  • Michelle & Susan were an amazing team and left my house looking sparkling clean!

    K.L. Williamsville, NY

  • MaidPro is the best! Tina is wonderful! Thanks again!

    G.A North Tonawanda, NY

  • Excellent attention to detail!

    K.C Grand Island, NY

  • Love the clean smell!!

    P.M Williamsville, NY

  • I love how Susan cleaned my house! Wonderful job.

    S.L Grand Island, NY

  • Ellen did an especially fine job today- very thoughtful & helpful

    M.K Williamsville, NY

  • House looks great. Really great job.

    K.M East Amherst, NY

  • Enjoyed Erin very much. Nice worker, pleasant & thoughtful.

    K.A Elma, NY

  • Heidi did a GREAT job today

    A.S East Amherst, NY

  • Rachel and Melissa were a great team and cleaning was both swift and efficient!

    K.L Williamsville, NY

  • Very nice and clean. Floors are always shining. They are hardwood and look great. Thank you

    G.D Amherst, NY

  • Both Felicia and Koren were so very pleasant and professional. Their work ethics and cleaning methods left me a happy customer and my home gleaming.

    J.T Orchard Park, NY

  • I'm very grateful for your hard work and superior service!

    L.L East Amherst, NY

  • Nice job- Donna is hard working and trustworthy- House always looks great. Thank you

    G.D Amherst, NY

  • Melissa & Rachel worked well together. They were pleasant, professional and efficient. I am pleased with their work.

    C.K Amherst, NY

  • Exceptional young woman and very conscientious

    A.F Williamsville, NY

  • I asked for special attention to vacuuming and Bianca absolutely did that. I could tell she swept over all areas a few times. I was very happy with her work!

    A.F East Amherst, NY

  • Jen always fluffs the pillows on the chairs. That's a nice touch.

    C.D Grand Island, NY

  • Bathrooms were excellent! Thank you!

    M.S Lancaster, NY

  • As always, Jen does an awesome, thorough job!

    J.D Amherst, NY

  • I was very apprehensive prior to the experience but Jen was very efficient, timely, and pleasant. All Items on checklist were completed to my satisfaction and I'm very happy with the result!

    R.M. Williamsville, NY

  • Thank you Michelle. Great job as always. Couldn't be happier

    J.H Williamsville, NY

  • D did a wonderful job! Her attention to detail was so spot on. She took the time to address the grout in the single shower and anything the was silver was shining. Please continue to send Miss D when ever possible!!

    S.B. Williamsville, NY

  • The appliances were incredibly clean. They look like new!

    R.K. Buffalo, NY

  • Oh - it was lovely to walk into a freshly cleaned house and it smelled clean too.

    L.Z. Clarence, NY

  • Please ALWAYS send Jen! She loaded the dishwasher and actually ran it, so when I came back home I found the dishes already done! Also, she cleans so thoroughly.

    M.M. Williamsville, NY

  • I had to stop home while the service provider was at my house, and she had the kitchen blocked off to ensure my pup wouldn't get into any of the chemicals while she was in there. :-)

    K.W. Orchard Park, NY

  • Loved the stickers on the toilet paper rolls! They did a wonderful job. Loved the crew that came - they were polite, friendly, and left the house looking great!

    J.M. Amherst, NY

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When you're looking for North Tonawanda maid service, look at MaidPro. We're making New York shine, one house at a time, serving, the entire North Tonawanda area.

MaidPro is North Tonawanda's premier cleaning service. Whether you want weekly, bi-weekly or just a one-time house cleaning, we'll design your maid service around your needs. We understand that hiring a maid service can be a big decision, and we will work with you to ensure your 'hot spots' are cleaned the way you want them done, on time, every time.


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At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional cleaning service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.