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900 W Highway 50
Clermont, FL 34711

Customers love MaidPro Windermere, FL

  • Each visit is another win for Maid Pro. We have always had extraordinary, polite, professional and personal service.

    Paula smith Smith Orlando, FL

  • She did an excellent job cleaning the house. Very professional and friendly.

    Larry S Orlando, FL

  • Yamilet and her helper Maria performed as an excellent team. Our home, as usual, was beautifully cleaned from front to back. I cannot comment enough on the personality, professionalism, and overall attention to detail that Yamilet extends to us. She...

    John D Orlando, FL

  • Everything was fantastic! We are extremely satisfied with our clean - our home looks great. Thank you again, and happy holidays!

    Kimberly M. Winter Garden, FL

  • I use MaidPro for my vacation home in Florida. The staff is excellent and very thorough never have any issues with the cleaning in my house. The prices are reasonable.

    Christopher M Orlando, FL

  • Lindsay is the best!! Professional clean every time.

    John B. Ocoee, FL

  • Lisa is a wonderful home help to me and my family.

    Linda G Clermont, FL

  • Lisa C is the best! Arrives on time and does a fabulous job.

    Donna F Winter Garden, FL

  • Great team. Felt very comfortable with them. Worked really fast and best experience Ive had with a cleaning service so far in Orlando. Will definitely book again!


  • Each time Leslie comes to help us with our home, the experience is utterly joyful and satisfying. She is a complete professional, efficient, and thorough. But she is so much more as a person and helper. Truly wonderful experience from beginning to en...


  • Janeth is a rock start. Focused and detail orientated. Amazing. Of all the cleaners in past 6 months hands down the best.

    Gary S. Winter Garden, FL

  • Ashley and Janeth did an amazing job. Their attention to detail was impressive and appreciated. Ashley even game me some great advice on wood cabinet cleaner for next time! Looking forward to them returning!

    Robert Kasprzak Windermere, FL

  • We had a houseful of family last weekend and Rossy got my home looking great--so thankful for her. Nice, after working all day and taking care of my granddaughter, knowing my home is clean and back to the way I like--all thanks for Rossy.

    Shelly Mayse Orlando, FL

  • We absolutely love jodie. She does an incredible job.

    Amy Jones Groveland, FL

  • Maria did an AMAZING job! Ive had her consistently for the past month and shes so great! Super kind! Thank you!

    Allison Jones Ocoee, FL

  • Great gals! Serious about what they were here for but very cordial. Will definitely be back on a regular basis! Thank you Maid Pro!

    Jill Bockorny Orlando, FL

  • Really great team. Excellent job cleaning. Super with my dogs. Great experience.

    Elizabeth Secor Winter Garden, FL

  • Maria, did an awesome job cleaning our home yesterday. I've had some construction going on but she was able to get everything back nice and clean. Hope she becomes my every other week maid.

    Augie Rodriguez Winter Garden, FL

  • Our cleaner today was super quick, thorough and very nice! Id be thrilled to have her again!

    Lindsay Vrab Winter Garden, FL

  • Jodi is excellent and does an amazing job!! Thrilled with my clean.

    Cheri Leier Clermont, FL

  • Stephanie and Lisa S. went above and beyond to make our home look beautiful! Im so impressed with the attention to detail and personal touches. Thank you Maidpro!

    Kara Reddman Winter Garden, FL

  • Professional and followed COVID guidance.

    Helen Green Ocoee, FL

  • They did a great job. Pleased with their professionalism and everything was so clean.

    Colleen Durant Ocoee, FL

  • Stephanie was thorough, friendly, and professional. It was a pleasure having her in our home, and she left it sparkling clean. Thank you Stephanie!

    Joel Davis Ocoee, FL

  • Lisa is an excellent cleaner, my home is spotless and shiny when she finishes. I live in a dust free home thanks to Lisa.

    Maria Nin Clermont, FL

  • We are ALWAYS happy when Rossy is here--she does a great job cleaning our home. I will have a house full of family this weekend, and thanks to her, my home is perfect. Thanks Rossy!!!

    Shelly Mayse Orlando, FL

  • Elizabeth was fantastic... very thorough and has a good grasp of what is important to be done. I would like to have Elizabeth be my regular MaidPro service representative. My apartment had not been cleaned professionally by MaidPro for 3 months so wa...

