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Your home, cleaned just the way you like it.

At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to ensure your home is cleaned correctly, every time, guaranteed. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional maid service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to instill the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.


Charlotte premier home cleaners.

Your local MaidPro is owned and managed by Dryw and Amy Blanchard, who opened their business to deliver world-class cleaning service to families in the community while also creating job opportunities. They are especially proud to stand behind MaidPro’s 49-PointChecklist™ and are committed to improving the lives of every client.

Dryw and Amy love living in the Indian Trail area—especially spending quality time with their son. On weekends, you can find the Blanchard family catching a movie at Sun Valley 14, cheering for their son's sports teams, or grabbing a bite at Hickory Tavern. As MaidPro owners, their goal is to help clients spend more time having fun and less time cleaning.

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If home cleaning is taking away from the valuable time you could be spending with your family, on hobbies or just enjoying yourself, contact MaidPro. It'll be our pleasure to serve you in South Charlotte and the surrounding area!

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The best recipe for a delicious meal is a spotless kitchen.


We go where you don’t want to.


Spend more time sleeping in your bedroom, not cleaning it.

Living Areas

We clean the living areas while you spend more time, well, living.

49-Point Checklist

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  • I have tried many cleaning services before, but MaidPro is by far the best. My house never looked so good.

    Adam - Mint Hill,

  • Thank you MaidPro! My house is sparkling. I'm considering locking my family out so they don't dirty it up again.

    Lisa - Mint Hill,

  • You guys are awesome. You are single-handedly winning the battle against the pet hair in my house!

    Kathy - Mint Hill,

  • MaidPro, I love you. You have given my family our weekends back. Thank you!

    Allie - Charlotte,

  • Our house hasn't been this clean since the day we moved in. You guys are the best.

    Dan - Charlotte,

  • They even cleaned inside my toaster oven!

    Lisa - Charlotte,

  • Amanda did an excellent job as always!

    Karen - Charlotte,

  • I will gladly refer you to anyone looking. Your crew is great!

    Charlene - Charlotte,

  • I am thrilled with today's cleaning; Amanda did another fantastic, thorough job!

    Amy - Mint Hill,

  • I am always impressed with the customer service of your MaidPro office!

    Sophie - Mint Hill,

  • Thank you for cleaning our house early in the day so that it was ready when we came back from the hospital. We appreciated your thoughtfulness!

    Amy - Mint Hill,

  • This cleaning was the best I've had. Thanks again for working so hard to make me happy.

    Tiffany - Mint Hill,

  • Amanda is simply wonderful! She always does an excellent job in our home. She pays close attention to little details, always concentrating on how to improve on cleaning the more difficult to clean areas. Amanda is friendly and always comes to work with a smile. It's obvious that she enjoys and takes pride in what she does.

    Karen - Charlotte,

  • My house has never been so sparkling!

    Erica - Charlotte,

  • Great Job, again! It's so nice to come home after a long day at work and find a clean house. Thanks!

    Ami - Charlotte,

  • We are very happy with the cleaning. Great job done throughout our house. Thanks so much for the excellent service!!

    Robin - Charlotte,

  • Amanda and Charlene did a great job. There is nothing they could have done to make it better. They were very polite and efficient too.

    Gerry - Midland,

  • The lady that cleaned our home was outstanding! Awesome job. Thanks.

    Tiffany - Mint Hill,

  • The service I received today was great. The cleaning person you sent to my home was very friendly and professional.

    Estelle - Charlotte,

  • The service was wonderful. Everything was squeaky clean. Love not to have to worry myself about cleaning!

    Shirley - Charlotte,

  • Charlene was very friendly. She got right in there and got the job done. Nothing was overlooked

    Gerry - Midland,

  • Intially I only wanted MaidPro to come on a monthly basis however, after my first experience I want them to come on a weekly basis!! I was thrilled and very thankful!! Thank you so much for wonderful customer service!!

