10 House Cleaning Services You Should Be Outsourcing & Why

10 House Cleaning Services You Should Be Outsourcing & Why

Home cleaning is a necessary task that homeowners cannot avoid. For some, this is a much-enjoyed task. While for others, it is dreaded. Whether you love or hate it, there are several cleaning tasks that you should be outsourcing. When you trust the expert cleaners at MaidPro, you can enjoy a clean home. We tailor each cleaning service to the home to ensure that its unique needs are addressed. You should be outsourcing these ten cleaning services.

1. Basic House Cleaning

Outsource your basic home cleaning and let a professional handle this weekly or monthly task. Basic home cleaning typically includes sweeping, mopping, dusting, trash removal, bathroom cleaning, and kitchen cleaning. As a result, you never have to worry about working cleaning into your schedule or forgetting to do it. At MaidPro, a dedicated cleaner will regularly come to your home and perform an agreed-upon list of tasks. This could include everything from changing the sheets on your bed to wiping down your kitchen counters.

You never have to worry about cleaning your home when you outsource basic house cleaning. This gives you more free time to do other things. It also means you never have to worry about the task of cleaning falling through the cracks and not getting done. When you work with a professional service like MaidPro, they can customize your basic home cleaning service. You develop a relationship with your cleaner, allowing you to work with them to address specific needs and special requests.

2. Deep Cleaning

Basic house cleaning is acceptable for routine cleaning. However, there are times when you need something more. This is when deep cleaning is required. It is more thorough than basic but less intense than spring cleaning. For example, instead of cleaning the dirtiest areas, your cleaner will wipe down baseboards, ceiling fans, cabinet fronts, and door frames. They could also clean the inside of your appliances, such as the oven, microwave, and fridge. You may need a deep cleaning when you are planning an event, having houseguests, selling your home, or trying to catch up on long-neglected basic cleaning.

If you have neglected your home's basic cleaning, tackling the now-large project of getting your home back up to standard can feel overwhelming. This can cause many people to never start, worsening the problem. Instead, hiring a professional cleaner can bring the home back to a clean standard. Then the homeowner can continue forward with maintaining it. In contrast, if you are planning an event, hosting guests, or selling, you have plenty of other tasks to think about. Hiring a professional cleaner takes one task off your to-do list. This can make your life less stressful and allow you to fully enjoy your life events.

3. Spring/Fall Cleaning

Your home should get a deep seasonal cleaning once or twice a year. For most homeowners, this is done during the spring or fall. However, not many people enjoy spending a weekend deep cleaning their homes. Instead, you can outsource this seasonal task by hiring a professional cleaner. They will clean your home while also addressing the unique needs of the given season. For example, your home may need a refresh and airing out after being closed up all winter. Or perhaps during fall cleaning, your home could use a deep cleaning from all of your summer activities that brought in a greater amount of dirt.

While you could do your own spring cleaning, this often means giving up an entire weekend. Most people do not have the luxury of giving up one to two days for dedicated cleaning. Hiring a professional cleaner eliminates this need. In addition, a professional cleaner will move efficiently throughout your home, getting the job done faster than if you did it. Your cleaner will also have more experience in knowing the common trouble spots or missed areas, ensuring these get the extra attention that you may not have given.

4. Green Cleaning

You want your house to get cleaned, but you also want to protect your family and pets. The solution is to hire a professional cleaner who can provide green cleaning services. At MaidPro, we continually research and test new cleaning equipment and products. That way, we only use innovative cleaning products and methods that are effective and safe. We want our clients to enjoy clean homes without risking the safety of their families, pets, and the environment.

Hiring a cleaning service that uses green cleaning methods is crucial for your family's health. There are plenty of effective commercial cleaning products. However, they aren't all safe for use around your family. When you hire a green professional cleaner, you can trust their expertise. They do the research and testing for you so that you can enjoy the benefits. In addition, professional cleaners can access cleaning products you cannot purchase on a retail shelf.

5. Sanitization Cleaning

House cleaning removes the dirt and grime that builds up throughout everyday life. This is not the same as sanitizing. In a post-COVID-19 world, more homeowners than ever understand the importance of sanitizing their homes. Hiring a professional cleaning service like MaidPro can help clean and sanitize your home. This will remove the number of germs, bacteria, and viruses that live on the surfaces of your home.

Sanitizing is a more intensive version of cleaning. It isn't just removing dirt and grime. It removes potentially harmful organisms that could get you and your family sick. Hiring a professional cleaner will ensure your home is effectively sanitized. First, they use commercial-grade cleaners that are tested and validated to sanitize. Second, they have the necessary training and experience to target the areas of your home that require sanitization most. For example, wiping down high-touch surfaces like light switches, electronic remotes, door handles, and the toilet flush handle. Effective sanitization cleaning reduces the risk of getting sick by slowing down the spread of disease.