    Debra Bennett Orlando, FL

  • We are very pleased with Lisa. Her attention to detail is greatly appreciated! We asked that she please make sure to keep under the beds and furniture cleaned ((swept) and she does. She also makes sure the house looks nice and smells good before leav...

    Victor Getchel Clermont, FL

  • Lorena did wonderful work. I recently purchased my first home and was feeling overwhelmed at getting the kitchen clean on account that the previous owners had not done a great job. Lorena worked diligently and transformed the kitchen from a nightmare...

    David Negron Ocoee, FL

  • Jodi always goes the extra mile. I love how my house looks after she has visited.

    Kay Black Winter Garden, FL

  • Very professional and great service.

    Joe Finocchio Clermont, FL

  • The ladies at MaidPro were exceptionally professional, very sweet and did a phenomenal job cleaning my home. This was my first time ever having a cleaning company to perform services and I really thing they far exceeded my expectations!

    Patricia Duerr Apopka, FL

  • Janeth did a great job. I am very happy with the way she washes the wood floors. She is also great with my dog Allie.

    Marlene M. Ocoee, FL

  • Exceptional clean throughout the house! Very nice and communicative Pro's! Will definitely look forward to my next service!

    Maria E. Winter Garden, FL

  • We love Ms. Janette! We love our cleans with her and are so comfortable having her in our home! She is above and beyond all the time!

    Randal F. Winter Garden, FL

  • Leah did a great job at our office. Very professional.

    Theresa S. Kissimmee, FL

  • Jodi is wonderful. She always does a beautiful job!

    Linda A. Clermont, FL

  • Ingrid and Eybeth did an amazing job!!

    Donna S. Winter Garden, FL

  • As always, Lisa does a wonderful job cleaning our home.

    Iinda G. Clermont, FL

  • Rossy always does a great job on our home - and my husband and I truly do appreciate her especially during this trying times in the world. Thanks for all your hard work Rossy!!

    Shelly M. Orlando, FL

  • Ashley M did a fantastic job. Very hard worker and made my house shine!

    Danielle A. Windermere, FL

  • Janeth and Milca did an excellent job!!! They really went the extra mile, my home was so clean, even my son's room looked great which is a miracle. I really appreciate their extra effort and I hope they come back again!

    Kerry L. Windermere, FL

  • Rossy is the best. Maid pro has been cleaning our home for over 3 years. Great job always.

    Stephen M. Winter Garden, FL

  • My home feels amazing! This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I tell everyone how happy I am with the help we get. Thank you Anne!

    Auria O. Clermont, FL

  • Cassidy does an excellent job. So nice to come home to a clean home!

    Cheri L Clermont, FL

  • They always do a great job. Quick and good at what they do.

    Bill R. Windermere, FL

  • Anne always does a great job!!!

    Patricia W. Windermere, FL

  • Jannette was very efficient as usual!

    Charlene W. Orlando, FL

  • Again, another amazing house cleaning from our FAVORITE~Wendy! House looks amazing and smells wonderful. Thank you Wendy. We certainly appreciate you and your hardwork! Also, thank you to Brittany in the office for arranging our cleanings to the morn...

    Victor G. Clermont, FL

  • Cassidy is the best. She is very thorough

    Carol K. Orlando, FL

  • Jodie & Wendy did a fantastic job cleaning my home. They will happily pay more attention to anything I request and leave me completely relaxed knowing nothing will be missed.

    AmyJ. Groveland, FL

  • I have Wendy taking care of my home for years. She is the best. I would be lost without her..Does a wonderful job and is always is here on time and on the day. I am grateful to have her.

    Marlene M. Ocoee, FL

  • Lisa is amazing. She is such an asset to your team. Her work is meticulous and she demonstrates care for my home through subtle touches like her handwritten notes. I love having her!

    Michael V. Windemere, FL

  • Yaritza does an amazing job. Especially organizing my kiddos room.

    Michelle D. Gotha, FL

  • We really liked Jeanie today. She did a great job. Hope to have her back in the future.

    Megan B. Apopka, FL

  • Ashley was amazing, best cleaning weve had. Thank you!

    Julissa R. Windemere, FL

  • Rosie is amazing as always!

    Corbin C. Windemere, FL

  • The girls worked very hard! We're glad to have them back. Thank you.

