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Our regular cleaning services cover all the main areas of your home that need cleaning. But what about those times when you've got a special area that needs some attention?

That's where MaidPro's Add-on Cleaning services come in.

Upon request, you can add any of our services onto your regular Recurring Cleaning or One-Time Cleaning service. Add-on Cleaning is available for:

  • Appliance interiors
  • Dishwashing (*varies by location)
  • Blinds

Book any MaidPro Add-on Cleaning service as often or as little as you'd like. Get ready for company, give everything a good scrub before you move, or just because. No need for a special occasion to get a clean oven!

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What Our Add-on Cleaning Services Look Like 

Our Add-on Cleaning services can be attached to any of our other cleaning services, no matter the frequency. Here are some examples of how adding cleaning services works:

You Get Weekly Cleans and Have Extra Dishes 

You get a weekly House Cleaning visit from your PROs. Because you're often busy the night before your scheduled clean, you've requested the add-on Dishwashing service every week. Your PROs wash your dishes, scrub your toilets, vacuum your floors, and more, all in time for you to arrive home from work.

You Get Biweekly Cleans and Had an Oven Spill 

You've booked our most popular Recurring Cleaning frequency - biweekly cleaning - for a while now. This past weekend, you made a lasagna that was a little overfull and it boiled over, leaving you with a mess of sauce and cheese in the bottom of your oven. You contact your PROs to add Oven Cleaning for this week only, and you come home to find your house fresh and your oven sparkling.

You Want Your Blinds Dusted During Your Spring Cleaning

Regular housework isn't a problem for you, but you love having the help of a Seasonal Cleaning to prepare for spring. You notice that dusting blinds isn't on the 49-Point Checklist your PRO gave you, so you ask them to add it onto your scheduled cleaning. You come home from a grocery shopping trip to find every inch of your home scrubbed and your blinds dust-free.

You’re Moving in and the Previous Owners Left a Messy Oven

You've found the perfect home and everything's ready for closing. You already planned to have a team come in for a thorough Move-in Cleaning, but you discover during your final walkthrough of the home that the oven isn't fit for a frozen pizza to be cooked in. You ask your PRO to add an oven cleaning to your One-Time Cleaning service, giving you that fresh start you've worked hard for.

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