    Kedra - Charlotte,

  • Everybody is so nice at MaidPro. You have a great business there! There is nothing they could do to make it any better. It's perfect!

    Lauren - Charlotte,

  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful clean!!!!, Your attention to detail is always the cherry on top of your visit to my home. Coming home to a freshly cleaned home is addicting. Keep up the great work!!!

    Lauren - Charlotte,

  • They did a wonderful job. I can hardly wait until they come back next month!

    Latoya - Charlotte,

  • The team was great. They moved the throw rugs and did the complete floor. They wiped down all cabinets. They were pleasant and efficient. We are thrilled with the service :-)

    Michael - Charlotte,

  • Dana noticed things that I did not expect. I was stunned at the things she did. It was wonderful! For example, she thoroughly cleaned the shower door track. The attention to detail was unbelievable. Also, she was a pleasant, nice woman.

    Gerry - Charlotte,

  • This service is wonderful. It is so nice to go home from work at the end of the day and know that my home is cleaned by very caring professionals. It is also nice to have the same ladies come from week to week. No areas of needing cleaned are overlooked.

    Shirley - Charlotte,

  • Christy did a great job. I'm looking forward to doing NOTHING this weekend!

    Melanie - Charlotte,

  • Three men and 3 dogs live here. What a mess we had. The place looks great now!

    Wes - Mint Hill,

  • Everything looked GREAT!

    Amy - Mint Hill,

  • Dana is the best......she did a lot and did it well

    Michael - Charlotte,

  • Everything was wonderful!

    David - Charlotte,

  • There was absolutely nothing to complain about, everything was perfect! The girls were spot on and Maid Pro is a huge blessing to me,

    Pam - Mint Hill,

  • It wasn't just great, it was perfect!

    Melanie - Charlotte,

  • I am extremely happy with Kurt and Maidpro! They have done an outstanding job cleaning my home and I am so very happy that I have finally found such excellent service. It is a pleasure working with Kurt and staff, they are all professional, reliable and nice. I am totally impressed! Thank you Kurt and Maidpro staff!

    Melanie - Charlotte,

  • wow, wow, wow. Tonight I feel so blessed to have such a nice clean home. We appreciate our Tometria so much!!!!

    Bruce - Charlotte,

  • I was really impressed! They did a great job.

    Kaitlin - Mint Hill,

  • It is so nice to come in to a clean home - Love our MaidPro!

    Sheila - Charlotte,

  • Dana did a great job!! You have no idea how relieved I feel this Sat morning knowing that i do not have to clean in addition to other chores!! Thank u so much Dana!!

    Cheryl - Charlotte,

  • Jennifer did a fantastic job. We came home as she was wrapping up n was kind with the girls. Very nice person she did a wonderful job.

    - Charlotte,

  • Dana is absolutely amazing! I just about cried when I walked into the house. We are in the midst of a move and things are a little more messy than usual. Not only is my house sparkling she took care of things I didn't have time for this morning like making my son's bed (including putting on a clean mattress pad and new sheets) and the last minute dish in the sink. I appreciate her and love maidpro!

    Rachel - Midland,

  • OMG.... Im so in love with Dana she is nothing short of Awesome! I wasn't feeling well yesterday so I was home when she came to clean. She was so sweet and considerate. She worked so hard to make sure everything was done and she even took out my trash to the dumpster! Kurt... She deserves a raise :-)

    Kedra - Charlotte,

  • Dana was exceptional! She was professioinal, friendly and helpful. Couldn't ask for better service. The cleaning was outstanding. My home has never felt so clean!! I am absolutely THRILLED with the clean and won't hesitate to use the service again. I will highly recommend Maidpro to friends and/family. Thank you!!! job well done.

    Tina - Charlotte,

  • Thanks Jen! You do an amazing job on my home!

    Sarah - Mint Hill,

  • Dana did a great job again!! Thank you so much!!!!