    Tim M. Orlando, FL

  • Thank you for helping to keep my home clean and healthy. Yamilet does a great job!

    Patricia W. Kissimmee, FL

  • Thorough and great. Very hard working.

    Danielle A. Windemere, FL

  • Ashley always does such a great job, not only cleaning, but listening to our needs! Today, after she left, my 5.5 yo son walked into his room and whispered thank you maid lady for making my bed! He loves that she makes sure to change his sheets and p...

    Sara S. Winter Garden, FL

  • Lisa does a wonderful job cleaning our home, She is truly a gem!! Thank you...

    Linda G Clermont, FL

  • Always a Great Experience.

    Devon B. Windermere, FL

  • Ashley was very pleasant and worked around my need to hold conference calls in the office while she cleaned other areas.

    Gwen W. Winter Garden, FL

  • Michelle did a great job cleaning our apartment. She was very attentive and really nice. Thanks again, Michelle!

    Kimberly M. Winter Garden, FL

  • Candace was great!!

    Quinn S. Orlando, FL

  • Yamilet is the best!

    Patricia W Kissimmee, FL

  • My housekeeper is fantastic. She is doing a unbelievable job of cleaning my house and working around my children.

    Lores M. Ocoee, FL

  • Love the consistency is service and providers!

    Debbie C. Orlando, FL

  • Anne is a brilliant cleaner. We appreciate her so much. Highly recommend.

    Brad E. Clermont, FL

  • Lisa is great! Very consistent with great attention to detail!

    Walker A. Davenport, FL

  • Very professional and performed a thorough cleaning!

    Deborah B. Windermere, FL

  • Janette did an amazing job. Shes very professional and friendly.

    Vanessia D. Apopka, FL

  • Anne knocked it out of the park today. I think thrilled is an understatement of how happy I was with my cleaning today.

    Megan R. Ocoee, FL

  • Lisa is the best

    Deborah G. Windemere, FL

  • As always, Anne and her teammates were great!

    Holly B. Orlando, FL

  • Ann is a gem,, She does a wonderful and thorough job cleaning our home.

    Linda G. Clermont, FL

  • Janette and Sharon did an amazing job! I dont see one speck of dirt or dust. Thank you!

    Cristalle D. Windemere, FL

  • Destani & Antonia were here, and they always do a great job. They work quickly, efficiently, and cooperatively. They are kind and conversational.They speak very highly of the Maidpro company and its commitment to excellent service provided by valued...

    Betty C. Winter Garden, FL

  • Fabulous as always with Jodi!

    Diane O. Ocoee, FL

  • Amazing work :)

    Linda M Orlando, FL

  • Destani and Antonia are amazing! They go the extra mile and it really makes my day when I get home to a clean home!

    Colleen S. Winter Garden, FL

  • Another great clean my Rossy. She is simply the best!!

    Stephen M. Winter Garden, FL

  • Alicha does a fantastic job cleaning my home....I am thrilled with the service! Please keep her cleaning my home biweekly. Thank you.

    Patricia W. Windemere, FL

  • Anne did a great job. She is a true professional.

    Jeff H. Windermere, FL

  • Sharon worked very hard and very quickly :)

    Louie G. Orlando, FL

  • She did a fabulous job and was very kind! Look forward to the next clean :)

    Lindsey L. Orlando, FL

  • Yaritza & Lisa S did a super job, thank you!!!

    Kerry L Windemere, FL

  • Very happy with my clean!! Ivanny did a great job!

    Micheal A Windemere, FL

  • Wendy does a wonderful job. I do not know what I would do with out her Thanks for locking the front door. I forgot.

    Marlene M. Ocoee, FL

  • Anne and Lisa did a fantastic job of cleaning my house before I move my stuff into my new house. Thank you ladies. Now I dont need to fear using my oven or taking a shower.

    Tiffany H. Winter Garden, FL

  • Yaritza, Janette and Naomi did an amazing job!! Our house looks incredible.

    Kerry L Windemere, FL

  • Yaritza is like a magic wand! My house sparkles. Love her!!!!!

    Marit L Windermere, FL

  • Wendy and Leona are wonderful and very efficient!

    C Webster Orlando, FL

  • Hesitated for years about getting a cleaning service. Just knew they wouldn't be able to please me Well I must admit I was wrong!!! Maid Pro has been awesome! Wish I had done it sooner. Everything is always to my standards. Thank you so much!

