Experience the 49-Point Checklist Difference

Experience the 49-Point Checklist Difference

Not all professional home cleaning services are the same. They offer a range of cleaning services and achieve widely different levels of cleaning quality. So, how do you know you can trust a cleaning service before you hire them? At MaidPro, we stand behind our work. We have developed a 49-point checklist that ensures cleaning quality and consistency with each visit. Experience the MaidPro difference by learning how our checklist ensures your home is clean from top to bottom.

What Does a House Cleaner Do?

House cleaning services can vary significantly from one service to the next. Without doing your research, you could hire a company that leaves you disappointed in the service's results. For example, MaidPro offers its clients a 49-point cleaning checklist service. It covers the entire home and focuses on areas that are prone to collecting dust or getting dirty quickly.

A Deep Cleaning Service

Our 49-point checklist may sound excessive, but it can be considered a deep clean. Special attention is given to heavily used areas like the bath, kitchen, and bathroom. Instead of simply wiping surfaces down, our cleaners remove all items and scrub to ensure all dirt and grime are removed from the crevices and hard to reach places.

A deep cleaning service is not the same as a routine or maintenance cleaning service. These are much less intensive and designed for lightly going over the general areas of your home.

Do I need to prepare any cleaning products and equipment?

When you schedule a MaidPro cleaning PRO to come to your home, they arrive with everything they need to clean your house. A 49-point checklist guides your cleaner through your home, ensuring you get a deep clean. Our cleaners use professional products that are safe for use around your children, pets, and the environment. We have tested hundreds of products and continue seeking the products for our cleaning services.

Because our cleaners are educated and experienced in these products, they know what materials are safe to use, eliminating the risk of unexpected damage. Professional products and equipment also ensure we achieve a deeper and better clean than using consumer products.

MaidPro Personalized Cleaning Services

The cleaning professionals at MaidPro follow an in-depth 49-point cleaning checklist. We've developed this checklist to ensure consistency and thoroughness with each cleaning visit. However, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't always work. Because of this, we like to customize our cleaning services to fit each client, their home, cleaning needs, and budget. That way, you get the cleaning services you need when you need them. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to help you create the perfect cleaning service plan for your home.

Special Requests

The MaidPro personalization goes above and beyond the standard cleaning service. While other services may claim they personalize, they are often preset packages. This is not personalizing your service. At MaidPro, we take a different approach. Our professional cleaners are happy to accommodate special requests. For example, you could have a trouble spot in your home that requires extra cleaning efforts. Perhaps there is an area of your home that you would like to be "off limits". We create a custom cleaning plan that is tailored to you and your home to ensure your preferences are heard and followed.

Personalized Relationships

Hiring a professional cleaning service is an intimate experience. This is your home, and you don't trust just anyone to come in and start moving about. When you work with MaidPro, we understand the importance of sending the same cleaner to your home each time. This allows you to develop a relationship with them. We want you to feel comfortable and confident each time they come. With the same cleaner coming to your home, it also allows them to get to know your home on a deeper level. As a result, they can provide extra attention to troubled areas and provide recommendations for maintaining a cleaner home. Having the same cleaner at each visit also ensures consistency, which is crucial for our client's satisfaction.


The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home. It is also the messiest as it is where food storage and cooking happen. This means that you need a cleaning service that goes above and beyond. Wiping down the counters and mopping the floor only addresses the mess created when using the kitchen daily.

The professionals at MaidPro clean the exterior of your major appliances. If the interiors need cleaning, you can customize your service to include this too. For example, when cleaning the countertops, we remove all items before cleaning. This is the only way to ensure that all of the crumbs and grease get removed. We will then replace everything to leave your kitchen clean, organized, and ready for your next cooking adventure.

Did you know your cabinets develop a layer of grease over time? Then the grease collects dust and dander that's airborne in your home. The MaidPro cleaners will wipe down your cabinet fronts, removing this dust and grease for a cleaner cooking environment. Another key place MaidPro tackles is your sink. The high moisture content in this area means mold, mildew, and funky smells. We will scrub and disinfect your sink, preventing gross odors and unhealthy bacteria growth.

To finish cleaning your kitchen, we will wipe down the table and chairs in your eat-in kitchen, sweep, mop, and take out the trash.


Having a clean and organized bedroom will help you relax at the end of the day and get a better night's sleep. Trusting MaidPro with cleaning your bedroom means you have professionals that care about you. We respect that this is your private personal space.

Starting with your bed, we can simply make it, or you could request to have the linens changed. Our professionals then carefully work through the room with a microfiber cloth and duster to remove the dust from your nightstands, lamps, picture frames, decor, and furniture. Doing this helps improve the air quality in your bedroom, which enables you to breathe better while sleeping. The MaidPro cleaners take their efforts a step further, though. We will clean your mirror, pick up the clutter, and remove the trash. To finish, we clean your floors, whether that's vacuuming or mopping. If we can get under your bed, this area gets cleaned too. After all, under the bed is a commonly forgotten space where dust and pet hair tends to gather.