    Cheryl - Charlotte,

  • My team seems like nice people. They leave nice notes, and they do a good job in the bathrooms. We are a messy family with dirty dogs. They have a lot to deal with.

    Hannah - Charlotte,

  • Everything was perfect. Thanks so much!

    Cynthia - Mint Hill,

  • It was such a comfort and sheer delight coming home to a clean and serene home! Our youngest son had back surgery yesterday and we learned our nephew has a brain tumor and is undergoing surgery today. So to come home to these two beautiful women cleaning and a hug too was balm to my stressed out soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Krissa - Mint Hill,

  • Julia is the best of the best!!!! Thank you!

    Bruce - Charlotte,

  • The house looks fabulous.! Thank you

    Cheryl - Charlotte,

  • I have looked at several residential cleaning services before deciding on the MaidPro office closest to my office. After speaking with them and getting my 1st preference day set up (Friday) for my 1st cleaning I realized (over a holiday weekend) that I did not remember having an appointment for inspection done on the home I am renting on Thursday morning (the day BEFORE my cleaning service was to start!!). I called the office on Monday (Memorial Day Holiday) and the phone was answered and my lat

    Derek - Mint Hill,

  • Everytime Kristy comes my house just sparkles. Thank you Kristy

    Estelle - Mint Hill,

  • Thank you so much Julia!!!! I know our home was exceptionally dirty since all of our pets are shedding so badly.....but it is sparkling clean now!!!!

    Bruce - Mint Hill,

  • Cynthia was amazing!! She has a great spirit & went above & beyond! She was truly a blessing to me during her service. I would love to see her again!

    Deaundra - Charlotte,

  • Thank you Dana again!! It looked fabulous !!

    Cheryl - Charlotte,

  • Jennifer Does a super job. She works very hard. I am well pleased with your service.

    Jane - Mint Hill,

  • Julia and Cynthia were great! Very pleasant and did an outstanding job!

    Amanda - Mint Hill,

  • I want to commend you on Dana. She is the best we've ever had here.

    Dr Herb - Charlotte,

  • House looks and smells FANTASTIC. Dana did a wonderful job.

    Tina - Mint Hill,

  • They did a wonderful job. Thanks.

    Dwayne - Charlotte,

  • Awesome! Being due to deliver my 3rd baby any day now, Maid Pro has definitely helped me relax and enjoy the arrival of my baby instead of worrying about keeping my house clean! Thanks!

    Amy - Mint Hill,

  • I was a first time MaidPro customer today. Kurt, I have to tell you, I was so thrilled with the team that showed up. I had Sharon, Dana and Cynthia arrive about 9am and the last cleaner stayed until after 6pm. And they worked hard and not even sure they took a break. They absolutely cleaned everything (spotless) including the French doors. They also got all my blinds, base boards, etc. I was absolutely totally amazed at their professionalism and how clean they got my house.

    Scott - Charlotte,

  • They did a marvelous job!

    Matt - Mint Hill,

  • They were very professional and did a good job. I enjoyed getting to meet them.

    Martha - Mint Hill,

  • Dana was great today. She paid attention to the detail. I know she was here for quite some time today, and I hope it didn't cut into her schedule at all. She did a great job! The house looks great.

    Deet - Charlotte,

  • I was thrilled with my clean!

    Pat - Concord,

  • She is so detailed. Just what every mother and wife needs after working so hard at work.

    Linda - Mint Hill,

  • I finally got to meet Dana!! I arrived home early. She did a great job!! Thanks Dana!!

    Cheryl - Charlotte,

  • Cynthia is amazing, hard working and the most grateful woman I have met. She speaks highly of Kurt and The MaidPro family and is an asset to you organization. She is kind, caring and dedicated to doing a good job. Thank you for sending reinforcements for her on Friday.