    Linda A Clermont, FL

  • Ann did a great job. She was very attentive to some specific requests. Thanks!

    S Hutchinson Windermere, FL

  • Lisa does a fantastic job and I am thankful, indeed!

    D Brown Montverde, FL

  • Tiffany was great. Would love to see her again. Thank you.

    L Fallucca Winter Garden, FL

  • Miriam and Karol were super! Everything is clean and organized, thank you. I was very happy!!

    K Lovell Windermere, FL

  • The Pros did an amazing job on a move out clean. I am very happy.

    R Mastin Ocoee, FL

  • Rosa is the best! Our home is sparkling clean! Thank you:)

    J Obermiller WINTER GARDEN, FL

  • I love Jodi. She is so efficient and friendly

    C. Ianacone Orlando, FL

  • I would love to have Rosa and/ or Miriam clean for us regularly. They did an awesome job!

    J Obermiller Winter Garden, FL

  • House smelled amazing! They did a great job!

    K Johnson Clermont, FL

  • Dolly continues to impress me! She's the best.

    Q Shaw Orlando, FL

  • Cassie and Amber were awesome! They did a deep clean for me today. I was very impressed with their work and attention to detail. I am requesting them back for weekly cleans also. Not only were they good workers, they were also very professional and p...

    C Spohr Winter Garden, FL

  • MaidPro is the gift I give myself. You give me peace of mind that my house is clean and my time is free to relax and enjoy.

    L Gillam Clermont, FL

  • Jodi once again did a great job! A+ thank you Jodi.

    Mark F Winter Garden, FL

  • The house was very clean and they did an excellent job. I know the house really needed it and it took a little while to do. I am pleased with the clean and look forward to getting it done once a month.

    T Coates Ocoee, FL

  • Gloria and Shamaris did a fantastic job! They were very professional and sweet! :)

    S Hutchinson Windermere, FL

  • Couldnt be any happier with Janette. Just love her

    B Fischer Orlando, FL

  • Jodi was absolutely fantastic today. The clean was one of our best yet to date and we cant thank her enough. We would like to keep her as our main pro. Thank you maid pro for enhancing our life!!

    Mark F Winter Garden, FL

  • Very friendly, hardworking, and thorough in their clean!

    A Brun Apopka, FL

  • You guys did a phenomenal job thank you!!

    M Opp Windermere, FL

  • Excellent work and everything is spotless.

    C Koss Kissimmee, FL

  • She did a wonderful job as always!

    R Dadisman Gotha, FL

  • I am very pleased with the way Wendy takes care of my home. I don't know how I would get along without her.

    M Melesio Ocoee, FL

  • Wendy and her team, Tania & Kimberly did a fantastic job on our house! Looks and smells amazing. We can see they were very detailed and took their time. Thank you for doing such a great job. We appreciate ALL of you! Thanks!

    V Getchel Clermont, FL

  • She did such a great job. Our house was a mess. She even organized our clutter.

    K Manes Clermont, FL

  • Great job, as always. A pleasure to have Yamilet as our service professional.

    P Wehman Kissimmee, FL

  • The ladies MaidPro sent were amazing. They did an awesome job with my house.. I have a two story 5 bedroom house and it is hard work keeping it cleaning. I was absolutely impressed with their clean, they were very meticulous, paid attention to detail...

    M Dalton Winter Garden, FL

  • Joceline continues to exceed our expectations. She is a super woman when it comes to cleaning.

    L Greaver Clermont, FL

  • I am always highly impressed with the cleanings that Charynett performs. She is extremely thorough and pays attention to the details that make a huge difference of an average clean to a superior clean that make me sigh with relief and contentment and...

    L Reid Orlando, FL

  • Joceline is thorough and a dynamo when it comes to cleaning our home. She does a fantastic job. Thank you.

    Linda G Clermont, FL

  • Excellent cleaning Joseline is doing a great job!

    J Martinez Clermont, FL

  • The young lady who came yesterday did an wonderful job. I would welcome her back anytime!

    K Novak Winter Garden, FL

  • Rhoda was professional, thoughtful and through. Loved having her in my home. She is an asset to your company.

    S Bateman Apopka, FL

  • Wonderful! My MaidPro is a champion! She is kind and talented and did a great job. My son came home and loved it! Thanks a million. Forever grateful.

