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MaidPro Plymouth, MN

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What People Are Saying

People love us. But don’t take our word for it, read what our house cleaning customers have to say.

Isabel did a great job! Very thorough clean, and she is a delightful person overall. Thank you!

K. of Plymouth Plymouth, MN

We really appreciate JJ and everyone at Maidpro who takes the time to keep our house clean. There's been a lot of excitement in the last year and we couldn't have kept up without you!

S. of Maple Grove Maple Grove, MN

Bailey is wonderful! First and foremost she is amazing with my 80lb dog but then she is thorough and meticulous with the job she does for us. She has an excellent eye for detail. We appreciate her because she allows us to spend more time with our kid...

A. of Plymouth Plymouth, MN

Elle is wonderful (though Im sure you already knew that!). While I was working through a family emergency here at home today, Elle made order of our mess. Shes kind and helpful, and even a support for one of our dogs during thunderstorms now, too. We...

E. of Maple Grove Maple Grove, MN

Thank you for your attention to detail. Such a pleasure to come home to a clean house!

J. in Maple Grove Maple Grove, MN