    Sharon - Mint Hill,

  • Thank you Cynthia! My sister's little home is sparkling and fresh for her 50th birthday when she returns from her trip to Belize tomorrow! She will be thrilled! Thanks again to the whole MaidPro East Charlotte team for helping me surprise her with this wonderful clean house!!!!!

    Bruce - Mint Hill,

  • Thank you so much for coming to my rescue on such short notice. Ya'll are wonderful!!!

    Bruce - Charlotte,

  • Tanisha and Sharon did a great job and both were very pleasant.

    Ann - Mint Hill,

  • Julia is the best! She is funny and sweet and cleans like she means it which I appreciate so much!!!! She totally "gets" our house and what we need. Thank you MaidproEast for another great clean!

    Boon - Mint Hill,

  • Julia cleans my home like she really cares for my family. That's why I referred my mom to MaidPro in MInt Hill, as well.

    Hannah - Mint Hill,

  • Sharon went the extra mile. She worked hard and was completely thorough. You sent the right person! MaidPro is a God-send.

    Cathy - Mint Hill,

  • Great job again!!

    Derek - Mint Hill,

  • Another great service!! Thank you!

    Amanda - Mint Hill,

  • Thank you for an awesome clean! Jen & Manuela were great about working around us & the new baby. I really appreciated it. Thank you also for the cute MaidPro onesie for Kenny!

    Amy - Mint Hill,

  • The girls did a great job. Nice to know that your company cares about customer service. In today's market place that is key for success . Keep up the good job

    Tristy - Mint Hill,

  • The cleaning was definitely up to my standards. I appreciate the level of detail. Thank you again.

    Tiffany - Mint Hill,

  • Once again Julia exceeded our expectations....what a thoughtful person she is. Our house is so clean..... Thank you MaidPro!!!!

    Bruce - Charlotte,

  • Fabulous job today!!!

    Cindy - Charlotte,

  • Great as always. Julia is a godsend.

    Hannah - Mint Hill,

  • The house looked great! Caitlin did a nice job.

    Gilbert - Charlotte,

  • I am thrilled with my clean! Jen does an amazing job. Very thorough and consistent. I look forward to coming home when I know Jen's been there. Thank you Maidpro for exceptional service every time.

    Tina - Mint Hill,

  • They did a great job. There is nothing they could have done any better!

    Michelle - Charlotte,

  • Chennel did a fabulous job!!! Loved it!! Is she coming back?? ?

    Cheryl - Charlotte,

  • Another great clean. Thank you! Love the personal touches Sharon puts on the place with making up the kids' rooms and play areas!

    Sarah - Mint Hill,

  • Thank you for customizing my clean!

    Carolyn - Mint Hill,

  • We are totally sold on you MaidPro!!

    Suzanne - Mint Hill,

  • Amanda cleaned my home today and she did a wonderful job! She has a great personality and she was very hard working. It is refreshing to work with someone who enjoys what they do and takes pride in their customer service to the clients. I am looking forward to having Amanda service our home for future cleanings. I was very impressed with her and I am a satisfied new customer.

    Laura - Mint Hill,

  • Extremely happy!

    Jim - Mint Hill,

  • Exceptional clean every time!

    Tina - Mint Hill,

  • Thank you so much for working with my schedule this week!

    Amy - Mint Hill,

  • A great job as usual!! Thank you for your great professional service!

    Cheryl - Charlotte,

  • We were absolutely thrilled and would give them a 12 out of 10!

    Rob - Mint Hill,

  • Kurt Your team of Chennel and Pamela came today for our first cleaning in the new house. We are requesting Chennel and Pamela for every visit! Can we request them each time so we get the same crew as much as possible? Both of them were awesome. They really cared about ensuring Kim and I were happy with their cleaning. And they asked for feedback along the way, which was awesome and very much appreciated! They did a very, very good job.

    Titus - Concord,

  • I am thrilled with today's service. The ladies were very prompt, did a wonderful job cleaning and allowed me to walk through my home to check over everything before they left. I would recommend MaidPro East Charlotte to others looking for cleaning services.