6. Blind Cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned your blinds? For many people, they cannot answer this question. Hiring a professional cleaner to take care of your blinds ensures they are regularly cleaned. You could schedule a cleaner to come quarterly or twice a year. This takes the work out of keeping your blinds clean. A cleaner will tailor their approach based on the type of blinds that you have. For example, if you have aluminum, plastic, or composite blinds, then they will have a smooth surface that needs wiping. If your blinds are fabric, they will require a vacuum attachment to clean them. Wood blinds require a wipe down and treatment to moisturize and protect the wood.

Cleaning window blinds is time-consuming and tedious. You have to work your way through each slat while working around the ladder. Hiring a professional cleaner means you can do anything else with your time while an expert takes care of this task. Having clean window blinds not only improves the air quality in your home but can also increase the useful life of your blinds. In some instances, cleaning can increase the amount of natural light that comes through the blinds.

7. Curtain Cleaning

Your curtains beautifully frame the windows of your home. They are the perfect accent that takes your home's interior design from nice to fabulous. However, these long pieces of fabric also collect dust, dander, and hair. When this happens, they begin to have a negative impact on your home instead of a positive one. Over time, they become a source of allergens that pollute your home's air. You can hire a cleaning service to come to your home and clean all of your curtains. They could use a vacuum to clean the fabric of dust, dirt, and pet hair. Stains and oil marks from touching may require spot cleaning. In extreme cases, the curtains may need laundering.

Hiring a cleaning service to do this task means you do not have to struggle with it. Running the vacuum attachment over each square inch of the curtain can feel tedious. A cleaning service will also know where the curtains harbor the most dirt. For example, if you have pets, they will focus on the bottom portion where the most pet hair tends to be.

8. Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting is one of the most popular floor coverings in homes. However, it takes a lot of abuse from daily life in the home. In addition, the textile fibers get crushed and dirty as people and animals walk across them. If you have carpets in your home, outsource cleaning them. A professional cleaner will use professional-grade equipment to remove dirt, grime, and stains while fluffing the fibers. This will prolong the life of your carpets while also making them cleaner and look nicer.

While you could rent a carpet cleaner or use a consumer carpet cleaning product, neither can compare to having a professional clean your carpets. Powder carpet cleaners are available that you sprinkle on and then vacuum up. However, they can become gummy and gunky if you do not fully remove them. This ultimately makes your carpet dirtier than when you started. Rented carpet cleaners are not effective, as many people use them. In addition, not everyone knows how to properly use the machine. The machines are also not always maintained well. The result is a machine that doesn't deliver the best cleaning. Professional cleaners routinely maintain and upgrade their equipment. This ensures that each carpet is deep cleaned to thoroughly remove dirt and stains.

9. Upholstery Cleaning

Homeowners tend to forget about cleaning their furniture. They will spot clean an area when there is a spill or pet mess. However, they neglect to clean the entire furniture upholstery. Hire a professional cleaner to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dander, pet hair, and dirt from the upholstery and furniture crevices. They can also bring life back to your furniture by cleaning the fabric to remove ground-in dirt and grime. Furniture gets dirty over time. So you may not notice just how bad your furniture is. Professional cleaning can make your furniture's upholstery look new again.

While most upholstery fabric is designed to be durable, this doesn't mean you can use just anything to clean it. Hiring a professional cleaner ensures that the fabric is both cleaned and protected. That way, you do not accidentally damage the furniture. A cleaning professional will check to confirm the upholstery material and then do a spot test before continuing with the cleaning. If your furniture has delicate fabric for the upholstery, they will take the necessary precautions. For example, a silk or velvet fabric will require more care than cotton.

10. Window Cleaning

If you keep your windows clean, you allow more natural light to come into your home. This not only makes your home feel more welcoming but also makes it feel larger. To get the maximum effect, you need to clean the windows' inside and outside. Unfortunately, while people think about hiring professional window washers for the outside, they forget about the inside. Outsourcing this task will ensure that each window in your home gets cleaned on a regular basis.

Letting a professional cleaner do this task is smart because not all of your windows need the same kind of cleaning. For example, if you have a kitchen window, it may have a layer of grease from cooking. Therefore, it will need a different cleaning process than the window in your bathroom. As this one won't have grease but could have mold or mildew. Finally, windows that are opened often or glass doors may have fingerprints that need removing. A professional cleaner will know how to address all of these challenges so that you have beautifully clean windows.

Outsource Your House Cleaning

The professional cleaners at MaidPro help homeowners keep their homes clean. We customize our services to suit the home and the client's needs. By outsourcing one or more of these tasks, our clients can feel confident that their homes are clean. So trust the experts and let a MaidPro cleaner handle one or more of these cleaning tasks in your home.

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