The bathrooms in your home are the second most heavily used rooms behind the kitchen. Because of the high moisture content, they tend to get just as dirty and grimy. When you hire a MaidPro cleaner, you never have to worry about grimy grout or a gross toilet. Starting in the tub or shower, our cleaners scrub the tile and grout, disinfect, and rinse everything clean.

Moving on to the toilet, we clean and disinfect the inside and outside of the toilet. This includes the bowl and the tank. If your bathroom has chrome fixtures, we clean and polish them. This removes any water spots and helps them gleam their full potential. This same treatment is applied to the bathroom sink. We take care to remove any toiletry product residue for a clean and disinfected finish.

Moving from the sink to the rest of the vanity, our cleaners will remove all of the items. This allows them to completely clean the countertops. They will then return each item to its original spot. If your vanity has cabinets, we will wipe down the cabinet fronts to remove any residues or water spots. Moving up to the mirror, we will clean and wipe down the entire mirror. This includes dusting the frame if there is one.

To finish the bathroom and give it a presentable look, we will fold your towels and neatly hang them on the towel bar. Finally, our MaidPro cleaners will vacuum and wash the floor, moving toward the door as they work. The result is a sparkling clean floor that is free of footprints.

The Small Details

What makes the MaidPro cleaning service stand out is the attention to detail. It isn't enough for our professional cleaners to catch the readily noticeable or "big" dirt. Instead, they go deeper into the often missed or forgotten about places. We've highlighted these extra steps taken as we have discussed each room's cleaning in depth. In addition to these specialized efforts, there are small details that are throughout your home that we clean.

High touch surfaces in your home are covered in germs and get dirty quickly. Our cleaners wipe these surfaces down, helping to keep your home cleaner. To do this, we remove fingerprints from the woodwork, door frames, and switch plates in each room.

We then address some of the most commonly overlooked areas of your home. The first is the windowsills and blinds. The second is the baseboards. Dust, dander, pet hair, and cobwebs collect on these surfaces. As a result, they make your home look dirty and contribute to reduced air quality in your home.

Other Living Areas

Each home is unique, so a one size fits all approach to cleaning services won't work. MaidPro's 49-point checklist is a strong and thorough foundation. So far, our checklist has focused on specific rooms and the cleaning needs for those spaces. To meet our customers' varied needs, MaidPro's 49-point checklist accounts for the unique cleaning needs that our professionals may encounter in your home.


Upholstered furniture needs vacuuming to remove dust, dander, and pet hair. Once this is done, we fluff and arrange the cushions. This creates a professional finish and an inviting place to sit for you and your guests.


We then work our way throughout your home, dusting the wall decor, furniture, and flat surfaces. These are the places where dust likes to settle. With plenty of microfiber clothes, we dust the top, front, and underneath furniture. The fibers of the microfiber collect and trap dust and allergens. The result is a dust-free home that looks well cared for.

Ceiling Fans

Once everything within reach is dust-free, our cleaners look up. If you have ceiling fans, the blades will collect dust. This happens on the top of the blades and the front edge. It's crucial to clean this dust off. Otherwise, your ceiling fan will rain dust every time you turn the fan on. Even if you can't see it, you are polluting the air quality in your home. The MaidPro cleaners will remove this dust, helping you breathe cleaner air in your home.


Your home's floors can get dirty quickly as people walk around. How your floors get cleaned will depend on what they are made of. For example, if you have carpeting, you will need vacuuming. However, if you have tile, your floors need vacuuming, sweeping, and then mopping. Then there are hardwood floors that require special treatment to clean while also protecting the wood. The experienced cleaning professionals at MaidPro will asses your floors and recommend the best cleaning and maintenance methods for protecting your floors.

Entry and Hallways

Sometimes homes have areas that aren't specifically a room. For example, you have an entry area or hallways. These are areas of your home that you do not spend extended periods of time in. However, they are still a part of your home and still get dirty. MaidPro includes these areas in its cleaning services. Just as in the other rooms in your home, we dust the decor, picture frames, windows, and baseboards. If there are cobwebs, we will remove them. Finally, we will clean the floor with the appropriate method.

Experience the MaidPro 49-Point Difference

While all cleaning services promise to clean your home, only the MaidPro 49-point cleaning checklist can guarantee that your home gets cleaned well from top to bottom. Our cleaning professionals have experience and take pride in their work. They understand that it isn't enough to do a quick wipe over a counter and call it "good enough." We clean your home as if it were our home. That way, our clients never have to worry about rushed or incomplete cleaning services.

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