    D Wold Ocoee, FL

  • Dolly & Jolene did an excellent job cleaning our house! We are extremely pleased with the service they provided.

    Larry S Orlando, FL

  • The two cleaners did a fabulous job of cleaning up our home. As I explained, there was so much to do since we had a car accident 6 weeks ago and I have been unable to keep up with the cleaning. We were extremely pleased with all they did and the extr...

    L. Greaver Clermont, FL

  • We have had a crazy couple of weeks and the cleaning Wendy did this week helped so much to get things back on track. Thank you!!!!!!

    M Langston Clermont, FL

  • She does and very good job and my dogs love her. Can't ask for anything more!

    K Johnson Clermont, FL

  • Janette is the best we have ever had!!! She is thorough and quick and delightful!

    Lauren O Winter Garden, FL

  • Lisa has been with us for a while now and we truly enjoy her and the service she provides to us. Thank you for all you do!


  • Lisa has been cleaning our house regularly for the past few months and does a great job

    A Phillips Windermere, FL

  • Kate and Alma did a great job cleaning my house today. They are an asset to your company!

    P Smith Ocoee, FL

  • Yamilet was great!!! she was fast ,thorough and extremely nice . We want her back every time!

    Edgard. A Orlando, FL

  • The professional cleaning services of MaidPro is top notch! Always a pleasure coming home after their cleaning. The house smells great and everything looks picture perfect. My MaidPro team members Dolly and Mercedes are great. They effectively clean...

    David G Winter Garden, FL

  • MaidPro is very courteous and professional. We have been satisfied with Yamilet and her cleaning services for a year now. Highly recommend - ask for Yamilet!

    Javier C Reunion, Four Corners, 34747, FL

  • We have used MaidPro for years and multiple homes. Their team members are great from Tina in office to Mercedes who cleans my home. They are always efficient and flexible if I need be. Mercedes takes the time to make sure everything is complete and d...

    Jaime B Windermere, FL

  • The house looks amazing as always! Thank you so much

    Michelle L Clermont, FL

  • Every detail was paid attention to and they spent their time to make it perfect. I will definitely use them again!

    Lauren A Winter Garden, FL

  • Carrie has been doing a great job cleaning our home for the past several months! She is professional and personable, and we like that we have been able to create a good rapport with her over these months. She has helped take a big task off of our to-...

    Tess F Orlando, FL

  • Wow! great clean! very Professional

    Nancy C Clermont, FL

  • I was very pleased with Marissa. A very sweet young woman who did a fantastic job on my house. It was her first time here. I would give her a 10+ for her job.

    Lucy S Clermont, FL

  • Yamilet and Rosalind were both very professional, efficient and just lovely people. The house is SPOTLESS and I was amazed at what they were able to do in the time they were here, honestly would've taken me days to do half as good a job. Thank you bo...

    Paul G Windermere, FL

  • The folks at MaidPro always do a great job. If there has ever been any problems, they take care of it immediately leaving you with a feeling that they truly care about what they do!

    Lynn T Windermere, FL

  • I had Janette come on Thursday. She is worth her weight in gold!!! Just can't say enough About how great she is and so thorough!! I'm very happy with Maidpro!!

    Brenda F MetroWest, FL

  • We have been using MaidPro for several years and have been very pleased. Our service provider, Yamilet, does an amazing job and she is so nice.

    Patricia W Celebration, FL

  • MaidPro has been servicing our home for over a year. Yamilet does a great job, especially after our kids. We are a busy family with working executives. MaidPro saves us considerable time, uses safe products, consistently shows up on the scheduled day...

    Stephanie H Dr Phillips, FL

  • We could not be happier with the service Maid Pro offers. Lisa is so conscientious. She follows up to make sure that we are pleased with her work.She has been such a pleasure to work with. Maid Pro has been very flexible, working to fit our needs. Th...

    Angie H Windermere, FL

  • Mind blowing Clean! It was Perfect!

    John B Windermere, FL

  • MaidPro is always flexible to work with our ever changing schedule and I come home to a spotless house. Stephanie our PRO always does an immaculate job! Thanks MaidPro for making my life easier!

    Stephanie L Windermere, FL

  • I can t tell you enough how amazing MaidPro is. Donyce not only shows so much love and respect for her job, but she is friendly and makes my partner and I happy every time she comes. We were going to do a once a month deal but because of the quality...

