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Your home, cleaned just the way you like it.

At MaidPro, we customize our service to meet your needs and budget. We offer a full range of house cleaning services and use a 49-Point Checklist™ to ensure your home is cleaned correctly, every time, guaranteed. Kitchens, bathrooms, floors and dusting are our specialties. Beyond that, we focus on areas of your home selected by you.

Professional maid service, with a personal touch.

We know and trust our MaidPro employees on a personal and professional level. Our cleaning PROs undergo thorough background checks prior to employment and are bonded and insured. They also receive extensive maid service training to instill the skills needed to clean to the highest standards—yours! And while we strive to help our employees work to their greatest ability, we also make sure to have fun. Because when you love what you do, it shows in your work.


Charlotte premier home cleaners.

At MaidPro Charlotte, creating clean houses is our priority. We are located in Charlotte, North Carolina and deliver personalized, precise services to Charlotte. Whether you want shiny floors or sparkling bathrooms in Charlotte, just call us for all your Charlotte area residential cleaning needs.

MaidPro Charlotte is especially proud of MaidPro’s 49-Point Checklist™ and value the chrome fixtures being cleaned and shined because it can really brighten a room—and a customer’s day! 

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The best recipe for a delicious meal is a spotless kitchen.


We go where you don’t want to.


Spend more time sleeping in your bedroom, not cleaning it.

Living Areas

We clean the living areas while you spend more time, well, living.

49-Point Checklist

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  • I have tried many cleaning services before, but MaidPro is by far the best. My house never looked so good.

    Adam - Mint Hill,

  • Thank you MaidPro! My house is sparkling. I'm considering locking my family out so they don't dirty it up again.

    Lisa - Mint Hill,

  • You guys are awesome. You are single-handedly winning the battle against the pet hair in my house!

    Kathy - Mint Hill,

  • MaidPro, I love you. You have given my family our weekends back. Thank you!

    Allie - Charlotte,

  • Our house hasn't been this clean since the day we moved in. You guys are the best.

    Dan - Charlotte,

  • They even cleaned inside my toaster oven!

    Lisa - Charlotte,

  • Amanda did an excellent job as always!

    Karen - Charlotte,

  • I will gladly refer you to anyone looking. Your crew is great!

    Charlene - Charlotte,

  • I am thrilled with today's cleaning; Amanda did another fantastic, thorough job!

    Amy - Mint Hill,

  • I am always impressed with the customer service of your MaidPro office!

    Sophie - Mint Hill,

  • Thank you for cleaning our house early in the day so that it was ready when we came back from the hospital. We appreciated your thoughtfulness!

    Amy - Mint Hill,

  • This cleaning was the best I've had. Thanks again for working so hard to make me happy.

    Tiffany - Mint Hill,

  • Amanda is simply wonderful! She always does an excellent job in our home. She pays close attention to little details, always concentrating on how to improve on cleaning the more difficult to clean areas. Amanda is friendly and always comes to work with a smile. It's obvious that she enjoys and takes pride in what she does.

    Karen - Charlotte,

  • My house has never been so sparkling!

    Erica - Charlotte,

  • Great Job, again! It's so nice to come home after a long day at work and find a clean house. Thanks!

    Ami - Charlotte,

  • We are very happy with the cleaning. Great job done throughout our house. Thanks so much for the excellent service!!

    Robin - Charlotte,

  • Amanda and Charlene did a great job. There is nothing they could have done to make it better. They were very polite and efficient too.

    Gerry - Midland,

  • The lady that cleaned our home was outstanding! Awesome job. Thanks.

    Tiffany - Mint Hill,

  • The service I received today was great. The cleaning person you sent to my home was very friendly and professional.

    Estelle - Charlotte,

  • The service was wonderful. Everything was squeaky clean. Love not to have to worry myself about cleaning!

    Shirley - Charlotte,

  • Charlene was very friendly. She got right in there and got the job done. Nothing was overlooked

    Gerry - Midland,

  • Intially I only wanted MaidPro to come on a monthly basis however, after my first experience I want them to come on a weekly basis!! I was thrilled and very thankful!! Thank you so much for wonderful customer service!!

    Kedra - Charlotte,

  • Everybody is so nice at MaidPro. You have a great business there! There is nothing they could do to make it any better. It's perfect!

    Lauren - Charlotte,

  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful clean!!!!, Your attention to detail is always the cherry on top of your visit to my home. Coming home to a freshly cleaned home is addicting. Keep up the great work!!!

    Lauren - Charlotte,

  • They did a wonderful job. I can hardly wait until they come back next month!

    Latoya - Charlotte,

  • The team was great. They moved the throw rugs and did the complete floor. They wiped down all cabinets. They were pleasant and efficient. We are thrilled with the service :-)

    Michael - Charlotte,

  • Dana noticed things that I did not expect. I was stunned at the things she did. It was wonderful! For example, she thoroughly cleaned the shower door track. The attention to detail was unbelievable. Also, she was a pleasant, nice woman.

    Gerry - Charlotte,

  • This service is wonderful. It is so nice to go home from work at the end of the day and know that my home is cleaned by very caring professionals. It is also nice to have the same ladies come from week to week. No areas of needing cleaned are overlooked.

    - Charlotte,

  • Christy did a great job. I'm looking forward to doing NOTHING this weekend!

    Melanie - Charlotte,

  • Three men and 3 dogs live here. What a mess we had. The place looks great now!

    Wes - Mint Hill,

  • Everything looked GREAT!

    Amy - Mint Hill,

  • Dana is the best......she did a lot and did it well

    Michael - Charlotte,

  • Everything was wonderful!

    David - Charlotte,

  • There was absolutely nothing to complain about, everything was perfect! The girls were spot on and Maid Pro is a huge blessing to me,

    Pam - Mint Hill,

  • It wasn't just great, it was perfect!

    Melanie - Charlotte,

  • I am extremely happy with Kurt and Maidpro! They have done an outstanding job cleaning my home and I am so very happy that I have finally found such excellent service. It is a pleasure working with Kurt and staff, they are all professional, reliable and nice. I am totally impressed! Thank you Kurt and Maidpro staff!

    Melanie - Charlotte,

  • wow, wow, wow. Tonight I feel so blessed to have such a nice clean home. We appreciate our Tometria so much!!!!

    Bruce - Charlotte,

  • I was really impressed! They did a great job.

    Kaitlin - Mint Hill,

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