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Our Beliefs

At MaidPro, we understand that our customers are the reason we exist. That’s why all of our team members follow a set of core beliefs that center around you, the customer. We think that listening to the wants and needs of our customers and delivering a personalized service makes for a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • We believe in hiring ROCK STARS and future rock stars. We want natural learners and positive people to permeate our organization.
  • We believe in CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT. We are not perfect, and know that even if we were perfect one day, that might change tomorrow.
  • We believe people who LOVE their work will do a better job. 
  • We believe in EXPERIMENTATION, and understand that failures are a critical path to improvements.
  • We believe people should be HAPPY, whether it happens to be living in a clean home or enjoying the work they do every day.
  • We believe in OPEN COMMUNICATION. Problems should be discussed and overcome, not swept under the rug.
  • We believe in making decisions based on FACTS. He who has the better facts will be most persuasive, irrespective of their position within the organization.
  • We believe in well-developed, scalable PROCESSES AND PROCEDURES that will allow us to continually improve.
  • We believe in being KIND and communicating in a courteous manner.  We will respectfully part ways with those who are disrespectful.
  • We believe in the importance of LONG-TERM thinking and long-term relationships.
  • We believe HELPING OTHERS will in turn help ourselves.
  • We believe HOSPITALITY is a gift that is more fun to give than receive.
  • We believe in operating with INTEGRITY AND HONESTY. We want to be a trusted partner with all who work with us.
  • We believe in EQUALITY and welcome everyone's individual differences. We will not tolerate discrimination within our organization.
  • And finally, we BELIEVE in short lists.  But we also feel that a list as important as what you believe can be a little longer.