    Tony P Ocoee, FL

  • Noelle was friendly and professional and did a great job.

    Karen W Montverde, FL

  • We have had a great experience with maidpro. The day they clean is my favorite day of the week! All the cleaning ladies are pleasant and work hard to get your house clean.

    Kristy R Windermere, FL

  • Meghan did a great cleaning on our house yesterday. House looked great and smelled amazing. Thank you!

    Victor G Clermont, FL

  • Elsa does a wonderful job and I would like to have her regularly. Thank you

    C.W Orlando, FL

  • Nancy is always amazing! I look forward to coming home after she's been here.

    Lisa R Orlando, FL

  • Love my house, love my cleaning. I am very happy with my service.

    L.G Clermont, FL

  • Awesome job ladies. Thank you for all you do for us....

    D.B Windermere, FL

  • Luz and her partner did an outstanding job. Thank you ladies for the weekend off from cleaning.

    D.B Windermere, FL

  • Amazing as always! I wasn't feeling well so was sleeping in a back bedroom that doesn't get cleaned and Wendy and the team were so quiet I didn't even wake up. Thank you for making my life easier !

    M.L Clermont, FL

  • Both Michelle and Rich were awesome, they worked extremely hard and the end result was incredible... Don't believe the house has ever smelled, looked or in fact been so clean!!!

    D.C W.G, FL

  • I have been very pleased with the service I have been getting. My concerns have always been addressed. My apartments looks so clean and I appreciate it so much because it is one less thing for me to stress about. I look forward to using MaidPro for m...

    C E Orlando, FL

  • Nancy did a fantastic job on our house. Thank You Thank You Thank You

    V.G Clermont, FL

  • Michelle did a fantastic job cleaning our home. I love the check list that Maid Pro provides to illustrate all the areas that were cleaned. Thank you for giving me time back in my busy life!

    H H Windermere, FL

  • Tania and Garciella are FABULOUS!

    A.L Winter Garden, FL

  • I always forget when it's cleaning day and when I come home from work I am so happy to see my clean house. Thank you Elsa!

    G.P Orlando, FL

  • It was Elsa's first time at our home. As I always thought it would be nice to have the same person it would be Elsa. She did a great job and you can see she enjoys it.

    P C Winter Garden, FL

  • Robin is back! Robin is back!! Woo hoo!! We love Robin, the house is perfect. She is the best.

    B B Winter Garden, FL

  • I love the service that I have had . I would recommend maidpro to anyone that will listen!

    J E Orlando, FL

  • Elsa does a fantastic job!!

    P C Ocoee, FL

  • Wendy did a great job as always. I'm so thankful for her hard work and that I don't have to worry about cleaning anything while I'm recovering from treatment.

    M.L Clermont, FL

  • Tania did a great job ! Keep up the great work !

    K.E Windermere, FL

  • Janette did a really nice job. We have a lot of projects going on around the house as we get ready for a new baby, and Janette was still able to put things in order. It felt great to walk in the door after this clean. Thank you!

    C.A Orlando, FL

  • They were fantastic! I am very happy!! Love MaidPro. I tell my friends!

    T.D 34761, FL

  • Walked in after a long day of teaching to discover sparkling clean and smelling fresh! Very pleased.

    K.B Winter Garden, FL

  • don't know what we would do without Lisa. I know she is valuable to you also. We appreciate Lisa and her talents. When she is done each Monday I know that the house is very clean until she comes back next week, thank you for Lisa.

    D.G Windermere, FL

  • Awesome misty and dina did a great job.

    G.P Windermere, FL

  • Maria always does great work! This cleaning was above and beyond as the house was in a post Christmas mess! She even picked up the tree pine needles by hand !!

    A J H Windermere, FL

  • It was very appreciated that Robin was so friendly with my parents!

    A.H Winter Garden, FL

  • Robin was fantastic. Thank you! Very thoughtful and thorough

    J.W Winter Garden, FL

  • So lovely to come home. Thank you so very much. Great Job.

    A.B Orlando, FL

  • Gabriela is terrific! She took care of everything and needs no direction. She has a great memory and did everything perfectly! I would highly recommend her to anyone who asks! Thank you!

    L.E Orlando, FL

  • Amazing job!! Highly recommend. The girls consistently go above and beyond to clean our home. Thank you!