    Chennel Gaston & Pamela Craddock - Mint Hill, NC

  • Hey Kurt, Just wanted to let you know that my house had the best cleaning EVER yesterday! My gals were Pam and Chennel and they are great! Beyond thrilled!

    Pam - Charlotte,

  • Everything looked nice and clean - a pleasure to come into a clean office today!

    Sheila - Charlotte,

  • Jen is very thorough and considerate of my needs. She works so hard and I wanted you to know how pleased I am.

    Virginia - Mint Hill,

  • Excellent. We love Amanda and she has cleaned twice and both times we've been very happy.

    Laura - Mint Hill,

  • Miss Cynthia is FABULOUS!

    Krissa - Charlotte,

  • Hey! Chennel cleaned my home today all by herself. She did an amazing job. If at all possible, she is the one I prefer to clean my home. Thank you, Cindy

    Cindy - Charlotte,

  • I am very pleased with the cleaning Cynthia and Pam did on Wed. at my house. They both are a pleasure to have around. We talked and laughed. Felt like I'd known them longer than a few hours. They are the ones I want back to take care of my house!!!

    Carol - Mint Hill,

  • Pam is very thorough, courteous, friendly, and does a wonderful job for us. She has been very prompt and always takes time to greet our dogs. We look forward to her next visit!

    Rob - Charlotte,

  • The cleaning was exceptional!

    - Mint Hill,

  • Amanda & Julia did a wonderful job! They were also very friendly. Looking forward to the next cleaning!

    Lindsay - Charlotte,

  • The ladies were super nice and everything looked fantastic!

    Susan - Mint Hill,

  • Pam and Jen did a great job! Thrilled! Thanks very much!

    Melanie - Mint Hill,

  • Hey Kurt! Amanda did a FABULOUS job!! Thank u

    Cheryl - Charlotte,

  • Everything looked great and we appreciate the great service!

    Sheila - Charlotte,

  • We love Julia! Not only does she clean so well, every time, but I LOVE her laugh! She makes us happy.....what a wonderful lady!

    Bruce - Mint Hill,

  • The ladies did a great job today! Super friendly and efficient! Jenn is a great lead! Pam is very personable and they both love my dog;)! Thanks ladies!!

    Deaundra - Charlotte,

  • The ladies did a great job today! Super friendly and efficient! Jenn is a great lead! Pam is very personable and they both love my dog;)! Thanks ladies!!

    Deaundra - Charlotte,

  • Amanda does a fabulous job. I think this time around she felt even more comfortable in our home. She cleans with a smile on her face. Amanda uses her time wisely and does a thorough cleaning job. I would highly recommend Maidpro and Amanda to my friends and colleagues.

    Laura - Charlotte,

  • Pam was wonderful! Did my whole house all by herself! Would love to have her back again!

    Steve - Mint Hill,

  • Made our move to our new house much easier knowing it was cleaned by MaidPro. Thanks!

    Stephanie - Mint Hill,

  • Love my girls! Thank you!

    Cindy - Charlotte,

  • Great job. Very happy with the service. Excellent work.

    Jane - Mint Hill,

  • Actually DID recommend Maid Pro to a friend today based on the awesome customer service and Jen's fantastic attention to details.

    Lori - Mint Hill,

  • Kurt You wanted us to share feedback from this week. Chennel came today and Kim thought she did great. Awesome job!!! Just so you know…………………. Thanks

    Scott - Concord,

  • The house was extremely clean and we were thrilled! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and we can't wait to reach out to you all again.

    Lauren - Charlotte,

  • Excellent AA+

    Linda - Mint Hill,

  • Thank you for sending Julia to clean! Julia always does a great job.

    Estelle - Mint Hill,

  • It was fabulous.!! Thank u !!

    Cheryl - Mint Hill,

  • MaidPro makes it happen time and time again. Exceptional customer service - outstanding work. Jen - your amazing......THANK YOU for making my house sparkle.

