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10 Boredom Busters

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New England has been hit with a non-stop downpour of rain for the past few weeks. If you’re like me, you’ve probably been holed up in your home for the better part of a month, emerging only for work, provisions, and the delivery guy. Since there are only so many episodes of CSI Miami a person can watch, what is there to do to pass the time?

Here’s a list of productive things to do the next time you’re stuck inside.

Update your Finances Ok, I know this doesn’t sound fun, but who wants to sit inside paying bills on a sunny day? Take 20 minutes now to balance your checkbook and pay off the bills, and you’ll sleep easy knowing your finances are in order.Exercise & Read You know, those two things you always say you would do if you had more time. Well, now is your chance! Keeping your mind and body active will make you more successful at work and in your personal life.Clean out the Fridge How long have these limes been here? Think this salsa’s still good? Clear that baby out, disinfect the shelves and doors, and toss the junk!Forgotten Laundry This may seem obvious, but I’ll bet there’s a load of things in your home that haven’t seen the inside of a washing machine in at least a month. Think outside the box – shower curtain, bath mat, dish towels, throw blankets. I recently did this, and it feels great to know every piece of fabric in your home is clean!Clean out your Closet Instead of buying more hangers to fit your ever expanding wardrobe, donate the clothes you never wear. If you haven’t worn it in a year, kiss it goodbye.Organize your Computer Go through your folders and desktop and start to de-clutter. Delete the things you don’t need anymore, and delete, condense and label your folders.Plan your Outfits When I was little, I wore a uniform to school. I hated it then, but it sure did make my mornings go faster. If you plan your outfits out in advance, think of the time you would save in your morning routine!Organize your Photos This doesn’t mean you have to take up scrapbooking – but organizing the photos into simple, slip-in albums means those photos will be safe and easily accessible for years to come.Break out the Rolling Pin You know those foods you love to eat, but have no idea how to make? Give it a try! Even if the dish doesn’t come out perfect, you’ll be more confident next time you try to tackle it.Write a List of Gift Ideas We’ve all had a friend’s birthday creep up, leaving you with no gift ideas and no time to brainstorm. Instead of getting them another giftcard, write out the birthdays of all your friends and family, and a couple gift ideas for each of them. Next time a birthday sneaks up on you, you’ll have a great gift idea ready and waiting. Your friends will thank you!

These productive to-dos will help you beat boredom next time you’re stuck in the house, and they will help you keep your life organized and enriched!