    A.C Windermere, FL

  • I was extremely pleased with my cleaning yesterday. Robin ensured that my apartment was cleaned to my liking. She had a sweet and friendly attitude!

    M.A Clermont, FL

  • Gabrielle and Michelle were super to accommodate my family and the handyman repairing the living room ceiliing. They are a pleasure to have come to my house. Thank you!

    V.B Winter Garden, FL

  • Lyn & Susan did a really nice job. Appreciate their attention to detail! House not only looked nice but smelled wonderful. Thank You for your hard work!

    V.G Clermont, FL

  • EXCELLENT! Lynn made the house sparkle clean!

    L.S Clermont, FL

  • The ladies did a great job. I couldn't find a dog hair anywhere! Thank you!

    P.S Ocoee, FL

  • Robin did an awesome job. Even my son noticed ! Please send Robin for all future cleanings. Claudia always exceeded our expectations, and now Robin has! Thank you!

    M.S Windermere, FL

  • Very impressed by the service, 5 stars performance

    S.C Hunters Creek, FL

  • Elizabeth did a great job- as always! We appreciate it!

    P.W Kissimee, FL

  • Brittney always does an awesome job but our house is even cleaner than usual this time!! Must be her great assistant :-) Thank you!!

    K.C Apopka, FL

  • Michelle was amazing today. I was really impressed to walk in to my home and it look like a showroom. She really pays attention to detail like me. There are some things I need to do on my own like my crazy closet but she was a beast.

    S.C Apopka, FL

  • The girls were great, very friendly and personable.

    R.D Clermont, FL

  • The lady that cleaned my apartment was fabulous!!! Very nice and she did a wonderful job!!! My place looks GREAt!!!! Thank you!!!!

    B.G Clermont, FL

  • Lyn & Darlene did a great job. House looked and smelled nice. Thank You! :)

    V.G Clermont, FL

  • Desiree and Ashley did an amazing job please ad.d $20 tip to each of them! Thank you!

    K.W Ocoee, FL

  • There is no way to really explain to you how special Lisa is to us. She seems to understand really well what needs to be done. I never have to tell her she just knows and works so hard. I never really thought we would ever find another person to take...

    D.G Windermere, FL

  • With out MaidPro I don't know what I would do! Irma is the best !!! She is the BEST!!!

    P.L Orlando, FL

  • You are a Godsend at this time in my life. I much appreciate your service. Thank You so much,

    V.S Orlando, FL

  • Lynn is the best! She always goes above and beyond and is very helpful and friendly each week. We love her!

    J.A Windermere, FL

  • Without Irma from MaidPro, my living & apt. Would not be live able! I am disabled, and would HIGHLY recommend MaidPro services to anyone who is looking for a service!!! I am so glad I found this service!!! 10 STARS across the board on everything!!!

    P.L Orlando, FL

  • Irma, was FANTASTIC!!!!! I have been working longer hours and have had hardly no time for maintaining the "up keep". I walked in last night from another long day at work and it was amazing to walk into an immaculate home! THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK Y...

    N.G Orlando, FL

  • I appreciate the phone call and you for sending Jasmine, too.....who was great by the way. She went out of her way to accommodate my wishes......that's great customer service. You guys put a smile back on my face. I was welcomed home last night by cl...

    S.N Orlando, FL

  • Lyn is absolutely great! I'm always happy after my clean!

    M.A Clermont, FL

  • Jasmine was excellent!! She even cleaned the glass patio doors. Great employee!

    F.F Winter Garden, FL

  • Misty and Jasmine were Miracle workers once again.! We had a dear in the family, have been overwhelmed and with company coming in from out if town, making our house presentable was so very helpful and clean and very much appreciated! Thank you for th...

    K.W Ocoee, FL

  • Great job, great personality. Thank you for the dog treats. We are in luxury hotel business and you exceeded our expectations. Thank you.

    S.C Orlando, FL

  • We love Arlette! She is such a hard worker and does a very thorough job every week when she comes to clean our house! I live the little touches too, like the way the toilet paper is folded and how she arranges the towels in the bathroom. She truly do...

    T.C Winter Garden, FL

  • The service provided what excellent! The ladies were very nice and the quality of work was fast and very good. Thanks for coming out at short notice.