    Tina - Mint Hill,

  • Great as always! Thank you Carolyn!!

    Cheryl - Charlotte,

  • I truly enjoy all aspects of the experience I've encountered with my local MaidPro in Mint Hill, NC. The level of customer service has been exceptional. Julia has been wonderful and as soon as she leaves, I look forward to the next cleaning. After the first cleaning, I reviewed the list and realized they had completed all things listed including those that were "optional" without any special requests. Talk about going above and beyond. Then, they follow up via phone and all employees including K

    Tara - Mint Hill,

  • very HAPPY with her work. my sun room looks super thanks to jennifer.

    Jane - Mint Hill,

  • Awesome! Beyond thrilled!

    Pam - Charlotte,

  • They are AMAZING!!! Always reliable!!! Excellent work!!! I cannot say enough about them!!!

    - Charlotte,

  • I love talking to Cynthia when she cleans! She makes my house beautiful!

    Carol - Mint Hill,

  • Julia continues to provide excellent cleaning service & always has a welcoming personality.

    Estelle - Charlotte,

  • Julia did a great job as always. Thank you!

    Sarah - Charlotte,

  • Candida was great and sweet.

    Nora - Charlotte,

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! When I went back to work full time I thought my house would never be clean again. Thanks to you it is!!

    Debbie - Charlotte,

  • Julia did a great job again.

    Amy - Mint Hill,

  • The house is wonderful as ever! See you next time! Thank you...

    Bruce - Charlotte,

  • They did an excellent job . I'm very pleased. Thank you!

    Thomas - Mint Hill,

  • It's so nice to have such a clean home! Everything is so beautiful and shiny!

    Sarah - Mint Hill,

  • Thank you for an excellent clean!

    Amy - Charlotte,

  • Candy did a great job!

    Dr Herbano - Charlotte,

  • Channel did an excellent job today, especially with the toilets since we have such hard water. They just gleamed.

    Melinda - Charlotte,

  • Candy and Carolyn cleaned our home for the second time and we were very pleased once again. They are a great team and their work speaks for itself. Both of them are very pleasant and I am looking forward to working with them again. Maidpro is very fortunate to have such hard workers with pleasing personalities. Their work ethic is admirable!

    Laura - Mint Hill,

  • I was THRILLED when I came home! I love those girls to death!

    Dacy - Charlotte,

  • House looks super!! Thank you Carolyn!! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

    Cheryl - Charlotte,

  • Ree and Angel did a fantastic job!! I love the quality of their work, and they are very sweet ladies!!

    Denise - Mint Hill,

  • Thankful for Julia and MaidPro East Charlotte!

    Bruce - Mint Hill,


    Joseph - Mint Hill,

  • Love my Girl!!!!

    Cindy - Charlotte,

  • Julia did and AWESOME job! She obviously knows what she is doing and is very good at doing it. This was an A+ experience.

    Janice - Charlotte,

  • Cynthia did a GREAT job- fabulous attention to detail. Completely thrilled with my clean today.

    Lori - Mint Hill,

  • Cynthia did a GREAT job- fabulous attention to detail. Completely thrilled with my clean today.

    Lori - Mint Hill,

  • Everything looked great!

    Jay - Charlotte,

  • I have been using MaidPro weekly for nearly a year and am very pleased with the service. They are a thorough, friendly and reliable service that I would recommend to anyone.

    Kaitlin - Mint Hill,

  • I love Julia, everything is always great!

    Tara - Charlotte,

  • They did a wonderful job! Thank you!

    Eric - Charlotte,

  • Everything looked great! We were very happy with the clean!

    Hannah - Charlotte,

  • It was great! Both of the Pros were professional and courteous. I had to go get my son while they were here and I felt absolutely comfortable leaving them in my home while I ran out to do so.

    Anthony - Charlotte,

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