    S.C Windermere, FL

  • As usual, FANTASTIC SERVICE !!! If there was a score to give above "10" Irma would get it!! Thank You.

    P.L Orlando, FL

  • I am lucky to have found MaidPro Winter Garden! It is great coming home to a clean house after a long day at work. I have been a customer for about 5 years. Mandy and her team do an outstanding job. Their communication is key. I am impressed. Any req...

    P.S Ocoee, FL

  • Deanna and Lisa did an amazing job! I am working mom full-time employee with two busy girls and two dogs and a busy dance schedule and my father-in-law is in hospice care so needless to say our house is been like a stop and go place they have actuall...

    K.W Ocoee, FL

  • Brittany did one fantastic job cleaning our home. The whole time she was here, she did not stop a minute. She adhered to all my requests. She is also sweet and very respectful. If possible, I would like her as my regular cleaner.

    L.S Clermont, FL

  • It was a great clean and the team was exceptional. I have recommended your services to 3 friends already

    C.C Winter Garden, FL

  • Lisa and Alxandria were awesome. Lisa is always wonderful but I think you have a treasure in Alexandria. She is personable and very good as is Lisa at their jobs. Thank you.

    DG Windermere, FL

  • We have been using MaidPro for a good while now and I can not say enough good things about this great company. Their staff does an extremely good job every time and we highly recommend them. Also, Mandy and her office staff are terrific to work with...

    S.W Orlando, FL

  • Misty does a great job and goes above and beyond. The house always looks great. I am incredibly busy right now so my house gets last priority. Misty makes it her first priority and it allows me take it off my list of things to do. For those chores th...

    J.F Winter Garden, FL

  • It is refreshing to finally find a company that does what they say they are going to do, and does it very well. MaidPro has been nothing but stellar in my experience. My current cleaning professional is friendly and professional. She is all about the...

    A.W Orlando, FL

  • We first became MAIDPRO customers when they opened in MetroWest and followed them to Winter Garden. We 'LOVE' them! We have used other cleaning companies in the past but never 100% pleased, until we tried MAIDPRO! We currently have Theresa as our cle...

    V.G. Clermont, FL

  • We have been MaidPro customers for several years. They always do a wonderful job and it is always such a pleasure to come home and have the house smell and look wonderful! As a busy mom, this is totally invaluable!

    A.Y. Clermont, FL

  • It was awesome! The house looked, felt and smelled great. All good. Now, I'm spoiled again! Really, they seemed to go the extra mile to get the nooks and crannies and give everything that extra shine. I returned from a two-day business trip Friday ev...

    D.B. Montverde, FL

  • MaidPro is the best! We have been using the company for 5 years. Lorena is our favorite and we look forward to her visit every other Wednesday. Nothing is better than coming home to a sparkling clean house! Mandy and Mark have been great to work with...

    P.P. Metrowest, FL

  • I have been using MaidPro for the past year. They have been nothing short of wonderful. Susan takes great care of my home; and i really appreciate her attention to detail. Everything is always spotless. The customer service is fantastic. Mandy has be...

    Pamela Ocoee, FL

Windermere house cleaning services.

Windermere, located in Orange County, FL, was established in 1889. Although MaidPro has not been in the area since that time, we offer Windermere house cleaning services with a tradition of providing clients with an exceptional maid cleaning service at an affordable price.  We are the premier cleaning service in the area. Whether you want weekly, bi-weekly or just a one-time house cleaning, we'll design your maid service around your needs.

At MaidPro, we tackle the dirty work hiding under your rugs and in those sneaky corners. Far from doing only what shows and skipping the grossest parts, our professionally trained maids keep your Windermere house in ship shape, and ready for whatever afternoon guest decides to drop by.

If home cleaning is taking away from the valuable time you could be spending with your family, on hobbies or just enjoying yourself, contact MaidPro. It'll be our pleasure to clean our neighbor’s homes in Windermere and the surrounding area!


Add a refrigerator clean to any regular cleaning for just $25.00.

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Get $25.00 off your 1st, 3rd and 5th cleans.

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The best recipe for a delicious meal is a spotless kitchen.


We go where you don’t want to.


Spend more time sleeping in your bedroom, not cleaning it.

Living Areas

We clean the living areas while you spend more time, well, living.

Your home, cleaned just the way you like it.

At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to guarantee your home is cleaned correctly, every time. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional cleaning service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to reinforce the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.